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Agents ripping off consumers

A few weeks back I had this experience at the passport office, Sadder Karachi, i had to get a new passport. After going through the whole photograph and data entry process an officer went through the entered data and said that i need to provide a proof that my father was staying in Pakistan like 40 years back (he told me an exact year which i couldn't recall) - I had National ID cards of my father and my self but he says these are not enough to issue the passport. I spent quite some time trying to convince the guy but couldn't.

Well i came back home and called a few friends who recently got their passports and one of the friends gave me a so called agent's number - i was told by the agent that this is a serious problem and it would at-least take Rs. 10,000 to get through this problem.

After bargaining for a few days we agreed upon Rs. 5,000. and i got the passport delivered at my place in a few days.

But shame on the administration of the passport office which knowingly allows these "agents" around the vicinity. The staff inside the office works in collaboration with these agents outside and rip off the consumers. If someone insists on doing it the right way, like I tried initially, they waste your time and make it very difficult for you.

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