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Excessive pricing

O.k, i know agha's is one of the best places to shop in Karachi, because they have almost all major brands and basically everything under one roof..but i really think the pricing is all too high, even for rich last month i paid Rs.850 for a carton of 12 dew cans that were, i know a lot of people would say, then don't shop from agha's n go else where and blah blah, but that's not the point here..i just wanted to mention that basic necessities won't remain basic at these prices.

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Yes I agree with the gentleman regarding the high prices but I also remember there are items on their shelf which are found in USA and no where else in Pakistan. So I guess we pay for out luxury.
What really annoy me sometimes are the sales girls AGA's have implanted in every aisle. They sometime talk you into getting more stuff then one intend to buy. So this practice has to be looked into.

I agree with this 100%. i know agha stock some of the finest things which one does not get any where else. But their charge for local products is very high as comapred to other super market. So wht i do i buy my necessary stuff from else where and just go to agha to buy things which i dont get from anywhere else. i have stopped doing monthly shopping from there, paradise store is much better

Ankja where is Paradice store? and what are the price differences for local products? For example Nestle Orange juice between Aga and Paradice?

Paradise store is just across the same junction where Agha's is.....there choice is actually greater then the Agha store.....but of course people want to be seen shopping at Agha's and then can go and brag to their friends that they shop at Agha's....... THATS WHY AGHA's is so expensive.....its about pretence!!!!

Is that not exactly what is wrong with our community.....we want to be seen to be something more then what we really are and hence people take advantage of us.....

Shopping at Agha's is like shopping at Marks & Spencer for food in the UK. You could just as easily get the same food at Tesco's for half the price, but the brag factor makes you go to marks & Spencer!!!!

Use the 7/11 on Bukhari, its very cheap

Babar where in Bukhari? Direction please.


Love you for speaking my mind, for many minds rather.

I am unknown too.

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