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Fraud COL MBA Program

I started doing the MBA Col (common wealth learning) from Allama Iqbal Open University which an executive program with requirement of more than 2 years of work. I cleared all the 14 subjects of program and after that i was shocked to know that we have to do thesis to get degree as in the brachure and col website it is clearly written as project not thesis. How it is possible for a working person to do thesis research... you all knows how private companies in todays era work. I have serached the web for Exc MBA program by other universities and found that non of the best universities have thesis option in their Exe MBA curiculum. Exec MBA is for working persons if they have time to do these researhes than they should for Regulat MBA. And the simple MBA in marketing, IT, finance in AIOU only require to submit internship report. VOW.

I complete the research work in one year (how i can't tell...ufff) and after 3 attempts they accepted my thesis and at the time of Viva they called some mind empty professors from other universities who i think were proudy they failed more than 90% of students by saying to modify the thesis... That was shocking as it was checked by the professors and supervisor previously if they have cleared than no one dare to challenge that and viva prof easily discard them....

I request Mr Majid Rashid (Head of MBA) to please have closely have to look at this matter, donot spoil our precious time... It was better to MBA from preston or Al-khair so that we can easily get degree which we need..

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I agree

He is mad. totaly pagal. is to khud kuch nahin ata ho ga or kahta hay k Col MBA theek nahin hay. Pagal

Mr zaheer you are not competent enough to write a complaint, how can u claim that your thesis was errorless.Try to improve your writing power, then prepare a thesis and feel the diffrence.

Gud luck

i agree

yes my brother you r right.i m also student of mba.i hv passed it,but still there is nothing in my hands even after passing 20 subjects,

i think only those guys who have been enrolled in COL MBA should comment on this. As they have been gone through these circumstances.
I may not agree 100% with Mr. Zaheer but i would agree that we didn't get enough support from AIOU to do our thesis. Unfortunately process of thesis hasn't been outlined properly. All of my class fellows have finished their courses on time but 90% of them couldn't have finished their thesis so far. I think these figures are enough to make thesis process questionable.

According to my openion mr. zaheer your comments are not valid comments regarding COL-MBA. So, i think you should improve yourself to write a reasonable thesis at the end of the degree.
Because you are ignoring those students who have been passed and finilized their thesis.
wish you all the best.

I am appalled by the negative attitude of all the commentators .
The question was does VIVA professor has right to suggest to modify a thesis of student which has been check and approved by the supervisors and relevant professors or to evaluate the knowledge of student Vs his thesis.
Sadly there is no comment from the person to whom this was addressed

Dear friend I agree with you 100% because I have the same case I am also doing col MBA program at aiou. What I suggest is that we should do something about it because I also have many valid complaints about the program if you are interested to raise a voice against this issue then please contact me.

i am present but board is mention obsent

how are u
i agree because the viva taker dont think about as .............they are phd and think as per their level
i also need help to complete my viva and i have some in my report

waseem butt (MBA-IT)

Hi friend what kind of help do you need about your viva?

Let me know about your questions and kind of help you need to do your viva ok.

i have error in my report

Dear Mr. Zaheer
Recently i am also doing COl MBA from AIOU. After Passing Papers of 3 semester and doing papers of Forth semester i also think about project. For this purpose when i started to get information about Project, i was also very surprised to see that local study center has no information for guiding students about writting thesis. Local study cener said me to contact Block 13 for further information. I have already a very bad experience from taking information from AIOU level. here they can not attend telephone in any case. If you ring continuously 15 to 20 minutes on AIOU phones, the university employees do not attend phone and after near 20 minutes they put the receiver out. Also i have checked COL Website for further information about thesis but unfortunately this website also did not contain any word information about thesis. And the other students of my calss fellow have also passed 14 subjects but they have nothing any information about "thesis". MAIN PROBLEM I THINK AIOU SHOULD CLEARLY DEFINE ABOUT...
1 How to write thesis, its structure
2 Its time period of writting
3 Help and guidance

So i think AIOU should think very seriously about this matter. Regards

Yes I agree

Hi Dear Friends,

Please give me information about MBA, i wana take addmission in MBA you can tell me where i take addmission 0333-3794227

Hi friends, I am attiq, from Lahore doing Job in Government sector, I want to take addmission in MBA programme from AIOU if any one have information in this regard, please share with me. I will be thankful to him my cell No. is 0333-4600734 and my email address is

ya asa he kertay hain bhai, lucky log he clear kerte hain. deko mera kia banate hain i m doing MBA(B&F). abi report tiyar kerni ha


Fucking university Aiou. I think AIou is not competent to give any professional degree. I had not enough money to get admission in GC university faisalabad, Faisalabad university or any ohther university out of city. I got admission in AIOU banking & finance. The study centers are pathetic. No proper & regular classes. NO check & Balance. if students didn't submit assiagnment the study center have clerical staff who copy the assiagnment of any other student and submit. Many students do not submit assiagnments and get 80% marks in assignments. NO presentation take place in MBA. Only 2 presentation were held. 32 lectures of each subject. only 20 lectures were held. The centers didn't give suitable pay to the visiting faculty teachers. All teachers belong to visiting faculty for Mba. I submit internship report on bankIslami. they rejected because analysis is of three years i said them bank has only 3 years to start. The Supervisor said me why you choose that bank, you could get internship fake certificate of any bank. No bank give chance of intership to the students of aiou easily. too much pathetic. The supervisors reject reports in such a way that its a great responsibility of them to reject.
On my intership objections why you write bismillah
why you write a page on Quaid concept of Islamic banking (speech of Quid Azam on the cermony of state bank of pakistan)
why you make analysis of three years. I told him bankislami was started in 2005.

yar koshish to kar li hoti nakara kahien ka

i em agree

plz i wan inf abt mba plz contact me via my mail.

i wan inf abt mba plz contct on

i m also student of MBA(B& F), i have passed all 20 subject one year before, but here is problem of internship report. I submit my report two times but AIOU university reject my report, none of our classmates donot submit there reports, here is no guide line and study center not help, any one who make the intership report and approved from university please contact me. my cell no. is 03338588168

anybody who submit there report and approved from the university please help me, i want the MBA banking and finance national bank report. one and half year i could not approved the report from the university.
my contact number is 03338588168

Dear Zaheer,
1st of all please try to know this is MBA FOR EXECUTIVES not EXECUTIVE MBA, secondly for MBA degree u must have skills, courage, time and passion otherwise u are loosing urself.
AIOU is great university and COL MBA is very good program. Pakistani ache cheez kaha accept krtay hein.

i want to take the admission in MBA. Plz give me the information about the admission & its requirements.
plz inform me as soon as possible. bcoze i want to talke the admission in MBA.

Dear mr Zaheer I also cleared 20 subjects of MBA Marketing in 2002 and still waiting for my degree as same like u i am in job since last 13 years and have no time to make thesis and reports. Dear AIOU ka yes sab fazul silsila hay aur students jo during job AIOU say MBA kartay hain un ko zaleel karnay wala kam hay. waqt aur paisa barbad karo aur sare umar degree k le a rotay raho b cas ap kise bhe idaray main jatay ho to woh ap say degree mangtay hain otherwise accept he nahin kartay k ap nay mba kiya hua hay.

guys i am umer from sialkot well please guide from where i should try to do mba banking and finance i need your guidance please guide me well i had recently replied for mba in aiou but i am not satisfied at all because i have heard that it becomes really difficult for one to get job

guys i am umer from sialkot well please guide from where i should try to do mba banking and finance i need your guidance please guide me well i had recently replied for mba in aiou but i am not satisfied at all because i have heard that it becomes really difficult for one to get job take my number 03348102425 please call me or sms me for this purpose

Any body u all please provide accepted and approved internship report in marketing subject and upon Pharmaceutical company. are give some addressess of some professionals who are preparing such type of reports at cost.

Dear Mr. Zaheer!

First of all you need to be clear about one thing that COL MBA is not an Executive MBA programm, rather its an MBA designed for Executives as its (the word EXECUTIVE) not mentioned on the degree or transcript.

Secondly, for your information, its indeed a project report not a thesis that you have to develop after passing all the 4 semesters and its also mentioned in the syllabus or prospectus as Project of 100 marks weightage.

I passed 4 semesters in february / march 2007 and got my thesis approved in may 2008 after struggle of more than a year and a half and am satisfied with the degree i got coz i worked so hard to get it. Believe me if you will do similar or more hard work to get the degree (as all other successful students did) you will also love this program.

You only hate it coz you are not putting in real effort.


Abubakar Zubair

Ps. if any student of COL MBA wants assistance in making their project report, they may feel free to contact me on my mail id I will try my best to help you out. Its true that AIOU does not provide any clear guideline / supervision in the partner institutes / local study centers to the students. I also faced the same problem and offer my services to all of you so that you guys have little trouble in making project report and getting the degree.


Abubakar Zubair

o baby most of the students are not able to pass the final project in 3 year of time and they get there registration expired and they we have to pay 80000 RS for renewal of the registration, i am faceing the same porblem, i did not get any single benifet from this MBA. i am advicing the students not to do MBA, this could be usefull for the professional people but almost useless for the student for seeking job.

No wonder! if u didn't get the degree. U have just proved AIOU right and shown ur inability in the message posted above and here are some of the mistakes u made even in this message.

1. You don't know how to address somebody, i mean what does 'o baby' mean under any form of civility?
2. the word 'faceing' does not exist in english dictionary
3. its not 'benifet', its benefit
4. the word 'advising' was to be used instead of 'advicing'
5. usefull / useful
6. lastly, the fine is not Rs. 80,000, its Rs. 8,000.


Abubakar Zubair

assalam o alikum ma na B.A ka admission baija tha jo objection lg kr wapis aya hama na wo objection clear krk 18-05-2010 ko by registry no 1255 allama iqbal open university admission branch block no 4 secture H-8 bijwa dia tha ab 1 and half month complete ho gai ha mgr muja B.A ki books receive nhi hoi jb keh mera friends ko books receive ho gai hain kindly inqury krk mja books send ki jai FROM nasim akhter cHallan Form No 231196
House No 9A-11S siddique street no 1 Nizam din road chowk ashiq abad Ichra LAHORE
contact No 03337151543

ya guys u r absolutely rght i hv cleard all da subjcts but frm 8 mnths thesis become headace teachrs who teach us are superb but 13 block people r empty minds they dnt gv any guideline what they r demanding frm us plz any persn who hz clearthis process do cntct me me in my mail m ssssooo worried

yar nasim akhter, please go to AIOU, and click on contact us button, then click on communication Box, write ur complaint to admin section. need more help contact me.

i am a student of MBA (Financilal Management).Any one who got admission in MBA from AIOU and he belong to Lahore contact that we can decide our study plan. 0321-5219109
ptcl # 042-36314627



aap jab beh koe course susu kerain us say pehlay us course k kernay walain say guide lay lain , chayay woh koe beh course ho kisi beh uni say kiya jay.

AIOU is for under graduate only , for further study you have to hehe samagh to gay ho gay

Dear fellows
how r u ? must be having fun...first of all i am not criticizing anyone's point of view they might be absolutely right but as per the COL MBA is concerned i just wanna say all of above students that this is a degree of Commonwealth of Learning Canada(Vancouver) collaborated with AIOU.friends if u take a look even on your messages you typed; are they worthy enough to be considered as a complaint?firstly u people should try to improve your English writing skills with such a English standard how would u get an international degree.if you go for studies directly to Canada r u able to clear English proficiency test in writing or oral??????think about it and its true.. COL has an international standard try to fulfill that first wish u a great luck for future

hi guys,
well lets come out of inferiority complex of english. this is not our mother tongue. MBA is a management degree to manage business in a non English culture (i.e Pakistan).

I just want to say that we should amend ourself first. It was my nice experience but due to my high official engagements, I could not give the proper time. Whereas , there faculty members Adnan sb, Nazim sb and Office management Mr. Ajab sb. always tried to guide us properly. No doubt we have also faced too much difficulties due to distant course. Especially faced in completion of thesis. We again thanks to Prof.Dr. Majed Rasheed and his Management in guidance of MBA(COL).

i have just cleared the entry test so as far as i am concerned no problem so far lets see what happens in fufutre

begartoo ma tum sab ka bap hoooo......tum mujha janta universty k bara ma kuch mat kehna ...aghar himat ha to muj sa fone pa bat kro ma tumhar gand ma danda dalo ga beshashrmoo jahiloo kutoo nnumber is 03224007181

Dear, Would any one be kind enough to brief me about BBA at AIOU

any1 who haz approved hz projct of col MBA frm AIOU plzzzzz contct me 03325592072

I want to do from aiou kisi ne kia ho to me is k bare me kuch information chahta hu mery id pe rabta kre plzzzzzzzzzz mery id ha,


Annie how r u?? i want to talk with u will u like to give me ur id plz?
my id is
I am waiting for ur reply.

a.i.o.u.m.b.a. is acceptable in worldwide.

Dear All,
I am from IT industry and got COL MBA at start of 2009. I knew that project is a part of MBA as it was in the curriculum outline being provided to me by AIOU. One should not blame AIOU if he\she does not have time to read material which has been provided.
On completion of my course work, I approached assigned institute (where I was getting classes for MBA) for the project. I wasted about three to four months to get a supervisor assigned but failed. At the end I approached AIOU and faculty\staff helped me out with the situation. They told me to find one at my own and submit my proposal for the approval. My proposal got rejected twice or thrice on which I again approached AIOU. They told me that it has to be in accordance to the approved format. This information was not with me since I was not going through a proper channel. My institute was responsible to provide me with the information on that. Anyways, I got the template from one of the faculty members and my proposal got approved without any hitch.
I was told to submit a draft of my project work. After two iterations my project work also got approved and I was told to submit the final copies and was allowed to appear for next viva. Here I was little disappointed as I was not asked anything about my project but concentration of viva was on the course work.
In the whole process I wasted one semester for which I blame my institute not AIOU. It was their responsibility to timely assign a supervisor and provide me with the proper information on how to proceed with it. Being inquisitive I was able to find out the reason for which institutes was not cooperative. They want AIOU to pay more for supervision of each project. AIOU thinks that if institutes are signing the contract they should abide it as whole (where they are bound to provide supervisor under the terms they signed to get enrolled with AIOU), which I believe is true.
In my opinion all what is required is to break this vicious cycle for which students are suffering. For project work AIOU should publish that students can bring in their own supervisor and institutes should also let students know about this openly so that they do not waste their time. I spoke to one of the professor from other university and he happily accepted to supervise my project.
Last but not the least, the degree from AIOU weighs more than private universities which are being mentioned above. However, you need to get your degree attested from HEC to get it accredited or accepted abroad.

I have uploaded the COL Project Manual prepared by AIOU & FAQ from COL website (which clearly states that project is required) as a Zip file. You can download it from the following URL


plz cntact me at my mail or gv me ur cell number i want guidance 4 my projct i m su worriedMY ID IZ ARFA.AZAM@YAOO.COM

ur totally third class uni

plz tell me some think about my sply dateshit

dear, i have also get mba (b&f) degree from aiou without any tension and now i am working as a manager of national bank, gujranwala, that's why aiou is my favourite university.

per meri sis ko dateshet he nahi mili or na hi koi reply aya k ap ab paper nahi dasakti etc....................

Same thing can happen wit anyone,so i think we must analyse the complaint justly/fairly.AIOU must be reasonable to do injustice with the career and time of a person.You al are requested to analyse the problem sympathetically and fairly.regards


Dear all, AOA. AIOU kisi Student ko support nahi karti, Or agar karti bhi ha to sirf un logon ko jo Islamabad ka resident hain. or agar kisi dosray city sa koi problem ho to wor ph hi pick nahi kartay. Or islamabad jana itna asan nahi ha har aik ka liya. Or Col MBA Waloun sa to Mr. Majid rasheed ki shaid dushmani ha. Executive logon sa Assignment hand written mang rahay hain. Or book ka to Allah hi hafiz ha saray ka saray net sa copy past kiya ha. Or Assignment banay walay ka to allah hi hafiz hota ha. Allah maray un tamam bahiyoun or bahnoon par apna karam karay jo COL Mba kar rahay hain.

ALI +923008683780

dear sir,
i have a complain
sir that was every time she don't cheqe my assignments and don't gave my cheqed assignments that's (2nd)second semester but my first assignment cant received i search is number and home adders and meet her butt she told me i have no time and say that why u not attend the class but she say again i have no tine plz sir help me and take action my complain
i will thankful to u always
miss tayyba nazeer ghari show Lahore is
mobile number is

dear sir,
i have a complain
sir that was every time she don't cheqe my assignments and don't gave my cheqed assignments that's (2nd)second semester but my first assignment cant received i search is number and home adders and meet her butt she told me i have no time and say that why u not attend the class but she say again i have no tine plz sir help me and take action my complain
i will thankful to u always
miss tayyba nazeer ghari show Lahore is
mobile number is

Now i just pass Admission test of COL MBA Executive after reading the above comment about AIOU i am totally confuse about this if someone give me better guide line for Master degree on my Email i shall be very thankful for you.

Please reply urgent.

could any body tell me which option is better . online or face to face !!
i have just taken admission in COL Executive Mba program , .if any body has any guidelines . that would be appreciated .
Regards Flt Lt Ahmed

I can provide MBA projects hard copies and soft copies for AIOU and other Universities by cost. my cell nmbr is 0331 6446392

the students who not know how to prepare reports, they should visit pakistani sites where intern. reports are uploaded, and remember aik ache report bnani ho to 17 pages k peche 1700 paghes parhne parte hain & ye chiz agar ha ap main aur phir bhi ap ko dgree nai milti to then u can complaint, i m also doing mba (banking & finance) 3rd semester from lahore.


ABU BAKAR zubair tell in their suggestion that some people use wrong words in their messages and he also corrects it. but he himself use the alphabat "U" instead of "you". ha ha ha, first corrects yourself then objects others, and this is nor a report its is internet page, there writing like chat is commom, & no body should object it , bcoz its time savibg, make ur common sense strong.


Dear Sir!
My name is Moavia Aziz s/o Abdul Aziz Class B.A (BLIS) in last simester 2012.
Sir, my F.A Roll no is R300234 REG No, 05PMH0309. passed the 2010.
Please Sir i request you give me F.A orignal certified must
my mobile no

I start my MBA from AIOU. It is going smoothly. All staff are much cooperative and well-knowledge. They are giving us proper guidance in assignments and lectures. Although my section applied for Online but they have started giving us classes face to face on weekends. I have complaint against one teacher who is not taking interest in giving lectures. All the time he is in sleepy dull mood and his subject is very Tough its Q.T, but he is not a staff from AIOU. he is teacher from institute where my classes held. so i m fully-satisfied wid my MBA still. Moreover no other highly reputed institute have 100% result . each institute has own flaws in there teaching styles or rules or whatever. I done my bachelors in Pakistan most reputed and high degree university and i know how i have done my project and teachers who claimed as Bestest ones but they are dead and dumb when it comes about supervising the projects or courses. Even not much helpful. so i don't have any complaints as i am feeling much much much better here. Knowledge and concept that really benefit for me in my carrer is important. All degree holders consider on same Level so institutes have no hands in damaging your degree . Its professional study and one should behave professional not a primary school student.

Good day and Check yourself before pointing on others.

All Degree Holders got same rank in professional fields. No One asked where do you study. All that matters is what you gained and how you applied on your field. SO Get back to work and stop complaining.

Assalam au Alaikum!

**Good news for all COL-MBA Students**
Consultancy service is available for completion of Project / Thesis report.

My dear friends, Aiou is a fucking university. I am agree with all my friends who have complains about aiou. The first and only thing about the university discipline and management is that thay do not attend calls. I want to admission in mba spring smester 2012. I am working in a private company in mandi bahauddin and my job timings are 9 to 5. The university has changed the entiere critaria. Now, they are offering all mba programmes only in their approved study centres. While, in mandi bahauddin there is no approved study centres. Thay have increase the study period and also the samester period. Now tell me that how i can run my mba. I have ring many times on all the phone numbers which are written in prospectus, but they have not received my call. No rule and regulation in this university.
Please give me guidline.
My contact no. is 0344-7590947

plz inform me k mba it ki classes rwp k kis college me hoti hain

Dear All,

COL MBA is really a good one and has international level worth. If any body needs help in his thesis can contact me on my Email ID.

Ghulam Mustafa

Dear All,

COL MBA is really a good one and has international level worth. If any body needs help in his thesis can contact me on my Email ID.

Ghulam Mustafa

asalam o alikum ,,, i am going to start MPA from aiou ..if somebody knows about MPA then let me know or what is the value of this degree or what is job value mean in which departments or at which post this degree holder can apply .truely guide me here so may b it would b helpfull for any other thanks anxiously waiting for information about mpa

PLZ READ IT MUST:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Dear, i m also doing Mba b&f & on tis 24th may 2012 my final semesterz exam going to start, i m also doing efforts to how to do report writing etc. & thanks GOD i have staisfy that with pure efforts u can get that all. inshallan. if u dont know that how to do report writing. then follow this link & yahan se 23 pages ka manual to do repeort writing le k dhayan se parh k samjh k phir report start kren. aur ye reports jitni jaldi ho ske kren, bcz jitne late ho ge tou smjho utni problems. & in VIVA u jst need to satisfy them by ur good answers if u have good knowledge, lekin yahan ka rola ye hai k sb students AIOU samajh k bil'kul farigh c tayari kr k exam de dete hain, aur jese MBA ma parhna chahye wese nai parhte aur phir VIVA k rona rote hain, yes it is right k nearly 90% students are in tube even after passing exams, but ye sb ap b jante hain k exam kese dete hain sb, so degree ko thora viable bna'ne k liye i think AIOU wale end pe ziada strictness krte hain ta k sirf wohi students degree la ske jinho ne waai mein e sahi tarah parhe hai, thanks. Comment plz

for Sample internship reports all students should a website,
iss site pe AIOU ki approved reports of all specializations di gai hai of variou organizations including banks, hamare clg aur hamare teachers k behalf pe, so study that for ur understanding. COMMENT PLZ

assalam-o-alaikum,i want some information about col mba,aiou.very much worried after review da comments.what is a scope for col mba digree holder?is it worthy or not?kindly let me know .is mpa programme is more worthy dn mba??

sir g,i have completed my ptc teaching course in 2009-2010 session.i have submitted urgent fees 600 for obtaining original certificate of pst on 11th april through tcs.i have to given interview on coming 5th june here in peshawar so i need urgent original certificate.otherwise i will be consider out from interview.please kindly mange my is my life big prpblem.i am in great tenshion/

sir ma na b-ed arts 3rd semester ki fee hbl ma 20 februry ko sbmit karvi the but abi tk books nae ayi open uni islamabad call ki unha chalan form ki paoto copy b tcs ki but one month ho gia koi reply nae diya unho na.daily call karti ho kahta ha ka wait kra abi .tell me kia kro ma?

Saba ap preshan na ho in ka time isi tara lagta ha me b kr rha hu is feb ko me ne 3rd semister ki fee jama karwai ha mery b nai ayen. balkay mere 2nd semister jis ki fee me ne august 2011 me jama karwai thee us k paper june k end me start ho gay. us k baad books ayen gi 3rd semister ki jis ki fee feb me jama karwai ha, isi tara ap ki b july k end tk ayen gi insha Allah.

insha Allah is liay nai likha k ap ki b late ayen is liay likha k aa jayen ka rule hi ye ha boht late krte han. aik dafa ho jaye me to is uni se jaan churaoo ga.

I did my col MBA in 2006 and thesis in 2008. It's no doubt a wonderful programme focussing executives to manage official duties alongwith enhanced study portfolio as professional degree in relevant sounds awkward when a student says no guidance is given for completion of thesis..besides provision of free book in course material, study center is responsible to allocate a dedicated teacher for the purpose...inefficient centre cant b blamed for insufficient guidance by AIOU. It was surprising to know that its only university which is recognized in all states of class fellows have gone abroad like Canada , U.K and USA and further pursuing their careers in fields of their choice...aim is to remain focussed even if u take it as degree of AIOU ...its compulsion to submit your thesis for fulfilling requirements to get degree from Vancouver...I know its a bit difficult but trying it number of times ll definitely yield into success ...better complete it by getting advice from majid sb or any assistant prof to get it done as soon as possible...time lag may hinder you working for the completion of thesis...if anyone needs help to how to go about, plz consult me on ll try to extend my max help...

Plz mujey koi btaye k main aiou me MPA me admision lon ya na lon?

@ sana zain...There's difference of Only three subjects in MBA And MPA course..its recommended that you must get ur MPA degree if u r busy doing job..AIOU is best choice for executives and mediocre People other case world is open to u for so many options

i agree with you if someone has that much work time one should have gone for the regular MBA from any of the leading university by paying less than the amount which a student col MBA pays . it is requested to the authorities to pay attention towards this laps specially the UGC . HOPE FOR THE BEST

main nain fsc ke tamam semester pass kar liye hain,lekin abhi tk mujhe provisional certificate issue nahi howa,bank challan be jama karwa diya hai,03 months guzar gai hai,islamabad walay phone nahi uthay,agar utha le to receiver uta kar dobara rakh detat hain

I am also Agree with this matter they are provoking students to do else. I think yo have to call Media for this matter. I am also in trouble due to research report.

I have passed the Thesis required by COL MBA. It is a bit difficult to pass and i would suggest tips:

1- Do not waste time for the last semister results. Start working on thesis from the beginning of the 4th semister
2- Follow your teacher's advice and never argue with him. Stay obedient and calm.
3- Never simply copy paste from website because your plagarism will be checked by them. Write thesis in your own words.
4- You should have a good typing speed because the thesis takes 50 odd pages to complete.
5- Never miss your classes because they only allocate 1 class in a week out of which some classes are skipped by the teacher himself.
6- On the day of the class, try to reach before time so that the teacher attends you first and them the rest. Beacuse at times teachers leave early and a few students (late commers) do not get the chance.

i am Architect, doing job in islamabad. but soon i will go to saudi arabia inshaALLAH. can any one help me about COL. MBA information . please email me or msg me # 0332-5517105 .


i am Architect, doing job in islamabad. but soon i will go to saudi arabia inshaALLAH. can any one help me about COL. MBA information . please email me or msg me # 0332-5517105 .


Please is there anyone who can tell me about col Mba i want to do it please let me know some criteria and learning hints

Dear friends, there is nothing like fraud thing in AIOU. u will get degree with so much ease. recently i have cleared my MBA COL from AIOU with highest score. I am also doing 24 hr job with MBA and also there were so many difficulties in my personal as well as professional life. I wonder, people who are expecting a complete guidance about their research like a school kid at such high degree program. Friends do u ever ask ur boss about the projects guide which assigned u during ur job? dont u perform ur job on ur abilities. Did u asked for favors from the CEO during the interviews. Its just like dat. No matter u will find difficulties during research but its completely wrong that they are not helpful. MBA COL supervisors are PHD's and they respond on ur thesis much effective then the other reputed universities. Everyone has own experiences but my whole batch worked themselves on the projects and got better supervison from alloted supervisors. Moreover the viva relates with the projects not unneccessary or lame questions as one of the friend mentioned above.
at the end dont act like a toddlers, cry on basless excuses. Accept the challenge coz its MBA... the word itself speaks.

Iam doing MBA from AIOU mmy al subjects are clear but since 2 yrs i can't done my research project plz somebody help me what should i do to get degree

Hello friends,
I'm gonna take admission E-MBA from AIOU, could you please tell me which kind of question will be asked in entry test ? anybody pls help me i have no idea

Thanks Ahmad Junaid.

Mr. Nadeem there are no classes at Saudi Arabia by AIOU.

yes i am 100% agreed.

Aoa. I m agree this complaint becus the professor of thesis is totally mad he is highly expectations to the students and even the students not know what is research and thesis and not a good study.
But other teachers are very qualified no doubt i m proud of other teachers
and the staff not give right information wrong play with future.
First of all they demand excellent work in thesis but not focus this subject.

Yes I am 100% agreed.

Asalam o alikum ,i did Bsc Electrical Engineering want to do COL MBA ,please guide me i am working in a private company Islamabad ,my whatsapp number 03339371332.

Sucessfuly i have done Commonwelath Mba From Aiou.
Or thesis bhi defend kia he ...
Dear students effort kren or thesis axha bnaen at the end ap kamyab ho jaen gay

I need help in MBA thesis if any one can do plz email me at this email

KYA KOI BATA SAKTA HA K COL MBA k bad 1 Banda kon kon c fields ma ja sakta ha? Aur Govt ma kaha khaa chances hn?03335949833

The col mba degree is fraud becus not need the research in mba. which quality university need. and the teachers are not give time to students. col mba not suitable for aiou kindly if any person want start col mba please dont take the admission. it is a 5-7 years degree becus in thesis they are not cleared just wastage of time the students. i and my dear fellows not complete the degree yet the admission before 5years in aiou all classes attemp but not response.

The col mba degree is fraud becus not need the research in mba. which quality university need. and the teachers are not give time to students. col mba not suitable for aiou kindly if any person want start col mba please dont take the admission. it is a 5-7 years degree becus in thesis they are not cleared just wastage of time the students. i and my dear fellows not complete the degree yet the admission before 5years in aiou all classes attemp but not response.

you are all foolish its 5-10years program if you have any reference then you can clear this degree otherwise not response from teacher and department. The teachers are not give time to students just waste your time if any person want plzzz dont take admission


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