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Doctors' negligence

Last year in March,me and my husband visited ACIMC for infertility investigation.After a series of tests,i was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.I was given a choice of doctors to choose from and i chose Dr.Sadia Rizvi as i had heard a lot about her.We met her and she advised laproscopy for the treatment of PCOS.For two months my laproscopy went on being delayed because Dr.Sadia Rizvi would not be available Anyways,i got the laproscopy done on July 24th 2008.Soon after my laproscopy,i felt something missing inside me.I couldn't understand it in the beginning but then found out that my monthly cycle had stopped..I got my ultrasound done and the junior doctor kept on saying that your endometrium has not formed and we dont know why is it so.I took an appointment with Dr.Sadia Rizvi paid the whole fees at the billing counter but when I got into her clinic,her junior doctor was examining instead of her.She gave me a medicine(which i eventually found out was the wrong medicine)which didnt help.I changed my doctor at the same centre and visited Dr.Parveen Kanji.She,after seeing my laproscopy report, immidiately diagnosed that my ovaries had been over-drillled and they have been damaged..............
I've been running from doctor to doctor for a year now but my condition is getting worse.My FSH(Follicle Stimulating Hormone) has gone up to 82 wheras the ideal range is under 10. and my FSH a day before my laproscopy was 3.I am albelled infertile now and have no hope left.............thanks to Dr.Sadia Rizvi and her team.
I request all infertile couples NEVER go to ACIMC

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i am sorry i didnt warn you earlier that she is greedy bi.... and a very poor doctor her only claim to fame is marrage to dr javed rizvi she belongs to shady family ,her brother has several cases against him

u r very right Imran.but i didnt know that earlier.i've even heard that so-called Dr Saadia Rizvi was a nurse.and she's the second wife of Dr.Javed Rizvi.have u had any personal bad experience with her?if so,get in touch with me and maybe together v can sue her

can i have your contact number or email id ? i want to discuss some thing regarding sadia rizvi.

Dear Sadia,

Thanks a lot for giving me ur email id, Sadia May i know that is this or Actually i live in abudhabi, my wife she is in karachi for the treatment with Dr sadia rizvi, but after reading your comments for Dr. Sadia i have a big concern because we are about to start the same treatment as you mentioned in your case. Please advice us in this regard or i shall be really grateful to you if u can call my wife who is in karachi. 0334-3651661.
Your urgent response is required please.
Respects and Regards,

Thanks for reporting and sharing your horrible experience with Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center.

We need to be very careful in going to such doctors and treatments and should only go to such places only a very strong recommendation from someone.

I really appreciate you sharing this here. Thanks once again.

can any body tell me about best doctor in karachi for infertility .as i was about to go to sadia rizvi for my case but after reading all this m worried ...please help me out

can any body tell me the best gynaecologist in karachi for infertility due to high level of prolactin???????

i've been to 12 different gynaecologists and i found 2 of them to be very good,humane indeed.Dr Sethna and Dr.Sadiqa Jaffery

thanks for reply .can u please tell me about there clinicssss?????

Dr.Sadiqa Jaffery does her clinic both at Ziauddin hospital clifton and Ziauddin hospital Nazimabad.Dr Sethna does his clinic at many different places,one of which is Concept Fertility Centre(dont confuse it with ACIMC)

i just had a miscarrige and since it was my first baby i have been really depressed. the problem is that my post partum bleeding still hasnt stopped and it been like 2 current dr doesnt seem so much concerned and says its due to my endometrial thickness n stuff which i dont believe...someone told me dr sethna is the best in karachi....i plan to visit him but i need confirmation frm some1 here that he really is the best? plx help me out....

I am living in abu dahbi right now i am 41 years old and my wife is 47 i was also willing to get treated with concept but reading your wiews confused what should i do now please help me out.

thnk u so much everyone for this useful doc at AKUH advised me to visit dr.sadia and thnk God i hav nt visited her uptill now

but we shud hav to take some step to sue her its our responsibility to save others from any disaster


kindly post your laproscopy report. why she drilled your ovaries?

I am thinking about treatment from Doctors in Pakistan about me and my wife related with gynecologists next year Inshallah - i don't want to go to any Dr just because someone is saying he /she is good on Internet - i also advise that please try to find people who have been treated before with these doctors and have good results as there are black sheep every where -generally drs are good but we need to select good people - i have no idea about gynecologists in Pakistani - so anyone please refer any good gynecologists - Islamabad - karachi - peshawar are the suitable places for us to stay and goto dr so anyone from these cities can help

I think dr.sadia rizvi diagnoses everyone with the same symptoms coz i went to her for treatment today ......and guess wht without even examining my reports she came to the conclusion that i have PCOS and laproscopy is the next step.I was confused how come no other doc ever said this to me as i have consulted many.Thanks alot sadia for saving me and many others.
can anyone giv me the address of dr.sethna or any other contact no.

i have married three years i have pcos , i have not concieved i am on glucophage from one year so please help me for treatment . is any other treatment or pcos?

i want to be in touch with dr sethna

can anybody plzzz tell me about sum good n experienced gyne in khi..i m really v much worried about my mother...

Guys u are right, I am from Quetta, Dr. Saadia is too commercial, I had my first baby at Sout City Hospital Karachi and the case was done by Dr. Perveen Kanji, it was the best experience, now that I am expecting again I will definately go to Dr. Perveen Kanji.

Dr.Sethna is concurrently out of country and he can be consulted at concept fertility centre situated near gulf.dr,sadiqa jafferey at ziauddin,bilquees manzoor and dr.rubina hussain also at ziauddin are quite good gynaes saying this coz of personal expereince.

Can anyone please guide me about a good & professionally qualified gynecologist and his/her clinic address. Our first baby is 5 years old, and now we are trying to have new baby.
Actually we were planning to visit ACIMC in Lahore, but after reading Saadi’s bitter experience, we have become much concerned rather scared.
My email ID is

Im totally agree with u that Mr. Jawed & Sadia are just robbers and nothing else.....nor even a human being i also have a very bad experience with them ....but allah save me from them.....because i was continuesly in touch with my family doctor also

Plz let me know abt a contact no. of Dr. Sethna's fertility Center & addrese if anybody have

me too searching for the website of CONCEPT FERTILITY CENTRE.m from africa n willing to have ivf from concept but before that i want some info about this centre can any body plzz help me in this regard.

dr. sethna s no. is 021-3581-0049
i go to him and he is very good and his diagnosis is also correct...

mrs saleem thanks alot .

Salam to all..hi my name is sana and i live in abudhabi since 9year i got married trying for baby .in 2009 i conceive naturally but that was not good pragnancy .my age is 25 and hubby is 30 i did ivf here in abudhabi in emirates hospital but unsuccessfull i waste lots of money everything is normal ..can u plz tell me friends there is any good ivf clinic in karachi so i cann come and visit cuz now i plan 2 cum pakistan for my 2nd ivf..thankss this is my email address if anyone gimme some information kindly email

Ohh i forget to mention that sumone told me about dr sadia that she is very good doctor go and do ivf with her but now i think i dun want 2 go cuz she is noot doing well....Y

I have had my ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) treatment done from Dr Javed Rizvi and Sadia Rizvi and have been unsuccessful both times. I agree to the fact that Dr. Sadia Rizvi is very careless when it comes to her patients. She's always in a rush and never looks into a patient's personal problems...just shrugs you away. Dr. Javed Rizvi however listens to you but now I have decided to get my treatment from Dr. Sethna. I have heard better of him and hoping that I wouldn't get a careless response from there. If anyone has had some experience with Dr. Sethna, please do share it. I shall be grateful.

Hey Mrs sam how are you?hope u see my post actualll .y i m also planing too cum pakistan for second ivf.icsi.from dr javed rizvi can u tell me all the detail your experience about them u can email me.pleaseeeeeeee i m waiting for your response.

Hello make it short n simple for u all, i ve been to dr sethna, dr sadia rivi,dr javed rizvi,dr rukhsana mughal and another dr i cant remember lol..and lots of them in dubai.
nO doubt dr sethna is very gud but now i think bc of his old age n busy schedule he isnt able to give time as he use to..he did my laprascopy,i needed ovarian drilling but he passed on saying i didnt need it. then had severel IUI's all failed.
As u all said yes dr sadia rizvi is mad..she pushed me start with ICSI n didnt even bother examining me or reading my history. while her husband is pretty gud,I wish i were living in khi so i cud continue with my treatment.Living in Dubai is pretty tuff in the sense that treatments here r DOUBLE of what we have in pakistan.
There is another clinic called CONCEPT inw hich dr sethna is one of the board of directors n everything is done under that roof..its an amazing place n blv me u wudnt have to run here n there for ur ultra sounds n tests n they r very systematic.
The assistant Drs r verry gud n helpful too...
hopefully this wud help u ppl out there..and Allah aap sub ko sehathmund aulad day...n pray for me too bc I dont have any since 6yrs too

Thanks Naila ...your this much and so helpfull information is enogh for me again fanks

can any body tell me that for infertility traetment which place is good in khi.

Dear Samar,
Please checkout the Concept fertility centre near by Gulf shopping centre,Clifton. I have been to that place and got my treatment successfully done. people over there are quite professional and helpful. I'm sure you'll find it worth visiting.

hello everyone. yes the concept fertility centre behind gulf is very good... dr. sethna is the head.. and its staff is also very helpful!!!

can any body please give me the proper address of concept fertility centre n there web address

hii sisters..i m going to pakistan for ivf next week please if anyone knows about dr sethna plz plz kindly reply me .mein buhut shukarguzar hongy ager muji information de dein un ki bare mein..thanks

Hi there,
I am going to copy the whole address from their brochure below.
Dr Setna is the medical director of Concept fertility centre and he can be approched at the centre through Dr. Shahnaz Lakhani cell # 92-321-9281359 ( 0321-9281359).
Concept fertility centre is located behind gulf shopping mall and proper address is
F-6/1, Block 8, KDA Scheme 5, Clifton Karachi
Phone# 92-21-35810049-50, 35361846, 35361397
e mail:

wel miss welwisher thanks a lot for yur reply .hope this will help us.wel the web address u gave is not of karachi its of australia.
thanks alot again

yes.. saima but concept doesnt have its website !! do tell me how it goes with dr. sethna.. i am told by him to go for icsi.. i will inshallah go in december..

Dr. Saadi rizvi also by my experience is very callous, barely sees to the patient though she charges the full consultant fee, never saw me even after a procedure. Treats her patients as illiterates who need not know why and what their problem or treatment is.......unfortunate!

I have readed all the above comments , But I m not here to give any comment on the complains ..I have search every whr on google to find best of best any gyni dr but still finding ...

Can some body will help me ..I will be highly appreciated ...



My Dears ... Please let me know .. I need your kind help ... And the couples donot hv kids they can understand my feelings and emotions ...



hi, i just want to know if there is a fertility lab or clinic in karachi who offers .... complete sperm analysis test via KRUGAR'S STRICT CRITERIA.

any information in this regard required urgently. thanx

Yes .. Agha Khan Hospital is the Best .. For Sperm Analysis ..



Any nobody has reply to my question ' No body is here to help some one . Every one know just thr own problem ' No Helping Hands here ....

Can some body will reply plzzz


Dear Mr. Malik and Mrs. Nauman,
In my experience I found Concept Fertility centre the best, all testing facilities are provided under one roof and I really liked meeting Dr. Setna as he listens to the patient very carefully and does a detailed check up before getting to a conclusion and decides the most suited treatment for you. Its no harm to go and try them out, i'm sure it will help you decide properly.
Best of luck

welwisher is right .try concept fertility .address n phone number is also there on this of luck

Hi Friends,

I have been married for 5 years now and running around gynaecologists for 4 years including ACIMC. Me and my husband have tried almost anything including ICSI at ACIMC in 2008.
Our doctor was Javed Rizvi and like Sadia Ibrahim same drama happend with me. I suffered hyper simulation and while knowing this they continued druging me. Anyway it was a failure not to mention the emotional disaster i went through.

To cut the story short last year I went to a doctor and got pregnant naturally within 3 months of treatment. His name is Hillal Akhter Mahpuri ad his clinic i near PIA Planetarium in Karachi. He is an excelent doctor, so if anyone interested please contact him before consulting people like Sadia, Javed or Sethna.

You can contact me too if you need further assistance, I will be more than happy to help my sisters.

munazza plzz pass me his details .my email id is .i will be very thank ful to u

Hi all,
I have been to many doctors and one of them was Dr. Mahpuri . He is a homeopathic doc. not a consultant. I would not recommend him to anyone.
best of luck

thanks welwisher

Dear wellwisher, I wonder if you are interested in the way of treatment or getting pregnant.

Lets cut forget the hype created by each practitioner about each other and do what's best for ourselves.

Helllo and Salaam To All ,

@Munazza ' Thanks for your kind support and guidence ' Wel All know that ' Dainay walee tu aik hi zaat hai .Bay Shak .. But .. Waseelay banaye hain us nai har khowish k har kaam k .. Ise tarha ye Drs bhi aik un mai sai ......Kise ko America mai jaa kar aulaad naseeb hote hai tu ; Tu Koi Gayon ( Viilage ) Ki kise Daye k elaaj sai .....Jis k pass taleem tak nahi hote .....

The point is We are not here to discuss who is suscessfull and who is not ; We just are discussing our problems and facts we hv or any experiances ....

@Well Wisher .. How you are too much sure about homophethic dr that they are not sucesfull in these sources ' I was suffering from Alergy of nose .. I tried more then 22 Brand Name Doctors .. Medicines choro tu phir woheee ... Then sm of my Fathers friend told him to try homophethic dr .. I visited Dr Imtiaz Shakh ( Dohra G Khi) And after the comp course of 3 years I m very gud ......

If some patients hs sm gud experiance of any drs ' Sm also hv very Bad .....

I m married since 4 years , No Baby STill , and ALHAMDULILLAH every things are very find for me and my mrs Too , More then 5 dr visited but they just running thr pocket money ..Now I m intersted to go for homophethic dr .. and saath mai Dua waghera ya wazeefa bhi kar rahay hain hum Loog ....

May I hv any contact numbers or address of Dr. Mahpuri .... And my all dear friends , Just keep trying ... Have always Faith in your heart for your ALLAH .. All the things will be Fine ............

Thanks Saima ' Well wisher ' Munazza '



AND ALSO Details address and Contact Numbers of Hillal Akhter Mahpuri ..

If some body will reply ' It will be highly appreciated



@malik,thanks 4 reply dr mahpuri,s clinic no is 021-34822088.if u want so u can contact me to know my persnol expirience my id is

@malik dr mahpuri hajj pe ja rahe hain 8th nov ko.if possible 4 u aap unhe jald visit ker lain.u know hajj trip means 40 days..n u know hum jaise couples ko wait kerna bahut mushkil lagta hai.

@Munazzaa ,

Thank you so very Much ! .. And Yes dear I can better understand k Aulad ka wait kitna dardnaak hota hai , And ye aik aise Naymet hai jisse bayshummar daulat sai bhi nahi khareeda ja sakta ....Dainay walee BAY SHAK ALLAH hi ki hai Or wo dai ga yaar ..Kion nhi .... Bus thoray sai emtehaan hain guzaar jayain gain

Thanks for your emotions and feelings ...


@ munazza
can u plz tell me about this dr mahpuri.. can i mail u??

@saima,yes u can.

Guys DONT ever go to Dr.Mahpuri.He's a complete drama.I've been to him as well.Took his medicine for 4 months.Found out he mixes steroids in his medicines.Heard from a very reliable source that he is not a qualified doctor.Has no degree whatsoever.He's just promoting the medicines of a certain company.He tells every patient the same thing that "bibi u have a clot in your uterus.First v have to treat that".Plus he doesnt value his patients' privacy.He opens others patients' records in front of u.VERY unprofessional.Pls dont go to him.He just does trial and error with his patients.

@Sadia .. Thx for sharing yr experiance with us ' But This is a big confusion , When some body guide a Dr . After that some pplz ciriticise oN IT ...

AND what was your case ' and do u have a baby Now ?? and wats yr doctor name ..

Plz Reply


Hun Banda Kithay Jawaaay ! .. :(

Hi, Every one
I read all the valuable comments thoroughly as a professional embryologist I can only guide you how to select a treatment:
1) Do you know the cause of infertility, Primary need is to establish why someone in unable to conceive, How old you are? how much time have you spent here and there.
A couple under 30 years of age should consult a doctor within 1 to 2 years and a couple over 30 should consult a doctor within 6 months. Female age plays vital role in the whole phenomenon. Or if there is any known male factor or cause of infertility one should immediately consult a doctor specifically dealing fertility cases.
2) In some cases there is no need to go through invasive diagnostic tests like Laparoscopy. this is situation specific decision.
3) there are different mode of treatments, a)Hikmat b) homeopathic c) alopathic. For me option "c" is most authentic because science behind this is clearly established.
4) Assisted reproductive techniques are specially and specifically designed science. And you must have heard all the following terms.
i) Ovulation Induction/ Timed intercourse:
ii) Intrauterine insemination
V) Assisted hatching
VI) percutaneous epididymal sperm extraction/ Testicular biopsy to retrieve sperm
There are so many articles on the net where you can read about all this stuff.
I would love if someone needs my assistance. feel free to contact me for a neutral opinion at

I think I should share my experience with you all, a child is Allah's blessing and it's his will when and how you will bear one. I alhamdollilah am a mother of twin baby boys now. I had some horrible mix up to start off with, firstly we got confused and went to Concept Fertility Centre and had 2 failed icsi attempts, we lost a lot of money and the emotional stress was just too painful, we did lost hope and were shattered after the second cycle failure. I was recommended by a friend to Australian concept but unfortunately due to the mix up in names ended up at Concept Fertility. When we came to know that we went to the newly opened Concept Fertility and also that the staff there is from Australian Concept we decided to visit Australian Concept and were under the treatment of Javed Rizvi, who we have heard is a lot better than his wife, he was very professional during consultations, answered all of our questions. Staff wise, their nurses are very good, co-ordinators are ok but at the end of the day what matters is that we had 2 baby boys through Australian Concept, we find them much better and professional with proper and bigger set up compared to Concept Fertility. Wherever you go for your treatment, I wish you guys good luck, just wanted to share my experience on a positive note as I know how paiful it is to go through these treatments till you become a mother.

Hi all,
Natural conception rate is 12% for a fertile couple in a month so it is not a good thing to just be negative if you have a failed cycle of ICSI/IVF/IUI. after one or two cycles of ivf your body respond better than the first cycle. My only message is to never be disheartened even if you have a failed cycle.
Before going for an ART cycle go through litreature easily available online , ask questions to the experts about your reprots/ prescribed dignostic tests and about the ART procedure being prescribed to you i.e unnecessary Ovarian Drilling can become the reason for infertilityeven if it is being done to improve your fertility.
Visit all the infertility treatment centres available in your city so you can judge them according to your need.
Best of luck

DR sadiqa jaffery... ziauddin clifton, and nazimabad
DR lumaan sheikh hospital
DR khalida khanum
all of the above three are excellent... i have a medical experience with them and ive worked with them theyre very good

Salam dear sisters and brothers..mein ap sub ki confusion durr karna chahty ho i just start my ivf in concept fertility clinic with dr sethna he is very very nice and positive person over all staff co ordinators are also too good....Comfortable atmosphere,,and i saw lots of patients there they succeed.The clinic success rates is also good so if sum one want to ask sumthing there is my email plzzzzz Pray For Me..Thankss

There is Concept Fertility

@ sana.. good luck with ur ivf.. do tell us how it goes!!

I agree with sunna.... i had my icsi done with dr setna last year (after being told by dr sadia rizvis clinic that i would never be able to concieve unless my husband started with their specific medications.....which he later was told by other docs never to use as they kill the sperm count and actually make u come for the treatment)....dr setna Mashallah has a lot of healing power and shifa given by Allah. I concieved after ten yrs of marriage and have Alhamdollillah 6 months old. Dr setna is the best and oldest trained in fertility. After my fourth month dr setna reffered me to Dr sadiah ahsan pal.....wh was also really good. She is one of the team members with dr setna. The staff at concept was like family.....always there to help u. All my fears were removed and i was in good hands. Dr setna is whom i would recommend to all......he is very gentle and understanding. And he told me that the ratio of concieving of pppl who fail the first time infact is higher when they try next.His clinic has the highset number of successes Mashallah......he is indeed the best and may he continue to be so....helping ppl out !!!

Thank you sooo much Kausarr for sharing your unforgetable journey With Dr sethna.yes you are so true the staff is soo helpfull like a family.Hope it would be lucky for me as well pleasee pray for me my dear sisterr and brotherss ....its my 2nd ivf But with dr sethna its first time..Yaaaa Allahhhhh Help Us

Asslam o alikum to everybody and thnkz fr all of you coz it helps me a lot but i even cant decided to go anywhere please any1 can help me where i have to go i hv been married to 9 years now and i dont have enough money to spent on test and all my husbands reports are normal i went for treatment to mhapuri before my marrige coz i m hving a problem in periods i went some gynacologist too fr treatment for dis cycle not fr infertility coz i agree on dat the child is blessing of ALLAH so i just pray but my mom is wooried fr me now everytime she talked about the baby my husband is not very intrusted in a baby n never talked so should i go for any treatment which not cost me soo much and help me to concive

Dear Mehvish ! Thr is no need of worry // Keep Trying and keep praying and always do have Faith of ALLAH which will gives u sucuess one day INSHALLAH ....



Dear Mahwish I think I can give you few tips Please e- mail me at

@ sana zubair: how s ur ivf going??

I too had the same problem PCOS and I went to Dr sadia rizvi and she suggested me the same procdure and I too got excited with it and agreed to go ahead with it but thanks to my hubby he was very patient and told me to meet another doctor then I took an appointment with Dr zeenat and wen her staff took my case to her and told her tht I m dr sadia rizvi's patient and I want to hv a second opinion regarding what sadia rizvi suggested me, she said she cant deal with the case and Dr sadia must hv suggested the ryte thing!! I had doubts thn my friend suggested me to visit Dr setna and I did tht and took his advise qand he told me the same tht if ur ovaries gets over drilled then there are high chances tht u dont get pregnant and I was sure thn i m in safe hands since then I m going to Dr setna and very satisfied with him I wud suggest u the same dont waste yr time and visit Doctor setna!!

My doctor has suggested you people think its harmless? According to the doctor, its not something major. Anybody who knows about this procedure, please help me out.

Laparoscopy is a diagnostic procedure which is used to check tubal patency, and pelvis with a camera device. Only In PCOS some times ovarion drillig is done to improve ovulation but over drilling can result in severe problem or distrub ovarioan function( egg production).

Make sure that your consultant is expert in laparoscopy and will not do anything unnecessary (Ovarian drilling) without your consent. Please check that the clinic has high standard equipments along with proper hygeine to avoid infections.

hello married with 3 daughters.we're planning another baby and coz of a natural wish to complete our family with a baby boy im searching for PGD IVF in karachi.i have a few doubts regarding it whether selecting the gender of a baby is allowed in islam or not?on the internet ive read many articles.some mention fatwas that if husbands sperm is used then its allowed even to select the gender of the baby
1.whether its allowed in islam or not?
2.where in karachi is PGD IVF(selecing gender of the babyy through IVF/IUI cycles)done?

Concept Fertility Center Karachi is doing PGD for genetic abnormalities they might be able to help you out in this regard. I've given their address and contact # in previous replies. Contact them and ask about your questions directly.
Best of luck

please go see DR Setha asap he a great doc as well as a gem of person! he operated me for ectopic pregnancylast week he is great!!!

If a clinic has PGD facility than sex selection can also be done.

AoA...Hows everyone?hope ki sub theek or khairat se hongy.i m agree wid luma that dr sethna is so professional and great doctor.unlucklyy yesterday mere report kaal negative ae jis ki vajja se mein buhutttttttttttt stress mein the kiyun ki ye mera 2 IVF,ICSI tha dr sethna ki under but i m not blaming him ye tu Allah ki cheez hai jub marzii de jub marzii le le.anyhow dr sethna is personally very nice person he told me that we both have no physicall or some other issue just beleive on Allah!!!!!Jitna suffer tumni kiya hai eska Ajjar tumhi inshallahhhhhh zaroorrr dengy..Alllah es site par jitni behnein hai sub ko Naik ulaadd sehat or zindagy ki saath Atta Karein (Ameen)So Dont Lose your hopes Sisterss

Dear Sana Zubair ... I really do respect of your words and Thxxx for yr caring words for me and for all who are waiting for the ANMOL GIFT of CHILD ...Yes definately jis tarha Insaan ko aik din is dunya sia jaana hota hai ise tarha us k aanay ka Time bhi ALLAH ko hi pata hai ..The Most and Imp thing is that ..K aik beleive and Aik Umeed ... Aik Khowaab ...Aik Haqeeqat ..... Or jitna Yakeen rakh sakh saktay ho us ALLAH ki zaat sai rakhOoOO .... And keep trying ..INSHALLAH Aik time aik din aisa aaye ga jab ye kushe sab ko naseeb ho geeeeee ... Keep smiling and have maximum Faith in ALLAH..

Hamara kaam justojo karna koshihhh karna Dua karna Hai......... Baki ye tu paka hai na k BAY SHAK Aulaad daina sirf or sirf ALLAH k haath mai hai Busssssss .....

Take care and Dont WOrrryyyy


Thanks you so much @Mr malik for your support..Mera kaam tu app sub se apna experience share kerna tha unluckly successfull nahi raha but i do beleive on my Allahhhhhhh!!!mujhi apni Rab par pura bharosa hai ki wu insaan ki dua kabhi zaya nahi kerta or jo humare liye bahtar hota hai wohe kerta hai kiyun ki wu apni bandi se buhut mohabbat kerta hai.bilkul apni theek kaha humara kaam koshishhh kerna mein ni Allah par chor diya ha. woh kehty hai na ki ( jaha insaan himmat harr jata hai waha se Allah ki maddad or Rehmaat barasna shoru ho jaty hai)Thankkkk you so muchhhh apni itni achii Baatein share ki ....Allah jitni es platform par hai sub ko Khushi or sehat ki saath Ulaad dein(Amin).....Takecare@ Malik

@Sana Zubair ... Gr8 Gr8 and Gr8 ............. This is the way .. These words are required ... HHmMMm AND Thanks for your pray for all pllz ... And yes .. DUA dair sai qabool kion na ho lekin ho jaate hai .......... Baat sirf belive ki hote hai .... Or Yakeen or Emaan ki ...................

" Mai nai apna test 3 baar karwaya ... Mere mrs bhi ok hai ALHAMDULILLAH or meray test results buhat achay aye ..Lekin nahi ho raha ....Tu mai ab kise bhi dr k pass nahi jaana chahta ...Mughay pata hai k ALLAH k taraf sia dair hai ..So ALLAH ki jo marze hai mughay hase kushe qabool hai ...

The thing is k mai nai apna or apne mrs ka check up karwaya ..Jo k mera farz tha ...han jb sab theek hai tu phir kia tenshion ...

Just praying ... Praying and Praying ....... Not only for me for every one .. who are w8ing for this Anmol Gift ..........

Hon gain yaar sab k baby hon gain .......Tenshion nahi ....

Remember me in your prays ...

Thank You


And yes one more thing ...U also take care @Sana Zubair...

Ohh Again thankshhhh!! i appriciate your reply. aur appni sahe kaha ki jub allah ki taraf se abhi koi maslihatt hai tu tension kiss baat ki deni wali zaat tu wohe haii or mera beleive tu allah par hai aur ab aur bhi zeyada hogaya hai beleive.and for sure i will pray for your wife also inshallahhhh Goodnews buhut jald allah ki taraaf se humi mili gy..Thankss @Malik

I hav Smile and Thanks for You ........... And plz dont say thanks again .. Just prayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

And yes ... One day some will be in this world who will call me DAD .... and some one who will call u MOM ......................

I really do respect of words ... Becoz Insaan kuch bhi nahi hota us k Alfaaz hi hotay hain jo us ko beyaan kartay hain .........

Take care and keep smiling ..........



thanks for the assistance.but still i would like an opinion tht if ivf is ok in islam coz ive heard that test tube babies are not jayez in islam but still tpday in many muslim countries its been done.people like me who need gender selection would really appreciate any useful insight in this regard

@ Kiran .. No Idea ...

Kindly ask help to any Aaalim ...



AoA!!!!!!!!! Hows everyone in this platform? there is any success or good news if any sister conceive through Ivf,icsi so plzz share your experience ,your journey so maybe it can help others...thanks Takecare everyone.

@Sana .. Hy and Salaam ,

Yesterday I Hv visited Dr Afsha at Saifee Hospital ..She is was very nice Lady Dr ... When she C reports of both of us ..She said nothing is here to be treated ... Both are good ..Thats why she didnt give us any medicine and she has recomonded Dr Sethna ..And she said Ages matters hv thr importance for this treatment and we should go at our earliest....But first mughay is k baaray mai ache khase jaan kaari chahaye ??

And sab sai ache baat jo mughay Dr Afsha ki Lageee ....

Ager wo chahte tu doosray drs ki tarha apna paisay bana sakte thee ..Salaam hai us ki emaandari ko ...Jo baat the saaf saaf kahdi ..

But Yaar wo IVF ka kah rahee hain ... Mughay tu kuch khaas pata bhi nahi is k baray mai ...Is k side effects kia kia hotay hian ..And mughay itna pata hai k is ka procedure kia hota hia means kaisay treatment hota hai ..I just watch on you tube ...

But if some one explain here,Clould be very helpfull for all here not only me ....

Tu my dears friends should we go for IVF ?? CONCEPT FERTILITY ??

Reply me share it with all here ....

yaha pe aysa koi hai jis ne Dr.sethna se ICSI karwayi ho or wo sucessfull hui ho first attempt mai.....plz tell me coz i m also going for this process

yup!!!@Mrs tariq mein ni karwaya hai dr sethna se ivs,icsi 2nd attempt but it was unluckly not successfull:((((((

AoA!!!!!!!Hows everyone?help me plzz if anyone cuming from karachi to dubai kindlly inform me cuz i need sum medicines from concept fertility clinic i need no problem i will send through western union..Ager koi mere help kar sakey tu buhuttttttt thankfull hongy.waiting for good reply

@ Mrs Tariq ....... Aaap jo bhi qadam uthaana buhat dekh kar sooch samjh kar or ache tarha awairness lai kar ...... Its not a Joke or Funny Thing ........... And MAY ALLAH bless u and give success .... And one day u will have a lot children one call u MOMMY :) ..

Pray for me also and take care ...

@Sana zubair ... First attemp mai kitna karcha howa tha ?? How much money and Time kitna lagta hai ... Aaap complete procedure bata do gai tu acha lagay ga ....plz tell me

@ Sana if u dont hv any problem of Money then ... It can be send it to you through any best courier service ...???

@Sana what are the prices of that medicine ????? and howz it possible that they are not available in Dubai ??

Thankss for your reply @Mrs medicines muji dr sethna ni he likh ker de the after icsi,ivf ki baad ki ye mein 3months tak lo ye naturally conceive mein helpfull hongy muji kuch hormones eggs quality achi karni ki ivf inj 4 month tak efffective hoty hai body mein thats y.. mein ni socha yaha available hungy but yaha but pata karwaya but yaha nahi hai.paki rupess 4thousand tak ki cost hai medicines ki but ye med pata karwaya hai by post nahi asakty kuch security issue ki vajja se esliye mein ni kaha egar koi by hand li ae ...anyhow lets see kaun atta hai.@Mrs malik can u send me email so i can give u answer

AOA everyone.. @ sana.. i m so sorry ur treatment went unsuccessful.. but its all god;s will and inshallah we;ll all get our wish fullfill when there is a right time...

Thankss @saima yes you r so true...u r one of my wellwisher:_)

@ sana... i have also started my 1st ivf treatment... plz everyone pray for me....

@Saima ..... INSHALLAH sab acha hoga . Aaap achay ki umeed rakho .....

And Best of very Luck ...

@Sana I hv sent you email .... Please reply me and thanks for your kind support

thnks Malik saahab ....inshallah Allah hum sab ki murad puri karen....Ameen hum sab ek dosre ko dua mai yaad rakhay....sana ap plz mujhay bhi thoda guide kar dain k ap k kitnay expensis huay Dr sethna k pass...or further ye k kitna duration laga...and is it dangerous procedure....

and saima app kaha se karwa rahee hai apna ICSI process

Mr malik ap bhi kia isi process se guzar chukay hain

@malik sorry tu say that i cannot add you on my personal id..mere khayal se mein apna sub explain kar chokii hoon ager app sahe se uppar ki posts mein dekh lee..if u dunt mind apki wife ager youtube par search karein tu waha detail se sara process diya hoa hai step by step they will guide you that whats the process is!!!!!!ya app karachi mein hai tu ya pakistan mein dr shahnaz se contact ker lein wwu app ki wife ko sara kuch bata deingy its a good tarha apko tasali bhi hojaegy .thankss

sana plz can u give me ur id? ya phir ap mera id le lain....mujhay ap se kuch baat karna hai

@ mrs tariq i.m getting my treatment done from dr. sethna @ concept fertility centre

Salam @Saima hows going your treatment?

kaisa chal raha hai ap ka treatment saima?

aoa everyone... my treatment/injections just started.. plz pray everything goes well for me..

inshallah saima ALlah ap k haq mai behtar kare ga..plz ap inform zaror kariay ga...actually mai bhi dr sethna se hi concerned plz pray 4 me also

@ mrs. tariq. are u also getting treatment from him??

yep......abhi to kuch tests huay hain.....proper treatment nahi hua start......saima kia meri ap se kisi tarha baat ho sakti hai...i mean personally...

yes mrs. tariq u can give me ur email id. i'll email u!!

thanks email add is mail me.

how long have u been married mrs. tariq??

2 years
hows ur treatmeant is going saima?

saima plz mail me.....then i have ur id so i can easily contact u.

dont know about sadia rizvi, but I'd like to say that parveen kanji is just the same - the things you mentioned about sadia rizvi perfectly fit for parveen kanji as well... she s 100% commercial and careless about the patient... specially if its fertility related problem she is just going to further complicate your case so that you end up going for ivf so that she can perform experiments on you and make you pay for being her guinea pig - my advise for everyone is not to go to parveen kanji despite of her name and fame...

she performed laparoscopy on me back in 2009, she drilled both of my ovaries even though I had no need for ovarian drilling..... and then she doesnt even talk properly - the way she removed my stitches oh my god I have only one word for her: JUNGLEE !!

khair, here I am now seeing x-ray reports that the ovarian drilling she performed caused my fallopian tube-ends to stick together!!! huh - I just want to sue her now...

Another doctor I know of who'll complicate your case to make money is: Rozilla Sadia from Agha Khan

Can someone please tell me where Dr. Sethna clinics now a days other than Concept center?

hi all!

Dear Javreria
Private clinic of Dr Setna is at Boating Basin near cotton and cotton. Clinic number is
Timming 13:00 and onwards

Dear Javreria
Private clinic of Dr Setna is at Boating Basin, Clifton, Karachi.
near cotton and cotton. Clinic number is
Timming 13:00 and onwards

@diyaa.....pls can i have ur e-mail address.I'd like to talk to u and share each others' experiences ppllllllllssss

here any body have high fsh ???plzz tell me what treatment is she using n frm when????

@Saima how your treatment is going ...In next month em also going to visit Dr Sethna ..

@Javeria have u visited ??

@Soha Kashif thx for your prays for all of us ..Yes never losing a hope is the real life ..Aik din sab kaamyaab hon gain bus ailk waqt ALLAH nai likha hai is gift ko dainay ka ... Haan hum loog ka ye farz hai k hum haath per haath rakh na bethain or justojo or kosihihhhh kartay rahaiin

ALLAH sab ko AULAD sai nawazay AaaaaaaaaaaaaamEEEEEEEEEEnnnnNNNN

hey guys plzz dont mix me with another saima there r 2 saimassss in this page
m not going through any treatment .i went to dr. sethna but my fsh was high so didnt go through the treatment .

Hi Sadia, here's my email address:, would love to be of any help to you. Take care.

Hey Allz how much dr sethna pays you per month for his advertisment and promoting him in all the way ??? Coz i'm little bit intrested to do my own

what is the complete name of dr sethna.plz guide me i m also suffering from 4 years from infertility.and lost all hopes

Posted: 09 Mar, 2011 by well wisher
Call him first before 8 days..
Private clinic of Dr Setna is at Boating Basin, Clifton, Karachi.
near cotton and cotton. Clinic number is
Timming 13:00 and onwards

Dramybaaz please be nice to all the ppl who r trying to help each other, if you do not like Doc Setna then stay off this discussion no need to be sarcastic here. This forum is not to promote anyone but to share ur experiences and to help each other in some way.
Peace everyone

Oh dont take me wrong i was nt here to create mess bye tge way if some one hurt i m sorry for that and might be you hv not seen my last posting for ghazala it was releated to dr sethna too so guys i m not disliking him even i my self facing the same problem.. Which has been discussing here good luck

Salam do any body have hyperprolectimia? If yes what u on for? Did any body hve experiance to have cabergoline (distinex)in karachi?

@ dramybaaz: i was the patient of hyperproectimia before 2 years n was treated from homeopathic medicine in 4 months

Thanx saima do this medicine can effects to control harmones? Which dr u recommands in khi for this? Had u have vomiting and nuesea diring treatment?

@dramaybazz:yup it controlled my hormoes too. n my homeopathic dr name is dr zehra khanum n at that time she was in khi on holidays she actually is from iran ..........n i didnt feel anything during medication.

We start our IVF from concept fertility and consult from Dr.Razia Ahmed which supposed not be a doctor. She aspirate my wife cyst and did lot of mistakes and infected the left ovary and cyst and infection spread in the whole body and concept fertility team continue stimultation and one day she admit in hospital due to pain and did a major surgery and doctor have to remove the cyst and ovary and pus was taken out and it was a major surgery for about 3hrs,. NEVER VISIT DR RAZIA AHMED SHE IS NOT A DOCTOR. PLEASE

Oh sorry to hear abt ur wife alot of black sheeps are every where,,, we should enquire first where we are going to consult...and recheck ur every report by ur family physician except infertility centre consultants...

Dr Razia Ahmed is in concept fertility center Karachi- She is not a doctor.
I just sharing with you what happened with me - she gave us very hard time.

Thanx any way i was planing to visit that centre but to consult dr i will be aware from her... And i will go to private clinic of dr sethna.. :-(

Dear Please share the address of private clinic of Dr.Sethna

Posted: 18 Mar, 2011 by Dramybaaz who also agreed with this complaint
Posted: 09 Mar, 2011 by well wisher
Call him first before 8 days..
Private clinic of Dr Setna is at Boating Basin, Clifton, Karachi.
near cotton and cotton. Clinic number is
Timming 13:00 and onwards

salam to all
i have experience of dr rizvi u all say rite about that's.hum ny b Australian concept sy IUI pass kurwaya tha 2001 m or woh succeed ni hwh tha behalf or dr ruksana mugal k.or us sy pehly dr satna ko b dikya tha tha jb wo uncle sarya hospital m beth ta tha.yes ur rite he is old age competent doctor or ab ap logon k comments parh kar lagta h k us ko phir still we r wait for baby.plz pray 4 us.

salam 2 all.....mera treatment start hogaya hai dr.sethna k pas..plz ap logg mere liay dua zaror kariay ga

i am fully agree bothe centres are cheaters i didnt find any successful story during my treatment Dr. sethna / dr.sadia paul / dr .shenaz are the biggest cheaters and butchers they only sit there to make money nothing else.they treat patient like whole experience was horrible.
i curse them may their kids die in accidents infront of them .

Naela please dear aise bad dua nahi dyty khas toor py kids k liay they are not responsinle for what happend with you..we are sorry to hear abt you!! May Allah give u healthy baby soon... Might be they are cheaters but you approached them they dnt!!! It was your nad luck that time.. So be positive dont giveup dont upset everything will be fine inshaAllah
And mrs tariq Allah pak ap ky bhi dil ki muraad ko poora kary Aamin

Dear Naela,
Remember that shifa is in the hand of person who is treating you but shifa would be given to u by Allah through that person. its not nice to act or say things like that if u r not successful. Always thanks Allah for what ever He has given u. it's really bad to act like the way u did. May Allah give u the best you deserve.

Salam to all
any body tell me about dr naseem ??????????

My Dear Sisterrr @Naela just for you dis msg.....dearr aise bad dua nahii detey kese ko bhi Allah apki dil ki muraad purii karey..mein ni tu 2bar Dr sethna se IVF karwaya basiclly i m living in dubai but mein yaha se itni struggle kerki atty ho enki pass but mein kabhii bhii disheart nahi hue ek chezz kismat mein nahi hai tu kiyun uski pechay bhagyy jo hai uska shuker kerna chahye ki Allah ni humi itna tu diya hai ki ye elaj afford ker sakty hai jo ye nahi ker sakty unse pochein.anyhow mere shadi ko bhi mashallah se 10year hogae and i m 26years now.but still hope bhi hai faith bhi apni Allah par ki ek din wu zaroorr apna karam karega ...rahe baat dr shahnaz ki yaar unko haath mein ager kese ko ulaad dena hotta tu sarii dunya unki pas jatey mein america takk gae hoo but kahiiii bhi 100% treatment nahi haiiiii no one can give you a babyyyyyy without tum himmat maat haroo INSHALLAHH tumsub behnon ki liye mere dua hai..i m sharing somthing else also with u guys mein abhi baby adop ker rahe hoo apni hubby ki bro ka i heard that it can also help me to conceive naturallyy..its not bad much what u think sisters????if anyone have experience do share with me..

salam all once again ok i made a mistake to curse the doctors and i apologised with Allah for that many times, but the destruction they sethna , dr shenaz, dr sadia paul the whole team of concept fertility made i can not recover. For the last eight years i was collecting money for the treatment. they didnt bother to confirm my thyroid they didnt advise me to lower my thyroid antibodies what kine of doctors they are? . they just went to injections and when i lost every thing every penny they said i have no hope ? any one tell me? plz tell me dua and also pray for me....

salam all once again ok i made a mistake to curse the doctors and i apologised with Allah for that many times, but the destruction they sethna , dr shenaz, dr sadia paul the whole team of concept fertility made i can not recover. For the last eight years i was collecting money for the treatment. they didnt bother to confirm my thyroid they didnt advise me to lower my thyroid antibodies what kine of doctors they are? . they just went to injections and when i lost every thing every penny they said i have no hope ? any one tell me? plz tell me dua and also pray for me....

Naela, nothing in our hands- we know that. So contact the only ONE who can make it possible- Do not worry at all- There are few advices to all

1- Pray 5 times a day
2- Recite Sura Mariam Every day
3- Recite Sura Khaf in Para 15 Every Friday
4- Subha nallah hi wabi hamdi hai subhna nallah hail azeem- Might be you can understand
5- Off Course Durood Sharif- Daily 100 times
6- Sura Baqra Last rukhu
6- Walk Every day
7- Eat Salad every day- specially Broocli- Capsicum
8- Drink hot water with cinamon- in coming winter daily

when pray to allah - first pray for others and then for yourself.
We should only pray to allah - And never think you are suffering - Be relax and enjoy the life-


Hmmmm ap sab logo ki baatain sun kar mujhay bohat dar lag raha hai bcoz mera treatment bhi dr.sethna n dr shahnaz kar rahee hain..or un ko bohat hope hai k mera case sucessfull hogaaa......even dr shahnaz ne mujhay medicine bhi de hai daily khanay k liay hope isee month mera treatment karen....plz ap logg mere liay bohat dua kariay ga bcoz hum sab jantay hai k yeh process kitna expensive hai..

Salam All!!!! kaise hai sub??1st of all thanks @Amir bhai!!!@ Naela dun worry we will pray for you we are also in same situation so keep faith on Allah ....Ulaad or Rizk sirf Allah he deni wala hai or wohe humare Haq mein behtar janni wala hai..mein nni buhut se couples dekhi hai jin ki ulaad ki umeed he nahi the but Allah ni apna karam un par kiya hai inshallah humi bhi zaroor dega...plzz do tell me friendss should i adopt my bro in law baby???

salam and thanks for nice words, do any one know about Dr.Mahpuri,his address and fone nos# plz provide ,
i ve heard that he is v good for infertile couples and has treated many successfully.
plz share if someone has any experience. and guide me to his clinic. regards naela

Dear sana its a v brave step whic u r taking . May Allah b with u and give u courage, plz remember me in ur prayers i am so dishearted these days and have no lite of hope in me.

wat abt dr shaheen zafar?

dr.shaheen zafar sits at malir she is so crooked, i ve tried her but her behaviour as doctor was worst i faced she is no success...

Salaam, I had my IVF treatment done with her, we saw her only once and after that she never had the time to meet us, it was at Australian concept, The file would just go to her and we waited there for hours and hours, and will see other doctor "sadia Touqeer" who is also her full time chamchi, After all the injections and altrasounds when the day of egg retrival she was suppose to come at 9:00 or something but she made it so late close to 1:30, being so careless, and the day of ET (embryo Transfer) she was suppose to come in the moring to do it but she forgot completely about it coz she was extremely busy at southcity, finally the nurses reminded her again and again that there is a patient waiting for her, she finally came at 4:30, I wanted to cry and couldn't do anything, couldn't run away but i want to help others who are looking for doctors in pakistan, please don't go to her.. we spent so much money, time and emotions, I would never want anyone to go to her and get hurt. Please see doctors like Aasma Munir, go to Baqai, just go once and meet the doctor first, coz why we went to Austrailan concept was becoz only its name would come after searching on google... please go to some other doctor, not to go to anyone from Australian concept. Jazka'Allah , 4 or 5 of us whom dr Sadia Rizvi Treated, none of them concieved,
I went to see Dr Aasma Munir, She is an amazing doctor masha'Allah, and she has fear of Allah.. our Allah ne shifa bhi di hai un ke hath mein, I wish I knew it earlier, my husband's best friend concieved Twins from her masa'Allah, We went more than 3.5 lakh for ivf treatment at Australian Concept (they made us do extra tests), where as Dr Asma does it in 2 or 2.50.. Please go see her, I will highly recommend her coz masha'Allah wo un doctors mein se hein jinho'n ne pakisan mein sab se pehlay ivf kerna shuro kiya tha.. and religion wise bhi she will help you a lot.. the first day we met her, she gave us more than an hour and told us not to get disappointed subhana'Allah.. She told both of us to lose weight and come back and she says we can concieve naturally as well if we lose weight, I will highly recommend her.. at least go once, just once,
jazaka'Allah for all the comments everyone.. you all are in my prayers

PS: and again, Oulad ka hona ya na hona Allah ke hath mein hai completely mager Dr. Waseela hein, they should try their best, un ke effort mein kami nahi lagni chahiye, unfortunately, that was missing when we did it, Alhamdulillah, Allah made me stronger, and I am over with this test but Dr Saadia did not do her best as a doctor, sometimes I doubt weather they put back the embryos or not.. hmmm well all the waswasaas from shaitan, please remember all of us in your duas...

SALAM too all may ap sab ke raay sunk bas ye kehna chahoon ge ivf bas ek wasela hay baqe sab ALLAH PAK krnay wala HAYY.. ek raay donge wo ye k try hikmat also alopathic may bhalay kUCH chexON ka elaj na hoo but hikmaat hamaray mazhab may b mane jate hay or is may har chexx ka elaaj hay thore tym lagta hay par fayeda zaroor hota hay even may b last 1 year say hikmat ka elaj kar rae hoon or mujhe fayeda hay so i wanted to share dis wid u all..please remember me in ur prayers, or ALLAH PAK ap sab ko naik saulah or sehat mand aulad atta farmayy khushion k sath AMEEN

what kind of ILaj is this? i mean Hikmat wala? Please explain?

mrs umair can u plzz tell us the detail of hikmat n also where will i find this medicine any idea?????

i have gone through two cycles of icsi in concept fertility center 2010 when i started my first icsi they scanned me and missed 1 cm sized the middle of the procedure dr,sehnaz told me about the polyp and i said there was no way to run.this was ur mistake not mine you should have told me before.but they didnt bother to accept to their mistake because nowadays they are selling as a hot cake because of dr.setnas good reputation.anyways they tranfered the embryo and told me ur follicles are old age and husband sample isnt good as well thats the reason of ur two failure cycles of can go abroad and use donor egg next time.thats my painful unlucky iam.

my ivf treatment is going to start with baqai "BIRDS" in june 2011 i need help for medicines any little help will work

Salaam, @atonement
I haven't had any treatment with Baqai, but heard they are very good. After a failed treatment from Australian Concept I went to an ivf specialist from Baqai, Asma Munir. She is religious and an extremely nice doctor. Gave us so much attention and time. I was going to do the treatment with her but couldn't coz i need to lose weight before that. She was one of the first ivf doctors in baqai, and still goes there. from medicines at Australian concept they didn't really share what they were doing. I had my injections started from 21 day of my periods. then I after 2 weeks or 3 I started having other injections one of them were suprefact injections, then after a week i had higher dosage of another injections so basically 2 injections at the same time and doing the last one I had to go for an ultrasound every other day to see the size of my follicles, then they go on depending on the size, if the follicles have reached the size they want, then you have the biggest injection to mature eggs I think called HCG. then they retrieve the eggs and then take the sample from your husband and inject it in the egg for fertilization. I would say read a lot before going for it. The effort from the doctor does wonders. they should know how to relax the patient, give them time and attention, which was missing when we did it, rather it was a lot of stress, coz of doctor being so late for every procedure. Wishing you all the best. Only it's in Allah's hands when and where it is going to happen but the effort does help a lot.. you don't feel ke your doctor didn't put his 100% rest is ofcourse is in Allah's hands so please try to find a doctor who is sincere with you.
:) with lots of prayers.
hope it helped..

here are the names of injections
started with Suprefact 50 I.US/c daily
Injection Puregon 50 I.U 2amp 1/m Dailay
Injection HMG 75 I.U 2amp 1/m Daily
Injection Pregnyl 10,000 I.U 1/m Stat. ( to mature the eggs)
Injection Pegnyl 1500 I.u 1/m Stat.
Cyclogest Vaginal Pessaries 200mg 1x8 hrly.
that's what i can tell you...
hope it helps... you can go online search and find more info about them.
:) please remember us in ur duas as well

assalam o aliakum
main 11 saal say beolad hoon ,main job karti thi us say paisay jama kiyee kuch commtiees jama ki or ilaj par lagadeen 11 saal say mera ilaj chal raha hay, ab doctors kehtay hain ivf hoga agar koi meri madad karna chaee tu main us ko apna file no tamam information de sakti hoon.agar koi sirf dawa ya injection ki b help karday tu bohat mashkoor hongi.Allah sab ko olad de or sab k sadkay say muj ko bhi ameen.meri yahoo id hay .


meray ivf treatment kay liya plz meri help karain bohat majbori main likh rahi hoon plz plz mera account no 01007203 FWB grumandar br karachi hay Allahap ko is ka ajar de ga injections or medicines kay liya sirf.
dua gu sara

Who is Dr. Nseem is he a gynee or urologist?

bhai ty for your mail mera file no 3740 mrs naela k naam say hay or account naela # 01007203 F.W.B Grumandar,Br,Karachi hay .thank you
dua gu sara

bhai ty for your mail ap ki thori si b madad meri mushkil kam karday gi muj ko sirf medicines or injections main help ki zaroorat hay IVF treatment k liya .mera file no 3740 mrs naela k naam say hay or account naela # 01007203 F.W.B Grumandar,Br,Karachi hay .email thank you
dua gu sara

Askm, i am Fariha, i delivered my first baby which was a boy in2000. then concieved again in 2005 and miscarried den i had problems and was diagnosed wid pcos id given up all hope and thought that allah has just kept one child for me. in 2009 one of my closest friend convinced me n took me to her doctor and that day onwards it was a turning point for me. Dr. Perveen Kanji changed my life. she consulted wid me and my husband discussed the whole procedure wid us. i had my laproscopy done in may 2009 we also got to know that i had fibroids and my uterus is tilted. i was put on medicines my cycles were monitored n wen all failed she asked us to go for iui at australian concept. it was successful the first time.i had a difficult pregnancy wid high blood pressure glucose being monitored spotting in 12 weeks but she was der on phone n in person. n on 23rd september she delivered our little angel Hafsa. Wid allahs blessing n dr kanji whom i cant thank enough we were blessed wid another child after 10 years.

So it means no one is going to help me for my ivf treatment ?

Hello anyone knows about dr.salma batool from liaqat national hospital i m going to start my treatment from there.....need your help morally plz

Dramay baz wish you all the best for your treatment......

Asalam o alekum,

Please share any one successfully operated her Ovarian cyst or have treated by Dr. Successfully.


Dr.Razia Ahmed treated my cyst ! and did lot of mistakes- Cyst aspiration is risky. Consult with others doctors too.

and by the way never consult with Dr.Razia Ahmed in concept fertility hospital.

Thanks Mrs. Aamir,

Please clear Dr. Razia sitts in Australian Concept Or Concept Fertility Center where Dr. Sethna sits. and now which Dr. you are getting treatment now days will you recommend any one.


i was diagonsed with pco in 2001.....then i went through series of treatments from clomid to laproscopy then ivf and iui also....i know one thing i was fed up in the end....not becos of any dr....i went to dr sethna for iui....hes the best by the laproscopy was done by sadia rizvi...n i agree she just hands out standard procedure stuff just do this n go kind of deep counselling or any thing....i had my ivf in south africa.......all in all i had all this done in 5 yrs.....n clomid cycles were countless....then i was fed up.....apart from sadia rizvi all drs told me i could concieve naturally but i was so under social pressure that i kept on abusing myself..... that is wt it is wen we go thru these treatments,,,n den in 2006 i left everything n 6 months later i fell pregnant......n it was completely normal....when i went to da dr she told me da reason was i stopped stressing abt my son is 3 n again i cant concieve i m in a dilenma whether i should start seeing drs or should wait for natural......
my aim is not to undermine anyone or any treatment u guys r taking....the idea is its different for everyone n i hope n pray for all of u out there....cos 1 thing i know is there is nothing more heartbreaking den getting a negative pregnancy test n nothing more joyous lthan holding ur own child in ur hands.......wish u all da best......

Hi Optimistic! Good 2 know that your mother now inshAllah you will become soon mother of other babies too. I just want to understand that Drs. told my wife that she will not become pregnant until he Cyst get remove or reduce she is taking medicine name Denocrine since 1 & half year and no such improvement seen except she is loosing patience and remain uncomfortable and stress with no reason getting typical and arrogant. Let say if i will convince her to get operated her cyst which dr. should i visit who has well reputed and caring. Secondly it should not harm her ovaries. As she is loosing stamina and usually sleeps more seems losing to get up with these psychologically and excercise / walk reduce i have bought an some books that brief how to fight with against this desease and reduce Cyst without any treatment but she didnt pay any attention to that book except just taking medicines and become negative.

Appreciate, if you any one shares the best way to dealt with as there is no pressure from ourside and we knew we have to do our best rest is Allah;s blessings that lead to naimat of Aulad!

Best wishes

dear mylifetime,
always when in doubt plz seek another can go to dr bilquis at lady dufferin hospital she is considered very good.but the same applies one should not lose hope n should keep praying.because only one thing cures depression thats praying.if your doc has suggested surgery plz take second even third opinion bcos in some cases surgeries r necessary but sometimes doctors do it unnecessarily.but sometimes giving a break in treatment also helps in depression.may allah help u in ur cause....

yes, we had a very poor experience with this whole Australian Concept Infertility Centre team. I believe they are there just to mint money, howsoever. The staff (all doctors) were only well behaved and friendly till the time i have not deposited money for the IVF. After that during procedure for whole one month, they were very rude. The behaviour of Dr Sajjad, Dr Rizvi and his wife Dr Saadia Rizvi was very poor. They even did not listen even to our genuine complaints. All the procedure was handled by junior doctors. Dr Rizvi and her wife never showed up during the whole month. The Centre charged extra money on one pretext or the other which they never informed prior start of the procedure. Also they told me that the procedure would take only fifteen days, however the procedure continued for more than a month. For a drip of just 60 rupees, they charged 1200 rupees. There are so many complaints about that centre which i may keep on writing and would never end. Overall the experience was pathetic, and i would say the people sitting there are thieves, dacoits and rascals with one and only one aim i.e. to fleece money by hook or crook from the pockets of helpless, depressed and desperate people.

salam, to every one
i want to share my experience whish is done by sadia rizvi, she is very crule yes i agree with all those people who tell that dont go to sadia rizvi, actualy i tried 2 times icsi process but failed, my case handle by her actualy she didnt tell me that i m pcos patient, anyhow first time i produced 12 egg and made 10 best embios ,3 put in me and kept 6 in freezing where is one embrio??? and took me 15000 extra charge for freezing any way and also lootted 6000 for just emergency appointment, they charged although dr nasir didnt come but charge it for nothing ,they just looted people not sitting for healing people, any way process were failed . i went for FET, they put 3 embrios in me, the other 3 were broken i dont know how ??? i asked where is my others 3 so that i would chance to next . but they put just 3 or 2 i dont know what is true ???how many they put in me ?? that was failed .. i m not satisfied for her treatment. she doesnt talk satisfied . i think i was fool . so i come to thier concept and spent all my pannies.
my dearest friends plz dont go to sadia rizvi she is not sitting here for healing people, she just sitting here for looted money bye hook or crook.

i read out all of ur comments i went to acic for icsi and my doctor was javed rizvi but my cycle failed now my fsh is high mean 14 and dr rizvi is refusing to do another icsi cycle due to my high fsh and said there is no medicine to reduce fsh pl is there anybody to tell me about medicine or totka for reducing age is 35.

guys i heard about dr sethna that he is not sitting now at concept fertility crntre due to his ailness like rasha is it true coz i wanna go to him for 2nd opinion.

Dear All,

DR SETNA is leading Concept fertility center as MEDICAL DIRECTOR. I am working there as Senior Embryologist.

Concept fertility center located behind gulf shopping mall and proper address is
F-6/1, Block 8, KDA Scheme 5, Clifton Karachi
Phone# 92-21-35810049-50, 35361846, 35361397
e mail:

TO All if Dr.Setna is not there please never ask any consultancy from Dr.Razia Ahmed- Very Very bad doctor - supposed not to be a doctor. She did lot of complication with my wife

salam everybody m also married n wanna baby but looks nobody perform there duty properly everyone wants only money. my FSH rate is on about 47 could anyone suggest me the right person now I wanna go to homeopathic dr.

Me and my wife were trying to have baby for last two years. I have checked myself and my wife. I have a check with Sadiqa jafery at ziaudin. I have some low sperm count. She suggested me to check my self to urologist. I have done that with Concept Fertility. Doctor gave me so much medicine but nothing happen. Then i stop using all the drugs for last two month. I was reading some forum where someone mentioned that DUA which is " Rabe La tazarni Fardan Wa Anta Khair UL Wareseen" Me and my wife start this dua in ramzan after every Namaz. AllhumdoLilLah My wife got pregnant naturally. Allah finally blessed us. I will say try to pray five times and make this dua. May Allah bless you with this Namat. Ameen

dear apsara me too having high fsh n was on homeopathic medicine but no cure....if u got any info plzz share with me too.

thanx saima for noticing me I've heard about homeo dr Hilal Akhter n wanna go there if u've any information about him plz inform me.

Ladies...Pls DONT ever go to Dr.Mahpuri.He is a total fraud.@Apsara i went to him for high FSH.Took his expensive medicines for 3 months.Instead of improving my FSH,his medicines affected my kidney.Unfortunately there's no cure for high FSH.Go to a good gynaecologist.She'll probably put u on HRT.I'm myself taking HRT for the past 1.5 years now.All the best!

miss sadia can u tell me what isHRT .I VISITED DR sathna once he is loyal because he told us clearly that due to high fsh in dr cant do any tyhing no medicines and no ivf is possible and not only in pakistan other dr of the world cant do anything.sp now i m not wasting money on any one.but i aslo do hazart zikria due from 4 years but i m still hoping from allah .any one can help i will appreciate i m also trying now home remedies but no result yet

Dear Ghazala.HRT stands for Hormone Replacement Therapy.FSH goes high when your body is not producing enough estrogen(a hormone).HRT is basically given to cover estrogen deficiency.Unfortunately,yes,no ivf or icsi is possible with high FSH.I gave up all treatment and adopted a baby boy last year.He's 16 months old now MashaAllah.I would advise that if you feel comfortable with it,go for adoption.Its better than wasting thousands of rupees on these bloody,greedy doctors.

salamz..khuda hum sab ko naik ,sihatmand olad ata farmaye..aameen.meri shadi ko 11 saal hogaye hen..reports bhi normal hen..ab dr.sathina se consult kia he..unhone ivf ka kaha he.lekin hum ye ilaaj afford nahi kar sakte..aap bihne agar meri help karen to
Moula uska ajar dega aap ko.panjtan paak ke sadqe men aap ki khali jholi bhi bhar de..

I feel that most women do not disclose their full history to the doc and are evasive. They go shopping for a prescription of their liking and need to blame some one for their misfortune .
some of the complications described above are a result of the disease not due to the doctor .
If you have anything go and sue the doc OR in the second instance the doc has a right now to SUE you all for public slander without proof .
SO instead of complaining and bad mouthing people on this forum , if they had explained their greviences to the person concerned they may have gotten an answer and probably a solution .

Relaying personal experience without out the other persons perspective is unethical and against NORMAL BEHAVIOUR.

I am surprised at the illogical behaviour and lack of substance , if you have something positive to say then incourage the other person , but sub ne GHEEBAT karna hai

Myself disagree with Sadia saying Doctor is not responsible. Due to shortage of time doctors cannot study the case properly and even cannot remember the history for patient.
In my case - 100% doctors failure Dr.Razia in Australian concept fertility - Stupid doctor who did lot of mistakes with my wife- NEVER NEVER WENT TO SEE Dr.Razia.

Mr Aamir many couples have a background of disapointment - the doctor seems to be the scape goat for their frustration.

Perhaps most of these couples should go out and see - service for money seriously, they would find Doctors in pakistan extremely good.

if you had to wait for 6 hours with a broken ankle in the NHS you would be appreciative of the care in Pakistan.

We often are critical of others - kindly look at the 3 fingers pointing to yourself when you point a finger to others.

I totally agree with Ms Saadiya. I first tried to answer quires and counselling where necessary as an Embryologist I can see the minute details of complications.
Blame game is the easiest catharsis activity.
Good Luck to All.

I donot agree with the beloved of Australian Concept Fertility, people who are complaining are wrong and liar.
Dr,Sethna is offcourse is the best i am not talking him against but Dr.Razia (huhu hu hu) no sense , no professionalism.
Never consult her! this is a brother advice to my sisters/brothers who are looking IVF. Of course Allah bless everyone but if ...... i know you understand what i want to say.

assalam o alaikum all.have read all the complaints and experiences as i was generally searching to find a gud place,as to where should i go to show my husbands reports,i got married one and ahalf year ago,i got my tests dne they were all clear but when it came to my husband we found out he had azospermia...we started sme herbal medication and than got the tests dne after 3 mnths and the report is same ...i want ur help to guide me which place to go....thx i will b veri greatful

Sana , why dont you explore the possibility of your husband being investigated to see why he has this poblem and if the problem is structural then surgery or sperm retreval by biopsy. There is a slightly higher risk of abnormality in the fetus.

I do not endorse any doctor per see

hi every one i just need to know if anyone one has a success story from islamabad clinics as i am coming dwon there for ivf treatment

australian concept is of no use no one should go there they take charges more then 400.000rs (4 lac rs) and their treatment is worst of all this is my personal experience nobody should ever go to australian concept infertility medical cntre

australian concept is of no use no one should go there they take charges more then 400.000rs (4 lac rs) and their treatment is worst of all this is my personal experience nobody should ever go to australian concept infertility medical cntre

Okay I'm seeing this forum after a long time... somebody here asked about Dr. Naseem... if they're talking about Dr. Naseem Ahmed who sits in Ashfaq Medical then I'll advise them to stay away from that guy. He was going to ruin my life as he advised that I should get ovarian wedge resection plus a tubal surgery FOR NO GOOD REASON... as my ovaries were ovulating fine and there was no clear proof that both my tubes are infected neither any guarantee that the tubal surgery would succeed as it is the most delicate surgery to perform.

It was fortunate that I took a second opinion from Dr. Sethna and he advised me completely against having any surgery of any kind. Listening to Dr. Sethna, I dropped the idea of going through any surgery..and luckily and most surprisingly I fell pregnant naturally just a month after it. Thanks to Allah....

Somebody here said that we people are accusing the doctors and using them as scapegoats and all but thats not true - we know what we face.. the behaviour, attitude and overall indifference and carelessness is enough to judge the sincerity of the doctor. Plus I for one am not one of those persons who blame the doctor without knowing anything - the four years of infertility I have gone through I believe that I have studied and researched so much about these issues that I think I am almost half a gynaecologist now - but thats no use in Pakistan, because if you put just One smart question in front of the doctor they take it as downright insult and react in such a way that makes sure you never 'question' the doc again. In fact, this doctor, Dr. Naseem Ahmed told me after one year of treatment that he hadn't took my treatment 'seriously' uptil now because he thought my behaviour was 'fussy' (i.e. I ask a lot of questions) - unbelievable, but true! [I want to kill him for saying such a thing]

As for Dr. Shaheen Zafar of Liaquat National, I've only visited her once, I'll only say that she should go learn how to talk to humans first... and then take seat as a doctor anywhere. The only thing they care about is your money and for that too they don't want to give you any time or take you in confidence or at least treat you humanly. They don't give a damn about you, just pay the money coz they're famous.

those women here who have PCO or PCOS.. do not worry it is a very common disease and it is very treatable, you only just have to be patient because it takes time for your hormones to attain a natural balance... so give it time and stop stressing, apart from taking metformin/glucophage you also need to work on your diet, number one thing to do is to avoid dairy products specially whole milk - that helps a lot with your weight and metabolism. You might have to wait a year or more depending on the severity of your symptoms but then it will definitely pay off, so goodluck :)

and women with high FSH plzzzzzzzz don't fall for any doctor who advises you to have an IVF, IUI or ICSI treatment because none of these treatments will work unless your FSH levels are within normal limits or borderline. Sometimes, high FSH is a temporary condition and it comes down later so it is good to get another blood test after 2 or 3 months or more, and if your levels are decreasing only then you should think about an IVF/ICSI treatment.

And for all the couples who are still unsuccessful after loads of treatments, please try what I tried as it worked like magic.....: Give Sadqa wholeheartedly according to your position and financial status. (I gave sadqa of a goat and got the good news the same month, so now I really believe in the power of Sadqa.. :) so plz try

AND CELL 0509931635




















Prof. Rizvi is a graduate from Dow Medical College Karachi. After postgraduate training in the medical schools of Oxford, Cambridge and St. Mary’s Hospital, London he obtained the Fellowships of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the American College of Surgeons.

He was the first Pakistani to hold a consultant Gynaecologist post in UK. Prof. Rizvi has had a distinguished academic and clinical career for which he has received national and international recognition.

He has 64 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals and has contributed 16 chapters in text books of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. During this time he has received many honors including the Academic Fellowship of the Common Wealth Universities, FIGO Professorship, visiting Professorships in the Universities of Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, East Africa, and UK.

He has the singular honor of being a Teaching Fellow of the Imperial College of Science, Medicine and Technology. Recently he was awarded the Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the President of Pakistan.

Prof. Rizvi has served as the founding Professor and Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Aga Khan University. His clinical expertise lies in Infertility and Assisted Reproduction, Urogynaecology and general Gynaecology.
At present he is the Medical Director of Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre, a Director and a Board member at the South City Hospital. He brings with him a wealth of clinical and administrative experience and continues to provide the services in which he excels. We are happy and proud to have him with us since the inception of Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre in 1998.

7000 IVF babies are born since 1998.




32-A, Block 5, Rojhan Street, Kehkashan, Near Bilawal Chowrangi, Behind BBQ Tonight, Clifton, Karachi.

021-35862353 , 021-35862367 ,
021-35371452 , 021-35371453
(Fax: 021 35876907)


125, Abu Bakr Block, New Garden Town, Opposite Masjid-e-Badar, Lahore.

042-35913588-89 Fax: 042-35913577


House # 15-A, Street # 34, Sector F-7/1, Islamabad.

051-2651503 Fax: 051-2651504


Shop # 97, Ground Floor, Doctor Line, Saddar Bazaar Near Bank Al-Habib Hyderabad

022-2780375 022-2780376


Farooq Medical Center, Doctor Avenue, Ladies Jail Road, Larkana.
0315 8014440


1 / Quaid-e-Azam Road, Multan Cantt, Near Mall Plaza Multan.



asalamo-alekum meri shadi ko 9 saal guzar chuke hen.abhi tak ulad nh hui he.mene pahly buhat sari dr ko dikhaya magar kuch nh huwa.mujhe kisi ne mashwara diya ke aap dr rahil sikandar ko dikhae me ab 2 mah se un se ilaj karwa rahi hn.jesa ilaj dr rahil karhi hen us tarah kisi dr ne nh kiya wo buhat hi nek aur aemandar dr hen aga khan karachi me bhi ilaj karwaya mgr kuch nh huwa mera wazan 71 kg tha ab un ki batai hui daiet aur rozana walk karny se mera wazan 66.5 hogaya he.aur agr aap baby tube karwana chahte hen tu dr rashid latif ko dikhaen wo bht ache dr hen austrelin consept wale baqai wale sirf pesso ke pujari hen...........mere liye duwa karna.......allah pak mujhe ulad jesi nimat se nawaze.......jis ko ulad na ho un sab ko achi ulad aata famae aameeeeeeeeeen

Men Ne Shaista Ka Program GEO Per Dekha Jis Men DR SYED SAJJAD Concept Ke Bare Men Progresive And Succesful About IVF,ICSI Of Concept Bata Rahe They Mene Suna Aur Aglay Din DR SYED SAJJAD QURESHI Se Rabta Karne Ke Bad Un Ke Mushure Se Kuch Testen Karwane Ke Bad Australion Concept Hospitol Karachi Me Mulaqat Kee Aur Me Ney Aulade Nareena Ke Liye Kaha Unhon Ney Inshaallah Kah Kar Hame Bhar Le Aur Me Ney Un Ke Chehray Me Chamak,Sachaee Aur Shafeekana Lehja Dekh Kar illage Shuro Kar Dia He Aap Sab Mere Liye Dua Karen Aameen Baqe Men Ney Dr Saadia Rizvi Hun Ya Dr Parveen Kanjji Ho Un Ravaya iKhlaki,Cooperative Dekha

My wife has 5-6 consecutive abortions. Every time she gets pregnancy but the child growth stops at when the heart beat should come (10 weeks). We have seen many doctors but no success. Can you suggest some one we should visit?

mister imran agar aap ko aitraz na ho to mera mashwa he aap dr raheel sikander aga khan hyderabad me thu..aur friday ko hoti he dr raheel aap un ko dikhaen.....aur wo qasimabad hyderabad me un ka apna clinic he......contect no....0222655950.....

Ham Musulman Hen Hamara Allah Per Eeman Hay Quran Sharif Men Irshad Baree Ttaala Hay Ke La Takna Tu Mirrahmatillah To Kabhi Bhe Us Ki Rahmat Ho Sakte Hay Aur Koshish Ko Faraz Qarar Dia Gia Hay

Fatima Raja Men Aap Key Leye Dua Karonga Key Allah Rabul Izzat Aap Ko Aulad e Nareena Se Nawazey Insan Pareshan To Hota Hay Magar Men Aap Ko Wazeefa Bataon Rabana Tazarney Fardaun Wa Anta Khairul Wareseen Ye Har Nimaz Ke Baad 100 Martaba Parha Karen Aur Illage Bhe Chalta Rahay Insha allah Rab Zaror Sunega

can anyone tell me that how is Dr rahat qureshi at akuh, plz agar kisi k good ya bad experience hain unke sath so plz share with me

Mrs Maria Sb Men Aap Ko Dr Rahat Qureshi Ke Bare Men Itna Bata Sakta Hon Ke Mere Kason Ne 6 Mahenay Pahlay Illage Karwaya Tha Magar She Is Unsucces Hay Allah Key Akhtiar Men Mera Aap Mashura Hay Kay Jis Per Aap Ka Dil Mutmain Ho Us Say Illage Karwaen Han Dil Men Wiswisay Dal Kar Naheen Kion Kay Har Aurat Ho Ya Mard Aap Ko Makhtalif Baten Kahanian Bataen Gay Jis Say Aap Pareshan Ho Jaen Gee Aur Koey Bhee Faisala Na Kar Paen Gee Jis Ka Aap Bajaey Faeday Ke Nuqsan Hoga Baqi Meree Dua Hay Allah Aap Key Murrad Porey Karay Aameen summa Aameen

meri shadi ki 10 sal hogye hain pl kisi ko koi best lady doctor ka pata ho karachi me to zaroor batayen thanks

Rightly said about dr Sadia Rizvi she is a horrible doctor and would always suggest woman to go for surgical procedures please avoid visiting her , there are much better doctors to consult regarding infertility issues in karachi. Contact DSr. Fauzia Haq AKUH, Dr. Sadiqa Jaffery at Ziauddin, for LNH I have no idea

salam haleema...............what about dr.khalida khanamAKUH if u 9 some thing about her so plz.........

Hello All,

We have had several visits to Australian concept infertility medical center and are about to start ICSI from there. Their coordinator doctors are telling us to meet Dr. Javed Rizvi and Sadia Rizvi who will do the whole procedure. But after reading all your posts regarding their doctors I am really concerned now and I cannot decide what doctor or what IVF center I should chose? ( i have a poor semen quality with a count of 0.5 mill/ml)

Please help me!

P.S: We have done several tests and ultrasounds and they say that my wife has a cyst in left ovary so Laparoscopy might be required before injections start or during the days of injections? (they have given my wife rubella injection and told us to wait for 2 months before any treatment starts).

hello anonymous and all mera mashwara aap ko ye hy k aap zaroor dr javaid rizvi sy milain bc wo bohat achay and genious dr hn aur paisay k peechay nai bhagty balky jo bat sahi hoti hy wo btaty hn aur us ka hi procedure krty hn agar reports aisy hon k ivf ya icsi wagara na ho sakta ho to mana kr dety hn laikn zabardasti ka ilaj krny ki koshish nai krty mujhy unhon ny refuse kr dia tha bc mera fsh 14 ho gia tha jabk mn ny unsy laproscopy bhi kawai thi kch msly masail thy laikn allah ka shukar k laproscpy bohat achi ki mashaallah sy so go to javaid rizvi.

hello mrs aamir, thank you for your reply.

yes i have gone through many good comments from people about dr. javaid rizvi, but they told me if dr. javaid rizvi will be our doctor then dr. sadia rizvi will be performing technical procedures like egg pick up and embryo transfer etc. I have read some bad stories about dr. sadia rizvi's practice. I am really concerned and not able to decide what should I do.

hy can anybody plzz tell me the best doc for ivf in karachi and if he she had a successfull ivf story soo plzz tell me.. i,ll b waitingg

hi, any body can guide for utrine fibroid surgery in karachi with successful story. which dr. is best to treat it with out any risk of future fertility ?




I went to DR jawaid rizwi and he diagnosed me with PCO and then did my laproscopy and after 3 months ovarian fibroma was again detected and DR rizwi again recommend a surgery but my mamu Dr Irfan aslam who works in Health Plus Dubai as an embroylogist was against it so i switched to DR satna and now i am following his mode of treatment ....

dear all,i went to doctor javaid rizvi in november with my husbands husband did his semen analysis and azospermia was diagnosed,dr javaid rizvi recommended FSH and testesterone tests and ultrasound find out whether we have to go thru ani surgery or not
my husband already said that he isnt in favour of ani kind of that we have got the tests done his ultrasound appears normal alhumdulilah.the other reports also i have mailed to doctor as i am not in pakistan now....i am praying that ALLAH helps us and saves from ani kind of surgery...amen

hello,meri shadi ko 5 saal hony waly hain but koi aulad nai hai,2008 main mera miscariage howa tha with 6 week k baad mera menstrual cycle kharab ho gya jis ki waja sy mera weight bi zyada ho gya hai,bhut sy doctors ko dikhya lakin koi result nai,kisi ny mjy dr.sadia k baary main bataya k un ka clinic faisalabad main hai aur un k haathoo bhut si ladies ka ilaaj howa hai,meri family aur friends main sy bi kuch ladies ka illaj kiya hai unhoo ny.meri sister ka kehna hai k mjy un k pass jana chahiye.agr kisi ko dr.sadia jo faisalabad wali ka pata hi to plz inform me.

plz i m advising all ladies who is infertile and want baby i personaly used this and conceive after 5 years when dr naseem asraf and dr sathna told me ur treatment is not possible in anypart of the world the thing is take half dry coconet and crush it and divide it in three parts first part put in half pawoo open milk and boil till the milk remain half and use this on the third day of periods and same on 4 &5 day when u go to bed use all dry cocount with milk and inshallah u will see the result in first or second periods .alhamdullah i got result in first time and now i m two months pregnent

my fsh was also high and follicles were also nit growing but by using only this i m pragnant plz for once in life use this allah will do every thing fine as a sister i m advising u all because i know the pain of unable having baby plz must use it

@gala i didnt got u ..can u please explain it in detail with full measurements n how many days we have to take thisss...jazakallah

dry coconut not fresh take half not full mutlab full coconut ka adha la loo usa ache tarha chota chota crush karo grander ma phit then 3hison ma divide karo or 3 porian bana lo periods ki 3day pa rat ko khane ka bad adha pawo khule dodh ma aik pore cocunut dal ka itna boil karo ka dodh half rah gae phir sone sa phale pi lo ase he 4 &5 din bhi dodh coconut dal ka boil kar ke pe lo bus insh allah mujha dua dogee

sorry ya dodh aik pawoo didh lana ha ir itne boil karna ha coconut dal ka ka adha pawo yahi taqreeben adha glass milk rah gae

please tell me ka ya coconut ki jo three portions kia hain wo 3rd day sari kha laine hain ya aik aik kar ka 3rd 4th and 5th day ????
secondly coconut katta bina doud ma dalna ha jab boil karain doud ko ?? and can the same full coconut be used and boiled in milk on 4th and 5th day of period ???

ok i got it we have to divide the half crushed coconut in three parts and make three packs of it and put one pack in adha pao milk and boil it till it remains like one half glass milk and drink it on 3rd day
and then on 4th day put the next porrri of crushed cocnut in Milk and boil it and drink it and same on 5th day
i will try it and will update you about the results
thnaaaaaaaaaaaks alot

i am in Multan nowadsy and i am waiting for Dr Naseem Ashraf to come and will show him my results and then lets see what he suggests
Anti Mullerien Hormone test is being done in Islamabad Diagnostic Centre 051 2251212
and is located in F8 Ijtama Markaz Islamabad
This test helps in getting the picture of the ovarian reserve ( means how much eggs are still there ) and then dr canuse the methods of treatment ... ya doc slowly chala ga pills da ka ya ovarian reserve kam ha to direct IVF kara ga

cost of this test is 13050 Rs (thirteen Thousand fifty Rs ) and its only done in this centre in Pakistan
and reslut 10-15 days ma milta ha

Dear Anonomyous do visit Dr satna as well and then take a decision .. IVF sirf aik doc ka kahna sa nahin karain and there is Dr naseem Ashraf in Isb as well .. he is an infertility specialist ... baqi Dr satna ,Jawaid Rizwi and DR sadia sab Gynaecologists hain
Consult an Infertility specialist like Dr naseem
and i have an appointment with him on 30 th April IA in city hospital Multan ... he visits Mul on every month end

dear miss uzma plz use this coconut before going to naseem asraf i know i had one treatment with him in pakistan there is no facility of amh test they r fake my one frd did 2 ivf but unsuccessful naseem asraf is wastege of money . plz first apply this coconut but one pawo milk okkkk

dear Gala thanks for the suggestion ... my follicle size is really small and have irregular periods too but yes i will IA try this tip this month and will update u about it
thanks dear

during taking any medicine for fertility can i take this cocunut tip...

Yes Arooj you may take coconut during yr treatment as well ... natural mode of treatments doesn't harm anything

@Gala AMH test is available in Isb \diagnostic Centre .. i sent my blood sample for AMH

thanks uzma and plz pray for me dear.......

Hello, I did some research and found that main cause of male infertility and low sperm count is low testosterone level. Please let me know if it is true or not?

My testosterone level is 280 and my sperm count is 0.5 million/ml and some times zero.

Please let me know if increasing testosterone level will help increasing sperm count and fertility and how can I increase my testosterone level?

Other symptoms I have, fatigue, feeling sleepy most of times, no energy, getting tired quickly and more similar symptoms.

Go and check the doctors, do some tests and discuss the doctors.
For increasing the sperms, you can take the following
1- Milk with honey
2- Cocunut water
3- Dates
4- Figs
5- Papaya shake( Milk, honey and papaya mixture)
6- Salad , specially onions which are the best source to increase the sperms (take only in Lunch)

Do all these and you find result in 2 weeks.

Take care

@Dear arooj my prayers are with u .. dnt worry at all :) stay smiling and most of all stay positive :) xox

thnx dear......may i 9 where are u frm?

@Urooj dear i live in KHI AND i am visiting doc satna here


Yar yeh coconut use to kr lun gi ... lakin mera treatment june mei start hojae ga .. is it fulfill for me or treatment k doran isey use kro ya nahi .. bht expensive hota hai yeh treatment so help me

plz simran as u r sister use once even during ur treatment dont worry but try cocunut once this dr sathna clearly told me that ur treatment is not possible in the entire world but with this coconut i conceive in the first try i request to all my sisters plz its harmless u all should try once .by using this i dont have any mean i just passed away all that depression and tention so i know what a woman feel when any dr tell her she is infertile .inshallah u will get get news only in a month .i can say only this

is this coconut treatment worth for a me as my fsh is high n eggs r of not good quality n my hubby's sperm count is too loww....m very unlucky person chance of concieving without ivf n my 2 ivf got failed too.

Thank you gazala .. and sana please dont call unlucky to ur self ... hmein ek dusrey ko himmat deni chahiye mera b ek ICSI fail hwa hai ... lakin himmat nahi haroo hmein larna hai apney akeley pan se ... larna hai duniya k un sawalon se jo woh hum se krtey hain .... Or puchna hai Us Uper waley se Akhir aisa kon sa Gunha hogaya hum se jo hum is naymat se mahroom hain ab tak .. himmat rakho sana himmat rakho the way 1st IVF kaha se krwaya tha ...sana

wel uzma donu icsi dr sethna say hi karwai thee........abh tu 3rd time karnay k liay wo sahi reply bhi nahi dairahay..offcourse un k clinic ki reputation ka sawal hai

sana plz 3rd time mat krwana ... i know its difficult to live without baby ... but ab apni jaan ki dushman mat ban jana

my husband has azospermia,i went to australian concept they say that surgery is the only mean to take out sperms and enlarge them artificial way they will insert in female.i beleive in ALLAH,he will give me husband isnt ready to go thru this procedure.are there ani means to grow sperms,when there is no sperm count after two tests same azospermia is diagnosed,

my all prayers are with all of my sisters inshallah we all will conceive me sab k lye dua karti hu....plz ummed mat chorna us k ghar me der he andher nahi......

Salam every one.i chek many messages im agree mostly ppl.they want to concieve my advise the best dr in karachi is dr.khalida khanam she is very good dr.and mashallah she have to much shafa in her hands.i wark with her she is very realy very good with the pts.during my warking time many infertile pt.came to her and she maneged them very nicely.but if any one want to go for IVF treatment should go to riyadh saudiarebia in dr.suliman alhabib hospital is the best hospital in gulf for IVF.the sucess ratio is more my advice in abudabi ppl should go easely in this hospital.they have also one center in Dubai.all the beast Allah will healp amen

thnx dr shaista....4 ur guidence.

ASALAM O ALIKUM ALL pls suggest me good ivf dr i m coming pakistan next month pls any one had good positive result pls let me know thanx

@SANA pls share ur journy @ dr shaista do u know any dr in jeddah ?? and dr khalda khanum did ivf???

Aslam my dears dr.khalida khanum she is giving some medicene for fertility and also doing IUI.but for ivf i dont have any ideia just conform from ivf center.yes in jidah there is many centers for ivf.small and big centers please dont go any small centers bcs there is no good facilitys.but if any one will come in riyadh so you should come in dr.suliman alhabib hospital i have seen here is many pt sucess in ivf there is many facilltes even any one want male baby boy there is good preservation they will transfer only male embryo.good luk for all Allah will give paoon ky nechy jannat to all my sisters.ameen

Salam dear noor yes one dr in jidah his name is dt.sameer abass and hospital name is same you should go to see him and do it IVF from there.the sucess ratio is also good in his hospital he have also ivf hospital in riyadh and jidah.good luck for your sucess pregnancy ameen.

i had bad experince with with dr sameer abbas clinin there is a eygyption dr aimani shultot she did 2 times iui both failed den she did hystersonography and said my tubes is open then again i did iui in other clinics again falied then i went pak and done laproscoy with dr sadia rizvi she said my both tubes is blocked i never conncived may b her report is true she suggest me ivf i did ivf in jeddha fresh one falied frozen end with miiscarge in 4 weeks 4 days :( pls guide me where i go in khi for ivf dr shaista r u gyni? where u live ? how i contact with khalda khanum ?? what i do pls help thanc

Aslam dear noor yes im gyne dear the problam is you did 3times iui you know what iui is 2time is more than enough but you already done each and know egypytion drs is not good they dont have good experance the recard is not good in saudiarabia very rare is good i dont no why you didnt went to dr.sameer.just tell m your age if any one wants ivf the age is more important after 37years the abnormalitys of baby ratio is more so my sugestion if any one are 40 year please dont go for ivf bcs less ratio of sucess and loss of many and the ratio of abnormal babys is incresing.noor just tell m your age.if you want to go pak for ivf its depand on you i dont have idia about this hospital but my 2 cusion they did 2 times ivf from this karachi center its faild both they did 2.3times all should chk dr and also embryologist and there machines if not good the embryo will be not good.i think my advise for have to go riyadh for dr.suliman alhabib there is every thing in new tecknology.ivf is must be depend on how much embryo is strong than your pregnancy will b habib hospital top dr for ivf dr.tawfiq jaffar.dr.bugna.both male but very good in ivf than dr.zenab habib and zenab abutalib both female also good.dont west time dont west money other side this is good for you inshallah Allah will give you sucess for your pegnancy and pleasr before you want to start again ivf do umra for this neat than start tahjood namaz than go for ivf.inshallah kher.

Sorry i didnt reply you for dr.khalida khanum she is in karachi adventist hospital and also akuh and nmc its depand on you where you want to go.whats near your home.just go and discuss your case than see what she will give you advise.she is little bit stronge and tough leady but dont worry with pt she is realy very nice and sensair.i didnt saw like this dr.before like her.she is not doing job for money she is doing job for pts.she is realy very nice with pt.Allah give her long life ameen.

Thanx ur rp i m 24 and husband is 32 riyadh jana mushkil hai jeddah mai koi acha dr bata dy thanx

Aslam .my dear i will chk than i will reply you Inshallah.ok.

Dear all please check this link ....

My mamu Dr Irfan Aslam is working as an embryologist in this hospital (Health Plus Fertility Centre ) and i am going to visit him for my ICSI attempt .... and the success ratio of their centre is 55 % ..... my mamu suggested me to either go to Jawaid Rizvi or Dr Naseem but i have chosen to go to him because the equipment and the technology at his center is latest and secondly he has alhamdulliah solved many cases in our family and friends ....... i will IA go to him soon after eid
Need the prayers of all of you ... and i will IA also try the coconut tip on my next cycle :)

@uzma the link is not open :( and what is coconut tip ? is that ur 2nd attemp? and what is the difference b/w ivf and icsi is this the same procuder thanx

@ thanx dr ayesha

@ sana pls rp my mail app ko kia reason dia icsi falied huny ka app dr sarita kapor ko dekhy she is v nice dr bur dubai mai hai uka clinic

any one did ivf concept fertility center pls rp

salam to everyone......its my request to all of u to pray 4 me .i have tried this coconut tip this month kya pata kis ki dua mujhe lag jae.....plz

@ Somi Noor Please copy the link and paste it in the browser tab (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or internet Explorer ) and it will direct you to the home page of the website

It will be my first attempt .. i got my Anti Mullerian Hormone test done and it tells the exact remaining ovarian reserve .....although my FSH was normal but my AMH test result showed that i should directly go for IVF/ ICSI ......

i got the AMH test done from Islamabad Diagnostic Centre in 13500 Rs ...... This test can be done on any day of the cycle and gives a v clear picture that what mode of treatment should be used
and yes IVF and ICSI are different .. search the difference on Google :) :)

@ Somi Noor Please copy the link and paste it in the browser tab (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or internet Explorer ) and it will direct you to the home page of the website

It will be my first attempt .. i got my Anti Mullerian Hormone test done and it tells the exact remaining ovarian reserve .....although my FSH was normal but my AMH test result showed that i should directly go for IVF/ ICSI ......

i got the AMH test done from Islamabad Diagnostic Centre in 13500 Rs ...... This test can be done on any day of the cycle and gives a v clear picture that what mode of treatment should be used
and yes IVF and ICSI are different .. search the difference on Google :) :)

@somi check this link as well (select,copy and paste the link in yr browser tab )

@Urooj my prayers are with u :) love


Take one coconut divided into two halfes....
1.then take one half of the coconut and crush it ( kaddu kash it )

2.Then divide the half crushed coconut in three parts and make three sachets of it and put one sachet in adha pao milk and boil it till it remains like one half glass of milk

3.drink it on 3rd day of your periods at night before sleeping

4.then on 4th day put the next sachet of crushed coconut in Milk and boil it and drink it before sleeping

5.same on 5th night ..... Then try for Pregnancy

Try it for at-least 3 months and u may even use it while u are on infertility treatment

plz dear miss somi try once this coconut milk really may be allah will give u same joy and beautiful gift u should try ivf but in juma prayers read surat mariam 3 times and keep glass of water and after reading ( chuff karo pani pa) and half u drink and half glass ur husband inshallah every juma .

Hello everyone, we have started our icsi treatment (not ivf) from australian concept infertility medical center (Dr. Javaid Rizvi) on 11th june. I request everyone please pray for me and my wife. they are giving my wife suprefact injections these days. I will keep you updated on our treatment as it goes on.

I request again, please please please please pray for us.

I pray for every childless couple May Allah bless all of you with healthy babies soon !!!!

May ALLAH bless u both

dear anonymous and somi i will definitely pray 4 u dont worry everything will b fine inshallah u will tell a good news to me insahllah very soon.

@ uzma INSHALLAH i wll do this all may ALLAH BLESS all with healthy babies ameen u did before icsi? yeah its ur first ? have u any idea how long after failed ivf to try next attemp thanx

@ Anonymous pls update cox i m also planning to do ivf in khi and i have no idea whose dr best thetre so kindly update ur jounery thanx

@somi it will be my first attempt :) and doc tend to try again after 2-3 months gap

@ uzma kis dr sy kar warhi hai app ivf

somi noor - yes i will definitely keep everyone updated here with my progress. May Allah bless us all with healthy babies soon!


@somi Dear all please check this link ....

My mamu Dr Irfan Aslam is working as an embryologist in this hospital (Health Plus Fertility Centre ) and i am going to visit him for my ICSI attempt .... and the success ratio of their centre is 55 % ..... my mamu suggested me to either go to Jawaid Rizvi or Dr Naseem but i have chosen to go to him because the equipment and the technology at his center is latest and secondly he has alhamdulliah solved many cases in our family and friends ....... i will IA go to him soon after eid
Need the prayers of all of you ... and i will IA also try the coconut tip on my next cycle :)

Hello everyone plz mere liye bhi Dua kijiye ga .. mera ICSI start ho chuka hai ... 2nd time krwa rahi hun ...Dr. Javed Rizvi se .. ap sab ki dua'on ki zarorat hai .. Allah Pak ap sab ko bhi naik aulad de Amen

@simran - May Allah bless you with a healthy baby soon!

Hamara bhi icsi Dr. Javed Rizvi se start ho chuka hai 11th June ko, aap ka kis date ko start hua hai or aap kay injections ki timing kya hai? my wife will be happy to meet you, wo bohot pareshan hain about lots of things.


@simran & anymous ALLAH aplog ko zaror khushi sy nawazy gay hajat parh k jay ga or pls pls jitna sadka dy saky dy or asthagfar ki kasrat kary or leadies tension bilkul nahi ly ga mera 1st tym tens ki waja sy failed hua tha den 2nd time m so realx i got positive result but unfortunatly i had early misscarge ab mai pak mai plan karhi hu for treatment so pls kindly up date mai kia medicine hai kitna lengthy hai dr ksay hai kia response hai unka pls pls do let me know thanx ALLAH PAK mujh sameet sb bay olad ko sehat mand tandursti wali pori pori khushiyu wali waldeen ki sehat o salamat k 7 hamari jholi may daly ameen

@anonymous ap mujhey injection timming bata dein ya add kr lein mujhey

Salam guys,
I currently live in the UK and the waiting list for NHS treatment is very long. Im 35 years old and my husband is 37. I want to share my experience,I had been diagnosed with PCOS 8 years ago and had a laparoscopy to investigate my Fallopian tubes which were AH fine. The consultant at the time had said that my ovaries were very bulky and i had adhesions around my right tube so the best way forward will be IVF as I have only 5% chance of concieving naturally. I had a course of IVF and had fallen pregnant but miscarried very early on. I then by the grace and blessing of Allah Swt fell pregnant naturally and gave birth to a baby boy. I want to say to all of you that please dont lose hope, Doctors are there to assist you but it will only happen when Allah wills it and always remember "Whats for you wont pass you"
My son is now Mashah Allah 3 years old and we have been trying for another baby since we had him but its not happened.
I have read very good reviews about Dr Mahpuri in Pakistan and I would like to ask if anyone could give me more information on him. Plz Plz Plz let me know if you have tried him, and what your experience was. I am especially making a trip to Pakistan in October this year for treatment as I could not afford the price here.
All the best to all of you and please do reply.

@ ghazal i didnt heard about mahpuri i m also going pak after eid and searching a good dr for ivf so if u get any information kindly let me know u can mail me then we talk there and fb too thanx Need the prayers

@ ghazal this is my id u can mail me there

@ Somi, thanks for your ur email id. Ill send you an email and we could support eachother.

@ghazal yeah sure why not i m waiting for ur mail

@ Somi - ive tried sending you an email but have not heard from, could you please check the spelling of the id u gave to me.

@ghazal i dnt got any mail at your side its my correct id

Salsm to on the samr boat im trying to conceive.dr.setna has suggested me ovulation induction,i want to know if anyone had any experience of it?

Address and Ohine number of Dr. Mahpuri

Dr. Hilal Akhtar Mahpuri +92-21-34822088
B-76.Block-15. Gulshan Iqbal,Karachi

hi everyone, we have completed our treatment. Our pregnancy test ( beta hcg ) is on 27th July. Please pray for us that we get a positive result.

May Allah bless all of you with healthy babies !

Salam everyone. I am so happy to tell you that we got a positive pregnancy result yesterday!!!

I pray for all of you that May Allah bless you with healthy babies soon!

Please remember us in your prays.

anonymous tum ne kaha se krwaya treatment nd doc. kon tha

@simran. ham nay australian concept infertility medical center se karwaya hai, dr. javed rizvi se. aap ka treatment kaha tak pohcha.

Slaam to every one.. Shukr hae k bht search k baad mjhe ek esa forum mil gya jha mjh jese couples apni feelings share kr skte hae... Meri problem ye hae k mere husband ko dc ne oligoasthenoteratozoospermia diagnose kia hae.. Hm ne bht med use ki mgr recent report me koe improvment nh...koe mjhe guide kr skta hae k hme ab or knse dc k pas jana chahiye..

Hm ne bqai hospital BIRDS se apna ilaj krwaya tha.. Mere husband ki low motility, low sperm count and abnormal morphology with no acrosome reports me ae thi.. Bht medicines use ki mgr koe farq nh pra...dc ne hame ICSI krwane ka suggest kia hae mgr mjhe smjh nh arha k bqai se treatment krwana thik hoga ya australian se?.. Yha koe hae js ne bqai se apna ilaj krwaya ho

@Mrs khan - my husband's sperm quality is same as your husband. unho ne b baqai se ilaj karwaya tha, dr. atif mazhar se, but koi fayda nae huwa. unho ne agha khan se b karwaya tha but us se b koi fayda nae huwa. male infertility ka ilaaj bohot mushkil se hota hai, taqreeban impossible hai male infertility ko treat karna. mere husband ne 1 saal se ziada ilaaj karwya hai different doctors se. behtar hai k aap icsi karwa lay, or saath saath koi acha Dr dekh kar us se apne husband ka treatment start karwa day,

ham ne icsi karwaya hai australina concept se, Allah ka shukr hai hamara kamyab ho gaya hai. aap b try kar lay , Inshallah Allah aap ki murad zaroor poori karay ga.

Thank u anonymous mje rply krne k se phle bht bht mubarkbad inshaAllah bht jald mama baba bn jae ge aap log:).. Bdai me dr owais se hm ne ilaj kraya tha..unhu ne kha hae k mere hsbnd apna w8 km kr lain to shayd normal pregnancy hojae..his w8 is lea mere hsbnd phle w8 kmm kr k dekhe ge agr nh hua to icsi hi hmara aakhri ilaj hae...aap agr btana chahe to mje apne sare treatment ki cost bta dain take mje b idae hojae k kitni cost aati hae..

yr mera to negative result aaya ...dr.javed rizvi se 2nd time krwaya tha ... tm bht khush naseeb ho ..kiya mei tmhara name jaan sakti hun ...mera name anita hai... Doc. bhi achey thy .. treatment b acha kiya ... bs kismat achi nahi rahi

@Mrs khan - thank you for congratulations!

yes wait ka problem b hota hai, 97 kg is too much. meri dua hai k Allah aap ko jald aulad ki nemat se nawazay.

Yes sure, icsi ki cost australian concept mai 275000 hai, but kuch extra test include kar kay taqreeban 300,000 tak cost ajati hai.

@simran - I am sorry to hear k aap ka negative result aya. meri dua hai k Allah aap ko jald aulad se nawazay. aap ka Beta hcg kis date ko tha.

Himmat se kam lain sb Allah k kam hae wo js ko chahe nwaz daita hae...aap bqaihospital BIRDs b try krega q k mene wha se ilaj kraya hae.. Wha k dc b achey they..mgr hmari prb hi esi hae k us ka wahid hal icsi hi hae..aap sb k results daikh k mje bht dr lg rha hae k pta nh jb me krau gi to kia hoga

Acha..hme bqai walo ne ramzan pkg ki wja se treatment k 75000 or baqi medicines wagera k 50,000 cost btae hae

yaar mera bhi ICSI k illawa koi chance nahi sab jaga se elaj krwaya tha male infertility problem hai betahcg 19 ko hwa tha.... sab ne bht umed lagaee thi ... khair shayad Allah Pak kuch or hi krwana chahta hai hum se .... let c kiya hota hai agae life mein..

Mrs. Khan and Anita - Allah ki rehmat se mayoos na hon aap log, Allah zaroor sunay ga ap logo ki. Bas Allah ko yaad kartay rahain, Allah zaroor sunay ga.

Anita mera naam sehrish hai, mera betahcg 27 ko hua tha.

Dear anita..meri b smjh nh arha k tmhe kia kahu q k me smjh skti hun k s wqt tmhari kia feelings yhi soch kr apne aap ko snbhal lete hae k Allah mia hame hmari maan se ziada chahte hae or wo jo krte hae us me hmari bhtri hoti hae..meri himmat nh horae icsi treatment krwane ki q k agr wo negtv agya to phr me kia karu yhi soch kr ruke hue hae hm...

Aap sb se baat krne se phle lgta tha k esa sirf hmare saath hua hae mgr ab mujhe andaza hua hae k dunya me esa bht se logo k saath hota hae .. Me bht mayoos hogae thi mgr ab mujhe himaat arae hae k inshaAllah hame b shifa hogi.

Thanks sehrish and Mrs. khan bht himmat mili ap dono ki waja se ... Mei ek baat kehna chahti hun ... zahir hai ICSI bht expensive hai hum ne 2 bar krwaya means 2 bar ...bht kharcha .... or dono baar bht bht pain ..... lkn mei mayose nahi hun ... is liye Q k Allah ne shayad mere liye kuch behtr soch kr rakha hai .... is liye mei har haal mei Allah ka shukr krti hun ...ap sab b kijeye ... or haan Mrs. khan Ap Allah ka name le kr zaror treatment start karein ..... Allah Pak hum sab ko ek Aoulad zaror de Ameen U people can add me on

Thik kh rae ho aap..mere husband khte hae k phle w8 km kr k daikhta hun shayd faeda ho jae phr agr nh hua to next ramzan me bqai se treatment krwae ge..asal me hame andaza nh tha k dc ese achank kh denge k aap ka aage ilaj nh ho skta aap test tube baby k leye try kare wrna hm pakistan tour pe nh jate or treatment krwa lete..ab itni jaldi itna bra khrcha afford nh kr skte is leye abi ruk gae hae..mgr meri smjh me ye nh arha k mere husband ki jo medicines chal rae thi unka kia karu? Khane se to koe faeda nh horha or mje dr lgta h k koe side effect na hojae.

Anita mene aap ko mail send ki hae agr mil jae to rply zrur krna me w8 kru gi..thanks

Any one please help me.

I am 36 years and Its been 7 yeears i ve been married. my husband is46. he doesnt smoke and do regular exercse wd no diabeties.

we do not have children and doctors diagnosis a problem of low sperm count and low motality. i have no problem od syst or any peroids problem.

My husband has developed and erictile dysfunction often during the intercourse. he had the same problems some times at the early age of our marriage.

My husband has another wife and has 3 kids from her , she is at the age of 47 and they ggot married at the age of 18 and 19.

my husband claims that he does not have any erictle dysfunction problem with his first wife. and she was also got pregnant from him at the age of 45. which resulted in abortion.

My husband continously blame me for the infertility and ED. I am very supressed and in stress. can any body help me telling .

if it is possible a man has no ED problem with a women age of 47 and has a problem with me??

how would i cope up with this problem as i feel degected and curse my self.

anybody knows? abt any treatement or Doctor for Retrograde Ejaculation in karachi, (Male infertility problem " sperms go back into bladder instead come out through penis"), pls reply in the same forum.thanks

Salam dear pinky i want to reply you about your hurt story realy its very said story many casess i saw in pak mostly man blaming to female realy its not good.if your husband have this problam that means its may be psychological problam when you with him for planing to pregnancy that time he was confused and that mean time its heappning with him (ejection problam)erectile dysfunction.or second thing may be he is using any medicene there is a side effects for it.if he is confused during that time he will not bleam you.if he have very serious problam or this than he should go to nephrologist.but man dont have infertility problam with age womens have a problams with the age factor.and stress is the big factor for are going with streassful life so you have to relax council your husband he will healp you.without your husband suport pregnancy not possible my dear.take care just discuss with your husband all this things inshallah all will

Dr shaista aao konse hospital me hoti hae?.. Mlb agr aap k pas checkup k liye aana chahe to aap se kha mulaqat ho skti hae

Aslam dear khan im warking in riyadh saudiarebia not now in pak.but if you want you should go to dr.khalida khanam in karachi adventist hospital or Akuh.she is also treating pt for infertility and many more gynecological problams.thanks ma aslam.

bacha bacha bacha ................................akhir kyn....??... hum mei itni taqat kyun nahi k ek bacha adopt krein ..... paida hi kyun krna chahatey hain .... paal kar dekho .. kisi or ka bacha .. aisa bacha jis k parents nahi .. jis ka kuch pata nahi ... paal kar dekho.... har mard se guzarish hai apni wife pe ilzam mat lagao ... un ka dard dekho ... feel kro... pata hai jab mujhy bacha nahi tha bht taqleef thi...saas ne naandh ne jaisey meri zindagi hi le li ho ..aur husband khamosh rehta ...but jab pata chala kami hsbnd mei hai... hahaha ... life cool ...susraal walon ki tarf se tou galiyan khtm .. matlabi saarey ...larki hain na hsbnd ko nahi chor sktey ..wo hum ko chr sktey hain ..ab koi kuch kehta nahi per bachey k bina life ....akela pan tou hai hi... ek bacha zaroor adopt kro... ek bachey ko achi zindagi de kr dekho...

mein ne aisa kya hai bht acha laga b bht achi ja rahi hai

TO abc

Good joke, anyhow we have adopted a baby - we wait for 4 years - due to mistake of Dr.Razia in Concept fertility , now she is not able to be pregnant- so i decided to adopt a baby.
Now we are happy and all worries gone.
I agree with the above- adoption is one of the possible solutions-

Slaam, thanks dr shaista for your rply...mujhe smjh nh aata k kia karun...sare dc ne mujhe perfect kh diya h mgr mere husband ko oligoasthenoteratozoospermia kha hae..husband ne b bht med khae mgr kuch farq nh pra..icsi treatment bht bra step hae jo hm lene ki himmat nh kr pa rahe q k is me bhi 30%chances hae kamiyab hone k..mujhe aaj kl kuch smjh nh aata k kia karun..




TO abc - your message shows how much you love your husband. aap apne husband se pyar nae karti hai to saath q reh rahi hai. agar susral walay matlabi saarey hai to aap b to matlabi hain k apne matlab k lye apne husband k saath rah rahi hai.

As far as the adoption of child, please read holy quran. gunah karne se behtar hai k aulad k baghair zindagi guzarye. agar ap ne larka adopt kya hai to us k bara honay k baad ap ko us say parda karna paray ga, q k wo ap k lye na mehram ho ga. agar larki adopt ki hai to larki k baray honay par us ko ap k husband se parda karna paray ga q k ap k husband us k lye na mehram hon gay. agar ap log esa nae kartay to bohot sakht gunah gar hon gay. or agar parday ka khayal rakh sakay to be shak ap ne waqaee bohot azeem kam kya hai child adopt kar k.

Please see below verse of holy quran.

"And Allah did not make your adopted children your sons. That is only your words coming out from your tongues. And Allah says the truth and He guides you to the right path. Call them with reference to their (real) fathers. It is more just in the sight of Allah." (Surah 33:V4)

dear anonymous , apney mtlb k liye nahi reh rahi mein ..... isi ghr ki Izazt k liye reh rahi hun ... apne parents ki is baat ko mann kr chal rahi hun k kisi ki musibat ko kam kro barhao mat ... or mere janey se in k ghr mei musibat barhni hai ... mujhy ya meri family ko koi farq nahi perhta lkn jaisa in logo ne kiya waisa mei in k saath kr sakti hun but phir mujh mei aur in mein kiya farq rahey ga .... rahi baat adaption ki baby girl adapt ki hai hum ne ...aur usey sirf mei paalti hun mere husband ya In-laws nahi ...

xyz.... dr. razia ki kya kahani hai

dear abc - ok i understand, har ek k personal problems hotay hain, ye ap ka aur ap k in laws k maamla hai, ap ko behtar pata ho ga. but adoption wali bat ka plz khayal rakhye ga. agar ap apne husband se or pane ghar k baqi na mehram mardo se bachi ka parda karwa sakay to ap ko Allah bohot ajar day ga ek bachi ko chat dene or us ko palne k lye.`

Dear anonymous.
Adoption is not at all haraam in islam. The holy prophet p.b.u.h himself had an adopted son. There are ways to make an adopted child your mehram. I've myself adopted a baby boy. I adopted him when he was just 3 days old and now MashaAllah he is 2.4 years old. My bhabhi(brother's wife) breast-fed him which resulted in him being my "razaaee nephew" and thus my mehram. 1 of my cousins has also adopted in the same way. People please go for adoption. Bacha paida karne se ziyada use paalne ki muhabbat hoti hai!

Slaam to all...dear sadia.. Aap ne apni famly se bacha adopt kia hae ya ksi hspitl se

Dear Mrs. Khan. I have adopted him through edhi.

dear sadia... bacha adopt krney k lye religion b tou matter krna hai na ....agar koi sunni muslim hai tou shi'a muslim ka bacha adopt kaise kr sakta hai ya hindu , muslim ka bacha .... edhi ka kya process hai bacha k liye

Ok..aap ko iska bht ajr mile ga q k hr koe ksi or ka bacha adopt krne ka hosla nh rakh skta..hosakta hae Allah mia khush ho kr aap ko apni sagi olad se bhi nwaz dain.

I also want share my story here. I am living abroad and was struggling with infertility for 4 years. I visited Australian Concept Clinic in December 2011. First of all the procedures they created to meet Dr. Javid Zuberi is very lengthy. First we met a lady doctor then Dr. Sajjad, then some other lady doctor who took history of our case, finally we reached Dr. Javeed Zuberi, and it took one month to meet him.

I must say that it was a bad experience and these guys are very greedy. They were trying to convince me for test tube baby. And suggest that I should take appointment for my wife for doing laparoscopy for which they charge more than PKR 50,000. I told them that they should first start the treatment with medicine and than if it doesn’t work than go for surgery but they were insisting on the test tube baby.

They also told me that as me and my wife are cousin therefore there is less chances of pregnancy and even if she got pregnant there might be complication and chances of miscarriage. In short they are only insisting on test tube baby. The cost of all this treatment is PKR 350,000 (which the lady doctor who is taking the history informs us). They also suggest that my sperm count is less and movement is also low.
Then we came back abroad. We did the pregnancy test and it was positive means the time they were suggesting all these rubbish and wife already conceived by that time. Recently my wife give birth to a baby boy, he is absolutely normal and now one month old.

However, because of the comments that which they gave me that there would be complication in pregnancy, I was very tensed and worried during whole pregnancy of my wife. Thanks to Allah who safe me from these stupid and greedy doctors who have no ethics to talk to people and they think themselves superior than others.

aoa to all mn is waqt adoptation py kuch kohon gi k wo jo sadia ibrahim ny kaha k mn ny baby boy adopt kr k usay apni bhabi sy feed karwaya hy to wo mehram ban gia to aisay mehram nai hosakta bc mehram sirf us sorat mn bany ga ya bany gi k agar larka adopt kraiy to aurat apni kisi sagi behan ya sagi bhanji ya apni mother ya bhanji ki beti ya bhateeji and so on sy feed karwaiy yani aurat sirf apni first blood relation (no cousin no bhabi etc).aur isi tarha larki adopt krn to mian ka mehram banany k liay usay husband ki behan bhanji mother bhateeji ya bhateeji ki beti and so on sy feed karain in short jis ki aulad hr soorat aap ki mehram ho chahay wo aik hi husband sy ho ya kisi soorat doosri ya teesri shadi sy ho us ki aulad aap ky liay mehram ya ap ky husband ky liay mehram hi ho sirf un sy hi feed kawa kr mehram banaya ja sakta hy i hope meri bayrabt tooto phooti baat logon ko samagh aagai ho gi aameen.bohat sy log adoption k time is baat ka khiyal nai rakhty wrna aagay chal kr bohat problems create hojati hn.allah sb ko aulad jaisi naimat ata farmain bs dil sy aur lagatar dua shart hy ameen.

Salam n plz can any body tell me dat how is dr uzma imran if Australian infertility concept centre, I HV pcos n aborted 3 times can sumone Gide me plz way should I do plz my neighbor told me dat I should go to Aimc

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Actually there are a lots of doctors playing with their patients.I am strong against them and I also requested the Govt. of Pakistan several times in written but our Govt. not interested in taking serious action against them. By the way me and my wife also doctor and if any one interested contact us at 0333 3322391.

my endometrium line 0.5 mm can I get pregnant with this. as I research on net that thin endometrium cause miscarriage. please reply me

ASSLAM O ALAIKUM to all, medicsi islamabad is reliable clinic for ivf or icsi i have good experience with them very good and talented team work there. dr nasim ashraf and his team is very honest , i am refer to my all confused bro and sis i have very good experience there.plz u must one visit there and discus ur problem i hope u must agree with me after visit there.

Dr. Uzma Imran a very well known nice and intelligent gynaecologist.Right now doing consultancies at agha khan karimabad and Aziza Husseni hospital near Gulberg Chowrangi Karachi. She did my laproscopy in Jan 2015 at ACIC and ALHAMDULILLAH i conceived and had a baby girl in Dec 2015.So i recommend her.

Can I get ur emails address for contact you... with dr. uzma I just start my treatment I want to know about the which treatment she recommended you after laparoscopy

U can contact me at

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she is a money maker doctor, do not know anything.. a fake doctor with a bad reputation.. she advice everyone to go with IVF test tube treatment..

sir I have zero sperms count sir I need your help plzz help me and give me your mobile number I have a very big problam

Hi guys ,
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Salaam Every one.

Mene yaha par buhut se post parhe hn. Ma 14 saal se be olad tha. 2016 mn Australian concepts Rojhan street ma visit kia. Wahan Dr Salma Batool Naqvi se ICSI treatment karwai and Allah ke karam se mere wife pregnant hn ab. Mere cousin ne bhi Dr Salma Batool Naqvi se IVF karaee and unki wife bhi pregnant hn. Mene aj tak Dr Salma batool jese zabardast doctor nahi dekhee. Wo ek intahai zabardadt doctor ore bahtreen human hn. Ma sab ke lea unhi ko recommend karoonga

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По требованиям прокатной кинокомпании, акция «День Студента» не распространятся на фильм «ДОМ СТРАННЫХ ДЕТЕЙ МИСС ПЕРЕГРИН» до 16.10.2016.
«Полярные приключения», «Большой собачий побег», «Тролли», «Гамба в 3D» и прочие ленты — крупица в том количестве мультфильмов, что есть у нас на сайте.

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The crypto currency world is increasing at excellent alarming chance and genuinely making richest overnight. Theirs is several variety from alt dollars (cryptocurrencies) out of there, each of them has now their special individual position and sole pro and as well cons. It could be every pain living in the buttocks sifting thru all each of our news blog sites and help and advice trying identify the afterwards coin to help you get intricate with, 80% of just about all the funds that may be created fall and eradicate like an actual falling music star in pretty quick time e you to be able to be any kind of little rigorous what somebody throw your own personal money at their.

In this article I'm going to share this is my next lift project that may being Online note acknowledged as XDN, I which include this money for a variety of excellent but simply because it offers you stood all test coming from all time yet now individuals are on the way to play with some big trait of all boys.

So just what XDN's reason and a person it supply for?

DigitalNote is a Decentralized and block group banking. Confident proof-of-work, only the limits anonymous digital to analogue payment application with crypto messages, multi-signatures and standard alike elements. Translated into simple terms it's one specific kick bumm crypto currency.

XDN depends on Cryptonote, one major famous cryptonote currency is just Monero. (Check out their amount of money and you will encounter why it's a wise idea to pick up Digital Tone Today.

Digital Keep in mind XDN has a circulating associated with 2 589 869 056, not one of the minimum or tallest supplies for the crypto's therefore has marvelous room intended for upward advancement.

Digitalnote is literally on its verge off mass adoption, and Individuals as nightmare going get a a lot of stake back in Digital Musical note.

If an individual might be into crypto mining like me then you will be interested to understand the restrict reward needed for XDN may 150 XDN and that block work-time is one in four of bitcoins. If you do not know anything related to mining following forget that, if you are interested in making bankroll then just exactly keep browsing through.

When XDN becomes widely adopted every time they visit Digital Mindful makes micropayments ridiculously easier for everyone, with the help of less slows down lower taxes and smaller politics.

Digital be aware of is greater than crypt currency, jeez the product's pretty abundant a tv banking body that makes you take influence over your man or women finances moreover wealth mostly appreciates in value over the coming months.

The gents behind Hdtv note may very well be smarter than your modest bear, find they never did sell her soul system they founded XDN, companies let is ordinarily grow without chemicals for topic 3 years, meaning high definition tv stood test of precious time based without attention merits, not only for because a lot of individuals speculators moved a pack of real money into the concept.

But at this instant three several years after the nation's inception, like for example I said, they may very well be coming to be able to play together with big boys in their own personal official ICCO or Initial crowd financed coin that supply.

So exactly what does this suggest for produce crypto illiterates out also there?

Well essentially is techniques money and in all probability a associated with it that is definitely why I am diluting $50,000 of the group other money holding and consequently pumping the application into XDN and here's what I predict.

Now keep in mind I also been doing this type of for a and Good it, Really like it because I here's dam great at it, and yet to be truthful with any dam money pumping in the crypto niches these time it's difficult to find it wrong, The big doggs ARE For being MADE Overnight!

PUT Understand it ON RECORD: I Guess XDN Will likely ACHIEVE An expense OF At least $0.21 In the next 8 On the way to 12 Many days!

With a current price to do with $0.005642 Shelling out just $100 would produce a return coming from all $3,500 you're able to do the instructional math yourself relating to higher investment funds.

My recommendation would be get by yourself over in order to for additional information about all their current ICCO.

The near few some days are probably very as well as very financially rewarding.

Dip your new toe in the water, put in what in order to comfortable with and beginning crypto flipping today.

One belonging to the easiest environments to investment digital card is if you want to invest (WISE DECISION) then you'll need to get yourself some bitcoin, minor lack of internet data put clients off, learn on you conduit or amalgamated one in the forums plus ask, crypto enthusiasts are wonderful people all of which will help you receive started.

Stick complete with reputable swapping and you'll be well on your way to a profitable crypto tossing future.
Crypto Pro Limited
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For your last 2 years I have been flipping crypto foreign currencies daily, what is flipping, well its quite simple where you buy one currency make profit that you choice into another coin to make more profit.

You are probably wondering is it profitable, the best solution is Hell Yeah,

For a change I identified that I am going in share my next flip alternatives with as many people of possible to give you each the chance to get taking part. In the last 2 years Since i have managed to pay off all my debt including personalized mortgage, I purchased a three bedroom apartment is Spain for cash and set up eight trust funds for my young children.

The crypto currency earth is growing at an alarming fee and totally making riches overnight. Their own is a wide variety behind alt loose change (cryptocurrencies) out side there, both of them owns their extremely individual region and user pro and thus cons. It could possibly be an important pain when it comes to the bum sifting into all i would say the news internet sites and help and advice trying get the new coin when you need to get focused with, 80% of nearly all the money that have become created lock up and shed like a falling celeb in helpful time u you have to be your little watchful what somebody throw your good money around.

In until this article I'm going you can share my current next other project that may being Personal note also referred to as as XDN, I as if this cash for many of excellent but considering it gives you stood some sort of test because of time on top of that now they can are running to the game with which the big young boys.

So can be XDN's factor and a person it be utilized for?

DigitalNote can be a Decentralized and personal block series banking. Comfortable proof-of-work, genuinely anonymous digital payment machine with crypto messages, multi-signatures and bank account alike savings. Translated into simple terms it's that you simply kick rear end crypto currency.

XDN is in Cryptonote, yet another famous cryptonote currency is certainly Monero. (Check down their value and notice why it's advisable to invest in Digital Usually Today.

Digital Usually XDN will have a circulating associated with 8 589 869 056, not one of the actual or high supplies one of the crypto's in order that it has excellent room for upward transfer.

Digitalnote is on a verge coming from all mass adoption, and Almost certainly as terrible going to look at a substantial stake wearing Digital Record.

If you might be into crypto mining like me then you will be interested realize the restrict reward for XDN is certainly 150 XDN and the actual block days is one fourth of bitcoins. If you don't know anything that's about mining and also forget that, if you find attractive making dollars then merely keep reading.

When XDN becomes vastly adopted lifestyle Digital Musical note makes micropayments ridiculously seems that everyone, when it comes to less slows down lower expenditures and a great deal politics.

Digital note is over the crypt currency, jeez the product's pretty quite a bit a tv banking system that means take benefits of your man or women finances and wealth because it appreciates using value in the coming a very long time.

The guys behind Online note are typical smarter as your common bear, you see they neglected to sell that soul the fact they created XDN, companies let is ordinarily grow naturally for another 3 years, meaning likewise includes stood the test of time based without treatment merits, not merely the because lots of rich speculators pumped a hemroid of loose change into who's.

But from now on three years and years after its inception, for example , I said, they perhaps may be coming in order to play the particular big jungs in or even official ICCO or Incredibly crowd funded coin offer.

So so what on earth does this mean for necessary to crypto illiterates out generally?

Well simply is means money and in all probability a associated with it and that is why I'm diluting $50,000 of the group other cash holding and also pumping the application into XDN and here's what I prognosticate.

Now keep in mind I are usually doing the for 24 months and Enjoy it, Truly like it since I are dam accomplished at it, yet somehow to be honest with a certain amount of dam money pumping into the crypto property markets these periods it's extremely difficult to find it wrong, The big doggs ARE At this time being MADE Over night!

PUT Understand it ON RECORD: I Examine XDN Probably will ACHIEVE A cost OF At least $0.21 Over the following 8 To actually 12 Weeks!

With an existing price concerning $0.005642 Making an investment just $100 would provide a return of $3,500 that can be done the calculation yourself on the higher ventures.

My coaching would possibly be get your venture over towards more information about the current ICCO.

The the next few couple of days are apt to be very along with very paying.

Dip those toe inside of the water, waste what you comfortable offering and get going with crypto tossing today.

One in the easiest different places to have digital keep in mind is if you need to invest (WISE DECISION) you need to got some bitcoin, small lack of strategy put you'll off, start learning on you tube or registered one for this forums and as a result ask, crypto enthusiasts are fantastic people and will help acquire started.

Stick complete with reputable trades and you will be well immediately a effective crypto flipping future.
Crypto Seasoned professional Limited
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Aripiprazole may increase the sedative activities of Metyrosine. Aleve (naproxen) is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Shuddha guggulu is safe when taken in therapeutic dosages and if dosage does not exceed from 6 grams per day. Chloroquine may decrease the excretion rate of Neomycin which could result in a higher serum level. The metabolism of Mirtazapine can be decreased when combined with Isoniazid. Aripiprazole may increase the hypotensive activities of Moxonidine.

Progesterone undergoes renal and biliary elimination. However, the amount of gel needed will vary depending upon the size of the painful or swollen area (maximum daily dosage 8g). It is important that you follow the Oroken prescription and are supervised by a physician. Serum lipids (fasting values) should be checked before treatment, 1 month after the start of treatment, and subsequently at 3 monthly intervals unless more frequent monitoring is clinically indicated. This condition requires immediate medical intervention. The only real difference between the side effects is Zyrtec may cause more drowsiness than Allegra in some patients.

The serum concentration of Clonidine can be increased when it is combined with Darunavir. It is today part of the Unicode standard as Ethiopic, Ethiopic Extended, Ethiopic Supplement and Ethiopic Extended-A. M) at the very most, which is only about one-third of the K i value that Tatsumi et al. Though albendazole is effective in treating many diseases, it is only FDA-approved for treating hydatid disease caused by dog tapeworm larvae and neurocysticercosis caused by pork tapeworm larvae. The good news is, there are a slew of over-the-counter retinol creams that do essentially the same thing as Retin-A, without all the negatives. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, 8(7), 11268–11275.

If you take valproic acid for seizures or manic episodes: This medicine can harm an unborn baby or cause birth defects, and may affect cognitive ability (reasoning, intelligence, problem-solving) later in the child's life. The usual dose of Arthrotec 50 is one tablet taken 2 or 3 times a day. For over 30 years we have been the trusted source for free resources and education to the stroke community. You may get a worse sunburn with Minocin. Labetalol has two asymmetric centers and therefore, exists as a molecular complex of two diastereoisomeric pairs. This negative impact of corticosteroids on growth has been observed at low systemic doses and in the absence of laboratory evidence of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis suppression (i.

The initial dose assigned was either LEV 500 mg twice a day or controlled-release carbamazepine (CBZ-CR) 200 mg twice a day. Prochazka AV, Weaver MJ, Keller RT, Fryer GE, Licari PA, Lofaso D: A randomized trial of nortriptyline for smoking cessation. Again had the same withdrawl symptoms but thought i could cope. The risk or severity of adverse effects can be increased when Prazosin is combined with Amiloride. The metabolism of Roxithromycin can be decreased when combined with Indinavir. Inform patients and caregivers Clozaril is available only through a restricted program called the Clozapine REMS Program designed to ensure the required blood monitoring, in order to reduce the risk of developing severe neutropenia.

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Those who have tried (or are currently taking) Vimax Pills are welcome to leave a review below. Refrigerated items don’t qualify. Some drugs may affect the way amoxicillin works, and amoxicillin may affect other drugs you are taking, causing problems. Do not crush, chew, or break an extended-release tablet or capsule. It also works well for individuals who have a hard time swallowing tablets. Sildenafil may increase the vasodilatory activities of Erythrityl Tetranitrate.

It's been 4 years now and I will probably be on these meds the rest of my life in order to feel "normal" but for me it's worth it. PO in two divided doses for 3 consecutive days each week. Palmer, Jason (June 13, 2011). During this time they can make your symptoms worse. While desogestrel is not bound to SHBG, etonogestrel has relatively high affinity for this plasma protein of 3 to 15% of that of dihydrotestosterone, although this is considerably less than that of the related progestins levonorgestrel and gestodene. The role of mineralocorticoid receptor function in treatment-resistant depression".

If you have not told your doctor about any of the above, tell him/her before you start taking Valette. Data sovereignty is the concept that information which has been converted and stored in binary digital form is subject to the laws of the country in which it is located. I’m 25 & have struggled with adult hormonal acne most of my teens until now. While symptoms are usually temporary, you may need to adjust what, when, and how you eat to keep up your strength during treatment. Twenty patients received placebos and the other 20 patients received 20 mg sublingual sildenafil in a double blind randomized design. In other women, symptoms can be more severe.

Valproic Acid may also work by suppressing repetitive neuronal firing through inhibition of voltage-sensitive sodium channels. But with no ID on the body, tracing the victim's identity proves difficult for Vera and her team. Put yourself in this position. Surely, writer Nick Spencer and his bosses at Marvel Comics anticipated some degree of that kind of dissatisfaction last spring when they went to the good-gone-bad well and made Captain America a supervillain. Arithmetic mean of parameter values are presented except for T max and T lag. Zestril can be taken with or without food but preferably at the same time everyday.

Arthrotec 50 tablets are white, round, biconvex (curves outward on both sides) tablets marked with four 'A's on one side and SEARLE 1411 on the other side. Inhaled corticosteroids may cause a reduction in growth velocity. In a perinatal-postnatal study in rats, growth and development of nursing offspring were impaired and female offspring experienced altered neurological development. Novartis's Jimenez Has Blockbuster Plans For Diovan After Patent Expires". Do not use more than 45g of Diprosone OV Cream or Ointment per week (one and a half tubes). You can take sildenafil with or without food.

Target Launches Multi-Faceted Christmas Partnership With The Salvation Army Archived November 22, 2006, at the Wayback Machine. Some studies using animals have found evidence of toxic effects from taking Seroquel. Correct and consistent use of methods can result in lower failure rates. Warnings and Precautions ( 5. To make the use of a progestin as safe and reliable as possible, you should understand how and when to take it and what effects may be expected. Why has my doctor recommended Clomid?

This drug may build up and cause more side effects in people with severe kidney disease. The metabolism of Taurochenodeoxycholic acid can be increased when combined with Phenytoin. Tryptophan is an amino acid that interacts with those brain chemicals important to sleep and the timing of your biological clock’s sleep-wake cycle. The metabolism of Alprenolol can be decreased when combined with Ketoconazole. Keep CRIXIVAN capsules in the bottle they came in and at room temperature (59°-86°F). You should not use Zithromax if you have ever had jaundice or liver problems caused by taking azithromycin.

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Use this page for comprehensive and easy-to-follow information about lymphoma - both non-Hodgkin's and Hodgkin's lymphoma. generic viagra 100mg buy viagra ukObesity hypoventilation syndrome is under-recognized, misdiagnosed, and under-treated. Learn more about: Corneal Ulcer Keeping Pets in MotionYou are using an outdated browser. Dreams or nightmares themselves can also plant the seeds of depression or fear.

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The abortion pill is what I'm saying didn't abort the baby. order generic viagra cheap viagra pillsWhen to see a doctor You will likely have your blood pressure taken as part of a routine doctor's appointment. Add to FavoritesNestle Purina Petcare Company was hit with a class action lawsuit alleging that its Beneful dog food includes toxic substances which are capable of killing dogs. However, recognizing the syndrome can be important because the patient is much more infectious during this period.

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