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Misuse of Public Fund

On 14th August, 2008, city nazim and governor Sindh had an opening ceremony of wonderful fountain built on round about located at opposite of Jinnah's Tomb. When i was passing on 13th August, it was blocked due to the opening ceremony. Atlast opening ceremony took place. It has cost a million of rupees on this project. Any how i felt proud because it was a very beautiful one. But today i.e. 25th May, 2009 (only 9 months) the same round about with fountain has been completely abolished. What the heck it was. How long it will go on, when public taxes and other statutory levies will be misused. Wouldn't be nice if USA takes over the ruins of our country?.

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Dear Sunny:

I thought my countrymen have gone dead do not care about what is happening within their surrondings. You broke the ice and my hear is throbbing! saying yes, yes, yes there is hope :-)

I absolutely agree with each every point of yours and condemn the misuse of public funds.
I am also worried why the Prime Minister was wearing a 1.7million watch from public funds? Where millions of people are displaced and put into new age concentration camps; do these guys have mind? who do they work for?
Your last sentence was full of disappointment. Don not loose heart. All that is required is the cleanup process by next election :)

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