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CHASE UP: Worst Customer Service Experience

Another organization (CHASE UP) in Pakistan that claims to have a long standing heritage of quality and turns out to be a complete “DUD” as the people they hired from the Manager to the parking attendants have the worst customer service, complaint handling and keep passing the buck. On 30th of August 2010, I had just dropped by the “CHASE UP” Store on “Shaheed-e-Milaat Rd., Karachi” to buy a certain item (Receipt available) and as soon as I got out, I saw the parking attendant ”Mezan” talking to my driver. While I was sitting in the car this attendant tries to pass a wise crack at me and I brushed him off, abruptly. He and the driver then had a conversation is their native language and we started to drive off. On my enquiry, my driver states that he was being harassed by the attendant who would not let him park or stand on the premises. The attendant claiming that we were customers of Naheed Store and not CHASE UP. When in actual cause it seems that the simpleton was just throwing his weight around to make himself feel superior. I asked my driver to turn around and go back to the store and I made a complaint to the Manager “Sajid,” thinking that the matter would be handled in an ethical and professional fashion in accordance to their claim of quality service. My complaint being that my driver was harassed, the attendant tried to indulge in a conversation with me then argued with my driver, these are not the reasons that I chose to shop at “CHASE UP.” Turns out that I got apologizes (without EMPATHY from a dozen non-concerned personal who I felt just wanted me to leave) and in return had the attendant lying to save his hide, one instance he would agree to the statement then suddenly deny it. When cornered, his only excuse is that he is fasting, so his harassment and lying is all well for the fast and his fast being more important that anyone else’s. He still kept arguing with my driver in their native language and the Manager “Sajid” would not step in to intervene. So basically complaining to the so called Manager did not help as the attendant did not even respect his own Manager as he still kept arguing with my Driver. The other employees cooled me and the driver down and apologized, stated the matter would be taken care of, and we were on our way. Later on that day, on a telephonic conversation initiated through me, the Manager “Sajid” states that he had spoken to the attendant but he is not authorized to do anything else and kept stating that his superior will take a final decision TONIGHT “guaranteeing my satisfaction” as a complaint had been filed i.e. PASSING THE BUCK. The fact of “Media Attention” on bad service did not seem to bother the Manager. The following day “Sajid” was not available when a call was made neither did he return the call (number was made available for him), quality service a myth as usual starting from the Manager himself. The Manager least bothered to loose a customer, it shows his dedication and merit for the job. And if the complaint has gone to his superiors, then their attitude has been reflected as well. At the end of the day the Employer and Employees define the organization, including the internal unions that they have formed. Furthermore, if a decision has been made for the betterment of the organization, the management of CHASE UP is surely incompetent in informing the concerned customer. (More or less this incident might have been caught on CHASE UP security surveillance)

So most people’s reaction to this incident “Well, this is Pakistan!”….Agreed! So why does CHASE UP claim to be any different? What quality service did I receive? What closure did I get for filing a complaint? I for one am not going to shop at CHASE UP ever.


“WE RATHER LOOSE CUSTOMER/S THEN TO LOOSE OUT LOW-PAID UNPROFESSIONAL UNTRAINED STAFF, SO AS TO KEEP THE PROFITS HIGH AND COST LOW” (Especially during this recession period when low rates will bring in customers regardless of how bad we treat them.)

This article is not based on a sole agenda to get employees fired for their arrogance but to prevent other customers to fall prey to a similar situation and if this gets the attention of the CHASE UP upper management and somehow guides them to really live up to their claim to quality service, that, would indeed be an added bonus. Changes towards a right direction, regardless of an issue too small or too big, have to start somewhere. One unsatisfied customer is one too many (expecting too much?). Sure maybe other customers received good to excellent service but that doesn't justify my bad experience at CHASE UP.

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totally agree with the complaint. all this place starts with promises and gets back to same pakistani routine go back to old place to buy things

u expect ethics and professionalism? u said this is pakistan...the owner probably dont even care...its all bull****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sad......:( waqt nehi hai

I am not very shocked to know about this. Its good you should certainly protest against this.

I haven’t visited Chase, now I definitely will NOT.

I think you are a brother who wrote this, your protest is valid

but be prepared the staff will deny everything even if proof is there, owner will hide find a lot of excusess, u mentioned religion fasting people dont care, lie and save is the habit here

Leave it to ALLAH brother, inshallah I pray that your protest will bring this people on right path

I'm interested in how the owner is going to handle this complain, try to run from it - the usual trend in Pakistan - or face it with dignity and improve his services holding his staff responsible. Let the customers know they come first.


your complaint is right..the managment should take action..but u should also think that most of aur population is illetrate..they dont how to talk even..the owner in this case would only apologize because he cannot hire a trained parking attendent in pakistan..i went to chase up (shaheed e millat ) yesterday..the prices and customer service was pakistan we should encourage ppl to open these kind of stores as it increases employment which is much needed in our u said customer service is also important..but in pakistan ull have to bare with these small things..

sadly people here will sell their soul to save money .....they need a kick for themselves to understand your point
Jazakallah Kher

you sure took your time to write this. things always seem to be nothing until it happens to us when it becomes a big deal. I agree with you and like the motto you stated for chase up. pakistan is supposed to move forward not become more illiterate. cuz this behavior is tolerated our tourism, economy has all been destroyed. small things add up to become big things. hell with low price, i hope the managment takes action or they are losing another customer. we sure do not want more service like this in pakistan anymore.

wao may allah always bless u '

i haven't shopped at chase for quite a while and i was planning to visit for eid shopping. but it seems like a total mess!

Being a loyal customer of Chase Up, I must say that the shop has mouth watering prices and a really comfortable enviornment to shop in. Secondly I received satisfactory customer service better then any other stores in Karachi. People have to realize that the retail industry in our country is not established yet, no one recognizes it yet. Unlike the textile and manufacturing industries where there are set standards and policies, no such standards apply for the retail industry. Chase is starting new standards in the retail industry and I really appreciate that.
On one occasion at Chase Up during this Ramadan, I shopped and went back home only to realize that the cashier had charged me more then he should. He scanned the Roh Afza twice instead of once. I went back furious and gave it to the cashier. Immediately the customer relations manager "Akhtar" became available and took the matter in his hands. He was extremely professional and apologetic and calmed me down and gave me an explanation that made complete sense to me. He told me that it hasn't been even a month before the store was open, the management is new, the employees are also new and untrained. This doesn't provide any explanation of the cashier over charging me but he told me that the cashier made a mistake and that he should have checked his screen before taking the cash. He told me that it takes time for any big store like this to settle down and establish itself. He went on an on about how they are doing sucha great job by providing low prices and a comfortable enviorment as well. I agreed to that as the place was completely full at that time, there was litreally no place to walk. People were there for a reason and if the service was so bad they wouldn't have been there.
Further more when the owner of the store saw what was going on he really apologized and gave me a complimentary slice of cake from their bakery. The cake was called "Rich Chocolate" and was absolutly delicious. We had a nice conversation about the philosophy of Chase and how their motto is to help the customers in their overall shopping experience. He told me about low prices and low profit margins and how most stores dont have a return and exchage policy, but they provide with a 30 day return and exchange policy. He seemed like an honest person who was there to make a difference.

I went into the store really angry and came out with a smile. Im shocked with what you experienced but I received a really pleasant service.

mr ahmed is absolutely right..not all customers from a shop can go out happily..we can never be fully satisfied..actually theres a problem with our nation and that is we dont have patience and we always complain...soory to say that Mr A.IQBAL is one of them... seems that this guy is actually fighting for his driver...these days when families dont stick up for each other. keeping quite is what got pakistan in the state it is today v need more people to stand up...bring it to the attention, like the guy said just because other went happy doesnt mean his experience is justified. what is the owner doing about it??? this guy did not have a smile when he got thats why he is protesting....thank u for this ..and for speaking out ......

the fact that some comment areactually trying to justify iqbals bad experience instead of learning from it is amazing
have patience does not mean to keep quite it means to take action the right way'
this is a start

Im out, not going to chase anymore

thanx for the info

This could have been handled if the manager had call
i dont feel like going to chase anymore but lets see if they improve

I think Mr. A. Iqbal has a right to complaint and patient people like Mr. Ali should keep away from complaint forums.

I purchased two shalwar qameez from CHASE UP, Shaheed-e-Milat Road, Karachi on 03-09-2010 (Invoice No. 88964). Cloth was substandard, stitching was very poor but packing was good. I was cheated. It is decided not to purchase anything from this store in future.

chase is an unbelievable store i mean its really impressive such low price great customer service being a lady its always been easy for me to get dropped at chase and buy low price grocery get a customer service where they actually carru ure trolley alla cross the road to ure car ona tip of 20 or 30 rs.its just tht this particular person had a bad day and on tht basis he is protestiong and getting useless attention.and ppl are actyually backing out when they havent been to it ,believe me in an airconditiones environment wth such low cost and god customer service you would nt wanna loose the deal!!

Totally disagree because I have worst experience of my life to purchase sub-standard items from this store nothing but to throw my money into gutter. In future I will never purchase anything from this "unbelievable store".

This happens sometimes in big stores like Chase Up Shaheed e Millat Store.We as a customer need patience because in the rush of so many customers its almost impossible to give personalised attention to each and every customer.So what we really need as Pakistanis is the patience.At least give somebody time to improve.Each and every pakistani think that he is no less than the prime minister in this country,sorry to say but this is the general mentality we have inmajority.Faheem Ahmed Butt(Spinneys Dubai).

every one has different opinions......they should share :)..i am not in against of any one but what my point is that..if a person who iz doing grocery of RS20000...frm aghaz,naheed or frm anywhere else...the same quality nd quantity u r getting Frm cHASE we R a Big family nd u people believe or not u will get things there on lower prices not only on grocery but on everything...either u will get these things of low prices at wholesale..nd u also notice thiz the centrally air condition people can freely do shopping there........iv sum is doing grocery of rs 20000 frm anywhere the same things u will get those all grocery ov rs 15000...:)5000 ka ap kahain aur bhi istimal kersakte as in garments,shoes...etc etc.....but sub keh apni apni rozi hoti hai jiti naseeb mai hoti hai uti ati hao.THANK U so Much,,NO heart FEElinGs...Peace..:):):)

i have shopped couple of times from Chase and noticed lesser prices compared to other stores specially the pharmacy which is providing 12%. the only gap I felt was i had purchased some books from the 1st floor and the receipt had to be taken from a special counter, affter getting all the stuff when i reached the final coutner downstairs and gave the receipt to him, he told me that the payment for the books needs to be made upstairs. i suppose there should be a commom counter to pay anything that is bought from the store.

never the less i also need to advice that the parking lot should be increased for all customers and not cause any hardships as faced by most of us and getting harassed by police/attendants. my car was also picked up once although it was parked in the right lot.

Chase up is a little mismanaged but Chase Value Centre is not. Chase Value Centre is situated on Khalid bin Waleed road and is a few minutes away from Chase up but the service there is amazing. Not only the service but their collection is also much better. I purchase all my clothes etc from Chase Value Centre which not only offers a better service and collection but also better prices. My wife loves the purses and jewellery there too. The only thing not good about Chase Value Centre is that they dont carry groceries:(

I agree To suM extent ov nusrat ali post tha the parking issue but now it iz not chase up has arrange vallet people frm now ownwards for those yes that people who r cuming to chase not naheed ....nd yes that counter issue it iz just that everything is not possible in just one click it takes some d days but now they have also improve my opinion the quality,quantity nd lower prices of things at one place iz impossible u r getting everything overthere...i love to do shopping overthere nd today i also went there...:):)..peace

hay chase up shoping mall is nothing bt complete fraud, it have low service, with zero customer satisfaction.................actually they dot know abt the customer value .......... a loyal customer is asset for every organization.......... i was the loyal customer of chase up for 2 years but know i just dot want see ur chase up label......u are bad shoping mall in the city.....i m saying this bcoz i was completely shocked by their bad dealing & service........

I m totaly disagree with all above comments,cose i like chase staff service and management also,they are doing nice job to serve the people herein positive and think positive,you peoples are un-understandable dont know what do you want to get.but chase is a super store,by there services and staff.

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Extremely poor services, disgusting. They don't believe in customer care. I don't recommend others to visit this place.

Chase up don't believe in custormer service. Extremely poor services by Chase Up staff especially the store services head. I too don't recommend this store !!!!!!

Exteremly poor services by Chase Up, especially the Shahed-e-Millat Branch. Appears it runs on charity by advertising agencies. The attitude of staff must be carefully monitored and rectified. Disgusting attitude

sorry to say but mr shazad,mr yousuf nd mr farhan...atleast u people shuld not say this u never knows what can happen next to u if u would use such harsh words for them ..its better to stay calm coz iv u would plan to do sumthing in this field or u r running sumother business the 3 rd person which is cuming to u would also complain..

We do monthly shopping from Chase Up Shaheed e Millat Store and would like to say that its really comfortable enviornment to shop in. We received satisfactory customer service better then any other stores in Karachi. Last purchase was on 6th August PO#018 Invoice #862423
We recommend to shop from Chase Up!

Chae up has been selling HARAM food for small childrens. I have many times told the staff that the COW & GATE products have chicken and beef that is not halal. The chase employee just seems to ignore my request and say its ok. IT IS CLEAR HARAM TO SELL NON HALAL ZABIHA MEET. But employee at chase clifton just turn a deaf ear to it.

Chase up Store is Best Store In My Opinion and One Thing You All Know that in rush hours and begining days of the month service will decline due to heavy load of customers and one thing jo cheez chalti hai tabhi tu public ati hai or rates bhi reasonable hotay hain as compare to other loot mar store or sab se best thing chase up ki yeh hai ke variety bohat hai items ki or yaar kisi ko achi service chahiyeh tu woh Hyper mart chala jahay or expensive shopping kuray hahahaha

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