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Syria attack

I want to question from UNO secretary general what reason United States, France and the United Kingdom on Friday conducted a wave of coordinated airstrikes in Syria in response to a deadly chemical weapon attack Saturday in the town of Douma. True speaking it was used by rebel and west blame chemical weapon used by SYRIA.

President Putin told several times in media that Syria never used Chemical Weapons and Syrian army also denied the use of chemical weapon, why not UNO conduct impartial enquiry to know who prepared, used the chemical weapon in SYRIA?

All 3 plan of USA gone flop and got zero result.

Plan A defeat DAESH ISIS force to leave Syria, More than 4 Lacs rebel were killed, but the question who produce and send this people in foreign soil for doing what?

Plat B fake media claim over chemical attack by Syrian army to down the SYRIAN GOVT but the entire nation of Syria with the President ( they knew where is the truth)

Plan C usa france and uk missile attack gone waste of money, From inside the #Mezzeh military airport, the "Bok" system of Syrian air defense Which destroyed the trump's new & nice and smart missiles.

Did UNO played any important role yet for Syria? Does all destruction lost due to rebel ( DAESH – ISIS ) must be recovered from those countries who first send them, this is UNO duty to perform. So Syria again start its re-construction work.

The attack Syria is most coward act? What USA FRANCE UK want to proof by attacking Syria they won or got heavy losses due to this foolish attack which deserve countless condemn and regret too.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

a s

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