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Education Dept - Karachi ( Sind ) Complaints - Private School HUNGRY to earn more profit
Education Dept - Karachi ( Sind )
View All Education Dept - Karachi ( Sind ) Complaints08 May, 2016 By ashfaq sharif
Private School HUNGRY to earn more profit
I want to drawn the attention towards EDUCATION DEPT of SIND why remain helpless or speechless when they knew those school have practice to 2 months fee, besides all learning material cost charged in advance when receiving 2 months school fees.

I am giving example of paying my SON school fee for 2 months

Fee Payment Date Fee for the month

Apr 13, 2016 Apr to May 2016
Feb 16, 2016 Feb to Mar 2016

Asking parents to pay Feb – Mar 2016 fee in Feb 2016 and Apr – May 2016 fee during APRIL 2016 now worried how to manage JUN – JUL 2016 fees specially those who have LOW income OR salaried CLASS. WHEN I am working in private organization I never received 2 months salaried which is not possible yet than school should claim fee every month before the end of month ( 25th to 30th ) It means every parents have to arrange single month fee every time.

Besides from this year they become MORE HUNGRY and selling school bags with the books and copies in which they are earning a lot from this year they starting selling SCHOOL BAGS AND force parents to buy it.

If the school want to sale own bags than how 3 different class students who are normally coming in private van knew what is his SCHOOL BAG? If the color and size of bags are UNIFORM.

I STRONG dis-courage school for stopping to charge 2 MONTHS school vacation fees which is consider burden specially for the salaried and low income group how to manage. But concern EDUCATION DEPT have NO courage to stop this excess torture parents are going to face every year.

When receiving fee school 2 months in advance than why not giving their staff salaries 2 months same time but I am confident that salaries to their staff and teachers school giving May 2016 salary ( during the maximum of 5th of Jun 2016) it means those additional money received in the head of fee must be keeping in bank accounts to earn more and more profits.

Very regret in KARACHI every school want to earn more profit no matter which is halal OR haram BUT never consider or remain sincere to promote best education to their students only making HEAVY bag it does not mean the school education is higher or they are taking a reasonable fee.

Make a law which should enforce those private school charging 2 months summer vacation fee must EDUCATION DEPT fine minimum 1 Million ( 10 Lacs from every school)

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( ahsan ahmad

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