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Citi Prices Hike.

I have booked Three Honda Citi new shape car in November 2008 for personal use, booking amount was Rs. 10,59,000.00, they have increased price to Rs. 13,19,000.00 in Jan 2009 and said to submit remaining amount inorder to receive delivery of the car. When I inspected the car, the quality of the car is too inferior whereas the price was increased drastically. Also when i asked for the refund they asked to wait for two months. I have paid remaining amount and tried to sell the car but unfortunately the car is selling under pricing and there is no buyer as well in the market whereas Honda is not refunding payments.

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Monopoly. This is ridiculous. Such a big name and no business ethics! This is a heaven on earth for business giants. I am sure they could not defend it if you go to the court. They will surely loose.

I feel your pain and it's genuine. Ideally you should have backed off or have taken firm stance when the dealer asked you to deposit extra amount pretext to price revision. There must be some terms nad condition thing about booking procedure expalinign the course to be taken in case of a price change during bookin and delivery period. These dealers make a money through own and stuff so they would never ever miss out a chance of squeezing more money out of consumers.
Anyway contact some higher up authority other than the dealer. Go for the body who deals with teh dealers on behalf of Honda. Honda's own customer satisfaction deparemtn may be of help to you. You have bought cars and not peanutes they have to behave sensibly to satisfy you!

I feel you pain and it's genuine.

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