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Esteemed Sir,
It is being informed to the authorities about the complaint of the networking problem as I have e.emailed you several times but nobody resolved the problem. Sir, there are six connections in our institution in which two numbers are PSTN that had been installed for four years but the other four DSL numbers have not been activate properly. We complained GM office and Director office but our problem could not be solved. Tragically said that Now, it is time to admission and registrations in college and the connections are not working properly. When we visit related DSL in-charge , he behaved rudely and abused me. We complained before two months but instead of solve the problem they even called me with wrong names and insulted me. Sir, i am a respected person. And all this have done by a single person named Muhammad Usman( DSL Incharge). Kindly solve my ASAP issue. Moreover, our admission are being sent to the concern department and due to networking problem we have been facing a lot of issues.
We look forward to your favorable consideration in this regard. Will be grateful to you and your organization.

check the status.

Following numbers have been installed:

1- 049-4427123 (DSL) Out of service

2-049-4427124 (DSL) out of service

3- 049-4427127 (DSL) out of service

4- 049-4427129 (DSL) in service

5- 049-4427171 (PSTN) out of service

6- 049-4427172 (PSTN) out of service

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