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Block my personel account against credit card dispute

Dated: 13 March, 2010

The Manager
Cards Division
Standard – Chartered Bank Ltd.

Subject: of bank account.Pending dispute regarding card dues and subsequent blockage

Dear Sir

My name is Waseem Qureshi and I have been banking with Standard Chartered since long now and I have been given all the right services which have resulted in this long binding relationship with the bank.
I have a credit card of your bank too since 2004, which I have been using and paying all my dues. My credit card number is 5452-4913-3674-1205 and you can duely check my credit payment of dues.

In November, 2009, some wrong transaction was recorded for my card and I asked your representative to block my card. Your representative was Mr. Abdul Basit (PW ID = 1013252) and he negotiated the amount due to my card to be Rs.11, 791.78 which I agreed to pay. Subsequently I received a letter from Mr. Ali Khan (RCM Card South) dated 29 November, 2009 confirming the same. I paid the money (Rs.11, 792+3000) to Mr. Abdul Basit and he said that I will get the due receipt with the ‘clearance letter’. I confirmed the same from Mr. Ali Khan and he agreed and also reiterated that Mr. Abdul basit is his representative. Till this time I have not received any ‘clearance letter’ nor there any availability of Mr. Abdul basit or Mr. Ali Khan.

Now after all this time, this issue is still pending at your end, since now I received a letter dated 10th March, 2010 citing that I still owe Rs. 27,228/- against my card dues and on non-payment my salary account in Standard- Chartered (Account Number = 01181403101) has been blocked and on 15th March, 2010 the dues will be set off from the money available in the account. For the said matter I have received some phone calls from your call centre as well in which time and again I pleaded that my issue should be resolved, I paid my dues, the card is blocked but still dues are coming up which is quite absurd and incomprehensible.

My request now to you is to please get this sorted and erase the dues which are still showing due to the card which I had and my salary account should not be touched for any such matter at all. I have been a responsible client, now you also please show some responsibility and rid your client of the distress.


Muhammad Waseem Qureshi

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