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Dear Sir

I have just got journey through Daewoo bus service on dated July 09, 2017 Bus No. LES-6587 from Moro to Rawalpindi. Unfortunately, it was my bad experience because of my late arrival at my destiny i have to attend urgent meeting on Islamabad at 08:00am but due to your bad service i arrived late at office i got embarrassment in-front of all my seniors due to this and second thing that eating service is 3rd class only Lays Chips of Rs. 10, and 2 packets of Biscuits of Rs. 10 it is very one of the cheapest product i offered to eat. I really myself become fade-up of all such boring things there is no headphone, everything was out of order. So, It is therefore I suggest you must improve your bus service if we are paying as per your requirements which is highest amount from any bus service then it is our right to get facilitate ourselves as u offered thanks please.

Best Regards

Barkat Ali, Islamabad
Contact No. 0300-0664350

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This time i am travelling in daewoo express from daharki to hyderabad departure time were 00.35 but due to late arrived at 2.55 dated 30.01.2018
It seems really strange to me that when i open the food box only the lays chips inside the box even before daewoo express provides the biscuits, tofees, lays etc.. the thing is dont't i need enough but if daewoo services can't afford then no need of that only one lays chips.

Very bad service.

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