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Defected clothing items

What I hate about their sales is that all the 50% off stuff is defected. They don’t *state* that it is defected. Even though the defected stuff should be at 70%off at the least!! I actually bought a dress at 50% off (even at that rate it seemed quite expensive!) and came home to find it torn at 2 places!! The other had a stain on the back. Since I had no idea that their 50%off meant defected stuff I was totally ripped off by them! Since then I’ve decided never to go to Zubaida’s!!

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I am very sorry to know about it. Zubaidas is one of the most known brand for children wear and stuff.

Thanks for sharing it, I will be very careful in a SALE run by any big brand, as they all could be doing the same.

Well I don't think all the big brands doing this, I have an experience with BabyShop and Sanaullah. They were selling their minor defected goods at more than 70% off and have a separate counter for such stuff so buyers could know what they are paying for.

You are right, Ali. My own personal experience with Modern House (in Saddar and Bahadarabad) is quite different.

But it is very interesting to know such facts that big brands could do such things in a SALE. So I will be careful while buying anything on a SALE as they also can not be changed / returned.

i agree !!!

This is the case with many of these individual stylists.

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