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MANAGER Billing Department,
K-ELECTRIC , Karachi


1. Me and my parents residing in flat # 101 & 102 Muneeb Chandiao Centre Mehmoodabad road near Parsi gate since 2012. Following electricity meter installed:-

a. Account # 0400011685208 Meter # SY35943 at flat # 101
b. Account # 0400011685410 Meter # SY35906 at flat # 102

1. This is to inform you that we have received bill for month of May-2016 of Rs. 20,880/- including arrear of Rs. 19,248/- against Account # 0400011685208 (181 units) and Rs. 18,106/- against Account # 0400011685410 ( 84 units) including arrears of Rs. 17,304/- with following remarks “Your Maximum Demand has crossed the sanctioned load, you are requested to furnish additional security deposit” which is un justified which is un justified as per given below electricity load on meters:

Meter # SY35943 at Flat # 101 Meter # SY35906 at Flat # 102
Sr # Items Name Qty Sr # Items Name Qty
1 Fans 2 1 Fans 3
2 Energy Saver 7 2 Energy Saver 6
3 UPS 1 3 TV 1
4 Exhaust Fan 1 4 Fridge 1
5 Laptop 1

2. I solemnly declared that we are not involved in any illegal activity like theft etc and always prayer to Almighty Allah not gives chance to do in future also if you are not still un-satisfied from given above data would be instruct to your technical staff for physical check for your own satisfaction before due date of payment of bill.

3. Sir, in view of above we are hereby requested to waived of said enhancement of Security Deposit mentioned in our bill.


Mudassir Iqbal
Cell # 03212234887

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