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excessive billing

EXCESSIVE BILLING is the routine pracstise, further to this complain ihave documentary proof including the meter readings saved in the digital camera with dates.
following is the ordeal:

Readings are as follows

54808 06/10/10
56343 04/11/10 (meter reader)
55285 this reading was taken by me (the complint)on same date,the difference is very huge that is 1058 units.

even today that is 22/11/10 the reading is 55570 that is still 778 units behind.

This is mental & physical and finincial torture given to me by the HESCO.

in the light of above facts I have the right to take the legal action involving the court and Anti corruption departement and copies will be sent to the authorities including The President, PM, HESCO Chief and the media if my matter is not solved with in 3 days to componsate and correct the harm in shape of huge electricity bills.

Dr.Gul Muneer

Account/Ref. No 04371110124800u


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sir my Reference # 01 3811200033100 U my meter reding 13482 15/08/11 and my bill excess reding 14759 diffrence in 1277 units. Hakeem Mohammad shakeel shamsi. B 1710 bagh-e-hayat ali shah sukkur.sind

Dear sir
Merit an aaty ki chaki hy jo k 40sal sy chal rahi this WO chaki main NY 4sal phly isi road per thori aagy shift ki jis ki file main NY xen office main jama kraey magar 4sal ho Gay kam nai how'a to main NY fcc main complain ki to mujy sdo NY office main bula kar jabran complain wapas karaey or meter tar kat kar ly gy or mujy dobara file jama krany ko kaha main NY fill dobara jama kraey magar kabi table kharch mangty hn to kbi 3lakh ka new connection ly lo khty hn 2 maheny sy mera karobar band hy

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