Govt false claim against end load shedding? Complaints - No LOAD SHEDDING after Nov 2017?

Govt false claim against end load shedding?

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No LOAD SHEDDING after Nov 2017?

I want to share that PM set dead line to end load shedding in country after Nov 2017? Those load shedding happening in our area during April 2018, it means given miss leading information about the load shedding will ends.

During the month of April 2018 KE ( K electric ) said load shedding on account of shortage of GAS SUPPLY? Conduct load shedding in a single day 3 times in the area of SOLDIER BAZAR KARACHI ( morning 10 to 11 am ) (afternoon 3 to 4 pm ) and ( (evening 6 to 7 pm),More or less during of load shedding other area of Karachi, no area is saved from load shedding in Karachi.

These load how effect our daily life affairs and realized those who have no alternative arrangement such as UPS or GENERATOR how their elderly men/women, children force to stay without electricity, now a days it is not too hot if face MAY – JUN OR JUL more hot month in summer than what problem consumer face KE management never realized yet other eliminate or reduce in load shedding hours.

I pray to God when Pakistan get rid of load shedding in permate way so citizen do not face load loading any more which is the dream of every citizen. Please stop making false claim that after ______ their will be no load shedding? Always face lie/mis leading words and load shedding does not goes any where from Pakistan?

When our leaders follow & copy the example of other countries where there is no load shedding such as Japan, China, Singapore, UAE, Iran ( how they manage to produce surplus electricity never try to learned from them ).

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

a s

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