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Rude and Unprofessional Behavior

Dear Sir

With all due respect, I really want to mention something very serious. I have an account with you since 2.5 years in NARC Islamabad Branch. I don't visit branches frequently because I use ATM. But today I needed a BANKERS CHEQUE/demand draft for a job application and today was the last date. I MISSED IT. I visited the above-mentioned branch(HBL, truck stand branch, GT road) in Peshawar to get the DD but after entering the branch I noticed utility bills, and soiled cash/small denomination cash was being rejected by the operation manager and cashier. I filled the form and attached a cheque to it. The cashier told me that your SS card is not showing so I should ask operation manager for verification. when I asked him repeatedly he refused to help and clearly said THIS IS NOT MY JOB it is the cashier's job to verify I explained the issue he still refused in a very rude manner. I called my friend in another bank and asked him to tell this guy that it's their (bank's) job to upload the SS card not mine if still, this happened you need to send a verification email to the other branch for confirmation. They cannot just reject the customer in a very unprofessional manners. The operation manager shut the cash door with a loud sound of anger. I said please I need this today but they did not listen I waited for the manager but he could not help either by saying HBL's environment is not that good in giving replies to an email so he asked me if I know someone there so that he can talk to maybe he would help (in a very bizarre way). Eventually, I had to leave without getting my work done. I wasted 3 hours there but couldn't get a DD.

Seriously that time one sentence was repeating in my mind ( "JAHA KHUWAB" WAHA HBL) that actually means we can only get our work done in our dreams while being an HBL customer?????

Your Lost Customer

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