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Dear All Karachiites..,

I would like to request you to ask refund from Heaven City Builders which is being constructed at ahsanabad sector 3. This area originally belongs to the owners of Ahsanabad Housing Society Sector 3, Karachi. But the builder has illegally occupied this area and doing illegally construction there. The case is in the court, many people who have invested in this fraud housing scheme can loose their hardened money. So beware guyz. And File the case against this builder so that you can recover your money. Because the real owners of Ahsanabad sector 3 bought this land in 1970s, and they have not sold their plots to any builder. You can check the original file at ahsanabad housing society office at bambino cinema, karachi.


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Heaven city is fake forged and based on ill legal documents every one knows that but all matters is going under the supervision of Sindh government, Land Revenue Sindh and Sindh Police specially Karachi Police.
Police not taking any action against land grabbers and land mafia they excuse that this is civil nature case and in courts some lawyers are also favoring to these land grabbers by using delay tactics and land revenue department sindh also not give the comments or statements in courts intentionally because Mukhtiar kar and Asst Comm rev can not give their reports, comments directly to court this act of sindh govt is encouraging the encroachment and land grabbing.

Land Mafia Issuing fake forged documents with the name of "ALLAH Bukhsh Village Welfare Housing Society" and "Haji ALLAH Bukhsh Village Welfare Housing Society" etc on the land of "AHSANABAD COOPERATIVE HOUSING SOCIETY" most of the plots belongs with private persons and more then 98% are already leased.
All game is fake Police knows every thing, Land revenue not favor to original allottes and Sindh Government not taking any serious action against these land grabbers and even Sindh rangers also not taking any action against land grabbers thousands of complaints are registered with rangers but I think that rangers not deputed in Karachi to help poor peoples they are deputed only for particular task.

Heaven city housing scheme in Karachi was a old residential project by Infinity builders and developers. Project is also approved from KBCA NOC no for this project is mentioned below. This housing scheme is also marketed by "Real Marketing Consultants".

NOC No: KBCA/DCB(D-II)/950/Adv-470/2010

I am not talking about infinity Builders either they are old or new builders and developers I am talking about the land on which they constructing the Heaven city was the land owned by private public and in the premises of Ahsanabad cooperative housing society sector 3 these plots are allotted to allottes in 1972 to 1974 and I hope that Heaven city project was not exist that time and most of the plots are leased and about KBCA NOC every one knows that last 5 to 6 years many departments black sheeps issues fake letters changes the records while I have the report of Mukhtiar Kar Scheme 33 which showing 495 Acre land was purchased by Ahsanabad Cooperative Housing society and it was purchased in 1971 and 1972 from different local land lords and Ahsanabad also have the registered sale deeds and all other records of land and they also have the KDA approved map also if heaven city is geniune why law enforcement agencies arrest to the owner of Heaven city ?
Heaven city is entirely fake and its produced with the involvement of some different land departments of government of Sindh and black sheeps in these departments issue the fake documents or change the record but original record is still there and Ahsanabad and Allottes are filed reference against Heaven city in N.A.B already.

Heaven city project and Allah Baksh Goth are all fraudulent people. They have illegally occupied the leased property all across Ahsanabad Society and have started illegal construction and selling of plots at very cheap rates to trap poor people. Ranger will InshaAllah take action against these land grabber as police is completely useless in securing people property and do justice. Please don't fall in trap of these land grabbers whereas those already trapped must file case against them and claim their refund

Rangers not taking any action against land grabbers, Police supporting to land grabbers not investigating their fake documents, Land Revenue department Sindh also involved in changing the records of lands and not giving their comments in courts because if you make defendent to Mukhtiarkar for the record according to Sindh Land revenue rules Mukhtiarkar is unable to submit the comments in court directly they give their reply through legal branch to court due to this some times legal branch not nominated as defendent they not submit the record to court of if they submit the record it was not actual so Land revenue sindh and Police department sindh are supporting to land grabbers.

First of all when the land grabbers was sold or Schemed these plots and area why should police and law& order agencies or even Ahsanabad Society management was silent. No any body from these authorities could stop them or appeal in Govt. high authorities. Now position is the land grabbers sold these plots to the innocent and poor peoples and slip from these areas and when Ahsanabad society's Management see that the land grabbers was gone away they were weak-up and claim these plots this is totally wrong exercise. In Allah Bux Village about 4000 thousands of homes were build and families were residing at these homes now what is the solution of this problem at these authorities.

Dear Mr. Rasheed Ahmed if you think that Ahsanabad Society was not take any action against this land grabbing you can file case against them no matter but reality is that the plots were wold in Heaven city and Allah Bakhsh goth 4000 houses who responsible for their purchase ? those poor citizens who purchase these plots abt 30 to 35 years before to make home for them after their retirement or that Police, Land revenue sindh, Deputy Commissioner and govt machinery who take money from land grabbers and not take any action and not aware the peoples and if you buy a property wrongly who is responsible for it ? a person who purchased that plot 30 years before just to make a home a shelter for his family after his retirement ? Purchaser is not responsible ? if you buy a stolen or snatched thing without verification then you responsible or the person whos thing was stole was responsible ?? your theory is strange and if your theory accept then it means the legal owners of land go to hell and give their property to you ?? if you want Ahsanabad office address or phone numbers to file case on them I can provide you go and file case on society, Police, sindh govt and deputy commissioner but must have to leave the place where you make ill legal home because you are not legal owner of that land.
Read the Hadith that "IF ANY PERSON ILL LEGALLY TAKE OR POSSESS SOME ONE LAND HE WILL BE UNDER SEVEN EARTH AT ROZ E QAYAMAT" all ill legal possessives are criminals and will be treated as a criminal either they make forged documents or possess forged documents and on their base they possess ill legally some one legal property.

Why ALLAH Bakhsh Village / Heaven City / Allah Bakhsh Goth 4000 residents not file case against land grabbers, police, Deputy Commissioner, Land Revenue Sindh ?? why they not case on them ? becase they are also criminals and they make forged faked and fabricated documents of these properties if they filed case they know they will be in Jails.

Ahsanabad Cooperative housing society is under attack of land grabbers from more then 10 years they are reselling the leased plots of innocent peoples who purchased these plots to make their home or shelter after their retirement the management of Ahsanabad Cooperative society is playing with the allottess by filing a suit in high court which not properly persue by them the land grabbers have the free hand they have support of Local Police specially Police station, Ahsanabad Chowki, Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner revenue, Mukhtiarkar and whole land reveunue department government of Sindh who is deliberately not taking any action against land grabbers as well as they not give the reply even in the courts. Land grabbers make some forged documents of the following offices including Deputy Commissioner East, Deputy Commissioner West, Mukhtiar kar goth abad, Project Director Goth abad, Allah Bakhsh Village Welfare Society which is registered with the name of ALLAH Bukhsh goth welfare society as a cheritable society issuing forged documents of Allotment order, Possession order, site plan etc Police knows every thing very well but they not taking any action against land mafia even they are supporting and helping them and give them legal relax some lawyers so called professional lawyers also involved in this land grabbing because they pay heavy fees to them.

Ahsanabad Cooperative housing society if you need any legal assistance, verification and information about land mafia just send email fakeallahbukshsociety@gmail.com and got the details

I bought a 200Yards plot in 2009 but after 2 months we came to know that land has been grabbed by mafia. We are poor and can not fight with big mafias. We request rangers and COAS Qamar Bajwa to help us. We have got original documents. May Allah ruin all those people who grabbed land. 84huek

All you think that any one will help out you ?? if it happens it will be the miracle of 21st Century all bureau crates are doing their jobs honestly but for their families not for public and not to give them any grievances

Salam People. I am bite confused about heaven city Karachi. Can anyone share any proper resource to verify these things? Because I have visited the site several times and couldn't any find anything fishy. Do you guys recommend to visit Ahsanabad Co-Operative Housing Society office at bambino cinema to verify these things? Or all these things are fake? Kindly share your views as soon as possible. Thanks.!!

Mr. Abdul Sami please cont with Ahsanabad Cooperative housing society you will got the clear picture of the issue if you are the member of Ahsanabad cooperative housing society

Salam bhai 1970 se ahesana bad ki zameen hai aur appp ne yhe plot sale bhi kr diye thay magar ahesana bad k owner ki niyat kharab thi is wja se zameen hathoo se gai abb tali bajao

Zulm ho raha hai . Is zulm main agencies bhi shamil hain

Public can not do any thing when land mafia/Sindh government/police involved in ahsanabad sector-3.

Government offices, Police all supporting to land mafia till today

Since now court is active to demolish all "China cuttings" hope will look in this also

Guys, any update on Ahsanabad co-operative housing society sector 5 as I can see in news all illegal marriage & banquet halls are getting demolished after the court orders so I am wondering when will the court going to signal to destroy illegal ALLAH BUX GOTH as well. If there is any positive news kindly please share.

Brother ALLAH Bux Goth is not present in the map of scheme 33 but Mukhtarkar scheme 33 is involved in land grabbing and encroachment with land grabbers using name of ALLAH Bux goth or allah bux brohi goth

it will take next 20 years for demolishing and director of KDA says that there is no mistake of residentials if they buy from land grabbers or china cutting for them no policy yet decided this demolishing is specifically for lawns, shadi halls and commercial type buildings only

The dilemma is that those holding genuine documents from Ahsanabad Housing society are not allowed by police to protect their plot as constructing of boundary wall is objected by area police whereas on "China cutting" land people are constructing their houses. How can a law abiding citizen should face this scenario?

This is all mix game of Local Police, Land revenue Government of Sindh and Ahsanabad Housing society.

Ahsanabad Housing society is not properly proceeding their suit in High Court, they never be part of any individiual who launch FIR or admit civil suit, they never file damages against any land grabbers when they won the case so what is this ?? its not showing malafied intentions of Ahsanabad Society ?? they are fully involved in land grabbing in Ahsanabad

I myself tried to reach police stations to lodge FIR but same was not entertained further when I tried to raise boundary wall, my labour was picked up by local police for being land under their custody yet land grabbers encroached my plot and have already raised walls and now occupying it. Your information of the matter seems in sufficient

give me your email address please if you still have the plot with you can take action against them if you have the receiving of your applications to Police and in this matter the main important role is of society all take action against the quacks of Ahsanabad Housing Society if they not involved no one can do any thing easily

My E-Mail address: khalidqureshi1952@gmail.com

Police failed to give me acknowledgment of my complaint lodged with them.

We have had 1000sqft plot in ahsanabad sector 5. And we're one of the 1st residents there from 2001. Many attempts have been made in that past few years to have our place taken away but by gods will they have been unsuccessful. What i learnt is that ahsanabad has a law of the jungle And you just stand up and fight for your own. There was a time the land prices sky rocketed And now because of these thugs value and quality has gone down

When one is helpless with the way cases proceeds in the courts, We hardly see any hope except if Allah helps.

The Police and all political parties are involved in grabbing this land from peaceful & honest citizen

Khalid Qureshi you are right not only land revenue department sindh, Police as well as we feel that Honorable courts are also avoiding to take any action against land grabbers till the PPP government is in sindh we can only pray with ALLAH and about society they always request you to attend monthly meetings only but when you practically filed suit or registered FIR society officials will never be party with you and you facing alone even if any land grabber threats you they never take any action or help you against land grabber this action what its mean.

we not surrender we struggle for our land for home not give easily to land mafia and land grabbers put your share as much as you can if you can fight in court go ahead if you can manage press or media do it if you can protest on roads and press club do it if you have power full seat and designation do what you can but not surrender not sale out your property on ten times less from actual price either society or society officials advice you to sell out keep your property with you not sale out if you sale that property will be purchased by same land mafia and their ill legal possession will be convert in to legal

Syed Minhaj you are right you know there are more then 2000 houses build by Ahsanabad members but they all are not interconnect with each other because society dont want this they want you not know each other not a proper plat form who organize and manage the man power i dont know why ?? this is a most doubt full thing and the estate agents in the ahsanabad are also involved in land grabbing but ahsanabad society not take any action against them i can prove it also

My plot no is 723/3/A
Can anyone share some information about it ? Is this also occupied ? many thanks

To kya allah bux village illegal ha but yaha to bari bari rcc building bani hoi hain gas bhi ha electric bhi jab ye sab tameer hua us waqt ye sab kaha the

I purchased 1000 yards plot in Sector-1 about 12 years before to keep as investment and to sell in future when my kids are grown up and need money for their higher studies and marriages.That was my hard earned money, one could safe in his whole life. Recently, I wanted to sell and visited my plot and surprised to see the whole neighborhood. A lot of illegal encroachments are all over, and really shocked to see few walls are being built on my plot, and some one even residing in that.
I request Prime minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan to take action as he has started taking action against illegal grabbers in different parts of the country. I am not the only one suffering. The white collar people like us have no other alternative, where should we go? Please! I need my plot back, so I can sell it. I need money.
Jazakallahu Khairan

I purchased 1000 yards plot in Sector-1 about 12 years before to keep as investment and to sell in future when my kids are grown up and need money for their higher studies and marriages.That was my hard earned money, one could safe in his whole life. Recently, I wanted to sell and visited my plot and surprised to see the whole neighborhood. A lot of illegal encroachments are all over, and really shocked to see few walls are being built on my plot, and some one even residing in that.
I request Prime minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan to take action as he has started taking action against illegal grabbers in different parts of the country. I am not the only one suffering. The white collar people like us have no other alternative, where should we go? Please! I need my plot back, so I can sell it. I need money.
Jazakallahu Khairan


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