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Long illegal shutdown of electricity.

Dear Sir,

As we are all villagers of 4/5-villages are customer of HESCO since long, and paying bills on due dates. out of us some are faulty who are not paying the bills, due to which Line Superintendent Mr. Sultan Ali Zaidi Shah and Lineman Suhrab breakdown the electricity for 03-days of whole 4/5-villages for the reason that some villagers had not paid the bills. I made complaints about this long shutdown but no result could achieved.
(our feeder is 11-KV Noorpur feeder taluka Gambat District Khairpur, grid station Gambat)
This procedure of breakdown of electricity as punishment to whole the customers who are paying the bills is illegal.
we are asking?
why these employes are not cutting the lines of faulty customers?
Why government is appointing such officers who sit at cool store place instead of their field duty?.
and it is also informed that there is no time of load shedding as and when the want to shutdown the electricity as their "Jungle Raaj"
we are requesting the higher authorities, please take strict action against such officers and make convenient flow of electricity and direct their senior officer to comply the complaints of their respective customers.

customers of

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