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KE new method of load shedding

Being a citizen of Karachi I want to drawn attention of higher authorities Through your esteem news paper the particular columns (letters to editor ) so the concern authority will awake from deep sleep and take immediate notice?

I have no idea why KE introduce new method to conduct long hours load shedding in the name of KE MAINTENANCE SHUTDOWN. More regret and disappointment during less than 15 days in the month of Mar 18 KE SEND sms 3 times to conduct such type of load shedding in the area of SOLDIER BAZAR KARACHI.

Some facts are available to opening the eyes of KE higher management ( enclosed excel sheet ) please careful ready and asked question why KE need to conduct load shedding in the name of Maintenance?

Such type of maintenance service can’t perform within 2-3 hours than why need so long hours to creates problem and torture for consumer nothing else. Request to KE in future please avoid to conduct load shedding in the new formula ( MAINTENANCE SHUTDOWN ) as you proudly conduct load shedding normal days since winter i.e Dec 2017 till now Mar 18 totally un schedule.

More interesting to share now a day’s weather is not hot if considered it is the month of summer May Jun or Jul than what will be the condition of consumers? Shame on KE for conducting load shedding totally UN schedule and Maintenance shutdown? Does CEO and higher management are ignore this happening or they are sleeping?

When KE will conduct load shedding 48 hours in a single day? That time Pakistan becomes ASIAN TIGER. What our people say about Hong Kong or Japan where no load shedding conduct they are World leaders? When KE conduct such long hours load shedding force consumer to enjoy holidays which a middle class traders can’t afford this luxury?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully


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