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Un solved traffic problems

I want to draw attention of the IG traffic police, Governor of Sind, about the problem caused by everyday traffic jams in Karachi. The traffic jammed due to traffic police negligence and citizen showing extra hurry and do not obey the traffic rules.

I request why not IG traffic police make a surprise visit to SOLDIER BAZAR Karachi than realized how the traffic system follows, very regret often traffic jammed at SOLDIER BAZAR No.3 Karachi due to traffic police not performing duty honestly, dormant traffic single, majority of people always in hurry and do not follow the traffic rules, wrong or double side parking is the root causes and careless driving by bike riders and rickchaw. Those who break traffic rules ONLY create problems for others. Every one moves with his own will and feel insult to follow traffic rules.

The traffic jammed is not the problem of only SOLDIER BAZAR, Karachi but entire city face this problem but why not concern authority still fail to control the traffic flow and abide every citizen to obey the traffic rules, but the question is why traffic police mis using their authority to do only challan correct or wrong for own benefits or department income, does by making countless challan your traffic police staff working honestly if he skipping from performing duty to control the traffic remain eager how to do challans such type of traffic police are consider as BLACK SHEEP.

I request the higher authorities and the department of traffic police for taking severe steps plus dis-courage the trend by our traffic police to making un-necessary challan instead of control the traffic flow. So that everyone can travel with comfort and the problem of traffic jams can be handled properly.

If all of us follow the traffic rules than save our precious time and petrol otherwise people force to stay in traffic jammed for lengthly hours, which traffic rules followed in Pakistan?

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