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incorrect meter reading

I approach to all concern but not get positive reply that is why send my complain letter to be appear in LETTER TO EDITOR column SO the concern authority will serious to solve my problem from root level soon.

Meter No. B 80074 Consumer No AL888067 A/c No.0508903450227

Ref H-6140-2008-MMA-957 registered with Wafaqi Mobtasib Karachi

Sub un-attended & careless from KESC against complain more than 2/3 excess billing reason speedy/faulty meter but who will notice KESC silence?

Respected Sir / Madam

We are living in a 2 room flat of ZAINABIA TRUST, SOLDIER BAZAR, KARACHI 74400 and our problem begins when replaced old meter by new one, Since we faced problem of excess billing even our complain registered with the WAFAQI MOHTASIB, Karachi No. H-6140-2008-MMA-957 have no progress when time to time we remind them to solve our problem, why they people treat us SECOND CITIZEN OF PAKISTAN.

Our case was 20 months old but remain dead in the file of WAFAQI MOBTASIB any person asked why they delayed the cases for what reason?

Why we punished to face the excess billing more than 2/3 time against the actual consumption more interesting to share we replace all our normal light and bulb with saver in order to safe the electricity charges but our efforts are unsuccessful..

More interested to share I also registered complain with the following authority and expect positive justice and solution of my proof but don’t take un-necessary time please.


PRB-5378-09. On line complain with Governor of Sindh Dated Feb 2, 2009

ONL/0000035/09 with Mohtasib Islamabad Dated Feb 3, 2009

Many time placed complain with KESC but surprise they people have no courage to reply

Approach KCCI for help twice time but no positive result to solve problem, only submit electricity bill photo copies to them

today registered online complain with Chief Minister of Sind and expect positive response.

Please remove our faulty / speedy meter at your earliest and also allow us reasonable rebate the reason we pay the excess ELECTRICITY billing on account of speedy or faulty meter, this credit must reflect in our bills and inform what amount you suggest for giving us credit soon.

Current month bill I can’t able to pay due to heavy amount of Rs.2200 and even request to solved by problem in honest and sincere way than god will bless you all.

Do not forget the issue of unannounced load shedding which on daily basis we used to face at least 3 to 5 times a single day and duration of entire single day is minimum 4 hours.

I am jobless Since Sep – 08 and plus KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION PATIENT, why you people want to give additional tension and torture as punishment for using electricity in honest way?

I failed to understand when we settle our Nov 08 bill in due date than why the arrears shown in Dec 08 bill for Rs.610.07 which is too surprising.

Remember that delay in justice is also IN-JUSTICE and please don’t give additional burden or pressure for common consumers. Where KESC totally careless attitude to solve my problem than what authority I should contact tell me please.

How helpless or powerless business community KCCI organization not yet succeeded to get relief a common consumers than how they fought for the rights of own members.

In last who will remind to KESC that they forgot to response a common consumers? KESC maintain the same attitude (remain silence or ignore) when other consumer complain than who will notice this careless only CONSUMER’S suffer in our country.

Thanking You

( Ashfaq Sharif )

2, zainabia house, soldier bazaar, rodrick road, Karachi 74400

2226942 0333-2131984 new email :

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thats a very sad story, and this problem of incorrect meter reading by kesc has happened with almost everyone.

yeah, definitely agreed.

I definately agree and my sympathies are with you, cause I myself have received incorrect bills and they are making me run from pillar to post. But in the end mere bhai yahan jungle ka rule hay kuch bhe nahe hone wala.

With due respect I want to bring your kind attention toward that for the last three months our electricity Bill is not being charged according to meter reading. We have written so many applications to K.E.S.C (zone landhi # 3) but they didn’t response to our request yet. Our consumption is under the 100 units and we received fixed 150 units bill every month Please send us a bill according to meter reading.
So kindly instruct the concern zone act upon our request.

We shall be thankful of you.

Name……………Abdul Hameed Your Faithfully

Account no………1110705550027 Shahmeer Ahmed


Meter no………....450519

Address………….H-196,area 1-D Landhi#2

The Karachi Electric Supply Company Ltd
Malir Jinnah Avenue SD-I
Plot No: 4&5, NACLASS NO. 153, Jinnah Avenue
Model Colony,

August 24, 2009

A/c No: 0411625520029 & Consumer No: AL 560050
Subject: Correction in the Bill for the Month of Aug. 2009

Dear Sirs,

This is to bring in your kind knowledge that the bill for abovementioned account and consumer number has been issued on the basis of wrong meter reading since the shop which belongs the above consumer number is remain closed with effect from May 2009 and the meter is static on the reading of 9234 whereas the bill of August 2009 showing the reading of 9734 thus 500 unit have been added in the previous reading. I believe that this is an inadvertent mistake of figure 7 instead of 2 by a concerned meter reader which I request you to please rectify and issue me a correct reading bill.

Thanking you and hoping your favorable action as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,

Muhammad Irfan
U-5, Sheet 27, Model Colony

Encl: Copy of Electric Bill for Aug. 2009.

Sir please send my previous 2 months Nov 09 & Dec 2009 duplicate bill copy in my e mail address.
plz urgent required.
Thanks & Regard
Mohd Yaqoob Khan

Sir please send my previous 2 months Nov 09 & Dec 2009 duplicate bill copy in my e mail Account No is 0708563150028.
plz urgent required.
Thanks & Regard
Mohd Yaqoob Khan

yes he is right

yeh complaint yahan likhne se kuch un logo ko faraq nahin padre ga aap nahin dekh rahe ke kitni ziyada complaints yahan par aati hain abhi to bechare garib logo ki complaints ka to humay maloom hi nahin lekin un ki halat bhi kesc walon ne ziyada bill bhej kar khaney ko mohtaj wali bana di hai. is ka hal yeh he ke awam uth khari ho kab tak load shedding aur average billing aur ziyada billing bardasht kare gi awam ko hi action lena chahiye kesc aur un ko chalane wale flop hogaye hain.main yeh is liye likh raha hoon ke main yeh complaints apne aas pass dekhi hai aur humay kesc ki taraf se year se ziyada hogaya ziyada bill mill rahe hain wahan jate hain to koi nahi sunta amal itna slow hai ke next bill aur ziyada ajata hai. in ke paas hamare liye koi bhi facility ya correction nahin hai yeh (na ahel) flop log hain. agar apne aap ko sudhar le to ............

sir mera naam Adnan hy mein Korangi No. 5 py rahta ho mery meter ki reading ghalet record kerky ly gay thy bill ziada agaya jab mein dobara gaya to unho ny kuch nahi kia apni ghalti maany ko tayyar nahi hein shayed kuch pesy waghera ky chaker mein aisa ker rahy hein sir in logo sy pocha jay ky mera kia qasor hy kio meri reading thek nahi ki ja rahi ager meri reading thek na ki gai to mein ye reading aur ammount jo defference hy kisi Media mein ly ja ker in logo ki shikayet karo ga ager in logo ny ghalti ki hy to thek karein ghereebo ko preshan to na karein ye log

Sir mein Adan main Korangi Number 5 py rahta ho mein ny kal bhi mail ki thi sir mein aik Disable person ho sir mein bar bar bil thek kerwany ja raha ho mager sir pehly waha ky Manger ny kaha ye hamari ghalti hy thek ho jay ga agli dafa ky bill mein mager jab dosri dafa bill aya reading to thek ho gai mager in logo ny Amount thek nahi kia wo wesa ka wesa 13,000 something kuch hy mein dobara gaya waha ky manager ny kaha is bill ko bher dein jab tak ye pesy pory hogy ap ka bill sirf 43 Rupee aya kary ga kio ky ye hamari ghalti hy jo bill ki reading transfer kerta hy ghalti us sy hui hy mein ny kaha sir ager bill bher sakta to apky samny itna zaleel to na hota kher jab sy aaj tak chakker laga raha ho mager wo to sab KHUDA bany bethy hein sir pta nahi apni ghalti maany ko tayyar nahi ager wo apni ghalti maan lein gy to Nokri nahi chali jay gi sir mein aik disable person ho sir itna preshan kia hy in logo ny ky dil sy aisi bad duaein nikal rahi hein ky kia btao sir waha ky Manger sy pocha jay ager bill per reading ghalet hy to kio wo keh raha hy ye bill to apko bherna pary ga itni taleem bhi nahi hy waha ky manager ky pass ky reading kia hy aur bill kia bheja hy bus sir aik apny aadmi ki ghalti chupany ky lia apni Nokri bachany ky lia ye log hamein preshan ker rahy hein mein chahta ho in logo ki shikayet KESC ky Head Office mein ki jay sir taky ye log jinho ny gharebo ka jeena haram kia hua hy aisy logo ky khilaf sakt sakt kaarwai ho saky

The Karachi Electric Supply Company Ltd

Nov 01, 2010
A/c No: 1411712100013
Subject: Correction in the Bill Reading for the Month of Nov. 2010

Dear Sirs,

Please correc the billing reading because meter pervious reading 50631 & present 50631 both are same but bill is shawn the 250 Units.

Mr. Gohar Tabish,
Karachi Electric Supply Corporation,
Head Office,

Subject: Removal of official and un- official Kunda

Respected Sir,

It is to inform you that we are residing in block-5, Saadabad society, Gulistan-e-Jauhar Karachi.

We intend to write about some problem arising due to official and un- official Kunda.

1. In our society 25% people have taken official and un- official Kunda with the conspiracy of K.E.S.C official.
2. At the time of taken of kunda, the got assessment of bill with out A.C/split. The KESC fixed their bills on that basses. Now they are using A.C/split and paying fewer bills to KESC.
3. The people who are using un-official kunda they are also using A.C/split. They are not paying single piney to KESC with the setting of official of KESC.
4. The KESC installed 250kv of PMT opposite Jinnah coaching center which is less than required load.

Problem arising due to official and un- official Kunda

1. Fluctuation of voltage.
2. Tripping from PMT.
3. Broken of jumper and wires by heating.
4. The home appliances have been depraved I.e TV, energy savor, eating material and etc.


Action required from KESC

1. To remove the official and un- official Kunda.
2. To issue notices for installation of meters.
3. To install new PMT according to load.

We hope that you will take quick action on our request.

Thanking you,

Residents of Saadabad

During a phase when the govt. is confronting a worst eoncomic crisis, white elephants like KESC, railways and WAPDA are certainly likely to come under axe. To deal with inefficiencies, the overstaffed departments constitute the most vulnerable area. The challenge for the govt. is how to absorb the workforce in other sectors when there is no eoncomic activity and unemployment is sky high. Poor initiative and bad timing I'd say!

One of the big reasons of electricity crises is theft of electricity. This problem faced all over the Pakistan but especially Karachi city is highly faced problem of electricity theft. Main Problems are energy crises reason theft Up to us to tell us that the poor actually wanted or you have to face in this problem.
Electricity became the most basic need in our life if electricity is existing.
Them we can live in a country in peaceful manner. If the government could control the theft of electricity and take action for the corrupt people and there is a lot of theft in the area in which I live. this information giving her several times.
Up with the theft of electricity is not wholly Cohn about 2% in a few people
And frankly is being given to the poor. I hope the planet. I live in up with some explanation.

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