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Retirement dues

Request for payment of my retirement dues
It is verypainful to inform your good self ,I joined pakistan steel mill on 8-8-1983 and retired from service on 07-02-2016 ,following dues up till now
1 -Provident fund.
2- Gratuity
3- Encashment of leaves
On others hand increase in officers salaries (112.5 %) already approved by government of pakistan in annual budget during the last 10 years had also not paid to us up till now ,sir I am widow having three children they dependant uponlives me, l have facing lots of problems to pay utility bills and medical care, I have diabetes and cholesterol patient ,I am getting sick and mentality upset, I have wrote for my right from retirement act and government has not shown any respect and has no positive response, in such circumstances if the me turn to protect or resort to violence it should not be surpriseing
Why not Ishaq dar and Nawaz sharif take off from their present jobs join Steel mill and try to leave without salaries, can they work with out payment?
We are tax payers of Pakistan, and sharif families only misuse ours tax their families enjoying with our money and we real workers of PSM are lives worst life
At the last if they can not handle steel mill ,they have hurted PSM Their own game yet they claim that whole world is looking at them with great hope, sale it and release the salaries and pension every one happy
I hope our big boss realizes our hearts filling because of we are in facing verypainful days
Rukhsana channa A.M
Pakistan steel mill

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Industrial and production ministery - Retirement dues


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