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Change of Unjustified Load Shedding Timing

12th Dec 2017
Customers’ Care Officer
K-Electric, Malir Zone
Subject: Request for change of unjustified load shedding timing.
Respected Sir,
Most respectfully and with humble submission, we the residents of Malir and its adjoining areas would like to state that we are facing great difficulties due to change of current load shedding timing i.e from 11:00 P.M (23:00 hrs) to 01:30 A.M. (2-1/2 hours duration). Prior to this the load shedding timing was from 08:00 P.M to 10:00 (2 hours duration)
You are well aware that population of the Malir consisting upon middle and lower middle class and among those mostly labourers, employees or small shop keepers, who are not in a position to afford U.P.S or Generator.
They usually returned back to their homes after doing job or after closing their shop between 10:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. and facing great difficulties when they face the load shedding problem from their arrival at home till late night. They have to go to bed after 01:30 A and therefore it is quite difficult for them to get up early in the morning for Fajar prayer and later on to continue their further activities, to leave their children to school as well as to proceed on their work.
Similar problem is for house wives and can imagine yourself that if they went to sleep at 2:00 O’clock at night how it is possible for them to rise early in the morning for Fajar prayer and to make ready their kids for school and prepare breakfast etc for school going children as well as office going persons.
It is further added that students especially the school going children are also being badly suffered as this is too difficult for them to sleep in late night and rise in early morning which is against the teaching which they read “Early to bed early to rise : Makes a man healthy, healthy and wise.”
It is therefore humbly requested to your good self to kindly issue an order for change of load shedding timing in the area which should be suitable and feasible to the residents taking into consideration of the difficulties facing by them.
We hope that your gracious honour, will be kind enough to release the residents from the clutches of shuttering difficulties which they are facing due to unjustified load shedding timing.
Thanking you and with best regards.

The residents of Malir and adjoining areas

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strongly agreed and second this injustice from KE. there are many ill people around.. also people have to go to work in morning.. secondary we all know that in theft KE personals are involved too !!

strongly agreed and condemn this inhuman act from KE. there are many ill people around and also people have to go offices in morning, also we all know that KE personals are involved in theft directly or indirectly.

I agree with this complaint

I agree

I agree

I agree ☝️.
It's a injustice of KE
Khuda in par apna azaab nazil kary

بھینس کے آگے بین بجارہے ہیں۔ جب تک کےای ڈائریکٹر کے گھر کی بجلی نہ کاٹی جائے انہیں احساس نہیں ہوگا لوڈشیڈنگ کے عذاب کا۔

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