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increase unnecessary KW

Dear Sir,
I Would like to bring to your kind notice,the problem i am facing from K-electric,they have been pressurizing on me to Increase the sanctioned Load upto 3KW,for which they demand me to pay Rs 6246= as Security Deposit extra,Wheras I am already having 1KW sanctioned Load which is enough for 2 persons I & my Wife,I dont need extra KW.
As far as the Security Deposit is concerned I am giving you the details of my few neighbours which are as follows.
House Nos S.Load Unit Consumption Security Deposited
171 1KW 89 Rs 250=
172 4KW 402 Rs 1000=
173 1KW 755 Rs 55=
175 1KW 223 Rs 65=
Sir, in view of the above details you can understand that my consumption units never crossed upto 120 units from January 2014 uptil to day so why should i pay extra amount to increase 3KW.
Sir, I would request you to please consider my case, so that i can get better justice
Yours Sincerely,
Sheikh Mohammad Imtiaz
House Nos 171
Sector G
Nishtar Road
Manzoor Colony
Phone 0321-2907923

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