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This is sad that consumer seem to have no option when authorities in Pakistan openly missuse their powers and create chaos for the consumers. It seems that they are all bound to bring the country to the same situation that Afganistan & Iraq are in!

KESC sent us Rs. 34,300/= bill whereas the usual bill is under Rs.4,000/=. No staff at KESC is ready to listen to the complaint - from junior to senior level and you'll get an idea about the outcome from the very beginning when their staff come with so much hatred on their faces as if exercising your right is a serious crime & you must be ready to accept their worse behvaiour - well, they've got some level of authority, and whoever has authority in any insitution in Pakistan, is on a liberty to misuse it because legal system doesn't work!!!!

Though, we've provided them proofs of all timely paid previous bills which show clearly the meter reading that flows in order upto the current bill, i.e. Rs. 34,300/= though units used are only 186!!! But they are not ready to listen - all they have to say that consumer must pay the bill no matter what! The maximum they would do is to setup installments, but you have to pay the bill! They don't even want to talk about 186 units on the current bill that cannot be valued at Rs. 34,300/= and there are no previous dues as all previous bills were paid in full.

It is a shame on those that enjoy their lives at the cost of others suffering!

I should warn the authorities that they must fix their system and stop robbing people under the hood of so-called official processes! They've tested our patience already enough.

If they've setup a complaint system, it is their responsibility to make it work. People are tired of complaining, but these authorities seem to believe that they can get away with not doing anything about it on the cost of cosumers suffering! Well, you are not immortal, and the judgement day is a reality.

KESC has this tradition that once they've issued a bill, even if it is incorrect, they force consumer to pay! Please ammend your system!

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Dear Sir
I would like inform that i have face many pain full problem due to all weak cable of Electirc City which is plug at my home electric pole , so kindly send some one for change it asap , i will be higly appricait your probmt action


House no 1378 Bizerta Line Near ayesha bawani masjid main sahara e faisal Karachi.

Thanks Regard

Muhammad Rehan Ali | I T Operation Officer
Atlas Bank Limited |Korangi Principle Office, Karachi – Pakistan |
| Direct: +9221 35203220 Exett: 3217, 3224 | Cell +9221 03-22-24-61-631

Dear Sir,
I am sorry to say that i am not happy with your billing department i am the only bread earner of my house and my mother is a widow and you people from three months have been sending me bills of 15000, then 2000, 2100 i have only a Fridge and a TV and no electriv appliances in my house and you people every month do wrong reading and send wrong bills sir you people send your staff to check the meters and he does all wrong reading and my mum does not keep well that she can go to your electric office and lesson the bill my bill that you always used to send was upto 500 to 900 not more then that the people eho have 2 AC two refrigerator and have taken kundas from the meters they bills are coming to 500 to 1000 why we should suffer everymonth plesae sir i want you to take serious action regarding our building meters who have taken kundas please i want you please lesson my bill my meter number is 1103163050592 please see that you may lesson my bill please sir.

Billing problem with us. We cant pay huge amount of bill...plz my billing acount number 0304363110338. We have only firgd and t.v in home. No a.c .plz chak our meter.

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