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RESPONSE TO NOTICE NO, MBOC/BH/10/46 dated 01.02.2011 UNDER SECTIN NO. 39, 39-A,

Dated: 5th February, 2011
The Manager,
BOC Bahaddurabad R-II,
Consumer Number: LA 874001 A/C # 0801004270129
Subject: RESPONSE TO NOTICE NO, MBOC/BH/10/46 dated 01.02.2011 UNDER SECTIN NO. 39, 39-A, 44 & 26-A OF ELECTRICITY ACT 1910
Dear Sir,
Reference is made to your Notice No. MBOH/BH/10/46 dated 01.02.2011 received on 05.02.2011informing me that the meter previously installed at my premises did not recorded the actual consumption of electricity. I have noted your concern and appreciate that you have given me an opportunity to explain you the reasons for drop/variance in consumption and to produce documentary evidence in support of my contention.

I wish to submit the following facts in support of my contention and to state that I am a law abiding citizen and never tempered or made any attempt to temper the KESC meter at any stage. The facts are that:
1. The meter No. LA 874001 is installed at my residence Plot No. Z-160/161, Yahya Manzil, Flat No.6, 4th Floor, Block-3, D.M.C.H.S, Karachi.
2. I purchased this property/flat on 9th February, 2009 (copy of Sale Deed enclosed).
3. I did not move into the apartment immediately and after carrying out minor repair/renovation works, I moved to the said apartment nearly after five months i.e. July, 2009.
4. This statement can be verified from the history of SSGC Bill (copy enclosed for your reference), installed at the same premises wherein you can on observe almost negligible consumption of gas units.
5. During this period I was staying at my old residence in Muslimabad.
6. My family comprises of five members only having only two adult members in the family and since I am a banker, we strongly believe in electric conservation.
7. All the meters are installed at the ground floor. Since the meter is not installed inside my premises and I have no control over it and therefore I shall not be held responsible for any fault or tempering in this regard.
8. As per your record the old meter was replaced on 31.08.2010
9. It is evident from the KESC billing history that the billed amount before and after the installation of the new meter is same which shows a consistency is the use of electricity (copies of KESC Bills for the month of Dec-2010 and Jan-2011 enclosed).
10. Nobody intimated us regarding the replacement of Meter
11. Please do ignore the fact that there must be a visible change in consumption of electricity during summer and winter seasons.

Keeping in view the above facts, I must state that I have never installed or use any device, contrivance or any artificial means for dishonest abstraction, consumption or use of energy, made any attempt to temper or interfered with the set of ordering of wiring connections of meter or committed any offense under the Act 2010, since I purchased this property.

In the light of above statement and evidences, you are kindly requested to withdraw the Notice with immediate effect and allow me to continue the use of energy as per prevailing rules and regulations.

Thanking you for providing me an opportunity to submit this response on the subject Notice.

With kind regards

(Syed Asghar Ajaz Kazmi)
Consumer No: LA 874001
Meter No: TF62754

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Please refer to our complaint dated 26-01-11 . KESC Inspector visited on 29.01.11 and advised /recommended to change the meter. Your deptt replaced the meter with new on 11.02.11. But unfortunately the new one is also not working .Please note our complaint and recheck the replaced meter and do the needful soonenst.
CONSUMER NO.AL-369694 A/C NO.1007404060013 METER NO.SZ-28965.

E-MAIL tanvirhussain1@

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