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Dear Respective Concerns,
I am here to write against/about your agents and your so called quick response,i am a employee of one of our official mobile's distributors and working at service centre.
A few years ago we got your merchant-machine but couldn't activate it because of some a/c's issues and now i am intrested to get it activate and want to have some instruction about this device but your agent is not giving us that kind of response,it sounds like he doesn't wanna come and resolve our problem and is not willing to activate this machine.And for your kind information i did numbers of emails to my depart. to open an account for this machine that we could facilitate our customers and as you know the bank would also take benefit from us for these future's transactions.
However your agents don't know about it or haven't any knowledge of it.so kindly do me a favour by get it activate and by sending your agent to me.
Thank you.
I never intended to get someone kicked out from their job but wanted to get it fixed 'ASAP'.(These are the names of your agents,one is salman who is looking our area jouhar mor main rashid minhas road and visited us couple of times before and the second one is naeem who has put on call forwarding mode by doing that courtesy).how unprofessional are they guys.ah excellent job.My address is (L.G-11 MAGNA MALL MAIN RASHID MINHAS ROAD KARACHI MAIN JOUHAR MOR BESIDE HONDSA SHOWROOM).Here my office is located.

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