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Metro and Metro must be banned

I wanted to aware all of the customers that Metro is seriously involved in human rights violation. No mother is allowed to bring her child under 10 with her in the store. This is a serious issue and it is totally against human rights. Metro is from Germany and in Germany all Metro stores (Kaufhof, in Germany it is famous as Kaufhof) have no such ban, why it is in Pakistan. I request all consumers to please protest the metro management to change their child-hate attitude other wise one day they have to face heavy fines. I am also writing this to human rights activist organizations as well.

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I am very shocked to know about this. One should certainly protest against this.

I haven't visited Metro but at Makro I didn't have any such experience as there I went both with my 4 months son and 2 years daughter and they didn't complain about it.

hmm thats definitely an abuse, they parents should be allowed to bring in their children, how ever if the child breaks something, the parents should not be allowed to leave unless they pay the price of the destroyed item, (to be fair with the retailer ass well) as i can understand this would be the only reason for them to not allow consumers to bring children

and what should they do when children start making a scene there?

Bilal's comment seems like he is in favor of children ban in Metro... instigating questions...
It's okay for children to create a scene as they will have the same or a little more propensity to create a scene just like adults... just because children are innocent and tend to play in stores does not mean that Metro show outright hatred towards them...
Abroad, all big retail stores allow children and they even have playareas so that moms and dads can shop while the kids are playing and having fun...
We should not accept this insensible behavior and protest aggressively...
Metro, do you have an answer for this question?

Please remember that makro and metro are whole sale centers!

Mr. Naeem Afzal does wholesale area mean ban on children straight away??? Oh Pakistani people please open your eyes, you are being abused!!! Abroad there are lot of whole sale areas I have visited there is no such stupid rules. Well I tell you the children in west are more rude, more naughty and more disobedient than Pakistani children. Why then Pakistani children are being abused? Any answer Mr. Naeem Afzal?
This is straight away an abuse and we must protest against it.

i've seen at many places; they have a play area for children in malls etc. although metro does not have, but its not that kind of business....IKEA the world's largest business of this type practice the same...
earning bucks from abroad does not mean someone is superior from the locals.
if some one is interested to ban metro and makro....invest 4bn$ in Pakistan creat job opportunity and through them out...

No dear I am not against Metro and Makro, my plea is we must not be abused. The rules and regulations they follow in their own countries why they do not practice them in our country. It clearly means the high human values they give to their customers in their countries they do not want to give that much respect to us. This is Zulm and I protest on this. My demand is justice and equality. We are not less important than their own customers. This is my plea do you disagree on this?

Drop your complaint at their complaint box...They surely will take can forward them even the link of this discussion...that might help.

Speaking of 4billion investment.... our crazy rulers have given hundreds of thousands of square feet space to these wholesale/retail centres free of cost. Plus they have allowed duty free import of equipment for them. Encouraging foreign investment is a good idea but at the cost of local businesses is crazy. Instead if the govt had given the same/better facilities to local players like Naheed, Chase or Imtiaz the whole retail scenario would have been different today. Not only the profits would have stayed in the country but these people understand the local market much better than the foreign players, thus stupid rules like ;kids under 10 not allowed' would have been avoided.

you're right here...
but please clear my confusion if habib group is not from pakistan?

Im not sure about the service at Metro since I have not visited them....YET. However, Makro was a bad experience which I need to go over and sort out with the management today. So they are in for some serious HOT WASH from me :) I would like to add that foreign investment from such companies help pay taxes whereas other stores DO NOT - and they find ways and means to manipulate the taxing system. Agreed that superstores like Aghas, Naheeds and Motas among others understand the customer more better but an international chain creates more jobs, adds value, encourages other foreign investment etc. A small example: Today, more trust and reliability exists when buying a perishable product from Metro because its HACCP certified. .But honestly, after seeing the Makro service , Im not sure what to expect from Metro.

I agree. This is surely not a good practice. I suggest besides protest, its advisible to let the market forces decide their fate.So if someone (like me) really dislikes, please dis-continue shopping there...

Yeah i suffered with the same problem. We had two kids with us, my nephew & neice and only nephew got permission to go inside, in the end we had to left both in teh playing area. What is so special there that KIDS ARE NOT ALLOWED?

I agree with Bilal's comments and somewhat with Khalil's
Parents should be held responsible. Being in USA has been an eye opener in more ways than one for me. You visit malls and superstores and you will see in clear writing " parents are responsible in case of children breaking items"
So reaching out a consensus in this regard, I would agree with both Khalil and Bilal. Metro should allow children under 10 and mention this basic policy to the parents before they allow them entry.
Hope this helps:)
Best regards

The problem here is twofold. First, Metro is no a family shopping arcade. It is meant for retailers. Second, there is no age restriction as such, just the height. Children (and adults) must be above a certain height - for their own safety. To avoid unpleasant accidents. Anyone above he prescribed height is allowed in.

I, too, have not been happy when my grandsons were not allowed entry. But when I discovered the reason, I felt the rule was okay.

After all, I do have the choice of shopping elsewhere...


Whoever you are Mr Khalil, if u have eyes and you ever read METRO is WHOLESALE CENTER. that means their target customer is Whole sellers, Hotels, Restaurants, Bulk Quantity Buyers, Traders. They NEVER SAID to MOTHERS to come and shop their. Their target customers can also be seen in their advertisements. so MR HUMAN RIGHTS, let the things grow if some came to Pakistan with investment and opportunities mistakenly. The People like you just play games around and create fas on so called things.

Assad Ullah

So what's all the complaining about Makro? I disagree with Matro's policy of not letting the children in however what's wrong with Makro?

@Assad Ullah

If Metro is a whole seller, then why they are targeting local consumers by marketing in local public access area. One more thing about Metro is that at Karachi they captured a place which is not available few months ago for any buyer or company, amazingly they got it and another amazing thing is that, just after Matro. A bridge work is started infront of it, which is going so fastly... WOW... its all about money... honey

I think they have a children play area as well, that suggests they are targeting families as well.

I think they have a children play area as well, that suggests they are targeting families as well.

@ Topic Starter....

Metro is a Whole Sale Market.. Not For Childrens... its not a picnic point, where you bring your childrens for Fun OR outing.. These Big stores for Bulk purchasers OR Companies Store Keeper OR Purchase Departmnet. My Brother. always think positive..there are lots of other things here in our country, they want attention, Take step againts them..

Khush Rahian

LoL:) I agree with Shahnawaz, even though I hate Makro services, they do have the right reserved for admission - That is within their legal parameters. It applies to every business so there is no point in making a hue and cry about it. There are more important issues we can discuss and find ways / solutions to improving the lives of a consumer. I would suggest target companies that DONT deliver on quality such as: Students Biryani, Chinese Food (outdoor delivery) Little Hearts Grammar School, Malir, Mobilink, Karachi Police, Pak Suzuki, among many many many others....

we need to stand our ground and prove these desi turned gora pakistanis sitting at helm of affairs at metro to please respect the basic rights and let us live like independent and respectful nation

People making an issue out of what?? Children not allowed in Metro???
Looks like this is the most burning issue the world over?? update yourself that Metro is a place meant for retailers.. I repeat RETAILERS ( yani k dukandar) i rephrase myself
It is for wholeselling to the shopkeepers only. Its not a family mall.
But here in Pakistan I also see people going to McDonald's like they are going to speciality restaurant (dressed up like on a recreation trip) whereas McDonald originally, is a fast food chain meant for low paid blue collar workers who cant afford the time to sit in a restaurant.
So, being a Pakistani, yes Metro is a bad boy not letting the kids in and we all should take off from our offices and take to streets against Metro and burn down the chain thus fulfilling our national duty.
See ya at Metro (with kids) :)

May be they are displaying some adult products such as undergraments or any medicines that are not advicable for kids. Did you ask the reason of child ban? If there is no such reason then it is lack of marketing research as the kids, most of the times, make mums and dads buy things that they don't want to. They are the stupids if they keep banning small kids.

I believe its more of a safety issue. they cannot ensure child's safety due to movement of heavy items on high level rack using fork lift. if they are using precautionary measures whay do u want you want to take your kinds on a poperty where property owner is advising to take precautions. I know there is no importance of life in Pakistan but i never knew we do not love our kids. The key thing is that we all want to violate laws even if they are made for our safety.
Pitty thy nation

Hey people common! If you are in Lahore and dont like makro and metro go to Hyperstar. No restrictions. Far better store than Metro and Makro.

You dont like emm dont Use them. Simple.

I have asked this question to the senior management .... n they give a very reasonable reply.... its not the matter of age .. its the matter of HEIGHT ... the driver of the Lifters running around the area, can not see below such height limit ... so, I think, its good for the safety of the kids and as principle .. there is no need to bring kids at such a place.

Hey guys let bury this topic. So much has been has been disagreed and agreed on that everyone knows what right and wrong. Can we just move unto the next topic please.
Thank you all very much. :)

Well, i give you people another topic for discussion. In Lahore, a proper hyper market has launched its operations ... Hyperstar (you can say EX- Carrefour). I believe this concept is much better than makro and metro. You can buy single pieces. There is no limit of buying. You can shop even one candy.
Secondly, makro and metro who are wholesalers but selling all things on retailer price. what the wholesalers they are?

You are absolutely right, once i have been there with my family, and found they have some policy for not entering the kinds under age, it was 3rd month of my baby, i have to stay outside with my daughter.

I was travelled alot to get there, thats why i didn't bother to go back at that but now it is meant to me, never go there again.

yes they block me with my 5 year old kid on thokar branch metro is doing human rights violations

I have followed through the whole discussion and what I understood i sthat there is a sheer lack of ignorance in our society which we display without getting into the depth of the issue.

As some of my friends have tried to tell that METR is a Wholesale center not a mon n pop stor where you go for fun and shop at the sam etime with ur kids enjoy the trolly ride.

There is heavy machinary operative inside the store also the good racks are too high. Our kids are very precious to us if God forbit any accident happens who is to blame for?

Will u still say u were nt warned. Yes it is the height limit which needs to be taken in acoount before entering the store so that the person buying is visible to the operator of the lifter.

Also it is a wholesale center with a Business to Business concept. It is a one stop buying solution for the retailers. All businesses have teir business models and structures.

We can pont fingers when there is a serious flaw in the system. I shop from METRO and take my nine months nephe with me. He stays in the kids play area in METRO store while we shop.

Whats the big issue? just that our kids want to go in and they are nt letting us? It is nt a play place anyways...children should be taught that instead of we take our axes and take down the buildings that wont let our children in cause they want to provide safety for them.

We no doubt have other options like Pace, hyperstar which are safe for sindbad and joy land is for recreation. Stores are for shopping...

Wake up nation..

Kiran I have lived infact have worked in Europe for quite a long time, Shoping in B2B places I have done more than 100 times in Germany where this METRO comes from, believe me there is no restriction of children. And I tell you METRO simply cant do that in Germany they will be sued instantly on the basis of discrimination. Please understand the issue we Pakistanis are being humilated. Well if you do not wan to take you child inside that is our choice, Metro must do arrangements for that, but what if you want to teach your child and want to birng him, Metro puts his redicilous rules, to hell these rules, I am angainst of such demonising rules, this is contempt and we must protest on it. I hope you got my point.

i think pakitani people should go and visit other country,now thay are having malls and shopping center under one roof .thanks to those thay provied us. be positive..

I do agree with kiran as they dont allow kids for their safety. GOD forbid if something happen to some 1 kid then you people will start shouting and blaming to METRO.

@ Khalil, Just FYI they have same policies in all 29 countries and this policy is not only for PK. please check with some of METRO official and confirm the same from them. Its actually a warehouse where fork lifters are moving all the times and operator really cant see the small kids walking on floor. What sort of arrangements do you want from metro as you mentioned above? they already have children play area at every store equipped with Air conditioners & TV.

Only commercial customers are allowed to purchase at METRO Wholesale centres not families/individuals. Please try to understand the concept of METRO and if you still have any question you can simply log in to their website and register your complaints.

Thanks for your understanding.

If Metro does not have the same policy in Germany, why it has in Pakistan. I tell you honestly I have been several times in the big wholsale stores in Germany, these stores were part of Metro network, there I saw no such rule. Why then this rule in Pakistan. I tell you this is a serious discrimination. We must protest it.

I said METRO CASH & CARRY has the same policy in all 29 countries including Germany and If you dont believe then please visit METRO Germany again and you will come to know this.

Real, Media market, Saturn & Kaufhof are sister concerns of METRO Cash & Carry and all other companies are working as retailers whereas METRO CASH & CARRY is registered as wholesalers. I also been there and this is the fact I am telling you. We must appreciate such big groups presence is PK as they are working on very nominal margins and providing goods to customers on good prices as compare to small local groups those take advantage of consumers unawareness and making huge profits.

I can bet this with you on the issue? Do you agree? If agree then please arrange a bond of Rs. 1 Crore. I will take you in DĂĽsseldorf city where Metro is headquartered & show you how dual policies they have adopted. give me your consent. What I guess you are so much influenced from these stores, it reminds me the colonial time. Why you are so impressed from them? did they have made any "Ehsan" on us that they have opened their store in Pakistan. Are they not earning millions of dollars out of our country. Many stores in Germany are facing serious financial problems and are closing down, now they are coming in our countries to make money. Ok no problem they can make money but not on the cost of our Respect. Their this act is totally against human rights, No body has right to simply separate a child from his mother even for one second. How they can dare to discriminate here. We are more social and more family oriented people. Tell your bosses to stop this bullshit and be ready to come before Chief Justice Iftikhar Ch. My institute is in final phase of drafting an application on this issue.

I think you people are going to understand their business concept which is B2B (Business to Buisness) instead of B2C (Business to customer)

And secondly, children were not allowed only for their saftey purpose. As goods are replinshment on real time basis at any time and it can be hurt some (possible) during this operation.

Do you also know what was happend in Germany, when such incident happen at Metro Germany and how much they pay to effective party who sue against them?

So pls, think out of th box, and some how apprecaite the things which will be better for commuinty.

I can not live with an understanding, if a compnay knows that their sales will be go doubled of they allowed families along with kids but still they are carrying their business philophsy and people.

Just sharing my point of view you may differ as this is right.

I totally agree with your last point that by allowing children they might get more business, but dear my point is they have devised a rule which is totally discriminatory. It is against human rights. Well Metro can display a huge board at the entrance where it is mentioned that, "we highly discourage entry of kids inside the stores for your safety, any damage made by your kids must be paid by you", but Metro cant not categorically make a rule to say stop children are not allowed. This is their illegal act. Why you are protecting their illegal act.

Mr Khalil,

Even after the long path of the discussion that under went, in your state of anger you are still not getting a simple word called B2B-Business to Business concept.

And for your information I have talked to one of the officials of MCCPK and they are applying same rules all over the world.

Your discussion about this discrimination and all is one sided. Though I respect the point of views of eveyone on thsi forum but I still think you are being over emotional.

Kids cannot be seperated from their mothers for even one sec? wats that are u a mother?

besides who asked them to be seperated? they can be with their mums but in a safe secure environment where they cannot get under fork lifters and get their fingers and feet cut and become disabled for life.

I think u must give that a thought as well.

You people are naive, will never understand my point. Actually you have Ghulamana thinking, always impressed by the foreigners. You continue drawing salary from them. But please do not mix up the right things with wrongs.

Come on Mr. Khalil. you are getting worked up. its no harm trying out other stores mentioned if you happen to disagree with one of their policies. maybe come good will come out of both MCCs and your experience?
Its not a "Ghulamana" thought if there is a policy about protecting young tots. I dont even allow small kids in my drawing room at home cause they might break some glass decoration and get hurt in the process. would you?

People like Mr. Khalil wont let anything positive happen in this country. When in the world our people will get to see that the glass is half full...

They were happy with bhai shakoor ka general store at every corner of street, PEPSI = 10RS, THANDI PEPSI = 11RS ...

Qom ka Allah he Hafiz.....

And Mr. Khalil, you must be proud of one thing, you are representing the majority here...

ya you right

Lol:) Well said Salman Ali
I have not been part of this discussion but, just to share my point of view: Metro & Makro are two chains that I would not go there to do shopping; B2B or B2C. Reason being, I have easy accessibility to so many options around me & honestly, great discounts are available at other stores if you know where to search. Having said that, I do welcome the two mega stores in Pakistan. a) Its a foreign investment pouring into the country at a time when we need it most. Yes, we have Ghulamana to that. (All thanks to the corrupt governments that have squandered the tax payers money and foreign loans as well). b) These companies have created job opportunities for several young boys and girls, enhanced competition and's the best part: They pay their taxes. Mr Khalil, no offence but, unless you have done a better job please stop thinking like the majority. FYI, I'm not sure if you have ever or ever will get the opportunity to visit a prestigious clubs here and overseas but they too have rules and rights of admission; they even have policies whereby they don't allow kids in certain areas and even wearing of sandals/jeans is prohibited - It's been around for years. Have you ever objected to that too? Would love to see the response you get when you take this matter up before your beloved Cheap Justice friend. I'd like to personally talk to him (CJ) about discrimination and what it does to our country. Leave Metro & Makro alone - we got bigger issues on our hands. LoL:)

Dear Brothers, please understand my point, I might be a "Paindo" who has spent half of his life living abroad and studying in Europe, who might be still advocator of Mr. Sahkoors shop. You might be ultra modern and genius who are ready to accpet any rubbish and humiliating regulations imposed by so called "Goras". I can only pray for you people that at least, at least you can understand what Human Rights are, what does it mean? This is dilemma of our nation our utmost educated people do not understand what human right means. If Metro does not have this rule in its own country why it is imposing such humiliated rules in our country? This is contempt to our nation and I protest on it, nothing more. I am not against Metro.

Also, in case I do get accused of working for either of these firms (tis happened before) just like to make a point - read my earlier comments about these two companies. It was not very pleasing and I continue to hold that stance. As far as the service is concerned, "thumbs down". They need to buckle up. But as the saying goes, if you don't like it there, don't go there!!! Cheers guys :)....and girls!!

Dude, I cant understand why you have to feel so humiliated??? Its it just because they are a foreign company? There's local humiliation and discriminition taking place all around you. Walk into a police station for example. Ok, thats a harsh example. Another topic actually.

What about a club? Karachi Club, Boat Club, Gymkhana, Sind Club DONT ALLOW KIDS IN CERTAIN AREAS. Why???? You wouldn't care. You are not a member right? Even restaurants are allowed 'Rights of Admission'. Park Towers don't allow police to walk inside with their uniform on - everyone is doing something or the other as per their business policy. Some local companies HR depts, have a policy against hiring of bearded men and women...LoL:) Funny but its true. No offence but every business has its own rights of admissions and policies (region to region) provided they are within the legal framework of operations.

Allen I am not against any of the store, this is confirmed as I wrote in my previous blog, I only want to create awareness among our people that we are being abused. Please understand my point. Foreign companies should work in our country but on our condition not on their conditions, this is exactly happening in India as well.

Thanks God allen you are the only person who has at least understood my viewpoint and accepted that Metro is misusing and discriminating us.

:) They learnt it from us!!! We are the best at our game dude. Why do you think people say "Proud to be Pakistani!" ?

You must have studied and lived in Europe, half of our politicians have....
and you can see what they have brought for us from Europe in last 60 years... :)

as i mentioned earlier you are representing the majority like all our politicians with all the exposure in the world.

Unfortunately, children under 10 years of age not being allowed into METRO/Makro is not a myth. The whole of Russia and Ukraine are now witnesses of that, too. Unacceptable. What to do? Ask the Dutch. Until March 1st, 2005 kids under 10 weren't allowed into Makro - the Netherlands - either. Dutch people must have done something right to change that. What? Turned to Makro's competition. Loss of profit is the only language a store can understand. If you have a chance, do that.

LoL :) again, well said Ali Salman. I couldn't have said it better - and yes, Khalil please also see Marianne's post - Loss of profit is the only language a store can understand. So, my advise for you, stop going there!!

Great Marianne, being a humble student of Economics and Markets analytics, I 100% agree with you that it is only profit which will force them to change their ridiculous rules and regulations. Last week I was in Metro Lahore, hardly couple of families there, there was silence like a graveyard. I thought in my mind, yes now the idiots should realize their big business blunder. Sooner or later Metro Lahore will be closed down or they will announce change in their policy. Moreover who will go to Metro or Makro now, management of both stores have made some serious strategic blunders, It is now an other chain of stores who is getting popularity among the Lahori. Makro and Metro simply cannot compete it, particularly with some outdated and lethargic top management thinking.

I hate to say it, but abroad kids are allowed in *most* places because children are generally well behaved. Pakistani see the rude and destructive behavior of their children as 'playing' and don't bother to train them on proper behavior. I think it makes sense not to let children in; there is a play area for them to keep them entertained. I would double this comment on bringing young children to nice restaurants; other people are paying for a nice relaxing meal not for your kids constant whining and whimpering.

O BB...what are you saying, have you ever met children in abroad, I have seen the children in abroad they are perhaps more naughty, obnoxious, rude, bothersome to their parents. Khuda kailiay baat karnay say pehlay sooch lia karain. The children from abroad they are simply miserable children, the majority of them are forced to live with single parents, and these parents have never time to give them proper training. Please my dear Pakistani nation come out from negative thinking, let stop degrading ourselves, let stop thinking negative, let stands on our own feet and let think freely.

Its not good ................

What do you mean by is not good, what is not good???

I think shes talking about Pakistani children....LoL:) Thats why they are kept away from Metro.

@Mr. Khalil. If you had done your homework properly instead of just jerking around, you'd know that The Metro group has 5 sales lines in Europe. Galleria Kaufhof, Real, Media Markt, Saturn and Cash and Carry. Only the metro C&C is in Pakistan. Kaufhof is a retail hypermarket while the C&C is a wholesale centre. Children are not allowed in Metro C&C either in Europe or Pakistan or anywhere in the world. It is the standard.
As some other comments here state, the target of Metro C&C is not mothers with children so individual shoppers are discouraged, hence the system of consumers cards which are only issued to companies or corporate members.

Mr. Muddasar, you have fake information, who is jerking it is very much clear from your email. I have been thousand times in these stores what you have mentioned, infact we have a chain of restaurants in Germany and every week we do shopping from wholesale stores and I find there many children wondering with their parents. If you dont't believe tell your bosses to give you money for ticket I take you to Dusseldorf and show you the reality. Agreed?Anhow tell your bosses that they must confess to the reality that they are involved in serious discrimination and human rights violations and their acts are illegal every where regardless to the location of their store. I simply cant not accept this argument while it is their policy in 29 countries not to birng children inside so they will continue humiliaitng us as well, is simply a vague and week argument.

Hi, Metro doesn't have a over-riding policy on access for children. Each country's Board makes a decision on the subject. I work in Makro UK where children are allowed access to the stores.

Which part do you disagree with Mr. Khalil? the part where Metro has 5 sales lines and the C&C line is a wholesale centre? or the fact that Kauhof is a retail hypermarket? FYI about travelling, yes, I do work for the Metro headoffice in Lahore and travel almost 3 times a year to Dusseldorf, Duisburg, Koln, Antwerp, Frankfurt, Bremenhaven and Amsterdam to name a few places.
The argument here is that due to the constant movement of forklifters and hand jacks inside the store, it is dangerous for small children to be roaming around. There is nothing humiliating about this at all. It is simply a company policy. If non-business realted people want to shop at Metro, it is their right, providing they have a valid customer card, but sadly, no minors allowed. We donot force people to shop with us, it is their right, if they don't like the children policy, they can take their business elsewhere.
And, keeping in view this policy everywhere in Metro C&C stores, we have a perfectly acceptable sitting area cum cafeteria, dedicated solely for the purpose that small children can wait there with a nanny while the parents shop.
In teh end, all said and done, personally I still think you are a jerk-off...:) Cheuz...

Mr. Mudassir Amin. I loved the last line.... :)

Mr. Kahlil, it is very easy to point a finger on foreigners specially westerns and their ventures, but for a moment calm down and think, are we talking about Human Rights in our country and blaming some outsiders for it? Sir, they are doing business, and they will keep doing it, if not here than in some neighbouring country, where they would find simillar market but literate people, who would understand their policies and would consider the venture as a positive move for the economy. Even in the past, we have examples of foreign investers pulling back there money and investing in our neighbourhood, only because of the shit head majority. I keep on emphasizing on the point that, you are not wrong, you are representing the 80% majority of my motherland and if you run in an election, you will win with a sweep off. In our country, we have more than 75% percent of illiteracy, but I cry on the rest of 25% people who claim themselves to be literate and some of them are proud to have studied from Europe and abroad.
If you really want to work as a Human Right activist in Pakistan after returning from a long trip of Europe and 29 countries, than I can provide you the areas and leads to start your work from. Lets start from something that completely belongs to us, with no foreign investment or cooperation involved, for example, Madrissas, Government Schools, Orphanages, Jails e.t.c and i believe there is no German hand in the extreme Human Rights violations, child abuses and discrimination that you would find in all these places which I have mentioned. I hope you will use your enthusiasm and will to protest against Human Rights violation in a better direction.

Warm Regards,
Syed Salman Ali ( an undergraduate student in a Pakistani University but; Proud)

First to Mr. Salman Ali, this is unfortunately a forum of educated people where you are without any solid thinking trying your level best to get our intention..which is in vain.I simply can not read your message full because it yields nothing except time wasting.

Mr.Muddasar, please do not try bragging, you were there as a guest for few days, we are living there as citizen of that country and we I got the best education from this country, I have fortunately more experience of Europe than you who simply go there for one or two days for training and get back to home with have lot of influence and impact of their living standards, you simply can not criticize them because you are their employees. Well it is not bad that you work for them, please do continue working for them, please do hard work there and try to get top level position, but my dear don't forget that if they violate human rights and are involved in discrimination then as a human being you must have enough courage to say no sir this is not correct. Believe me you will get more respect and honor. The German are people to whom human rights are very dear to them. It does not mean you will criticize them they will fire you out, no they do listen to the legal voice and act also.

Khalil, I find it hard to believe that with this mindset you have been educated at all - (even in Pakistan leave alone Germany). Over that, you talk about getting the 'best education' ?????? Are you getting paid to make a public fool of yourself on this forum?

Mudasser and Salman are trying their best to defend a statement made by you and a few others that I find not correct i.e.Metro is not violating any human rights and I strongly support their policies. Of course, I don't shop at Metro. Just like you, I have a right to choose where I want to shop. Metro has a right to choose their mode of operations even if it's region to region. It doesn't matter. Metro have their reasons and its logical. Children's safety over rides everything. I have personally seen how haphazard parents are when walking kids on the streets. Their kids walk on the outside (facing the roadside) whereby posing an eminent danger. The parents are often unaware of crazy traffic & reckless mini buses. Would you sit inside Metro everyday to guide / educate parents as they walk in with restless tiny tots? Would you ensure no child comes under a heavy crane or moving loader? Cranes and lifters are dangerous and a 3 - 4 year old in front of huge equipment can often go unnoticed; and that's just a small insignificant example I'm quoting. In my line of work, safety briefing/training is a daily routine because we work with heavy lifters and cranes at times. Even so, as adults, the risks are always there. Did you know that if a lifter tyre bursts, the force of pressure is enough to rupture a small kids internal organs?? NO..Mr. Educated Pakistani from Germany, you couldn't possibly know that. Would you take responsibility for these kids safety? Do you have a solution or are you just in a mood of jerking-off about your senseless ideologies & theories.

You want to talk Human Rights Violations yea? I got an interesting project for you - hopefully, if your intentions are as sincere as you project them to be you will implement it and WE WILL SUPPORT YOU. Last week, two policemen were arrested for raping and killing of a 3 year old girl. THAT is human rights violations. You see, police in this region believe they are above the law and the poor have no place for justice. *whistles* tweeet tweeet!! Go get them boy!!! Leave alone organizations that are not posing a significant threat to society and focus on those that do. Our Karachi police reeks of corruption you can actually smell a mile away. Yea, our kids, family, friends and loved ones ....NO ONE is safe anymore - what are you going to do about it? Large organizations focus a portion of their operations over corporate social responsibility - what are you focusing on? You talk about Salman getting more respect and honor...?? Why don't you go get some respect and honor for yourself? Walk the Talk!! DON'T be a Hypocrite. I'm sure, at the end of the day your noble efforts and our collective support for you will be paid off. I'm sure one day even Metro and the likes of other foreign MNC's will join in your "justified cause" to fight human rights violations. And, if you ever get an opportunity to see what REAL human rights violations is all about upfront on our borders and internally, who actually is responsible, you will have a different perspective - maybe even change your life around.

@ Salman Ali...that's boss ;)
@ Khalil, will you pls stop refering to this issue as a human rights issue. Human rights refer to the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled. Examples of rights and freedoms which have come to be commonly thought of as human rights include civil and political rights, such as the right to life and liberty, freedom of expression, and equality before the law; and economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to participate in culture, the right to food, the right to work, and the right to education.
Barring children from an area considered dangerous by the owner of that premises doesnot constitute a human rights violation. Rather is is responsible, safe and socially responsible behaviour.
I can appreciate the fact that you are a champion of human rights and donot want to see the children and people of this great land exploited. May I offer a suggestion that you start a new thread and instead of jerking off Metro, you can campain about the Aafia Siddique case, or maybe the underprivileged children deprived of the basic necessities of life like food and health care, or maybe the rape of hundreds of innocent women in Pakistan...OR maybe how the government, the few privleged have been raping and plundering us these past few decades while we are helpless to resist....Now THAT would be a great human rights campain...Cheerio

Mudasser Amin, BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope the jerk-off understood all that!!! LoL :)

**applaudes** way to go Jude Allen ;) Wanna share a a little something with you I got of the net about bored people going off on tangents because they are bored...I think the comparision is apt and he'll come out of it in a few more days.:

A monkey trapped in a desolate cage marvels at the sight of a shiny metallic ball placed just outside his reach.
"If I only had that ball," the monkey convinces himself, "my life would improve tremendously."
Place the ball within reach, and the monkey instantly grabs and cherishes that ball. It's new, it's shiny, and it's something different, a means to temporarily escape from the horrifying monotony of his life.
Within a couple days however, the monkey will usually discover that the ball doesn't look so fucking shiny anymore. He's run out of new ball-related distractions, and the sparkling surface has dulled from constant contact with his hands.
Now he's just a monkey trapped in a desolate cage with a stupid cloudy-ass ball.
As humans, we all experience a sense of loneliness, isolation and frustration at some point in our lives. In recent years, the internet has become our go-to method to relieve these feelings of isolation, a source for us to find our own shiny little ball.

And like the monkey, we often learn just how quickly our balls can tarnish.

** hysterical** hahahahahaha...I'm going to use that in my training sessions. btw, are you in Lahore? Say hello to Omer Lodhi for me.

I can not appreciate the way you people are talking, it was not interesting to read this all, but non the less the fact remain fact, Human Rights violation either done by Metro or done by an ordinary Policeman, it will remain human rights violation. Why you people are not accepting this, this I can not understand. Anyhow people I am determined on my viewpoint and I will continue my efforts of creating awareness about the fact. I respect the criticism from you guys, but this is not going to change my view point.

Lol...glad you enjoyed it. Lahore is fine. Had a bit of rain this morning. Omer is fine too :) So your a trainer huh? Interesting work..are you with any organisation or do you work free lance? do look in when your in Lahore can get in touch via


Khalil: You wouldn't find our posts interesting. We EXPECTED that. You see, you haven't attained your shiny ball as yet. But while you are going to be reading days from now a book on "Tarnished balls for Dummies" the world will have moved on ahead. It's called progress.

What's sad here Khalil, is that individuals like yourself possess a very strong "determination" which, if used constructively / positively, can really make the difference in a nation desperate for change. That's all I want to say. Its no point going any further on this post to challenge your deviated logic. It's just that, you can do so much more where others have failed yet, you decide to set a poor example of how to live your ideologies. You must be so proud. It's HYPOCRISY at its best. At the end, I would like to add that I wish no malice or hate towards you. We have too much of it going on. I'd rather focus on what a most admired and loved personality who passed away recently had to say in his song: "Heal the world....make it a better place...!!" Take care & all the best!! My apologies for the rude remarks earlier.

In our country:
A great leader (in some people's opinion) was hanged, his son found dead in a hotel, another son shot dead and lately the daughter was martyred aswell, but, they are still stubborn and the ultimate power hunger is still there, and if I am predicting right, their generations will follow the footsteps and will stay stubborn. They worked their ass off but for selfish ends. CHEAP POPULARITY

Common things between them and Mr. Khalil:
1) Stubborn
2) Represents majrority (which is the easiest thing to do here; all one has to do is to come up with something really ridiculous)
3) Trying to gain cheap popularity by pointing successful things around
4) I dont like him ... :)

So, Mr. Jude and Mr. Mudassir, the point is, there are people to take shit and thats why few of us do come up with it sometimes. Like above mentioned people Mr. Khalil will be a very successful person in this part of the world after being around the world in 80 days :D.
Mr. Khalil you have some future. :D

Jude Allen thanks for nice writing

So Mr. Allen, what do you do? Your views r quite balanced out n you write with passion n anger as well as feelin' for humanity. you said v.well about da Metro business and other more important problems. First i disagreed abt what Metro was doing but you make sense about kids safety. I think Metro makes good planning and they are ahead of our ways of thinking.

Madam Please Khuda not be impressed by these Goras..please leave your Ghulamana thinking. They are not ahead of our thinking. They are abusing us. These are not more intelligent than us, Please open your eyes, we are unfortunate that our rulers are lethargic, otherwise we are not less than these Goras.

well i shop at Makro and Metro and their pricing is quite high and you can get the same at other retail stores. public should demand justified pricing. but mr. allen is right i wont take my small childerens if i go there because this is risky areas and dengerous. We can go to sea view or restaurant, park etc etc were there is play area and safe. Why we have to make a protest when we know what is good thing for our own childerens? just my opinion. thanks mr. allen for this information.

oh pls mr. Khalil, one major problem in this place is people like you - ur a typical Pakistani male with too much pride. so what have you done in your life which is so interesting and intelligent? unfortunately, i cant say the same things to you but, Allen, Salman and Mudassir have said exactly what you deserve. Thank God, i don't have to live in this place in your intelligent environment where there are so many major problems but you are after senseless topics. Thank God, my family and I are migrating to be far away from people like you.

LoL :) Samra, can I come with you?? "kidding!!"

Oh boy!! where do I begin?? Guys and girls, this is gaining steam here ain't it?
Listen Samra, I'm not praising foreign MNC's and Mr. Khalils 'goras'. I've worked with them - I know how they think. It's all about advance planning backed by wealth of experience which transpires into becoming a successful business model. Thats how the business grows. If you see the history of some MNC's, its a slow and painful start. So many examples to site. That's the case everywhere be it an international name like McDonalds or a local brand like Tapal. The struggle was a tough learning-curve filled with mistakes.

However, in Pakistan, we don't like to learn from our mistakes. That's the sad part. This is why we will always classify ourselves as Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Mohajir etc etc...When will people ever start calling themselves Pakistanis...and then start DOING instead of just talking?

Khalil, lay off!! you cant stop someone from being impressed by a Gora. Stop violating her rights bro....LoL:)

I am impressed by Goras and we all are Mr. Khalil. I believe you dont wear shalwar khameez to your work and you dont speak Urdu on public forums and blogs. If u weren't so impressed by Goras than why at the first place you went to Europe to get yourself some education??? which you actually couldn't... lolz

People, Mr. Khalil ROCKS he has kept this forum alive with his thoughts with no thinking behind :).... Lol...

Hummmnnnn...see Khalil, another strong point about you. You are an entertainer too!! Ur in the business of making people happy. awww...chill dude, listen, I'm not picking on you. You're a good guy. I'm just busting the shiny metallic balls!!! Listen, let's give it a rest. If Metro messes me, friends or no friends in Metro, I will blast them with everything in my weapons dump. LoL:) But we got to be reasonable and not make absurd comments / statements and go overboard yea? Can't go complaining to CJ about Metro not allowing kids inside. That would really force the CJ to resign. Shucks, I'm messing around again. Anyways, Khalil...have you contributed on any other topics besides this?? Just curious!!

awww...Judie, ur most welcome to come with me.. ..:) ur a gentleman. thank yew 4 sticking up 4 me...enjoy reading your posts man - Its really funnie. yew should write more stuff. What work is it that u do? are u from around here if u don't mind me askin'?

Ms Samra, you are leaving this country, and going to your world of dreams, go this is your choice, but please do not degrade my homeland, please...Listen I am returning back to this world of dream, I have left all my business and others valuable things in Europe and I have decided to go back & serve my nation, and give them real freedom from Goras. The world you think ideal and paradise, is now laying on my foot. Please dont take offence, this is reality, I have worked with germans and british, really there were several occasions I have quarreled with some of them on this same issue, I proved them I am more intelligent than you. I was the only Pakistani there who really fought for Pakistan, I was not people like other Pakistani, who just ashamed of whenever a Gora has mimicked a Pakistani saying Terrorist. I have really given them tough time. I never allow any body to just degrade my country. But this was not limited to only politics, I have proved myself in Education, during my univesity times, I have proved them during my professional life also. My teachers, the European teachers were always good friend of mine, my bosses, European bosses always respected me due to my work. MY colleagues who were not racist always were good friend of me, but people who tried to degrade me or my country get real tough time from me. Not all Germans or all British are intelligent, perhaps there are more stupid and slack people live. Any country is full of every type of human being. So I am certain on this point, we are not at all less than any Gora as for as intellectual abilities are concerned. MR Jude rightly said that it was Capital and Experience of MNCs which have given them opportunity to rule. I give them fair respect, not take as our god, or faultless human being. I went there in Europe, I have learned from them, I give them fair respect to western people, I do not humiliate them, I just save my Respect and ego. In my whole blog you will not find any single sentence dehumanizing western people. I do wear schalwar Kameez, but I do wear western clothings as well. I do not degrade any person of the world, But this is certain I will not allow any one to degrade me or my Nation for just a single second. This is my motto. Will not you all support me???

***sigh*** i'm gonna count to 10

hahahahaha...I know the feeling!! I'm not even going to bother with this one. He's from the twilight zone.

I am very much clear and undaunted on my believes and ideas. Allhamdu-Lillah and above all these my ideas are not borrowed from any one, purely my own thinking, thinking from a "Free Man".

You are a mad man. I'm not degrading the homeland. Pakistan must have been a great place until ppl lyke you came along and ruined it for us. Unfortunately there are too many of you idiots around to deal with. You really are a gonner man. You should like get some treatment. Ya right, one thing is dat this gota be your own thinking. I have nt met any1 soooo twisted and stupid lyke day the way u think. Thank God at least you dont blame anyone for your thoughts but yourself. Uffffffffff......ur "duh!"

Be carefuls what u say to this man ms. samra. he could be sucide bomber. he is fanatic man. leave him alone. I humbly urge the Metro to allow childrens if they wish but pls pls STOP mr. khalil entry for your and your customer security reasons.

Ms Khan No problem...this is your thinking coming out from your minds, Even then this is not in my nature to dehumanize any body. Who loves how much to this country is very much clear in your messages.

Mr. Islam Shaikh, it was very sad comments from you. I have really heard such types of comments from foreigners yelling to Pakistanis, but I wasn't aware that there are also some Pakistanis who call the other Pakistanis the same words in the say tone. Regrettable thinking.
But again I stick to my ideology. You can only yell on me what is you nature. you act according to your nature, I will act according to my nature

Hey guys do you know, Metro is violating Human Rights... LMAO !!!!!! and i am Abraham Lincoln... and part of me is Martin Luther King... LOL

Lets play a game of "PROFILER"

Name of Profiled: Mr. Khalil
Age: Not know - could be 40 years
"Guestimated" age via examination of analytical thoughts: 7 years
Nationality: Pakistani - the "other" side
Places traveled: Germany, Twilight zone
Reason for leaving Germany: Deportation (explains why he's sour about the Goras eh?)
Estimated Qualifications: Max. Intermediate + 1 year of Bachelors - supplementaries in pending
Claimed Qualifications: University degree
Medium: Urdu for sure. (If he claims he did English medium, we will protest the school/university on Boltaconsumer)
Scholarly Articles written: Random jerking-off on Boltaconsumer - human rights lecturer
Hobbies: Shiny ball playing, lecturing everyone on topics he has no clue about
Patents discovered: The word "dehumanize" to be used under license in the movie Star Trek
Other talents: Public Entertainment via writing his thoughts

Profiler's remarks:
God Bless Pakistan!!!!!! God bless Metro!!! We have yet to discover a man funnier than Khalil. Way to go dude :) I'm in a mood today ain't I? It's a weekend - I'm going to party!!! Gota keep this funny side going. Cheers!!!

lol @ profile... Amazing!

Lets not involve in number game, lets not derail our discussion. I want that we should talk objectively not doing leg pulling, not degrading any one: Lets have a logical and objective discussion.

Against my complaint that Metro is violating human rights, people from Metro came and listened me and other people. They made following arguments
1. Because of various earth moving equipments there is risk for small children inside the store
2. Metro is B2B place so why children there.

I will say following contra argument:
1. The risk of earth moving equipment is same for all ages, why then only children are being banned. Well you can say that a mature person is more conscious than a child..Ok..then please tell me, can Metro give guarantee than never ever a mature man will face an accident inside the Metro...!!!
2. If it is B2B place where children under one meter are not allowed then why children above one meter or more than 10 years are allowed. Does Metro think that children above 10 years are businessmen in Pakistan??

Please reply to these arguments with a very educated and positive way. It is certain I will not reply any further message who try to derail the discussion.

Khalil, its already discused and pointed by several ppl above. In response to your contra arguments, ill try to summarize.

1. The risk of equipment is NOT the same for all ppl. People below a certain height are more likely to get injured because the fork lifters cant see properly below a certain height. now on this point, your question of whether metro will give guarantee that a mature man will never face an accident, that is an absurd question. there is no guarantee like any place out there or even on a street. one would need to talk to insurance companies to cover accidents.

2. Children above 1 meter or 10 yrs are not considered businessmen. Its a matter of height as said previously.

in addition to your contra arguments above, another important point previously raised is: whether metro's policies in Pakistan are the same as those in Germany. You were arguing that they are not. Someone from metro said you can't compare different lines of metro business. Metro C&C disallows children everywhere because its a wholesale outlet.

Hope that helps.

Dear Hassan, thanks for your positive comments, please tell me how can I accept that Metro has same policy in every where. I did not see it in Germany. Ok we do one thing, I live in Köln which is just ca 30Km away from Düsseldorf which is head quarter of Metro, In fact I have been to there several times, Tell me any whole sale store near my vicinity where your bosses can claim that this policy is currently being implemented now. I will visit there and if I find the same policy of children ban and I find no child inside, I will take my complaint back. Agreed? I will take pictures and will distribute them to all of you. I am very much positive about it. Please do not take it offence, this would be the only logical end of this whole discussion.

Dear Khalil, first off, I don't work for Metro. I have never been to Metro in Pakistan, let alone Metro Germany or working for them.

Now your claim that Metro C&C doesnt have a policy in Germany which prohibits children below 1 meter is something I cant comment on. Only Metro people can tell you an outlet in Germany where you can go and verify.

All in all, i think thats probably the only question you can raise i.e. why they have different policies in Germany and Pakistan (IF there are, i am not sure). But even then, in my humble opinion, its unreasonable to call it human rights violation. Im no legal expert but the rights of admissions are usually reserved at private places and its generally considered OK.

Thinking further about it, I'm actually now interested to see if someone can confirm that Metro C&C in Germany actually applies the same rules as in Pakistan. Mudasser Amin, maybe you can tell an outlet and Mr. Khalil can confirm since he is in Germany and feels strongly about this issue.

If the policies are different, I still think its not human rights violation (we have much better examples of that in Pakistan), but it would be interesting to find out why the policies are different, IF they are different.

Fairly convinced by your argument, that entrance in private places is subject to owner's will. However if the owner says he should come in and he should not, then this comes clearly under jurisdiction of discrimination. Convinced?

Well, I think that would be "discrimination" in the literal sense of the word (because they are discriminating based on a person's height) but whether that discrimination is unjustified is questionable. It may or may not be unjustified, but I dont think its illegal.

We are referring to a policy here which, as you argue, is discriminatory against the customers in Pakistan. I think thats an interesting claim.

And I think customers in Pakistan have the right to demand a clarification from Metro. Thats why my thought is.

good, appreciate your thinking

The truth is I felt so good when I came to know that names like Makro, Metro and Carrefour started doing business in Pakistan but…

It has been more than a week since I have been visiting Hyperstart (so-called Carrefour) situated in the Lahore Cantt in order to but a Pioneer A/V system. Last week, when I visited their electronics section and asked for one of the items displayed. Unfortunately, there was no one to get the equipment checked for me. They sales guy asked me to revisit them on some other day. I visited them on Sunday 12 July and the same kind of response was given to me. I was told to visit Hyperstar again and accordingly I did just yesterday. It took Hyperstar sales guys one and a half hours to bring my requested from the warehouse (which is just a few yards away). So I didn’t have anything to do during this period but to ask about my requested item again and again. Finally the carton arrived (from heavens!!!) but this time the item was damaged! I was willing to compromise on the display item which was lying there since their opening and they were willing to give it to me. But after an hour they revealed that the carton including accessories was not available.

So what can I say!!!

Presumably, Hyperstar (so-called Carrefour) in Lahore has got nothing to do with Carrefour ME/EU! Lahore/Pakistan is not there on the Carrefour’s website! Please google it if you don’t believe in me… How strange! Please can someone stop them from damaging a world-renowned brand???

I will suggest to start a separate blog for this complaint. We will support you.

you are right.....
it is the duty of our politicians...related stop matro to hate our children....
if in germany children can go in store...why pakistani children cannot go...
i m with you....
here is a link for you for further negociations with government officials.
i boycott this policy ..and i will tell my friends.
plz write in auditorial of any newspaper..i will see this..


Great Abdul....I appreciate your passions. Look I have told numerous times to the officials of Metro, to tell me any single store in Germany where children are not allowed, I will visit this and take snapshot of the inside of the store and if I find no child there then I will take my complaint back. Many days passed no one has responded me.

Actually I can not understand the policy of Metro, why they have adopted this. You see the sales in Metro is declined heavily, according to some reliable sources, but they just cant understand the reasons behind the declining sales. I fear one day Metro must not be shut downed due to low level of sales. They are so stubborn, they just do not want to understand and do not want to change themselves, whereas modern Management Philosophy put great emphasis on flexibility.

Mr. Abdul its EDITORIAL :)
best of luck

Just came back to this site. I don't think Metro guys have responded after we asked if their policies are different in Pakistan.

I have one simple question for you Metro guys. Does Metro C&C have a different policy in Pakistan regarding the entrance of children into their wholesale stores? Different from their policy in Germany? If the policy is the same, can they tell us ONE store where Mr Khalil can go and verify?

Not saying its human rights violation, not saying its illegal, not even saying its unjustified. Just would be thankful if you can provide a straight-forward answer to a simple question asked by a consumer in Pakistan. I would be very surprised if you can't even answer that....

Hassan is on board..well said..

If I buy an 8X10 store to sell chooran, its me who will decide that who is allowed to enter and who is not; not Mr. Kalil.

Metro please don't answer and keep up the good work, I will handle them... :)

LoL:) gud one Salman. You, Jude and Mudasser put up a gud fight. Love readin' these posts. Go get em guys..

mr salman....
what a joke you have pasted here.
if you have a the cannot decide that who will come in or not...because shops are for customers...if any shop keeper dont wants to stop some customers to come in shop...he is not shop keeper...he is here just to destroy his investment.
if we apply your lines in all Pakistan....all shops will be closed...
inface you dont know what is buisness...what is shop..perhaps you have nothing to say or write ....and you wrote these remarks. when there is a is invitation to all customer...please come and buy...this is shop....
if you want to decide that anybody will come and anybody will not come..then you should not call your place a shop..that is some other thing...
there is word courtesy, do you know...and this is related to buisness courtesy that every customer can come in the shop..
this is a good site...and provides a chance to speak against serious please go to any other site....and you can place your sharp remarks there. if they allow..
a man is distrubed...matro has not announced that a child cannot come in the store...they invite all to come in the store.. ...and a customer goes with a child they say teh child cannot go inside...what is this.... where the child will go then....alone outside the khalid was disturbed when they stopped his child to go inside..he wrote here about his tension..and you are fighting with him....

are you metro employee...

good abdul...i agree with your lines about salman....

he seems a metro employee.that's why defending metro with stupidity.

yes khalil is right........and salman has not followed the manners in writing...

you well took him..


LOL :) can't stand bad English...
would let it go.

Thanks to those who understand my viewpoints and who proved themselves "the civilized people."

you are welcome we need to fight with the stupid system Pakistan..
we are public ..and we should be together....and we wil be together.
wish you all the best.....
i came to know that about provincial govt departments you can complaint to provincial ombudesman..and for federal departments you can complaint to federal ombudsman in islamambad...
and you can also send your complaint online...just search on google and send..

see you..


Actually Abdul, I do not now want to take any legal action against Metro. This is for sure legal base of Metro is very weak, they simply can not impose such derogatory rules here. I am now less interested in the issue that Metro should allow children in their store, what is now interesting for me is that how much our people are naive or ignorant, there are some uncivilized people in the whole discourse to whom this is not at all an issue. I can not simply understand their mental level. They all the time come with their ridiculous writing with nothing intellectual inside and try to hijack the whole discourse. For me it is now clear that Metro management is not a problem, what problem is, is the poor thinking of young people of my own nation. who do not have any clue about human rights, who are totally unaware of manners and ethics. They use internet for their malicious thinking, they simply can not give value to ethics and morals.

Now I realize the challenge is even bigger than what I have perceived that merely pressurize Metro not to opt for illegal act. Well nonetheless I will continue my struggle for creating awareness about human rights and non-discriminatory business ethics.

Khalil & Abdul,

its really nice to see your comments that you are assuming everything yourself. Your last comment is another joke that METRO Legal base is very weak. Who is stopping you from filing the petition against them?? my dear, go a head and file the petition against them and see the results.

Why you people dont protest against GOVT for their humiliated policies? and Khalil, everybody on this forum knows that you spend half of your life abroad and are highly educated and you dont need to mention this thing in your every message. My suggestion is that you call to local televisions and they will telecast a documentary on your living abroad and about your HIGH education.

Have you ever received any call from metro to buy things from them??? If you dont like to visit them dont go but dont waste people time on this small issue. Every multinational company has different policies and you are not supposed to challenge them until they are directly effecting you. Why don’t you approach to METRO Head office in Germany as you are living there and get the clarification from them? Instead of wasting the time on your useless comments just go and visit METRO Head office and get your point clear. We should be thankful to these companies as they are investing in Pakistan at that time when our own people are not interested to stay here.

Last but not least, I assure you that even METRO has to close its business here in Pakistan, they will not come and ask you to buy things from there. They have their well defined target market and they are targeting them very effectively.

Jude & Mudasser, Keep it up guys :-)

It is very famous German Quote I write it here in English " Where there ignorance rules, people will jump over to personality disputes" Message from KS is one such example. But nonetheless I respect comments from KS regardless to its cheapest level, after all we have to practice tolerance.

Khalil, Don't you think its going too far now? There is another famous quote : "For good or ill, your writing is your advertisement. Every time you express and open your thoughts to people, you allow them to look into your mind."

Khalil, please, understand. At least try to. There is no human rights issue here the way you are making it out to be. At first I was annoyed at the way you were going on but now I'm curious. This seems to be a bit of bitterness towards your fellow country men although you talk about Pakistani pride. read:"Poor thinking of young people" I personally think the young people of today are more equip with solutions and have a more balanced approach than anyone else. Its sad however, that they are not given the proper opportunity and platform where they can be discovered. Hence, the rich kids get a chance of a bright education while the poor kids struggle and struggle getting nowhere while the government is busy building Memorial parks - THAT is the biggest Human rights violation my dear friend. Undoubtedly, you may be right. Assuming Metro has biased policies, it doesn't really matter. The grass root level of human rights violations has been revealed to. Corruption starts from the Top as the old saying goes. Get down to the roots and all else will fall in place.

Mr. Jude I think you should be clear on your approach. I mean, I wonder sometimes you start saying that Metro is involved in Human Rights and Discrimination but in the same mail you advice us that we should forget it and let it go. Either you are not fully convinced with the issue of discrimination or you do not give it proper value. I think you must decide clearly to whom you are going to support?

I fully support your argument that there are millions of examples of human rights violation in Pakistan, but dear this forum is Boltaconsumer which is exclusively for consumer rights and grievances. This is not mandate of the forum to talk about other types of human rights violation. I hope you agree.

for Khalil: whats your point in making such a huge issue over whether Metro allows kids to get into store or not? i feel it must be your kids to make you launch this complaint, let me tell you there are many places where you cant or yourself do not want your kids to accompany you ( and its your own decision for the good of your kids).Believe me there are so many fun places for kids in Lahore and all over Pakistan,its not necessary that you take your kids only to Metro for fun sake or recreation.Man its a wholesale center not a fun place for kids ,take it as a serious thing for grown ups and business people!!!lolz

if the kids wanna shop ,there are so many other shopping malls that you can take them to. Those shopping malls wont mind your kids destructing their shelves.
Metro doesn't beg every pakistani that they must shop at metro at any cost,they have their target market which doesnt have to do anything with kids , however if you are insisting to buy metro products ,go to some retail shopping marts who get their supplies from metro.

man everyone have their own set of rules to live with ,its not a civilized manner to interfere in their way of living and try to change them for your mental satisfaction,if however you cant keep with such individuals you leave them at any point in time or try to compromise with them ,same is the case with Metro.

its a big company ,have a properly defined set of rules and have devised their policies & strategies based on these rules ,they wont change and they must not !! its better for them to forgo you type of customers instead setting their system from scratch.

or Khalil: whats your point in making such a huge issue over whether Metro allows kids to get into store or not? i feel it must be your kids to make you launch this complaint, let me tell you there are many places where you cant or yourself do not want your kids to accompany you ( and its your own decision for the good of your kids).Believe me there are so many fun places for kids in Lahore and all over Pakistan,its not necessary that you take your kids only to Metro for fun sake or recreation.Man its a wholesale center not a fun place for kids ,take it as a serious thing for grown ups and business people!!!lolz

if the kids wanna shop ,there are so many other shopping malls that you can take them to. Those shopping malls wont mind your kids destructing their shelves.
Metro doesn't beg every pakistani that they must shop at metro at any cost,they have their target market which doesnt have to do anything with kids , however if you are insisting to buy metro products ,go to some retail shopping marts who get their supplies from metro.

man everyone have their own set of rules to live with ,its not a civilized manner to interfere in their way of living and try to change them for your mental satisfaction,if however you cant keep with such individuals you leave them at any point in time or try to compromise with them ,same is the case with Metro.

its a big company ,have a properly defined set of rules and have devised their policies & strategies based on these rules ,they wont change and they must not !! its better for them to forgo you type of customers instead setting their system from scratch.

Dear Zephyr, what a beautiful message, dear it would be much better if you would have gone to the whole discourse. You are thinking that I am very much crazy about to shop at Metro along with my kids..Waoo what a naive assumption...Oh my dear I have no interest to shopping at Metro, keep your suggestions with you and first read the whole discussion.

Khalil, I'm very clear in my approach in trying to be polite and for argument sake allowed you to have your way. In past posts, I have come down hard and criticized your comments. I figured, maybe aggression is not the answer. Sometimes, a little politeness opens up a persons mind but I can see, you do not respond to either. But, since you have clearly stated that NOW you are less interested in Metro but more interested and I quote: "For me it is now clear that Metro management is not a problem, what problem is, is the poor thinking of young people of my own nation." So Mr. Confusious, we are on another topic leveraged by none other than ...well, YOURSELF. And since you have openly admitted and stated that Metro is not your problem anymore, there is no more to be said on Metro. As far as the thinking of young people which you are NOW concerned about, well, like I said, I have highlighted the root problem. Whether its related to this forum or not, it's still YOUR concern right? (as pointed out by you) and you are still addressing it on the boltaconsumer forum. (which, as pointed out again by you) Quote: "is not mandate of the forum to talk about other types of human rights violations" which I'm sure you will agree :) So, I think you too must now decide WHAT EXACTLY you want to complain about? We are all very very curious. . . .

Actually he is trying to become QUAID of our nation :-)

some people try to make issue of nothing,he doesnt wanna go metro ,he is not having a problem directly with metro,it makes us think what he is,he must be a human rights activist!!! may be a representative of human rights council of UN...salute to you,you have been highlighting a very serious and most important issue.

nothing in Pakistan can be more serious than what you have highlighted .thanks for taking out your precious time to teach all of us

Dear KS, do you think to be Quaid of a nation is very lucrative thing to be...Well perhaps for you, but not for me, for me this is least thing to opt. To me Human Rights, Freedom of voice, non discriminatory behavior, equal respect for fellow being, knowledge and wisdom are very dear.

Leave everything because you always try to escape. Did you check with METRO Headoffice??

No dear I always try to face, the criticism people have made on me, haven't you read!!

Dear KS this is for sure in Germany there is no such rule for ban on kids in any outlet from Metro or from other firms neither in wholesale stores nor in retail stores. This is clearly a discriminatory rule from Metro Pakistan. How can I contact Metro head office when I find no support from people of Pakistan itself? Our people are naive they easily give up to all foreigners. We should talk with the Metro management in Pakistan and protest against this discriminatory rule (Listen this would be a collective effort not personal effort). It is taking my much effort convincing my own people that they are being abused by foreigners, but no body hears me, each time a new person comes and start bragging himself and try to degrade me. In this situation how can I contact Metro head office.


Everybody is trying to convince you that its METRO Policy and they know very well that by not allowing children they are loosing some sale as well but there is reason behind this (due to the constant movement of forklifters and hand jacks inside the store, it is dangerous for small children to be roaming around) as its not good for any company to loose the sale just for stupid policy. I just want you to contact with METRO Head office in Germany and registered your complaint there, if you are still not satisfied with their answer ( Which you will never be) then I am with you and we both will go and meet METRO PK Management.

Well KS you argue that because of fork lifters they do not allow children inside the store, this is really ridiculous argument from them ( I am not saying your argument). Well can Metro tell me how many accidents of kids have been reported by Makro Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Hyperstar. You know that Makro and Hyperstar has no such regulations, and there happened to be no such accidents. Why then Metro has opted for such derogatory rules. This somehow reflects their biased thinking towards our society nothing more than that. One rule which is not valid in their own country why do they want to impose on us? This is clear discrimination.

mr ks
it seems to me that you are a macro empLoyee AND nobody is trying to convoince KHALIL..the only thing is this that the children are paksitani's so they are doing this...

Nun KS Sie behaupten, dass aufgrund der Gabel Lifter sie nicht zulassen, dass Kinder in den Laden, das ist wirklich lächerlich Argument von ihnen (Ich sage nicht, dass Ihr Argument). Nun kann mir sagen, U-Bahn, wie viele Unfälle von Kindern wurden durch Makro Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, und Hyperstar. Sie wissen, dass Makro-und Hyperstar hat keine solchen Vorschriften, und es wäre keine solche Unfälle. Warum dann U-Bahn hat sich für diese abwertende Regeln. Dies spiegelt die irgendwie voreingenommen Denken unserer Gesellschaft nichts mehr. Eine Regel, die gilt nicht in ihrem eigenen Land, warum wollen sie gegen uns? Dies ist ein klarer Diskriminierung.

I dont know how you will understand very simple thing. Please see the message of JJ. There are lots of such incidents happened other part of worlds. So you want metro to implement this policy after some incidents happened in Metro,Makro or Hyperstar Pakistan??? very sad dear. Please contact with METRO Head office for this issue. By the way, why you are not contacting their head office as you are living there??

Do you also know what happened in Germany, when such incident happen at Metro Germany and how much they pay to effective party who sue against them?

waoo Abdul das ist sehr schön. Ich bin sehr froh darüber das jemand da ist mich zu unterstützen. Klasse..

Dear KS tell me what happened in Metro Germany. Do you know the reall story? Do you know when this incident happened? Who was wrong at that time? It was the driver who made mistake. Ok Tell me one thing or ask from your bosses did they then banned entry of Kids in the Stores after the incidents. Look the accidents always happened due to negligence and lack of trainig of drivers. Metro actually does not want to involve in effective trainig programs of its employees. they just want to cover up their inefficiencies through such derogatory regulations. Now there is another person Abdul from Germany (I guess) he is also saying that no such rule exists in Germany. Kids are allowed to go with their parents inside all sorts of stores. Actually this is clear racisit attitude of Metro people that they want to humilate our nation our generations. They do not want to give equalality to our children. This is the point on which I want to birng you all. Please understand the point. This is our right to ask Metro why they have imposed discriminatory rules over us. KS I hope you will not take this all personal this is matter of self respect. nothing might agree on any level, but I can not accept this that people of our nation are being discriminated.

Abdul wo wohnst du? Kannst du mir bitte deine Email addresse geben? Schreibmal hier bitte.

Abdul..ich glaube du verstehst Deutsch ganz gut oder..Metro ist Metro kein U-Bahn. Hast du von einer Webseite Ăśbersetzung gemacht?

Hey Khalil,

I thought you had no problems with Metro management as you stated above in your post. Have you changed your mind now? We thought you were after the young people of our nation now??

Maybe the young people of this nation should all gather together around you so you can give them an education and awareness German about how they are being discriminated. C'mon Khalil, the young people don't really care about you. They don't want to go to Metro. They want to go to Arena and Area 51. They want beach parties and picnics, and park towers and Dolmen mall ....not wholesale centers.
I'm curious, are you a Politician?

Definition of Politician: Someone who thinks he knows everything, makes useless speeches about something, shows support of only one thing and ends up achieving absolutely nothing.

Guys, what do you say??? Hasn't Khalil CLEARLY STATED in earlier posts that Metro is not a problem anymore and now he is more interested in how our young nation is thinking?

Let's give a round of applause for Mr. Khalil...waiting for you to address this confusion my friend!!! Actually, YOUR confusion.

Hi Khalil,

My simple question is that why dont you visit METRO Head office?? What thing stopping you going there?? FYI METRO Pakistan sent all of their employees on international training for 6 months at least. Another funny thing that Abdul just translated your English message into Germen language and posted here. See no Pakistani is with you on this issue and you are alone here. :-)

Dear Jude, Very well said. "Someone who thinks he knows everything, makes useless speeches about something, shows support of only one thing and ends up achieving absolutely nothing' :-) I think he is making ground to participate in election on his return to Pakistan but blv me he will be alone same like he is here on this issue :-)

Actually he is himself not clear what he wana do. he just pick one thing from last message and start another issue.

lol:) Thanks KS, the funny thing is that German communication b/w the two has tickled me quite a bit. Where has that come from? I mean, this is PAKISTANI boltaconsumer for the IT literate people of Pakistan who largely speak Urdu and English. Writing in German, well that's discrimination: Pure discrimination and violation of this forum. After all, others can't read it and understand. Shame. This is a Human Rights violation for all the boltaconsumers and we strongly protest the use of German writing...we are proud Pakistanis and we will not be "ghulamis" to the goras & their German language posted on our Pakistani forum. Ahhhhh....Khalil, a bit of hypocrisy there on your part ain't it?

See Khalil, the point I'm trying to make is that whenever we point a finger at anything, brand or company, we must either be genuinely effected by that brand / company in terms of poor service or bad product etc. However, if you are to make such statements as you have been making all along since the inception of your topic of discrimination, then you must be apt to "Walk the Talk" I've said this before on other posts on this forum and will keep saying it as, it is a fundamental policy that we usually don't consider. We never live up to what we preach. That's ok!! But, we cant go on being stubborn about things even after we know what is right and wrong just because of our own ego. You took your best shot Khalil after starting this topic - You gave your best argument Khalil on Metro & their policies. Everyones arguments have been taken into consideration and at the end, conclusions have been drawn. Clearly from the posts above, you KNOW where it stands. Sometimes, you don't always win! But Khalil, listen, that doesn't make you a looser. It just gave us food for thought...and all thanks to you. But dragging it on and on will now be very childish and not really mature. We can expect better from you dear. We do warmly welcome all future posts from you on various topics and i'm very confident that people like yourself with this determination and mindset can do things where most of us would just ignore due to lack of time. Once again, my best wishes!!! Even thought at times I can be ver rude..nothing personal ok!!! CHEERS!!!

He can't do jack and neither he is concerned about it...
Jude, we all know what he has been trying to do but it didn't happen and now he is struggling to find a way out.
Mr. Khail, its not that easy, even if you want to come up with crap like politicians, do it with style. LOL @ Khalil.

Jude, if he kept speaking German than we will speak French, than everybody will have to excuse us. SPECIALLY THE ADMIN! ... :)

Limelight is addiction :)....And I think Mr. Khalil has a lot of nag for it. Building issues out of non-issues is clearly a work of pliticians, I totally agree.

He is prolonging a non-issue like a chewingum. I visited here like after a month and he is still singing the same song. Despite the arguments provided. lol.

Well some wise man said as my mother quotes, " You can wake some one up who is sleeping. While you cannot wake some one up who is pretending to sleep."

I guess some new topic would be better to waste our energies on & putting our neurons to work.

Mudassir which department are youn in @METRO?

Nonethless I will stick to my point that Metro is involved in dicrimination and it is proving itself a Racist Organization due to its discriminatory Rules. Any one with solid intellectual argumentation will be wellcome.

If it is a racist organization how come they employee local people, train them and promote them to Dir levels?

If it is a racist organization how come they involve themselves in community work?

If it is a racist organization how come Pakistani employees are working in their hrad office at good positions?

If it is a racist organization why does it have Duch, Italian, Jakarta, British, Turkish and Pakistanis as their board members?

If it is a racist organization why do they put millions on foreign training all their local staff?

These are few examples for a start. U are an ignorat low callibre being with no insight as well as no vision except for all bla bla bla things.

No body gave you the right to steer the nation Mr. we all love our contry and every bit of our young blood is pure patriot but we do reasoning. Not just do blame games.

And yes I am well researched on the topic so please stop praising ur patriotism and love for the nation. Do something more cunstructive intead of hollow words.

Ms Kiran, how much your are educated? May I know that? Please also tell me are you employee of Metro? If yes then did ever Metro provide you any opportunity to learn manners?

hummm...d u think u r talking to an illeterate good for nothing nugget head female?

U get this info all on their website if u have cared to browse through plus if u had the opportunity to attend their public aware are u abt the organization to make stupid comments?

Man just be done with it now. From Human Right Violation to Racim???/ wat are trying to do?

Build Talibans here?

U r annoying & this is my freedom pf expression as a citizen

Well I did not touch your freedom.

My second point is, it is not the size of the organization which legitimate whether an organization is involved in racisim neither it is the diversity of its employees. There are thousands of examples from international business that an organization despite its numerous employees and diversity of employees have been involved in racisit act. Underastand the point. Just continue drawing bucks from Metro, go and do your own job, this is not included in your job description to defend Metro on internet, simply this is beyond your capacities to argue in a literate manner.

lol....who said i am an employee....U have a smll sphere of understanding

You keep fighting for the cause which is nt even defined...I have my views I can express openly.

And please do not argue with me on this point any further. there is nothing left to rgue anyways.

Kiran, U seem to be METRO's employee :-) lol

Well I respect your views, but please don't be personal, If I express my views then you people do not accept this, this is not fair.

Now it is clear that you are not employee of Metro, I can now put one simple question to you: What name will you give to an attiude in which an organization imposes a rule in a host country which she is not practicing in its own home country?

I expect a literate answer, simply literate and logical answer, no patriotism, no jelousy, no other mal thinking.

Khali, Why dont you join METRO and change this policy by sitting there :-(

Well I hereby declare I am not.

Look Khalil man, I have no personal grudges with you neither u r my enemy but Racism? Man clearly its a strong word.

Besides as been proposed talk to headoffice in Germany they will furnish info...Wht is the thing stopping u from that I cant understand. And just move on to something else. I dnt want to talk on it anymore.

KS...Yar kioon mazaq kartay hoo..Why should I join them? No doubt they've got very good team. I am not fan of Metro management and also I am not enemy of them, I have one simple argument that they are deliberately or non-deliberately indulged in discrimination. Either they should change such rules or they must then confess yes they are involved in that.
All the employees of Metro are trying to give thousands useless arguments. They are trying to show their loyalty, whereas this loyalty has no value in the eyes of top management. This matter is not as complicated as it looks like. There are many solutions to this problem/mistake. But problem/mistake then when they accept it yes it is mistake. there are many positive results in their business if they change this.But I have wrote you earlier that they are stubborn and have less business acumen.

Dear KS,

There is No use banging ur head in the wall...I think he assumes u r clearly on of the METRO guys.

GOD help us all

Khalil Sb, Why dont you contact their head office as I asked you so many time??? Blv me they will not say anything to you. Plzzzzzzzz go and talk with them. Do you need some contact detail of head office do let me know.

I know Kiran that you are not working with METRO as i was just kidding.

Metro must now officially appoint a person to talk on this forum officially and give their view point, and then that person must write his/her official email contact address on place of name.

Nice suggestion yar, I think whole management of METRO should come to you and clarify your point.

Dear KS while commuting to my office and home, DĂĽsseldorf head office of Metro is on the(Autobahn) Motorway on which I daily travel and I daily corss this headoffice. Anything the way people sitting there are more freindly and well mannered. I have been there twice for an other assignment three years ago. Because I understand them very well that is why I am sticking to my point, dear.

Why dont you ask this thing to them??

Why should I ?? This is a local problem? Why should I talk to them?

then who should contact them??? You have started this topic so you should contact them. We are very much clear on this topic but you need clarification.

No they will contact me you will see....



lets get a couple of things straight:
1. Women are much smarter in in many ways than men - much as I hate to admit it, its a fact. So, asking Kiran if she is educated or not will not matter - she is still ahead of you by leaps and bounds even if shes only a matriculate (which im sure she isnt)
2. Stop assuming that every one who is not on your side is a Metro employee - you give off too many secrets about yourself on doing so eg. your level of insanity.
3. KS is right - if it is a human rights voilation, and YOU are bothered blue about it, You should contact them, not us. We dont care. We know we are cool with it and they are cool with us. Stop asking other people to fight your sorry Jihad against Metro.
4. Metro, aint gona come to you. Im making a written declaration here. Its my conviction. Metro is not in the business of searching for your loose screws.
5. As you rightly put it, in DĂĽsseldorf head office they are more friendly and well mannered (your statement) well, They are Goras!!! What do you expect dude?? lol:) they are the same goras you keep talking about who have "no respect" read your earlier posts.
6 Lastly, just once I may disagree with KS when he asks you to join Metro - you can't. I think you were already an employee who got fired. They have a policy that once an employee is fired, they cant be hired again.

In conclusion, you are a politician eh?? and you follow the old saying....Democracy is the best revenge!! LoL :) but, er...well, Revenge is the worst road travelled....and now we know where our country is heading with politicians like you. Cheers!!! Sorry, couldnt help it. I asked you to lay off and give it a rest.

Well said....

No interest of reading your "Intellectual" talk Mr. jude...To me this is waste of time. However thanks for amusing our audience...Mr.Jude

Oh....the amuser spoke again

Who are you kidding? If you haven't read this, how would you know its ammusing? Listen, try not to make a coverup of your inability to answer the issues I have pointed out in earlier posts to which you have no answers. I cornered you!!! Simple!!!

I do not want to indulge in number game..Mr. Jude, this is actually your wish to corner me, but I am not playing with you corner-corner, Because you do not posses ability to have logical and literate talk so you attempt just to corner others in some ridiculous manners. You think I am playing with you people, no dear I am not playing, this is a serious concern which I pointed out. You simply can not understand this, simply can't understand, so please do not waste your energies. One thing which you never learnt in your life how to evaluate human rights, respect for human is never taught in Pakistan so you never have any idea about that. You people think with heart not with mind that is why you can not argue in a literate manner. Please do not take it as offence or take that I have tried to corner you, I simply wrote that you do not have capacity to argue in a logical and literate manner, and I also know that fault does not lie with in yourself. You might be a very good person in your nature. I did not degrade you. I did not ridiculed you neither this is my way to do.

You always derail the whole discourse Jude, this is not fair

I want to inform to all those colleagues on this Forum that this is my vacation time now and I am will be out of Germany for at least one month. I will not be checking my emails and blogs during this time. I am not sure when I will return from Pakistan what will be the situation on this forum. I hope Abdul will continue his struggle to save our viewpoint. This is my last message, till 27 August. Khuda Hafiz

Derail? no Khalil, I will give you examples of derailment:
1. Claiming that Metro is involved in Human Rights violations of little kids
2. Bad mouthing the goras
3. Writing in German on a Pakistani forum
4. Asking others to do your work e.g. to contact Metro HQ in Germany
5. Saying that you are disappointed in the young people of our nation
5. Your quote "The children from abroad they are simply miserable children," is also a very biased statement and just as discriminatory
6. Constantly stating that you are educated in Germany and learned so much

So, at times you are praising the gora educational system, then you write against them, then you fighting for Pakistani pride and kids, and on the flip side you then accuse the young people of our nation for disappointing you even realize how you contradict your own statements????? Which is why you are annoying so many people on this forum and they are being rude towards you ..that's all. You have made this a personal display of your ideologies.

Vacation???....... more like we chased you away!!!!!

Still making statements about your German alliance ...wait, I thought after every thing you wrote and I quote you yet again: "Listen I am returning back to this world of dream, I have left all my business and others valuable things in Europe and I have decided to go back & serve my nation, and give them real freedom from Goras. The world you think ideal and paradise, is now laying on my foot."

Khalil, What are you still doing working in Germany dude?? with the goras?? come back to paradise!!!

:)....Tears of gratitude should flood your eyes Khalil while returning to the 'WORLD OF DREAM".....Now get yourself glued to the Dear motherland finally instead of leaving back on 27th and bowing your head to the gora darbar again.

Make a small stop to the Head office of METRO its on ur way dude, as they are well mannered they might even offer u a cup of coffee and their specially baked cookies when they listen to what dilemma u ve been thru. they might give you their brochures and provide you with legal evidences how they operate.

Bravo!!!!! :)

:) I like it!

there is another thing happening in metro..that they are not allowing any person...who has not membership card ...and they are not issuing membership card to any employee..only rich people or the company owner deseve for membership of metro..

it is strange policy....i have metro card and some of my friends cannot go..because they are employee...
what is this

metro managment should anwer here......why they are misbehaving with pakistani children.

they should tell..and they should tell that if many big stores in pakistan and in world allow the children to enter in store, then why pakistani children cannot enter in metro...whil germans children can enter in the metro german branches...?????????


Racism is the problem of some people..
metro managment should avoid uk if there are two evidences against any racist, he goes to jail...
and in all europe and in usa this law is applicalbe with little difference..
but metro managment is aware that nobody will speak and noone will take notice about children policy so they are doing misbehave with children....
the related MNA should notice this violataion of human rights...

jude, salman, kiran and ks.and all the team who is against the pakistani children rights...
when you people will get children....i guess you dont have any child...then you people wil feel that what are children....for parents...and ofcourse i love all the muslim and pakistani children..we will defend for their rights on any people are writing here to corner the khalil...but you cannot...because khalil have just written complaint here and you people are trying to make a game...the righths of children is not a game...children are cute..and in all world they are respectable..for all..but some people dont like to respect their wives, children, relaitves., sisters..and all are the example of these people.....a man just wrote a complaint here.. and you people are anoid are confuesed...are angry..that why someone talked about the rights of pakistani children...
i will say only this that you cannot devalue our children....for your better information 4 years ago all frist 25 top positions holders in oxford univeristy were all pakistani can check it on also....
you should come in uk...and see that what is the value of thier children are talking about metro...i invite you to visit any store in uk and will see children with their parents in want to devalue the children of pakistan only for this that they are people will see that the future of the pakistani people is very bright...although it is very difficult situation in pakistan....
you people can never devalue the pakistani children...we are their defenders...and they have respect obviously....and we dont care about metro....there are large numbers of stores in paksitan ...our children can go there and they go ....we dont need to go metro...ok

Mr Toqeer, its been three years ths company is operative in Pakistan and u still dnt know y u have a card and why ur friends dnt???

Strange isnt it?....Have you tried to ask the person who made ur card y cant my friends have a card??? If not please do that....I think then you might have no confusion in mind besides since you do come surf the net u might want to log on to and do browse a bit more..may be u dnt have to ASK anyone Y MY FRIENDS DNT HAVE A CARD?????

And BTW before defending Khalil IF u had tried to go back and read all the discussion above where we have wasted away the valuable information and a representative of METRO has described in detail Y CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED IN METRO STORE you might not even have posted a question.

as the management already answered THAT particular question a one thousand and one times....

Now MR Tarar yes All kids are same...they dnt even know which country they represent untill they are 12 years old and become curious to know about things (If u have kids u might know kids all over world are more interested in HARRY POTTER new series than entering METRO for GODS SAKE).

For your information Mr Abdul Imyself am a position holder so stope bickering about our kids tis and our kids that.. I know that our kids have the brightest mind in the whole wide world.

You dnt need to have kids to understand what kids mean actually...Fathers now a days slaughter their kids overnight without even blinking a nerve i think thats a serious children or watever human right issue in our country.

BUT again much have already been said on this topic I guess to further strech it.

U have issue with METRO call them and inquire wat is a big deal in that. I called them they satisfied me with the information. They might do the same with u as well u just need to be open to arguments instead of wasting words over and over again.


But Ms Kiran, I honestly find the policy of Metro very strange. Why kids are banned in the store, I mean in UK i did not find any store where it is written that Kids are not allowed. I am with living my parents in UK for the last 25 years, My father also has a big grocery store, we have lot of experience in Business and this business regulations is for us totally new. I find it totally disgusting. Honestly speaking Metro can not operate for a single day in UK with this policy. It will be fined heavily.I think you should at least accept that Metro has adopted a false policy which will eventually put it in the list of racist organizations. I think Mr. Khalil has stirred the right topic and he has given numerous examples of his own country (If he is a German national) as well.

Well its about our perception. I had doubts Adil and the information they provided me I thought justifies their policy and we have talked about it in detail above. You can ask them or read above what have been already said.

If you think it is justified for you thats perfect and if you still think that not allowing kids under certain height for their own safety is a racist act then, well, what can I say. May be you are thinking from anoher point of view.

My nephew is my life. I cant see one tear in his eyes. I dnt want him near anywhere where it is clearly said kids nt allowed for their own safety also when a play area with aircondition and a big plasma with a cartoon movie is also provided for his comfort.
I d better have a safe environment for him.

Besides we are not anybody to decide whether their business will run or nt or will they be shut down or something like that. Its their business vision and I as a citizen have no issues with it. They have employeed our ppl they have provided vacancies which are scarce now a days. At least they have saved ppl of our nation from committing suicides due to no money for food or electricity etc.

Every system has flaws may be in ur opinion this is one they have and in mine it is not!!


guys if we understand metro's theme and target market we would end up concluding this debate. its a wholesales center that renders its services to retailers and business centre,what does it have to take from kids.Makro clearly defines their target market to be house wives and ladies who manage their house hold, groceries etc,but metro on the other hand have a clearly defined target market ,why would they be discriminating ?Isn't it foolish thing to think that they are discriminating our kids ?couldnt they find anyone else to discriminate against????why not adults and why not grown ups.and if they stop your kids its for you people's own safety in the presence of racks and lifters .

zephyr - even though that's a strange and impossible-to-spell nick name :), what you have written is logical and has already been said multiple times on this blog.

Issue being discussed: Metro C&C not allowing kids in their Pakistan outlets.

- Is it illegal - NO

- Is it justified - Probably YES, because its for the safety of kids as Metro claims.

- Is this their policy world-wide or only in Pakistan? - I think it is this 3rd question which hasn't been answered and confirmed. If this policy is in Pakistan ONLY and not there in Germany or other countries, then as a customer, one wonders whats the reason behind that special policy for Pakistan. We have the right to know the reason.

:) its no use zephyr....Its ben debated in detail above. Its like building an issue out of a non issue.

Its like for examole Joy land allow all kids in right....and on some rides its say children below thsi age not we say oh look they are racist they dnt allow our kids into that ride..

we will shut them down
they are racist
we cannot be seperated from our kids
u dnt have kids so u dnt know
our kids are brilliant

and so on..bla bla bla...

Commen sense is something which is not very common....Our problem is we dnt read and we dnt acquire information before pointing fingers...half of the nation have nt even seen euorope and we debate here with big mouths.

We live here we should understand laws of the land and the policies of a company operative here nt in Uk.

Talking f human right violation and discrimination we deal it every time we go to an embassy in our own country and they make us stand for hrs with no water or sitting arrangement. :)

Ok I now understand it is the Metro who is "EEEEEEEEEEEXTREMLY Conscious" about the safety of the Kids of Pakistan, more than the safety of the Kids of their own nation.Bravooo...what an match, no other organization can compete Metro on the child safety. I think UNO must award Metro for its Ultra Child Safety Policies, and punish other competing organizations for not having such golden policies................... Ridicule Organization, Ridiculing our pittttttty!!!!!!!!!

well yes Hassan I agree, it is the third question that is to be answered by a METRO official to end this confusion.

And I think Adil must do the honors as he seems more disgusted...

adil if u think with a bit cool mind ,just think whats metro's theme of business ,i'm not favoring anyone but u may have an idea that certain business have their specified target markets and they have designed their set up accordingly ,metro's target market is retailers and small retailers and they issue a membership card to them ,why would a lady or some kids go there?makro allows house wives and kids bcoz it has them as their target market.its like you ask a cardiac department of some hospital to admit a tuberculosis patient!hope you understand adil

ahhh..nice example now y did I nt think of that....

First of all thanks to the management of this site….
They have provided a good platform for the consumers.
Metro policy about the Pakistani children is not good. Obviously Pakistani children are respectable.
I protest about this policy….i know my protest is not valuable …it is only writing , but I appreciate khalil and abdul , they have very good feeling about the children of Pakistan…and they are defending the children of Pakistan on this forum…
There are many big departmental stores in Lahore and they have no problem with the children…and in uk , in metro and other stores, children are allowed to visit inside and they choose and tell their parensts as they need.

I agree that this is the racism behaviour with the Pakistani children…it should protested on every forum.
and its strange and fun as adil said that metro is extra consicuos about childrennyes meto shuld be awarded . metro is extra concious for pakistani kids...and shows racism mentality about the kids of pakistan.......why metro has not banned kids in uk and german.and mr all the pakisatn mostly motheras go for shopping with their children....they cannot leave their children for u ok


in all world mothers keep their children with them in functions and in shopping...stores are for shopping and everyone can go there....
mothers with kids go for shopping with kids in all over the world..if you have visit africa the mothers keep their children on their back in half bags .when they work in what you say about will say that fields are not for are funny girl...a mother cannot leave the children in childhood....they keep children with them every metro is not for kids but kids go there..why you have become the enemy of paksitani children.

We clearly have difference of understanding plus difference of opinion but I will not allow you to say i am an enemy of our own sweet Pakistani kids...

You can have ur opinion I have mine u are coloring it wrong with stupid examples I will not quote anything that touches idiocy...

WE dnt live in Africa and ppl who have logic have already concluded this silly satire....

Beat the trumpet until u break it....

Even though I didn't think you were making very logical arguments earlier, you've finally hit the main issue by saying: "uk metro is not for kids but kids go there".

And I repeat the main unanswered question on this topic:

W H Y I S T H E P O L I C Y D I F F E R E N T I N P A K I S T A N?

Why are kids allowed in Metro UK, Metro Germany and others but not in Pakistan? Any answers Metro people? I just checked metro's website but could not find any answers on this.

***Removed on request. Inappropriate.***

I will try to answer third question by today evening but I personally feel that still Khalil, Abdul and other will not be satsified. Simple example is that I recomended Khalil to visit METRO Head office as its on his way but he didnt bother to reply why he dont go ther. Actually they know whole thing but they are building issues out of non-issue.

I think u are disgusted to the level that u did nt even read what u just posted and u come here with a human rights flags???.....A man who does nt know how to respect a female has no respect for anyone.

And now u have clearly disgusted me as well Adil portraying ur mentality as a typical male .

And this can be reported as an abusive statement and sexual discrimination.

Iam off this channel...where ppl like u come and give vulgure comments

Guys lets not get off topic, I think we have FINALLY reached a point in this long discussion where we have a clear and simple question. And everyone seems to agree with that. Kiran's argument is very logical. Its a wholesale center and it can setup a policy not to allow children because thats not the target audience and, in addition, its not good for children's safety. Its very logical reason no matter how much you argue.

The real question is, WHY is the policy different in Pakistan? I ask that repeatedly because the answer may reveal some useful information.

I will try to answer third question by today evening but I personally feel that still Khalil, Abdul and other will not be satsified. Simple example is that I recomended Khalil to visit METRO Head office as its on his way but he didnt bother to reply why he dont go ther. Actually they know whole thing but they are building issues out of non-issue.

***Removed on request. Inappropriate.***

Kiran is very right. Adil, what an irony!. You claim to be debating for kid's rights when you stoop down to that level of disrespecting a fellow citizen? Grow up man.

if i have written for pakistani children , it is abusive and sexual discrimiation for very are saying this becuase your all statements as you have written here are telling the readers that you hate the pakistani all statement is present on this page...there is nothing abusive words and sexual discrimiantion in it..but you and your team can only say this...because you have nothing to say except this....i tell you a story and you are like the woman of this story...that woman was a theif...the people tried to hold her...but she began crying me...a man was walking there...he asked what is the problem here...she said those people ______________________ that man was intelligent...he said if holding of a thief is sexual discrimination i do this and holded her.....and handed over to i talked only for the right of Paksitani children...and you siad that it is abusive statement and sexual discriination...i am not the member of your team.....the enemy of chidren..i love children and respect the femals....and i dont need to proof it.......we are talkig here for the rights of Pakistani children....if this is crime we do it and we will do.

If this forum and members truly believe that they are discussing customer/consumer issues, then I think they need to grow up. We all have a tendency to get emotional, irrational, cheap (as we just saw above) which causes us to go off topic.

If we go off topic of the issue, how in the world can we expect that issue to be resolved? Issues never get resolved that way.

***Removed. Contained remarks considered inappropriate.***

Wenn Sie heute sehen und Kommentare, die Sie gerne. ... einige meiner Kommentare gelöscht wurde letzten Tag .., aber .. das war hart. Es ist ok ... ... sorgen ... Diesen Monat werde ich mich auch in Pakistan ...... Wenn möglich, bitte kontaktieren Sie mich. Danke
Abdulpk ist das erste Wort, der meine E-Mail und schreiben Sie dann 39 mit dieser ... kein Leerzeichen und nach, dass in Höhe von .... Auf dieser können Sie zu mir ....
sorgen dank ...

my remarks against kiran has been removes..well ...why you have not noticed kiran remarks about the she said ...he should weep...with tears.........first of all you should remove the kiran remarks.....the enemy of pakistan children....

Sehr geehrter Herr Khalil BHI Wenn Sie heute sehen und Kommentare, die Sie gerne. ... einige meiner Kommentare gelöscht wurde letzten Tag .., aber .. Das war hart. Es ist ok ... ... Sorgen ... Diesen Monat werde ich mich auch in Pakistan ...... Wenn möglich, bitte kontaktieren Sie mich. Danke
Abdulpk ist das erste Wort, der meine E-Mail und schreiben Sie dann mit 39 of this ... kein Leerzeichen und nach, dass in Höhe von .... Auf dieser können Sie zu mir ....
sorgen dank ...

Dear Mr. Khalil BHI Wenn Sie today see and comments, which you with pleasure. ... some of my comments was extinguished the last day ., but. This was hard. It is OK...... Worries... This month I become possible me also in Pakistan ...... If, please you contact me. Thanks
Abdulpk is the first word which my e-mail and you write then with 39 of this ... no blank and after, that at the rate of On this you can to me....
provide thank...

dear hassan last comment about kiran..i said about, kiran is the enemy of children....not to you ...i know you are host..plz note it

We were emailed by multiple people on this forum who expressed their disgust with some comments on this post. It is conceivable that people may get emotional when discussing the issues they feel strongly about. However, as a consumer community, we need to maintain a level of decency in our conduct. As soon as you become personal or indecent, the whole focus shifts from the main issue to a petty personal mud slinging.

If any member wants to request removal of any other comments, please email us highlighting the specific comment they consider inappropriate. It will be considered for removal but we reserve the right to make the final decision about what to remove. did...good..but it is not a problem for me..... not at all......
MY FRIEND just told informed me from Pakistan that in lahore (metro headoffice)metro has minimum buying limit of rs 2000 or 3000..and a man lives in pakistan and he is employee in any company, has no right to purchase..only a person has a proof of his buisness can get membership card to is strange policy because here in london every one can go to metro...there is no problem..but in pakistan, metro policy supports to rich people only..althought there are some questions we can ask about this policy...but we are not discussing it that this is human right violation or not.. moslty middle class people are can afford 5000 for monthly shoping..but metro have right to select customers..if they dont like middle class pakistani is ok....they have announced it is ok...they people are not going to metro.they are awared that they cannot go there for is ok...but about the children policy they have different policy about paksitani children we have objection on it. it is not good...all over the world and in london children are in pakistan children should allowed...racism policy should be changed..i will advise you that just my friend from paksitan told me that there are many good stores near metro headoffice lahore...easy access....children are allowed...service is people can go there...AKBARI STORE in iqbal town...Naqshabandi store on multan road....near old coca cola factory..SHAH FARID STORE...IN SABZAZAR the mothers can go there with their kids...

Dear readers for your knowledge direct from METRO website I post here:

Welcome to METRO!

METRO Cash & Carry – this name stands for one of the great success stories in modern commerce. The unique wholesale business-to-business model of METRO Cash & Carry is focused only towards professional customers such as hotels, restaurant, caterers as well as small and mid-sized retailers. METRO Cash & Carry offers this target group a greater efficiency than the multilayered supply chain thus helping them to improve their business: By offering them a one-stop solution for their purchases, by helping them to improve their assortment, by offering them high quality products at reasonable and transparent prices and by offering them a consistent supply source.

Who are our customers?

Only commercial customers are allowed to purchase at METRO Cash & Carry. All customers are registered and provided with a customer card.

Our core customers are small and medium-sized traders as well as hotel, restaurant and catering businesses and other companies and institutions.Professionals can purchase everything they need to run their business: A restaurant owner, for example, can buy food like fish or vegetables as well as kitchen equipment and office supplies.

METRO Cash & Carry offers an exceptionally wide range of high-quality products under one roof. Depending on the size and type of wholesale center, the assortment includes up to 20,000 items in the food range and 30,000 items in the nonfood sector. As the name implies, METRO Cash & Carry customers select their own items and take them with them to their restaurants and shops. With this unique business-to-business concept, the company has grown to become a leading international player in self-service wholesale.

There is no condition of Rs. 2000 on METRO stores it was implemented initially but its been two montsh it has been lifted. How do I know? Well I am a businesswoman and I am a frequent visitor.

Small retailers means kiryana store dealers in ur residential areas. means middle class people.

This man is clearly confused abt the company....

If u could ve gone thru the website the concept could ve been more clear.

for more info u can see

Yes and the good stores u have mentioned here brother are the stores which are METRO customers.....

As it says they are for professionals....

Dear Kiran,

I think we should not waste our time to make these people understand who are metro customers and what are their policies. They will never understand and let them stay with their issue. I dont know which language Abdual understand as he is arguing without any solid information.

wow...kiran always try to misguide the readers of this site...and as she has copied from the metro site above...she has written here that middle class small karyan store dealers , small retailers are the customers of metro.i was not going to discuss this...but the kiran is trying to dodge the readers...i am the chief executive of import export firm...registered is Pakistan. so i have very good information about the compnies registration in Pakistan..i am also the member of metro lahore.the reason is this that they dropped a registeration form in my office...and on that form my signature were required..when i was in Paksitan..i filled the form..and my staff called the metro person ..he came to me...said welcome in Paksitan..and took the form..after some days they send a lemintaion card on my postal office manager salary is vey handsome...he tried to get membership but he couldnt..he often used my card to i have looked the form of Pakistan.for the information of readers, i want to tell that how kiran the metro employee is trying to dodge us...the small retailers kiryana store dealers of residential areas normally have no tax Pakistan..they are not submitting annual the government....and they have not registered their stores as a they are not eligible to get metro membership..becaue they have no tax number..they are not tax payer...they have not registered company...when i filled the form they got my chamber of commerce membership card's photo copy also...and you know the small karyan stores has no membership of chamaer of comerce...howevery the small karyana stores of residential areas in lahore are earning rs 7000 to rs 15000 income average wise...metro have not given them eligibility to them. and person is earning salary monthly more than small karyana retailors..cannot get the membership of metro...because he has not the registered company...
kiran is trying to become over clever..and wants to misguide the people...but i told the fact..however i dont know what are the policies now a days..but today as my friend told me, he is in Pakitan his family found the rs 2000 or 3000 minimum buying limit in metro in last visit..and kiran is saying policy has been changed..who can belive this ...
please kiran you should have courage to write

GHello Abdul,

Which language do you understand. its enough now. I*nstead of Kiran you are mis guiding the readers. Enough is enough.

Ask you office manager to go and submit your company letter head showing that he is your company employee and he will get the membership card. You can get as many card as you want on your company letter head and only for 1st time you need the NTN of your company. Second thing NTN or Chamber certificate is not the only requirment, small shopkeeper can get their card giving any sort of proof of their business i:e cash memo, shop registration letter from any athurity or any other document showing that he is the owner of that shop. further he can get 5 cards against one business and big groups can get more by providing letter heads of their companies. You are giving the statements like CEO of METRO. If you dont have information plz dont misguide the people.

Nonetheless all Metro employees must know that their organization is involved in Discrimination and Racist Act: Either they are going to accept or not, does not matter, the fact will remain fact. Such racist organizations must be shut downed by the enforcement of Law, If Law exists in Pakistan.

My earlier comments:
Ok I now understand it is the Metro who is "EEEEEEEEEEEXTREMLY Conscious" about the safety of the Kids of Pakistan, more than the safety of the Kids of their own nation.Bravooo...what an match, no other organization can compete Metro on the child safety. I think UNO must award Metro for its Ultra Child Safety Policies, and punish other competing organizations for not having such golden policies................... Ridicule Organization, Ridiculing our pittttttty!!!!!!!!!

wow...kiran....people often are liers..but you are are using your abilities to write lie here, to dodge the readers of this site and trying to help the racist orgnization.
dear readers,
please read this and notice how kiran is trying to dodge us...
1...kiran said my employee use my card..yes....they use and still theuy are using...there is name and natiional indentity card no on the membership card...its like a credit card..and when a customer goes the metro staff checks and do tely the card in the computer..and check the picture of card....then they allow to go inside..
the manager of the firm talked with me that he cannot purchase...i asked him to give the fone number of the metro staff...i asked him to make card of the manager...he said sorry sir....our service is only for the company owners...however anyone can use your card for shopping...i dont know what happens with the once my family decide to visit metero...and they took my card and they told me that they saw card and asked where is the card family said he is not with us...he siad no problem i just asked..and they went for shopping....
the metro policy has flexibility...they are allowing anybody for shopping actually, who is the realtive or have card..they dont care for the actuall card family and the manager are the examples...
and kiran said he got a pack of pop corn yesterday...what a joke...thers is no residence near the metro is situated on a big land....and kiran went to the get a packet on popcorn only..he couldnt get this from her area...
and any one in lahore can check that a single packet of popcorn cannot be purchased form metro...they have minimum limit..this is thier right....we have no objection on it...i just want to show that how the kiran is trying to dodge the reader writing everything wrong here.......
kiran said that all good compnies pay tax...and if is not paying , he is doing fraud... company buisness is imort export..and to stop tax is not possible for we are tax payers...the buisnessman knows that when a shipment come to pakistan they get tax in advance..and when we send something out of country sometimes we get rabate and sometimes we have tax..if we stopped tax...our buisness wil stop....
for the kind information of kiran.....i want to write here that first you should get some knowledge of tax limits...the small shopkeepers are criminals in your sense because they are not paying you said this because i have told here that small shopkeepers belong to middle class cannot buy anything from metro..they are not allowed....mis kiran it is not necessary for every shopkeeper to make a registered company in Pakistan...and on everthing they are paying item...on homes....and they are doing buisness because they are allowed by govt...and you have made them said they are not paying tax...when a person or company do a buisness according to minimum limit provided by govt then tax is due for him...but tax is not every said abut the small shopkeepers that they are stealing from the govt..they are not doing this...but i tell you abut the metro...what metro is doing...your company....
they said they have 4billion Pakistan... our crazy rulers have given hundreds of thousands of square feet space to these wholesale/retail centres free of cost. Plus they have allowed duty free import of equipment for them. Encouraging foreign investment is a good idea but at the cost of local businesses is crazy. Instead if the govt had given the same/better facilities to local players like Naheed, Chase or Imtiaz the whole retail scenario would have been different today. Not only the profits would have stayed in the country but these people understand the local market much better than the foreign players, thus stupid rules like ;kids under 10 not allowed' would have been avoided.
this is the story of your company....
kiran....please...dont hate Pakistani children...dont say the small shopkeepers are not paying tax and they are are human ....try to think like a human......

lol...and u dnt even know the location of the store .....haha me...Which language do you understand. you are a metro employee but you seems me like a shoud try to defend your company with facts but you are using rough language......can you publish 10 names of yur members, small shopkeepers with fone numbers and addresses in 10 minutes here.... .as it will be easy for you....just look at the computer and tell us...
suppose you are true...everyone can get membership..may be you have changed the rule now...may be.but i have many evidences in my company and in neigbours...they can say in newspaper and that in start when i observed myself that you was offering membership only to compnay owners... but it doesnot is your right ...if you dont like to middle class people you can refuse them..there is no objection...and if you are offering membership now this is good...we appreciate...i will request that if you can offer membership to middle class have changed your rule...why you are cannot change your racism mentality about the Pakistani uk..and in german...children are allowed to visit metro with their should allow them...and if you dont want to allow ok...stop your employess to write here in favour of racism and against the Paksitani children all be finished...

first thing is that mikro allow which is describe above and 2nd thing is metro is not a retailer store.its for whole sale and kids hv nothing to do with visiting a business place or not. are again trying dodge the customers...the location i have written have mean that it is not you wrote that i dont know...kirann...please you can saw this location on evry brochre and booklet of metro.

or readers you plz check this link
and click on wholesale stores...
you will find that metro is situated in thokar niazbaig lahore..and there are no homes near metro....and kiran said she went to get popcorn packet from metro.. wrote today a sentence positively for the children of Pakistan...but all of your pervious history on this site is announcing that you have very hard for the Paksitani children...kiran you are female…I m not against of you and your company..i respend all the females…I wrote all here for chidren of Pakistan…not to corner you and your company..
whenever you will visit outside the Paksitan then you wil feel miss Pakistan and Paksitani people…you will respect them...
really I wrote here for children and I am sorry ih you have been hurted …..
you don’t leave this site…but love the children of Pakistan…and actually I had hard arguments not with you but for the children…
wish you all the best…

u dnt have to tell the location Lahore there are two METRO stores operative 1 Thokar and 2nd in Defence and these are well populated areas for your information....

hahha....kiran said that the all stores i mentioned are the metro customers....she knows that...because she is employee of metro....for this she is saying confidently that they are metro customers...and kiran always menitoned in her statements that she is not metro you know this kiran that all stores are the customer of metro.???
it is funny kiran...any way you are very respectabel for us....if you will announce to leave the racism mentality... i will say you welcome .. i wil appreciate you...come on kiran....all the chidren wil be happy with you..........

you are right kiran....infact i know about one..and you see is very hard to go metro to get a small thing there is main road....and thee is trafic..and one side road is very high....we need a long u turn to go to metro thokar.....form residencial area.

any way comeon we are not enemies....

thats y METRO says it is not for u to go and buy a carrot its not for end consumers it is for professionals who can take that u turn and go round and round and round...again and again and again

come on kiran...its not to get carrot..but it is for a packet of popcorn...i have mean to say that nobody will like to go for one packet of popcorn to matro..anyway you can get that are employee ,,i have no problem for it......
our actual issue is children....i have no problem for any other matter

Abdul, Ask your family to visit METRO & tell you about this limit thing. Everybody requesting you Abdul please dont speak without knowing the facts. and you are the one who is using the abusive language. I am talking with facts and I dont need to publish our customers name here but you can ask your manage to visit any METRO outlet and note down the names of all the customers visiting that store. Please note that at entrance the dont ask about card holder because there is no picture of cardholder on card so whoever is brining that card is member for METRO so please dont lie here and give wrong statements to prove your wrong statement true. Abdul no person in this world is perfect so please accept your mistake my brother.

Who knows about your manager if you dont as you mentioned above what happened with him later you dont know?? What are you talking Mr. Abdul????