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Irregularities and irresponsible behaviour

I submitted electricity bill to Asif - Mobicash Agent at Bharakahu, Islamabad - on 5-12-2017. The amount was around 1280. Due to certain unknown reason, the amount has not reached to WAPDA office. Around two weeks back I received new bill in which the previous amount, along with notice of disconnection, had been added. I went to the shop where I had submitted the amount to Asif; however, he was not available. On his cell I contacted him and he since then could not manage to solve my problem. Other persons at the shop say that they are not ressponsible for Asif. I do not know what to do as thier behaviour towards customers is also extremely harsh and impolite. I would like to register my observations against such representatives of Mobicash who instead of facilitating the public further aggravate thier problem.
Mr Asif may kindly be contacted to settle the issue as soon as possible. Such people may also be warned against thier maltreatment of customers.
Dr. Rafiullah (0333-5760846)

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you are right. Mostly people are facing same problems. I think mobicash agents should work in a responsible way.

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