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My bad experience with Deawoo Bus

I went to Hyderbad from Karachi by bus. I went to "Daewoo" terminal near sohrab ghot, when I reached there I asked the reciption for a ticket at 3:00PM. He said you have to wait, our next bus will go at 4:00PM and he said you can come for a ticket at 3:45PM. When I went for the ticket at 3:45 he didn't give me the ticket and said all seats are reserved for now and you have to wait two more hours for next bus.

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I agree with you almost the same thing happened to me when I was going to Mingora, Swat from Peshawar.

I booked a ticket on my way but when I reached the terminal that bus has left at its scheduled time at 1330. So I inquired the reception and I was told that the next bus will leave at 1730. As I had family so instead of going by another bus, I opted for waiting.

Later someone told me that while waiting I should do the advance booking for the bus leaving at 1730, otherwise I might not be able to get ticket at exact time.

In such situation, I think the booking cleric should inform / recommend one to book for a ticket for the next bus.

Yes, that happens very commonly but NONE OF THE TRANSPORTERS RECOGNIZE THIS ISSUE.
May be some education by youngsters in form of pamphlets might help.

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