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Misbehave and wrong information provided to customers

Sir i belong from Fata my sister national ID card was expire . yesterday we vist nadra office rawapindi near murree road.when all process was complte then nadra administration just first told me you just bring old I'd card of ur mother or ur father or ur date I provide my mother old I'd card for verification and also I provide my service card.but after a some time a start other process mean for 2nd I'd card of my wife.and I ask some information about the procedure they guide me wrong when I complain against her then lady employe forward my sister case to other employe just for tessing me.but at night time I was bust with docter they call me u must bring ur father old I'd card otherwise ur sister card will be cancel without any reason anyway I come from docter clinic without treatment due to tention of nadra call but when I reach with farther old record in nadra office they forward my case to zonal commettee without any reason and told me you come after two days.rawapindi nadra employees not provide facilities to citizen they always provide wrong information to citizens and if any one complain against them then they forward ur I'd card issue to committees just for delay and just for tessing.I want head office must take action against such employees

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Fata people's also pakistani please provide facilities in other province.we are also human.but if any person belong from fata then he will face a lot problem in government departments.I request head office must take action against such employees who not deliver there duties thank you

My email correction

This is for NAdra office Lahore, (Shimla Pahari)

All these Staff people here are big liars, mislead and fool innocent people.

Here is the story:
My relative went to this Nadra office to apply for a regular New NIC, which was posted as free on the Nadra web site. The staff lady told (or lied) my relative that the regular card is Rs800 fee and Urgent is Rs 1500.
My relative again clearly mentioned that she want only regular card and not urgent, but the staff insisted that the fee is Rs800. My relative did not knew much so she paid Rs800 and got the receipt. (Even the regular smart card price is Rs400)

I could not believe when i saw the receipt:
The receipt clearly said , Smart / Urgent !!!!!!

Such big liars and misleaders......... They charged and fool people to pay for the Urgent/Smart card but tell the public that the price is for Regular Card.
These people are still doing this to the innocent public every day.

I went to talk to their manager but after being sent to 3 different desks i still could not talk to the manager, and could not find the manager after wasting so much time. Most dishonest service i had to witness.

Plus they make every one to go out and get photocopy of ID cards, from outside shop which might be a sideline business of these crooks (at double market rate), just to make more money out of the pockets of public, even though they have all the latest machines of copy/scan/print at every desk,
and the photocopy is for them to keep; its not that that public is asking them to give copies to them!

I hope someone can be more smart when they go and deal with crooks.

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