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My father name is Bashir Ahmed. Butt in B form its written Muhammad Bashir. Please that problem

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I, Reshma Bibi W/O Abdul Rehman Qureshi , Muslim, Adult , Holding C.N.I.C No. 42201-0314483-8, R/O Servant Quarter No.1, Masjid Quba, Block -14, Gulshan - e - Iqbal, karachi , do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under

1. that i am the deponent of this Application and fully conversant with the facts mentioned herein.

2. that my Father's Name is Mir Wali S/o Hidayatullah C.N.I.C No. 710-44-571658

3.that my mother's Name is Karim jan W/o Mir Wali C.N.I.C No 710-46-049934.

4. that both my father & Mother has been Expired Long Time Ago.

5.that my Husband Nmae is Abdul Rehman Qureshi S/o Mohmmad Hussain Qureshi is C.N.I.C No 42201-0747870-5.

6. that my real brother 's Name is Mohammad Bashir S/o Mir Wali, Holding C.N.I.C No. 42201-3622777-3

7.that in the record of Nadra my Father 's Name is mentioned as Beer wali ,which is Incorrect and the correct Name is Mir Wali.

8. that it is requested to Nadra to Feed Correct Name Of My Father In The Record Of Nadra As Mir Wali.

What so ever stated above is true and correct to the best of knowledge and Belief.

Thannks & Best
Reshma Bibi

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