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Sir Asalam-o-Alaykum

Almost 7 month ago my sister got job in Government New Fatima Jinnah High School Misri Shah. Situated in Lahore. When we want to draw her salary they asked her to opened an account in any bank. When we went to Habib Banb near in my house they ask me that your there is problem in your I.D Card please contact NADRA office. You could not open your account in any bank until you correct your I.D Card form NADRA Office. We worried about that and went to NADRA Office. They tell us that there are problem in your I.D card are your got two I.D card. We are very surprised and said not at all. But they said it is happen. Your I.D card duplicated with other one. The other duplicates are belongs to Ferozwala. Submit your application in our District Headquarter which is situated in Sarwar Road, Lahore. I submit my case dated 30-04-2012 refer No.2482. They said us that wait for roundabout one month. When I go there to enquiry about my I.D. Card they said that your case sent to Our Registration Branch situated in near P.T.V (Pakistan Tele Vision Network) near Shimla Pahari. When I go there and asked about my Application they said wait some one visit at your home and also visit your other duplicate. After one month nobody come to visit my house to enquired about my sister. Sir it is very pain full for us because during those months my sister not drawn her salary due to Wrong I.D card. Sir this is totally NADRA mistake. I went in those branches one in Sarwar Road and other one is near P.T.V but it is vain. After three month and many round in both offices some one call her to visit our office in Sarwar Road with your Original Documents. We reached at office with hope that my problem went to solved. Sir they check my hole documents and said me that wait we send your case in other duplicate. Our worker visits her also then we are able to correct your problem. After 2 months I again asked about my I.D card but they said us that there is no visit till in Ferozwala. If your are in hurry visit Ferozwala. I am again very surprised to here this because I have no mistake and why I was punished. When I went to Ferozwala. The person who visit the other applicant he said that me not visit because when who not come to us we are not visit any one. I went with the person in the house of other applicant. They are refused us to clear this problem because they are belong to a village and no body understand the problem that’s why those people not help us. After two day I went again Ferozwala again with my sister then they are ready to help us. I am very glad because I thing I have done my work. After this work we again back at Ferozwala NADRA Office they said us no problem I put up your case today you don’t worry about this it is my duty. Your case will be done after few days. I again went to Sarwar Road NADRA District Office which is round about 23 K.M far from my house. I asked them about my case they are refused to received my case. I again went in NADRA Office near P.T.V. They give me a reference no of my application and said that we send it to our NADRA District Office show them this no then they accept that we received this case. I again went in NADRA District office they are not received my case I m very upset and worried to watch this. After search of my help they are able to tell me that your case is not complete because our registration branch not sent us proper case. One of them call any one and say other one on phone give him reference non and said that please send this case again. They said me please come in Thursday dated 11-10-2012. I again visited in dated 11-10-2012 today but my case not reached at yet in NADRA Distrrict office now which is situated in Zrarr Shaheed Road, near Rangers Head Quarter which is far away form my house round about 26 Km.

Sir Please tell me in which way I correct my I.D Card from NADRA OFFICE. I am so tired. Please please please please help me for this matter.

My E-mail address is
Contact No. 0300-452341

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