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We applied about more than 2 months ago for a NICOP. The first time they sent us the card the name read Qamar Kainaat instead of Kainaat Qamar. We went to multiple NADRA offices for the correction for many conflicts. We had to reapply for the card again. The second time we received the card after 3 weeks of applying again the information on the card was all correct except for the name, the name read Ayesha Qamar instead of Kainaat Qamar, we went to the NADRA office at Commercial Market, and there database had all the correct information. Amar Bashir Butt at commercial market, representative of NADRA, we had multiple telephone conversation and he is a very rude, uncooperative, non-professional, and he is unaware of his job. He is the assistant manager, well that's what he claims to be. He told us that we would have to reapply for the card and it could take two months. The same office contacted NADRA and told us that it will only take a couple of days for reprinting on the same application, and that was correct. We received our card after 2 days.

We are planning on going for Umrah, 8 family members, and the only thing that is standing in our way is the NICOP card. We have been delayed 60 days for UMRAH just for this simple mistake that the NADRA says its a printing mistake. I have visited the NADRA office six times, and the head office twice. I paid 5000 pk rupees for urgent NICOP card so that we can go on UMRAH, and it took them more than 60 days to make one NICOP card.

If you want to contact me, you are more than welcome to call on my mobile. 03455722142

I have not seen this much unprofessional anywhere else other than the NADRA office at commercial market by Amar Bashir Butt.

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