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Massacre of Palestinians in GAZA

Why Israel using force and weapon against un-armed Palestinians in Gaza killing around 70 innocent people and wounded more than 1000 people does UNO have no power to stop this aggression and save lifes of Palestinians? Palestinians are also human beings and avoid step mother treatment with them.

More interesting to share I got news about Israel ambassador expelled from South Africa and Turkey on account of innocent Palestinians killing but very dis-appointment when Saudi Arab have no regret on killing of innocent Palestinians does they encourage Israel which is too shameful act.

This aggression from Israel continue to Palestinian people facing last 70 years of continue crimes and UNO is sleeping in this particular issue and normally speak where is USA interest or problem otherwise remain speechless and silent observer which consider the double standard of UNO.

This is duty of UNO to conduct impartial enquiry to know the facts why Israel killing & wounded innocent Palestinian? Does after UNO im-partial enquiry those who dead ( again re alive ) and wounded become ( healthy ) by black magic of UNO? Those who Palestinian lost life or wounded due to Isarel aggression get compensation from Isarel without any delay.

This is worst coward act from Israel to attack and killing innocent unarmed Palestinians which every human being must condemn and regret for this devil act. Arab World when awake from deep sleep and take notice of innocent Palestinian killing as they have no courage to united against Isarel which is also a shameful act.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

Silent Observer

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