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Invalidation of my reconfimed ticket

Recently. I had a rather nasty surprise at Islamabad airport when I was told at the check in counter that my reconfirmed ticket to Manchester uk did not exist I was charged an extra rs19730 for a y class ticket when there was loads of e class available i have the pia are not intrested to settle this can any one help thanks

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This at times is a regular practice to mint money, with all due respect, you seem to be a very straight-forward sort of a person. Why didn't you raise your voice at that time? I have been thru a similar situation a few years back, and I had the karachi airport shaken up. Still. I suggest you should write in dawn-letters to the editor, or let me ask a friend of mine since he is a pilot. Anyways, I hope these things don't happen in the future, and all we can do is hope for the best and pray the our country progresses in the right direction, and that we become more efficient in every possible way. Cheers!

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