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Confirmed Seats-Not Board

We Abdul Aziz, Amjad Ahmed & Malik Zameer Ahmed travelled from Islamabad to Karachi on 4th July, 11 at 0700 hours. by PK 365 ref. PNR. DANGCL on preallocated seats.

Our same e-ticket with confirmed seats from Karachi to Islamabad on 6th July, 11 at 1900 hours, we reached at Airport at 1800 hours and was in Que. Due to many flights and many peoples on each counter, we reached at counter at 6.30 exactly on our turn. The Official at counter number 7 received my tickets and returned, the flight closed told me. I told him our seats are confirmed and we are in Que from the last 30 minutes he asked me to go to supervisor. She (on duty) never listend our problem and left her seat and went to the Terminal Manager Room.

Somebody told me to contact with Supervisor Mr. Rind, who tried to consume time go here and there we are following him continously. The Flight status showing on information screen "Boarding" upto 1915 hours and flight left about at 1925 hours i.e. 55 min after its closed status.

Then we contacted to everyone in the Airport, everybody says we can't do anything. Two single ladies were also with us with same situation. We asked them she both are alone, you send them in the next flight and adjust us in flight PK 300 at 0700 hours on 7th July. We went to Terminal Reservation as well to Main Reservation Office. All said we don't have available seats upto 8th July at 2000 hours in different class. The same two ladies and one man travelled/adjusted in flight at 2230 hours on the same day.

We told them we don't have place to stay in Karachi we must need to travell to our homes.

AT 2300 HOURS. Mst. Shaheen Zehra taken charge on Reservation at Terminal, I told her situation, she told me you have to pay Rs.3000 per ticket and I will try to find seats. She worked on computer for more than hour and confirmed seats in PK-368 at 1000 hours on 7th July given us. We stayed 15 hours inside Aiport Terminal. Upon this help I must mention and request to Issue a appreciation Letter to Mst. Shaheen Zehra, she is very co-operative lady.

We found this experience that shown PIA staff, this bad impression of PIA staff dishearted us and think we will never prefer this service in future. Whereas we are paying extra payments than other airlines and receiving such kind of services.

I request you to probe this matter and Refund our Extra payment of Rs.9000/- paid against NOSHOW CHARGES whereas we reached on time and due to mismanagement of PIA staff the did not issue us Boarding Cards against confirmed and preallocated seats.

I hope I will find a positive result of this complaint.


Malik Zamir Ahmed
Contact No.0300-5102223

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