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Poor Service

Dear PIA.
I find myself with no alternative other than to register a complaint at the manner in which my flight from London Heathrow to Lahore on Sunday 3rd January 2010 materialised.

As a business passenger, I waited in the Lounge for some hours due to a delayed flight due to fog in Lahore.
By 20.35, I progressed to the Gate for Boarding.
At 21.10 we finally got to board the plane only to find we had to sit there for a further 45 minutes before ready for take off. As yet, no apology was given.
Once in flight I wanted to relax with a simple seat recline. This was not possible I found. The TV did not work either. Perhaps one hour into the flight it was announced that there was an electrics problem within the Business Cabin and we were not able to take any comforts. Again, a statement but no apology.
There was no free gift, no way of making us feel like we were Business Class Passengers, no offer of compensation for the dire way in which we were treated.To complete the miserable long flight, the service from the young cabin crew was nothing more than sub standard.
It is not often that I find cause to complain to such level, but this time after the money that has been paid towards this flight, I felt I have no alternative but to do so. The whole scenario has simply been appaling and not what I expect in Coach Class let alone Business Class.
Needles to say, the meeting I had to attend later that day did not go well as I was too stressed out and tired to concentrate. This is after all what travelling Business Class and the extra expendature is all about is it not?

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I couldn't agree more. PIA provides terrible service and its not surprising considering how over staffed it is!

PIA has tooo much poor services. They are failed to provide good services.
I suggest to every one that please dont use the services of PIA.

what choice do we have? the private airlines are even worse! but pia being the national airline should be better. Its not cheap either - they are charging good rates which are comparable to any international carrier. at those rates, the service must be better

I completely agree with the complaint regarding poor quality of service offered by PIA to its customers. I recently had an experience on PK-760 from Jeddah to Lahore on 29th Jan 2010. It was a relatively new aircraft, boeing 777. The inflight entertainment system was pathetic and was not working smoothly. the cabin temperature was very high and despite several requests to the crew to lower down the temperature, there was no action. infact me and my wife had to use the inflight magazine and the safety card as a handy fan to keep oursleves comfortable. I try my best to choose PIA, just because of the convenience of a direct flight, otherwise the level of service offered is pathetic.



i just want to tell people how PIA can cheat people if things go wrong,i book my ticket through their new but actually old to world means( internet booking ).while making that booking i used my bank card which was changed after week with another one by my bank which can happen to every person,and then by mistake i put my passport booklet number in passport number which is numerical and can be done by any body who is numerically not so good.
now try to understand how PIA can distroy ur plan by not letting u travel on the movement u think u will meet ur happy family without any ligitimate reason.
the staff on PIA counter in heathrow either never used card or they have very less knowledge of how banks work in civilised world.
the lack of ignorance,appiontment on the basis of favourism and incompetency leeds to appointment of staff on those position where they should not be,the result is that the person like me will never gona travel on PIA and this is the basic cause of the loss of PIA and shamefull for the people who run the company like this .
It is obvious in modern world the only ligitimate ID for to proof is Passport and Driving licence both was presented on the counter by me.
the lady on the counter wants to see only bank card that was use in transaction.
she even dont want to know the booklet number and the passport number is on the same page of a passport.
so a person with common sence will say the person who book the ticket for his own travel with his own bank card and bank account and his own passport in his hand should be let travel without any reason.This is shamefull for PIA and their management and the airport counter staff at heathrow that cant work out these simple things.i strongly believe that the PIA counter staff at heathrow is not to help somebody but to create problem for pessengers.
i strongly suggest that u should use professional services like katar airways ,eithad or any other airline but not PIA its an appeal on the basis of personnel experience which i already present in front of u.

thanks PAKISTAN ZINDABAD pia murdabad

U r totally right but there was some mistake by ones self too, we must openly accept our mistakes. GOD bless U

I agree with all of you.

hi PIA
I am not agree about this complaint .yea i accepted litter bit of staff is not doing gud jod ...but PIA GILGIT airport staff is very careing n loving staff ..2 days ago i am in gilgit airport n i loss my ticket .i knw this is my mistake but i inform to employee of PIA .i dont knw he is concern abt ticketing just i see his wearing he is wareing in PIA unifrom .i m tell to him ..he solve my problem ..n he get new ticket for me at a time..then i say to him .sir r u counter incharegr than he replied me than he tell me i am PIA engineer in gilgit airport .,then i thanks to him his name is MARGHOOB ALI OFFICER ENGINEER GILGIT AIRPORT...mr marghoob says i know ticketing is not my part of job but as a emplyee of PIA .its my responsibility....
i really thanks to Mr. Marghoob Ali he really doing a great job for PIA


sir plz request for u
mujee haj say ayee hoyee two months ho gaye hay mera saman nin milla aur jo bag milaa hay us may kafi saman nin hay may app pia walyoo say request kertha hoo keh app meri is application per ghor keryee aur meri help keryee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz request for u thanks
kamran yasin cell no-0333-8282870

Once again PIA came out with a adventure tour for its loyal customers which comes as no surprise for them...A flight scheduled from Karachi to Peshawar on Friday 16th September, 2011 at 1845 hrs is suddenly cancelled and the largest airline of Pakistan comes out with a backup plan. Now what was it???

Sher Afgan one of the passengers traveling in that plane explains that " I received a call from PIA just when i was about to leave for airport that the flight has been cancelled and that you are going to Islamabad instead of Peshawar and from their our worthy road transport service would carry you to Peshawar. The plane was scheduled at 2300 hrs but got airborne with 2 hours delay and landed at Islamabad at 0230 hrs the following day. And unexpectedly no PIA staff at the airport was available to assist the poor customers. The only staff available were the drivers of the buses that were just very well tuned by PIA into receptive mode. Did i forget to mention the non-aircondtioned, non-spacious buses with no space to fill in the heavy luggage even. The loyalist drivers further in complete obedience of their bosses drove the buses on GT Road instead of using Motorway as they were doing everything what they were told to. Finally i reached home at 0700 hrs making it more than 11 hours from the time i was originally supposed to reach making me one of "Great people to fly with PIA"

I came to know through some PIA source that the aircraft planned from Khi to Pew originally had a bird hit and thus was down. However, PIA had Jumbo aircraft available as the replacement but that could not land at Peshawar airport whereas we see Emirates and Saudi Airlines Jumbos landing at Peshawar but PIA Jumbo cant land there."

So PIA also following the principles of Jungle Qanoon being runned in this country where the only ones to suffer are the poor nation.

Can PIA justify the inconvenience, troubles, problems, etc it caused its customers????

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