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To Windup the PIA Airline

Last night i send my family pakistan via karachi bahawalpur pia employee behave are not good they dont know how to tolk anyhow we are not recieve our luguage in bahawalpur pia employee was tell a lie this is second time only for pia is delaying other airlines are good fare is reasonable behavier is good so i recmend to wind up the pia.because last nigt one pia employee in jeddah saudi arabia to much misbehave in my wife he is the bullshit please wind up and resign thopse people are bullshit are currupt

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Once again PIA came out with a adventure tour for its loyal customers which comes as no surprise for them...A flight scheduled from Karachi to Peshawar on Friday 16th September, 2011 at 1845 hrs is suddenly cancelled and the largest airline of Pakistan comes out with a backup plan. Now what was it???

Sher Afgan one of the passengers traveling in that plane explains that " I received a call from PIA just when i was about to leave for airport that the flight has been cancelled and that you are going to Islamabad instead of Peshawar and from their our worthy road transport service would carry you to Peshawar. The plane was scheduled at 2300 hrs but got airborne with 2 hours delay and landed at Islamabad at 0230 hrs the following day. And unexpectedly no PIA staff at the airport was available to assist the poor customers. The only staff available were the drivers of the buses that were just very well tuned by PIA into receptive mode. Did i forget to mention the non-aircondtioned, non-spacious buses with no space to fill in the heavy luggage even. The loyalist drivers further in complete obedience of their bosses drove the buses on GT Road instead of using Motorway as they were doing everything what they were told to. Finally i reached home at 0700 hrs making it more than 11 hours from the time i was originally supposed to reach making me one of "Great people to fly with PIA"

I came to know through some PIA source that the aircraft planned from Khi to Pew originally had a bird hit and thus was down. However, PIA had Jumbo aircraft available as the replacement but that could not land at Peshawar airport whereas we see Emirates and Saudi Airlines Jumbos landing at Peshawar but PIA Jumbo cant land there."

So PIA also following the principles of Jungle Qanoon being runned in this country where the only ones to suffer are the poor nation.

Can PIA justify the inconvenience, troubles, problems, etc it caused its customers????

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