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Bad Customer Service

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am sorry to inform you but I am a victim of horrible customer service at the hands of Pizza Hut Delivery hotline. I placed an order at about 7:50 p.m. today (27/04/2011) and only a minute after I put down the phone, I realised I had accidentally ordered the wrong deal. I immediately called to rectify my error, only to be told that it was not possible by a rather ill-tempered employee. There was no price difference between the two deals, it was a mere change of details. I asked him for the telephone number of the branch where my order was forwarded to, and this was the North Nazimabad branch in my case. The manager there was well aware of my just placed order bur refused to change it despite my many requests.

Now I am at a loss. How can a worldwide chain like Pizza Hut have no respect for customer service? Its competitors like KFC are very helpful and flexible with orders and understand that humans are capable of making mistakes. If I, as a customer, have even overlooked finding an odd hair or two in my pizza at the Clifton branch of Pizza Hut, how can Pizza Hut even deny me decent customer service?

I really hope you find a means to better your services otherwise sooner or later, a bad reputation will be your undoing.

With Best Regards,
A very disappointed customer.

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Pizza Hut Management was very nice to get back to me promptly and apologized. I hope it doesn't ever happen again!

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