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bad customer service & not helping customer

on may 31st we ordered a pizza from pizza hut,when I ordered it I told the girl on the phone to make sure not to cut my pizzas.she said it was not a problem she put it in the computer 3 times not to cut it.When my son picked up the pizzas without looking he brought the boxes home and we checked and they were cut.we don't eat pork so i didn't want them to use the same cutter.this is not the first time they did that they do that every time i order from there.when you go back there to return them everybody has such bad attitude like I did something wrong.Because of your staff we have not eaten there in a matter what manger comes to this pizza hut they always do that.They are very rude,mean people working in that pizza hut place. I told the manager i needed her name and address to the place she went in the back and didn't come back for about 10 minutes and when she finally did she didnt have a address,phone number and she changed her name badge.

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Nina which outlet/city

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