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Bad deals

Some interesting facts about the deals:
1. Midnight deals contain 50% less toppings than the normal pizza, hense the customer gets the raw end of the deal

2. Pan pizza deal is same throughout the year (even during Ramzan)

3. Realistically, no one can eat more than 1 large pizza - so the "eat all you can" deal for the amount stated is more than the price of the large pizza hense, another RAW DEAL

4. Salad quality has dropped - the dont have a standard fixed salad ingredients and 60% of all salad consists of plain cabbage. Maximum cost of salad one would eat would not go any higher than Rupees 30/=..Do a market calculation on price of vegetables and you will know. .

5. Pizza Crust is of very inferior quality. Better pizzas available at Pizza Experts, Pizza Kinng and Pizza Supremo (A must-try)

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Totally Agreed.
This restaurant sucks and I had to switch permanently at last.
I just noticed that their amount of toppings fell amazingly. I had to add extra toppings every time.

And we really have very good Pizza restaurants, rather to go with this one.

Mr. Aggrieved, hey good to meet you here. At last we found some thing we can both agree on ...LoL:) Yes as a matter of fact, we do have some excellent pizza restaurants. Pizza Hut is basically a commercial pizza and in that sense, its fine since there are some people who have developed the taste for it...surprisingly!!! However, they mess up on service standards, and loose market share. No one appreciates not getting true value for money - Pizza Next and Experts are pushing hard to get that share. Credit goes to one individual Mr. Zahid Rashid an ex Pizza Hut employee who had a great vision, worked hard and achieved it. Hats off to you Rashd if you are reading this post. :) Personally I prefer the good ol fashioned style Pizza which very few can master. Pizza Experts thin pan is my personal favorite and another is Pizza Supremo...cant remember which one but it had wild herb sauce on it. I've been asked to assist with some consultancy on this so will attempt to give it a try. Pls keep those comments going. Cheers!!

hey jude, i fully agree in terms of deals i think no pizza chain comes close to pizza experts. for rs. 300, you can buy 21 coupons and each of the coupon can get you a buy one get one free deal. and great tastes too specially chicken alsase, mexicana.

pizza huts service quality is coming down as well. ive had cases of delayed deliveries with the. there was a time pizza hut was the best in termsof service but that has changed

WOW!! 300/= for a coupon? and you get 21 coupons with a buy one get one free deal. That means the coupons are worth at least 4000/- bucks in terms of value for money. Not a bad idea at all. A friend has asked me to help him jump start his small pizza business that has been suffering a bit. So i'm going to give it a shot. Its a small outlet on Phase 1 near Caltex (QT) and Paradise stores called Pizza Supremo. I will suggest similar campaigns to him - bit for now, will be working on boosting up his business. Will need all the suggestions and comments.

yeah basically for rs. 300 you get 21 coupons together in the form of a card. and then you can use those coupons as required. so if you order one pizza then using one copon you get a free pizza. using 2 copons you can convert 2 pizzas to 4. and so on. will try out supremo sometime i think the most important thing is taste then service and then good atractive deals. try to promote buy one get one free on sunday afternoons like subway did initially...

Glad to have you here Jude (and even gladder that at last we are on same sides-lol).
Does anyone here knows in how many cities Pizza Experts operates? I couldn't find them in my city and even their website wasn't working. I hope they invest in my city too.

And anyone here, visited Dominos Pizza? How are they like? It seems like they arn't interested in going beyond Karachi and Lahore.

Jude I am with Pizza Hut, a very loyal customer. :) ....
but Mr. Khalil still rocks ....


@ Arif: I think you need to take up this issue with Mr. JA in your personal time. No one is interested in your personal issues. You don't sound too professional in this business.

@ Jude, well noted, but try to control the abuse. It's still online and you may want to maintain your respect where others have failed. Just a suggestion for you both!! Cheers!!!!

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The BoltaConsumer Team

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This forum is to share information which is of interest to consumers in general. Getting back to individuals to set personal scores is the last thing that would be allowed here.

when we talk about the pizza
Thear is only one pizza who has using fresh indrigrants and a good tast that is united king's pizza.The price of that pizza is much cheaper when we compair to the other one
the large pizza price is only 394 .
so taste it i think you will enjoy alot

Pizza hut should improve quality service and good reasonable prizes. and deals.

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