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different chocolate brownie on each order

I placed an order of chocolate brownies from IIC Road Pizza Hut and it was a delicious as it could be from Invoice # 0050052 where as I got entirely different chocolate brownies on Invoice # 0011567 from Gulshan-e-Iqbal University Road branch.

On enquiry, I was told the chocolate brownie tend to be DRY and not as liquidi & saucy as I was asking for.

Well, the black sponge cake sent to me on name of BROWNIES were so hard & not fresh at all, that I could break someone's head with it.

On 23rd of October, I was told from the same branch, that sorry ma'a, we do not have chocolate brownies and we are short of it, after which I had to order apple pie & mcflurry. and on 25th I think they went to get it from a local shop near by and send me the same.

Gosh! if that's what they have done then I wonder where Pizza Hut is standing in terms of customer service & quality of food.


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that's surprising! I would not have expected that from pizza hut.

Well, the good part was that I got a call from the Area Manager of Pizza Hut Mr. Naveed and the wise guy sorted out the situation very efficiently.

Pizza Hut has delivered me the chocolate a'la mode (chocolate fantasy) and compensated & resolved the issue.

I must say at the end of the whole experience that issues arise in bigger companies as well its just the way how instantly & effectively you resolve the complaints & sustain your customers!


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