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Poor Service and Chaos

After opening of MAKRO stargate branch, I tried to reduce frequent shopping visits to Naheed. but my overall experience was not satisfactory, in spite of such a giant investment, I can not compare it with Naheed Super Market. Naheed is so organized, items are placed at its best possible location, finding related things is as easy as it should be, but in MAKRO I felt chaos everywhere, I could not find the few basic items. like Meiji FMT baby milk, shoe polish brush etc.

Further when I reached to the electronics item stall, the guys could not explain the basic specs for what they were supposed to stand :). I felt they were not well trained for their job, I would recommend that they should read "Marketing Ethics for Dummies".

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I agree.

Yes I do agree, in addition to chaos, I'd must say, the prices are also really high than the local shops

I agree especially with the point that items are not placed in an organized way.

I also agree and whenever i went to Makro i found high prices compare to any other super store

I would like to share my comments on teh pricing. This is very much applicable to MAKRO and is also valid for a vast number of stores liek d-mart, chase, and imtiaz.
Some items are cheaper and some items are way too expensive as compared to the rates they are sold at other stores. So consumers need to beware of the prices and compare them with other stores. I would recommend to go for the items that are cheaper at a particular store so that you reap the best deal out of all stores out there. If Milk cartons are cheaper at makro then the horlicks pack si around 30 or 40% higher than market.

I agreed!

I have visited Makro (saddar, karachi) many times, usually prices are not updated and/or missing on racks, if prices are going down, there is no effect on makro for a long time but if prices are going up, they are charged (not updated on items/racks) immediately. Typical Habib group.

It all emanates from the management,...which to my knowledge is very unprofessional and disorganized....

I agree 100% on this that Makro is by far the worst when it comes to professional service. It starts from Top Management because they are least concerned about the ground realities of the retailing business. They lack professionals, they lack experience and are overall very very stupid. They messed up and delayed all my work and I had to face many problems from start (brand selection) right up till packaging and shipping. It was horrible.

100% agreed. and yes, the prices are really high for some daily products also. like Olpers carton for 1Kg packings. I buy one every week from my local shop for Rs.610 and the same carton costs Rs.640 in Makro.

What I realize is they play with the locality and our habits. When I go to Makro, I like things. I even buy several thing for which I wasn't supposed to be there... thats the main factor considered for a Super Mart business.

I do not agree to what he said about macro and camparing naheed store with macro. First of all you cannot compare naheed store to macro in any capacity. Twice I went to naheed store and found it to be in utter chaos. its like a fish market. you can hardly move around unlike macro where you may roam around freely and it is very very spacious with almost everything available.
The electronic items are checked up front before you take them home. Does this happen at naheed. Answer no. Also every department has a semi expert in that field or supervisor. If you call someone from the meat section to explain what type of TV is good or bad, he can give you an opinion but not an expert opinion. So wait until the concerned person is available, then he/she will be able to address the problem.
I shop there regularly and found the staff to be courteous.
Hey guys this was my honest opinion. If you differ from it, you have a right.
Best Regards

I agree, the most annoying part is started about day before yesterday when I visited MAKRO to purchase an ACs for our office and the guard told us that you can not proceed ahead if you have not family or MAKRO card.

The most funniest part is that, to shop makro now you just need to come up with family first and then you have to shop for a big amount so that you could qualify for MAKRO card, and then you can follow up your next visits.

I have purchased severals of electronic items too, and if MAKRO has meatsmith at electronic items, then sorry dear, I am speechless :)

Mr. Taimur has already commented that Naheed or MAKRO can not be compared with the investment, but these super stores should be organized, the staff should be well trained to satisfy customers. unfortunately MAKRO lacks in these things.

MAKRO items are much much expensive than Naheed items, Food quality is miserable specially the baked stuff.

I can't understand is MAKRO an entertainment park, because I could seen the come with family restriction only at amusement parks :)

Damn pathetic, but MAKRO has the right to set its policy and we can not argue with their policy but at the least we can comment on it, and stop shopping from there

I totally disagree with Saleem Yar.

1st. I don't have a macro card and i got a refrigrator from Macro close to airport. ( and by the way does it take time to fill out form. It takes less time then what Mr. Saleem took to write his complaint about macro.)

2nd. I don't have a family and I am single yet I got the Fridge.

3rd. When I was referring to the meat person did i say that he is available in the electronic section. No I was inferring to the fact that not everyone knows about everything Only the person who is assigned to that section has knowhow. Please read my earlier comment. Don't rush to judge

4th some macro items may be expensive than naheed but remember its a wholesale centre not a convenience store like naheed. overall my experience at naheed has not been good as far as prices are concerned.

Mr. Saleem yar if you want to we will go together to these two places and compare prices, admittance policy and I will make sure neither of us carry any macro card and get you an ac.:) how is that for being courteous. I am free on coming sunday.

ps: I do not work for macro :)

Now try to go at MAKRO without family and MAKRO card, the policy is changed, you need to update your information :)

I suggest Mr Saleem and Mr sardar go out this Sunday and get the ac for Mr Saleem! afterall, sardar has extended a very generous offer! :)

Gus stop agrguing!! I was at Makro Saddar yesterday. I have a Makro green card. But nobody stopped me and I didnt have to show it. I have purchased stuff ranging from Rs. 100/= and used my card right up till Rs. 360,000/= and I have the bills to prove it too. They punched out the transactions on my card dudes. Thats not the real issue. The main problem is the lack of professional management people to assist with huge orders like mine. Also the lack of responsibility: I was there a day before to select certain brands yet, the next day, they still had questions about what I required which angered me. In past, Ive purchased from Agha's - They are similarly priced: trust me. But they peple are more professional when it comes to following instructions.

"Gus stop arguing" isn't it funny? I think the consumer always seek for his requirements, some people look for the services, for some price does matter, for some quality does matter, its the forum where everyone has the right to speak his experience, I agree with Taimur and Saleem as it had happened with my friend when he reached to the MAKRO store star gate yesterday. There are chances that at MAKRO may have different policies with respect to outlets :)

Worst Quality of VEGES and FRUITS... Even the treatment the staff gives to a consumer is as they are offering products for free

Also Agreed when u get free from counters and needs to buy shopping bags...

1st Visit and i will never go!

i dont agree you all are saying wrong because Makro and Metro is the concept of Wholesale Market not for End user but if Makro and Metro is giving best rates product with best services than wht is wrong here and i think we all are the followers of Sheep hurd no body knows the concept of both the chains and i cant measure the level of people thinking in pakistan because why we always think negative

Look at the Bright side and please think about out of the box it is request to all of you and this tis the oppertunity for all to appriciate those peoples whihc they are coming with huge invesment in Pakistan and giving the employment oppertunity to the people

i want to tell all agreed readers...that metro and makro...has appointed a team...ks and kiran and jude alah..they all are all can see .this plz metro...
they will come on this forum with different names......and they will always try to misguide the people....and jude kiran and ks....are the vulgar champions.
so you people keep in mind that they are the staff..and plz click on metro to read... this site has provided a best support to the consumers...

yah....nasir you are right.......for metro compaints these 3 and here for makro complaints these are 3...and they change the names...but because of their vulgar style they are recognized on every forum....
against metro a racist doing degrade the children of Pakistan....many readers wrote the comments (you can see on metro) and these three were trying to defend metro...and when they failed..they become vulgar...and they are doing same for makro....and i m they will change names.
thanks to all

hahahaha yea we work for Metro and we work for Lays chips fact, Metro and Lays are now considering a joint venture so they can use the abilities of our 3 genius minds to execute our evil plans and take over the whole world *laughs like Dr. Evil* bbooohhhaaaa booohhhaa!!! watch out you guys going to steal ur ..mojo. Lol :)

two of Makro outlets in Karachi, Both invoices are for same day however the product sold

@ MAKRO Manghopir Store is : Rs 72.41 with amount of sales tax (GST 16%) 11.59 Total Price 84.00/-

@ MAKRO Saddar Store is : Rs 116.41 with amount of sales tax (GST 16%) 18.63 Total Price 135.04/-

26 Jan 2012, at Manghopir outlet Artical # 50809 bought by a customer in Rs 84/- (250 boxes) sold at net price of Rs 84.00.

26 Jan 2012, I assume that its the best price available at Saddar outlet and find the same article No 50809 LU PRICEHOCSTIX BAR PACK 25G x 12 in Price 84.00, Qt 33 available., please note the retail price of this product is RS 144.00/-

However at the cash counter Mr. Rizwan cease me to buy this product in offered price and argue that do I wanna buy this product for shop of office?, I told him that I would like to buy this for my outlet, I get shunt as suddenly he changed the price to Rs 135.00 while at display the price was at discounted price Rs 84.00. (Attached evidence).

After details discussion with Mr. Danish SSO of dry fruit and inform the details to Mr. Farhan the dry stock Manager at Saddar outlet they refuse to give this product in the price taged at display. (Attached)

Its a Mistake or TAX Evasion at same two different MAKRO OUTLETS are selling same items with different prices?

I just wanna know that The Tax Evasion is being kept in pocket or paid to government, Please explain?

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