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Black Marketing of Petrol

Dear Sir,
It is stated that the applicant is a respectable citizen of Pakistan and working as a Lecturer in a renowned institution at Lahore. today morning the applicant has to refill his vehicle but there was a great rush of people on every petrol pump. The applicant was told that PSO Shalimar Link Road, Mughalpura is supplying the petrol so the applicant rushed there. Though the Government has decreased the price of petrol but the above said pump was selling the petrol @80 Rs per Liter. The applicant tried to approach the Manager of the Pupm who is a rude and impudent type man. He instead of realizing his corruption started threatening the applicant that the said petrol pump is being run under patronage of Police Dept. He threatened the applicant that if the latter dares to make noise he will be arrested in some fake case. A rascal type man was also called by him pretending to be police officer. He tried to coax and bully with applicant, but when applicant tried to call his students to sift out the truth by inviting Media, the Fake police officer vanished quickly and the Old man ( Manager) also left the office and black marketing was stopped for the moment.

Keeping in view the interest of your organization, the applicant being responsible citizen of the country feels duty bound to bring the matter in your notice for appropriate action at your end.

Kindest Regards,
Akbar Ali Sajid

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