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Dear All,

PTCL number 04236520382

I am facing wifi signal problem. We are not able to talk on whatsapps & other internet activities because signal not comes properly, some time low, high and some times disconnecting problem appear. I am facing this problem from last 5 or 6 months. Check my complain date from complain history.

I am paying PTCL bill Rs 2100 +. After this i am in very panic position. Because internet cable is available In every street on low cost.

I am receiving lot of calls from PTCL 1218, but my problem still stand.

Complain history dates
22-04-2018 complain # 92

Kindly resolve my complain ASAP also note I am not interested to buy new wifi module so repair my old wifi module.
Best Regards,

Aamir burney

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