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PTCL Broadband WiFi is a Rubbish

My dear friends,
PTCL Broadband has recently introduced a WiFi router connection. They are charging 200 extra per month for that Router, HOW FUNNY!!! All you have to do is purchase a WiFi router from Local computer shop of any brand (CISCO Linksys, Belikan, TP Link etc...) and Give it your DSL connection to it in the internet port behind. and Set your Gateway the IP oof that router in your connection settings.
Thats simple. The Router PTCL is providing has not enough range to cover a double storey house and the CISCO router is covering my 3 storey building as well as the street (area infront of my house)

the CISCO Router costs around 4500/- only

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O Bhai jan Kyun Tansion Me Ho Listen If u Dont Like This Service So Dont Shout be Positive there Is No Reason Ok

And By the Way Ptcl Lunch Wi-Max With Better Quaility Compair With Old Modems Like Sheroo And Smart AxMt880 &MT882 There Are So Many Problems Like Area Distance Issues And Line Issues But Wi-MAX Device Solve These Issues Okkk So Shut Up
if u Affort Then Use It If u Dont Plzzz Shut Up And use Dialup or Connect LAN Dont mind han I Love Internet and Ptcl Service

Waittttt 1 bat Or PTCl Wimax Device Is Freeeeee Ok So Shut Up Again

200 Charger Included
Normal Pakage 1399 Rs
Ptcl Employes 715 Rs
Student Pakager 935 Rs

mera ak question ha iss ka bill kee payment kasa hogee or installation hum khud karsaktay hain

My Dear Sister PTCL Wi-Max is using ZTE or HAWAI WiFi Modems. Theese modems can not compete CISCO LINKSYS. NEver Ever. Theese are internatiionally recognised and trend setters. Aye Samajh! one more thing, MT882 etc... jo ap nay mention kia hay woh Wi-Fi Modems nahi hain for your kind information. WiFi Modem kay 200Rs extra charges hain. Please be informed. PTCL say thaki hue service apko kahin nahi milay ge.

Ayenda isteran say bat kernay ki koshish na kije ga OK! SHUT UP??


Wi-Max is using ZTE or HAWAI WiFi Modems. Theese modems can not compete CISCO LINKSYS. NEver Ever. Theese are internatiionally recognised and trend setters. Aye Samajh! one more thing, MT882 etc... jo ap nay mention kia hay woh Wi-Fi Modems nahi hain for your kind information. WiFi Modem kay 200Rs extra charges hain. Please be informed. PTCL say thaki hue service apko kahin nahi milay ge.


SORRY NAUREEN, I have read the wrong post by your name. That reply is not for you It is for Salman Rajper. PTCL TELEPHONE BILL main Internet k charges include hotay hain. Take Care


SALMAN BHAI AFFORD KER SAKTA HOON IS LIYE 45,000/- ki dedicated line use ker raha hoon. I have right to Protest! Don't be personal. Jin Modems ka pa nay ziker kia hay wo Wi-Fi Modems nahi hain aur distance ka jahan taqk taluq hay to nortmal wire communication 100meters tak with attenuation ho jati hay. so this argument is use less keh distance issues! Wired communication is waqt bhe sub say reliable communication hay. WiFi networks adhoc hotay hain. Atleast study befiore speak.

I have 13 certifications in Network studies. so be careful. and watch your language.

Its ok but mera question ka reply tu karhain agar kesee ka ghar ma ptcl line na ho tu or keya iss ke installation hum khud karsakatay ya ptcl walon ka koi person akay karay ga

Well Dear Sister,
PTCL Broadband k liye PTCL LAND LINE TELEPHONE hona LAZMI hay. Pehlay phone lugwa lain aur PTCL BROADBAND kay liye 080080800 per call ker k phone number batayen aur order book kerwa lain. 1 week main Broadband lug jata hay. iskay baad jub apka monthly bill aye ga us main BROADBAND kay charges included hongay. Category main mention hotay hain.

Ager phone line nahi hay to aap PTCL EVO purchase ker saktay hain. mager woh Broadband say Expensive hay.

Broadband 1Mbps = 1200/month (normal package)
Broadband 1Mbps = 8500/month (student package)
PTCL EVO 3.1Mbps = 2000/month

ya tu phir problem hogayee but or be company wifi boardband da rahee hain karachi ma i will go there, tell me downloading theeek hotii ha or speed pori atee ha agar 1MB wala lon mean drop tu nahe hotee

or muja kese na bataya ha ka ya speed is tarah hotee ha

Service kisi bhi compnay ki ho rules ek hi hote hain
256 kbps per downloading 20/30 KB
512 kbps per downloading 40/60 KB
1 MB Per downloading 65/115 KB
is he right

or ma na ap sa PTCL WiFi ka pocha tha uss ma telephone line kee zaroorat tori hotee ha bec wo tu wireless ha

PTCL WiFi is a ROUTER mager Internet to Phone Line per hi ata hay. Phone line say Internet Service ati hay aur us say WiFi Router connect hota hay. Basically wo Brodband Internet hi hay. WiFi to connectivity medium hay.

Speed k baray main apki knowledge sahi hay.

PTCL EVO is true wireless Broadband No Telephone required.

Tell me agar mera pass 512 Kbps wala pacakage ha tu 1 MB kee file kitni dar ma download hogee

It will take 10-15 Minutes.... to download 1MB File over 512Kbps Internet.

Bhai tu faida keya houa mera pass jo 56 kbps modem ha wo bee itni hee time ma 1 MB kee file download kardtee ha Cyber net ka accout ha mera pass

56Kbps apka Modem Transfer Rate hay, but api dialup line slow hote hay.
PTCL aur doosray service providers SHARED INTERNET BANDWIDTH provide kertay hain jo number of users main share hote hay is liye slow performance ati hay downloading main. Ager dedicated solution lia jaye to woh bohot expensive hay mager speed accurate ati hay. 1MB filr 2-3 minutes main download ho jati hay. DSL transmission main LOSSES kum hotay hain. World Call is waqt sub say behter dowenloading speed deta hay.

bohat expensive wala kon sa option ha

DEDICATED INTERNET bohot expensive hay. 25,000 - 50,000 per month

muja total 8-9 GB ka data download karna ha ab agar 512 wala package leya tu bohat time lag ja ga koi solution

Jub bhe Downloading kerni ho to Rat ko Laga ker so jayen. Rat main Download speed behter milti hay (Late night). Wese downloading k liye TORRENT use keren aur Torrent.

File 8-9 GB kee nahe ha balkay koi 300 MB koi 150 MB etc etc Torrent keya ha

TORRENT is a File which will retrtieve data from different sources.

IF you want to download some file say 'office 2007' you just
type office 2007 torrent in google. you will get some results. the download torrent file from anyu of theese sources. The torretn file will open in BitTorrent, uTorrent or FlashGet

For u kindly information Fasih sahab mene koi Ghalat bat nhi ke So Shut up and Listen Ur Complain is Totally Wrong hai Bcoz CompanY sare users ko kush to Nhi Kar Sakte na Pagal ke Batche Dekhoo Ptcl ke Service(Wifi) Jo ke App ke Mutabil Bekar hai lakin Bohat Sare Offices me Ye Services Kamyab hai mere Office Me Bhe PTCL Winmax ha So Please App Apna ye Topic He Delete Kar Do PTCl Rocks Jani Mere Agar ham Log Thora sa Dehan Den Apni Connection Par To Ve Get 100% Speed
Wo ase ke Apni Wire Change karwaye Agar Problem hia To Waran nhi
Apna pair Change Karwayen (In Case Of Slow Downloading And DC)
Or Port Setting jo ke Exchange Se hote hia Or han For Ur Kindly Information Torrent ke Lye Srif ( BitTorrent, uTorrent or FlashGet ) Nhi hai Bohat Sare hain koi Beh Chale ga Its not Compulsory

if u Want to Know About Torrent Then kindly Go to this Page Bcoz

(TORRENT is a File which will retrtieve data from different sources. ) This Definition is Totally Wrong Koi Data Weta Retrive nhi hotA

mane Kab kaha MT880/Mt882 SmartAx Wifi hain So Shut up Again
Mene Kahan tah ke Ptcl louche New Wifi Router Just get it Ok Please Mind It
Or han AN1020-25 Ptcl modem is Wifi And Wif And Also Wif Or han Wifi hai Haan Sun Wifi hai yee Or Han Janab Agar App ke Pass koi Reason nhi koi Right nhi Ptcl Modems ke Burai Karne ka Bcoz u have DEDICATED hai So App Kyun Pereshan ho Just Enjoy babayyyyy

Syed Fasih i Got u
App ka Kon hia Service Provider Plzz kindy bataye ga Lagta hai App jhut Bol Rhe ho May be i am Wrong Plzz Prove It Thxx And Shut Up Again
Mera Maksad kisi ke Dil ke Dhagian urane nhi bilke logon ko Reality batana hia Logon ko Bevakof babane Wale Bohat hai jese Syed Fasih Sahab Shut up Man
Plese Apna Net Chalaye Kisi ko bewakof na banayee Plzzz Thx Watch my Video Jo mene 6 Months Pehel banaye hai Or Aj Bhe Wese He Chal Rha Hai mera NEt

Mr. Salman Rajper, I am using NETSOL and WATEEN. Secondly I dont want to talk to MANNER LESS PEOPLE LIKE YOU so keep your shut up for your self.
YEH DNS SETTINGS BACHON KA KAAM HAY. I DID THEESE THINGS ALREADY. IT HAS OF NO USE. PTCL Without Information DNS change bhe ker chukay hain. Another bullshit story about PTCL.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....

Mere bhai be a meture guy..... Take Care
Apnay Modem ki research to ghalat ki the ab kya new laye hain? Apko WiFi modems aur normal modems k difference ka to pata hi nahi hay aur mujhe say itni behuda tareqya say bat ker rahay hain. PTCL IS A RUBBISH AND COMPAY OF BASTARDS

I Invite you to my office.. Shayad apko yaqeen ajaye. Please come to my office at DHORAJEE COLONY near Agha Khan...


Brother, Downloaders kay baray main pehlay perh ker aye then baat kije. Downloaders PArallel Mirror connection banatay hain. Speed commulate ker k show kertay hain. Bandwitdh suck kerna isna primary goal hota hay. Normal downlpad say speed measure ki jati hay...


Beta jani App ka ye Form koi mayne nhi Rakhta Fro ur Kindly Information Mene Abhe Tak Different Between Normal Router And Wifi-Router ke Bat nhi ke So Shut Up Again Hahah And Liten App ke Pass jo Connection hai App us ke Problem Dissuss Karen Ok So Shut Up Again Why u Always Talking About PTCl GO To Hell
WAteen is Bad Service Like Shit Or han Wateen ke Service Karachi ke 35% Percents Area me Chalte hai Or PTCl 100% Ares ma Ap ja Ke WAteen Walon Se Pouch Lo Who Are Employs Of WAteen Bad Compant And by the Way App ko Kuch Nhi Pata Downloding ke Bare me

Or han Mr:FAKE
Delete This Topic
Or Aik Bat Or mere Video me Srif Aik Bat Dekhaye gey hai Or Wo hai 1 MB Connection ke Performance So Shut up Again Mr:FAKE
WE LOVE PTCL Wateen ke Bare me sab Jante hain So What Should i Say

i am Using my DSl at my Home Not in Office Ok Or MAX.Users Apna Net Home me use Karte hain So Shut Up Mr:FAKE APp ko dono Net Services Mubarak Ho Ptcl is Best App ka Net Bhe Best Okk khush Mera Area Malir Colony ke Last me Ata hi Jahan Koi Service Ache nhi halte han Lakin Mobilink Infinity i Also Best Wateen ke To Bat na Karo Or World Call is Going Down
lakin Ptcl is Best par mere pass Connection Itna Acha Nhi Chalta Tha lakin mene Kam Karwaya hai Apni Line Par Phr Kia PTCL is Best 100% Speed Day And Night Still 125 Kbps

i am Using my DSl at my Home Not in Office Ok Or MAX.Users Apna Net Home me use Karte hain So Shut Up Mr:FAKE APp ko dono Net Services Mubarak Ho Ptcl is Best App ka Net Bhe Best Okk khush Mera Area Malir Colony ke Last me Ata hi Jahan Koi Service Ache nhi halte han Lakin Mobilink Infinity i Also Best Wateen ke To Bat na Karo Or World Call is Going Down
lakin Ptcl is Best par mere pass Connection Itna Acha Nhi Chalta Tha lakin mene Kam Karwaya hai Apni Line Par Phr Kia PTCL is Best 100% Speed Day And Night Still 125 Kbps

Yaar Fasih-phud-uDin Chor Yaar Man le U r Nothing but a Fake Person

Fasih-phud-uDin hahahahah

aby pagal ke batche tere pass jo net hai to ja na us ko Chala yahan 1200 Wale Net ke kia burai kar rha tujhe mere jesa user abhe tak nhi takraay shayad lakin ab teer khair nhi beta lakhan mian ja apni mamiii ke Godh me beth kar laptop chala samjha salman is my friend my Brother he is MASTER MIND logoo ke pcs me ja kar net or windows troubsotting karta hia to us ke jute ke brabar nhi u know every single thing chal beta mere id par a phr batata hon tere nani yaad karwata hon

We Agree With u salman Come on Facebook

salman its ok leave this form there is no logic yaar i ma waitnn for u on facebook he is losser fasehhhh

yaar chor is kamene ko loser hai sala a ja Fb par bhai tera ahsan hoga

ptcl rocks lolxx

thanks salman to invite me on this form and by the way who is fashee

our friend ???
??i dont know him Wese ptcl is good i am using 3.1 Mb connection evo

PTCL WIFI - IS BEST i ma loving it i Afford Extra 200 Rupesss hahaha

Yaar infinity is also best plzzz rate me hahahahh kash unlimited ho jyeee hmmmmmmm kashhhh but i am looooving it ptcl is also best but expensive hai 1200 per moth i paid 600 rupees on 1 Mb with 5 GB limit

Wateen rocks in ghulshan

sardar G how are u lllllllolllllxxxxx Wateen is Bad yaar plzz rate mee hahaha

FAKE TOPIC from Fasih

watenn and ptcl both are good but i have ptcl
mr:fasih i dont think u r serious may be u should try some where else

Yaar mujeh To Samaj Nhi ate Ke Faseee Kai Chahta Hai kai PTCL Apni Service Band kar De Ya Phr Ye ye Chahta Hai ke Ptcl ke Presedent is Se Sorry Bolen Kia Kare Bahi Ham Log yaar tere Demag me Kia Bhosa Hai Haan Bol Ja Aby Apna Dadicated Net Chala Hamare 1 MB Dsl ke Peche kyun Para hai Or han mere Sare Friends ke Pass Ptcl Hai Or Sare Advance Users Hai Tuhare Tarhan Nhi jis ko Yahe Nhi Pata ke Downloading Kese Hote Hai Torrent Se hahah Losser Boy Shutup Again Mr:Fasee Phd-kud din

Wrong Suggestion From Fasih Brother you are right but ur information is wrong ptcl cover up to 30 meters which means that ptcl wimax easily connect in flats and double story home and there is a problem in price of cisco linksys is approx.6500 and there are so many issues when a new user use this one.
this cisco always making troubles so wimax is good and easy to use then why should u purchase other router and by the way ptcl routers are free with one year warranty

For Sardar ali

Posted: 15 May, 2010 by sardar ali who also agreed with this complaint

Wateen rocks in ghulshan (Ans) PTCL Rocks In Pakistan

Yaar kai Ho Gya App ko Bhai i am using Ptcl Wi-max Working Great 260 Kbps Max. So What do u Want Do More Do more Mat karo Apni Okat me Rehna Chahye 2200 me To Yahi mile Ga

set my browsing speed

Mr. Mazhar aap apni oat bhool gaye hain. Look at your language. You are relfection your domestic environment and behaviour. LOOK Before you LEAP.

Ap PTCL sy khush hain to hongay. I have right to Protest OK???

Now mind your own business! I think this is enough....


Mr: Faseh Phd-KhudDin
mind Ur Own Busniess ye App Bol Rhe Ho To Bhai Ap ko kon sa BawaSer Hwa Hai To PTCl ke Bilawaja Bura Kar Rhe Ho Urdu is Our Language agar Buri Lag Rhe Hi To Bhar me ja To Or Tera Didicated Net Pussy boy Or han u have No right To Pritest u Dont have PTCL So Why u Protest like jurk Demagh me kia Bhosa Hai Tere Pagla Gay Hai Kia Purani Film ke Heroo ja Wateen Walo Se kar Protest jin ke Service use Kar Rha Hai
And Again u HAVE NO RIGHT TO PROTEST ABOUT PTCL SERVICE Ok Go To Hell Karachi Ke to yahi zaban hai janiii Agar
Or han Agar Phr Tujhe Kera kaate To a jana me Apna Net Dekhaon ga
First Floor, 2C, Street 2, Saba Commercial Avenue, Phase 5, DHA
Or Phr bhe Yaken na Aya To mera Ghar Me Upper Wala Room Khali Hota Hai Phr Wahan Tujhe Samjhaon Ga

Plzz Fasih App mere Ghar bhe a Sakte o Plzz ana Zaror Me App ko Bohat Kuch Karon Ga Sorry Bohat Khush Karon ga Thxxx
H.No.18/A, South Park Avenue, Phase II, D.H.A. Plzz DHA me Ane ke Bad Mujhe Call Karna me kud a janon ga App ko Recive karne Thxxx 0300-8551940 Plzzzzzz Thx My Name Is Tahira Latif

oyeee is ko kia hwa yaar maan le ptcl is Best 100 % service han kabhi Line dead ho jye to Problem hota hai 1 Se 2 Months band rehta hai lakin me 200 rupy de kar thek karwa leta hon with in day hahaha best service only in 200 Or 300 thxx line mans who care Of us or mr : Fasi app To mujhe pagaL lagte ho ya phr Nafsiyati Ho jo service app ke pass Nhi hai us ke bare me PROTSEST kar rhe Ho Sorry Agar bura laga ho

A wireless network uses radio waves, just like cell phones, televisions and radios do. In fact, communication across a wireless network is a lot like two-way radio communication. Here's what happens:

1.A computer's wireless adapter translates data into a radio signal and transmits it using an antenna.
2.A wireless router receives the signal and decodes it. The router sends the information to the Internet using a physical, wired Ethernet connection.

­As long as they all have wireless adapters, several devices can use one router to connect to the Internet. This connection is convenient, virtually invisible and fairly reliable; however, if the router fails or if too many people try to use high-bandwidth applications at the same time, users can experience interference or lose their connections.

A modem (modulator-demodulator) is a device that modulates an analog carrier signal to encode digital information, and also demodulates such a carrier signal to decode the transmitted information. The goal is to produce a signal that can be transmitted easily and decoded to reproduce the original digital data. Modems can be used over any means of transmitting analog signals, from driven diodes to radio.

The most familiar example is a voiceband modem that turns the digital data of a personal computer into analog audio signals that can be transmitted over a telephone line, and once received on the other side, a modem converts the analog data back into digital.

Modems are generally classified by the amount of data they can send in a given time, normally measured in bits per second (bit/s, or bps). They can also be classified by Baud, the number of times the modem changes its signal state per second. For example, the ITU V.21 standard used audio frequency-shift keying, aka tones, to carry 300 bit/s using 300 baud, whereas the original ITU V.22 standard allowed 1,200 bit/s with 600 baud using phase-shift keying.

Faster modems are used by Internet users every day, notably cable modems and ADSL modems. In telecommunications, wide-band radio modems transmit repeating frames of data at very high data rates over microwave radio links. Narrow-band radio modem is used for low data rate up to 19.2k mainly for private radio networks. Some microwave modems transmit more than a hundred million bits per second. Optical modems transmit data over optical fibers. Most intercontinental data links now use optical modems transmitting over undersea optical fibers. Optical modems routinely have data rates in excess of a billion (1x109) bits per second. One kilobit per second (kbit/s, kb/s, or kbps) as used in this article means 1,000 bits per second and not 1,024 bits per second. For example, a 56k modem can transfer data at up to 56,000 bit/s (7 kB/s) over the phone line.

Passband modulation techniques
Analog modulation
AM · SSB · QAM · FM · PM · SM
Digital modulation
Spread spectrum
v • d • e
See also: Demodulation, modem,
line coding, PAM, PWM, PCM

In the summer of 1960, the name Data-Phone was introduced to replace the earlier term digital subset. The 202 Data-Phone was a half-duplex asynchronous service that was marketed extensively in late 1960. In 1962, the 201A and 201B Data-Phones were introduced. They were synchronous modems using two-bit-per-baud phase-shift keying (PSK). The 201A operated half-duplex at 2,000 bit/s over normal phone lines, while the 201B provided full duplex 2,400 bit/s service on four-wire leased lines, the send and receive channels running on their own set of two wires each.

The famous Bell 103A dataset standard was also introduced by Bell Labs in 1962. It provided full-duplex service at 300 baud over normal phone lines. Frequency-shift keying was used with the call originator transmitting at 1,070 or 1,270 Hz and the answering modem transmitting at 2,025 or 2,225 Hz. The readily available 103A2 gave an important boost to the use of remote low-speed terminals such as the KSR33, the ASR33, and the IBM 2741. AT&T reduced modem costs by introducing the originate-only 113D and the answer-only 113B/C modems.


Watch this it Will Help u



PLEASE JOIN THIS Yahan Par App Ko Fasih Phud-kud-din ke Ke FAKE Complain ka Pata Chale Ga Join This

Teacher: Iss sentence ka urdu mein tarjuma karo:

“Look freind, a beautiful girl is walking in the park.”

Student :
“Jigar, Bacchi check kar

ALLAH will answer you on this. Use your own name and please dont't represent your family background. OK Mr. Mazhar?


Mr. Mazhar Use your own mane rather than mine. OK? Kya itnay BUZDIL HO TUM??

Mr. Mazhar Use your own Name rather than mine. OK? Kya itnay BUZDIL HO TUM?? Kamene Plzz Tell me Why Are u doing This To me Haan Tere maa ko Choda hai kia mene

Shame on u u use my name i think ur mother is WHORE i think so
any remmenber i will soo u i am tracing u i will get u soon as posible phr me app ko bataon ga kis apni maa chudwai hia yahan me first time gali de rha hon or wo bhe app jese maderchod ke waja se
by the way i know ur friend salman rajper his id is
or me in sahab se bhe bat karon ga app ke bare me

Hey Guys i am Salman Rajper and this complain is totally wrong pm me i will tell u about syed fasih

mazhar bhai app kese ho ??
mama lalo ????kahan hai tooo

salman rejper great thx man me ab samaj gaya PTCL Is Great Ohh thxx

Ho ho ho Mazhar mere jan ke totee ye kia mere id ????

Han ye kai Syed Fasih ARE U SERIOUS ????? HAAANNNNNNN ?? PTCL IS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes SALMAN RAJPAR Thx man Now i Undersatnd PTcl DSL Service 100% Great
Sorry mazhar sorry mama lalo

Hey Mazhar Cheater Hannnnnnnn

hey Jano belive me Mujhe Itna Maza Kahen nhi Aya i Love u Guys Thx For Invite me To Ur Home (Sweet Home) Ohh GOD Ketne Ache Ho App Log Mujhe pata Bhe nhi Chala Or Mere Tum Logon Ne Gand Mar De Ohhhh Thxx Guys i am Always REMMEMBER U GUYS Ohhhh Lala PTCL modem Ko bhe mere Gand me Dal Dia Or wo Phr Bhe Chal Rha Tha Guys Can u Belive This Modem Mere gand me Tah Or Phr Bhe Chal Rha Tha WOooooo Kia Bat Hai PTCL Rocks WOooooooooooooo MEne Apna Wateen wala Modem Apni Gand Me Dala Lakin Maza Nhi Aaya PTCL Ke Kia Bat Hai Plzzz Tell me About Pakage me Lena Chahata Hon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MODEM YAAR

PTCL Rocks in 2 MB app ye kis kisam ke baten kar rhe ho please dont do this

Mader Chod ke batche Apna Size To Batate ja Or han APp kon Hia mene app ko hera mandi me dekha tha

jan me Syed Fasih ke Sister ho app ko number to dia tha na mene CALL me 24 Hours Avaliable Home Service 500 Rupess Extra

Shame On u Saba me abbu ko batata hon wait

bhai abbu nhi srif irshad bolo wo ab hamare abbu nhi rhe mene bhe narda ja kar foam bhar dia hia name change karane ke lye ammi ne koi dosra pakar lia hai mazhar name hai shayad bohat kamena hai mujhe raat me le gya or gandi gandi kahani batane laga me kia katre me bhe shoro ho gyee pehel kamez utari phr shalwar phr underware phr choro warna bhai tumnhen bhe khhowari ho jye ge

Dont Blame on me

Chal khair hai ghar ghar me khalen ge

Iit not Mazhar then it must be some coward person. Apna naam batatay hue derta hay.

ALLAH AZ WA JAL is ka Jawab day ga tum ko inshaALLAH.
Mainay ab yeh mamla ALLAH per chor dia hay. IOn jaysay Ghatia logo nay hi Musalmano aur Islam ko berbad kia hay.

PTCL is the Worst ISP in the world! (RUBBISH ISP)

thooooo Areee tumhara moon pe fasih

ALLAH Tumhen is Dunyan se Uthai Ga INSHALLAH

me agar kamena Hon To app bhe Rande se zayad kamene ho me kasam kha kar bolta hon mere behan ase nhi jese tum logon ne kaha hai are u crazy u guys are sick realy i want to know that whats the problem why are u getting personaly tum kasam se kamene ho rande ke batche bhe ase harkate nhi karte

or han joinmqm par Pm kia hai mene or bhr bat karo ga email ke through

or han mere Sister ko na lao is debate me plzzz i am bagging to u i know Ptcl Wateen And Infinity They All Service Are Good And Also Best For Some USers But i like wateen mene kabhe ptcl use nhi kia but i think ptcl is something like RUBBISH sorry brothers But its my Openion

MAY BE I AM WRONG ABOUT PTCL But plzzz Dont Get Personally
I am FAKE Person ye App bol Rhe ho mazhar Mujhe To Lagta hai App bhee Fake ho

dear me kasam kha kar bolta hon mujhe Wateen Ache nhi lagte Or Ptcl ka nhi pata

Hey Guys YE SHAKHS MUJHE BAR BAR Bura Bhala BOL Rha haai is ko kaoi Samjhayee ye kabhe bolta hai ptcl is good kabhe bolta hai ptcl >>?? idont know much about ptcl kabhe bolta hai me kamena kabhe bolta mazhar use my name is ko kia masla hai gande gande baten karta hi phr ilzam mujh par lga rha haii

Shame on u mazhar u use my name Again mera dil kar raha hai ke me app ke ammi ko wakai me chod don @@@@@ ye app ke language hai na !!!!! gande languuage apna background sab ke samne batane me fikhar hota hoga app logon ko

hey u freak man dont say Any thing about my dad and my brother ok
and listen if u know every thing then talk to me Pm me on my yahoo ID
u know every single thing haan so i thing u have alraedy saved my yahoo ID
So PM me i am waiting mere bhai ko tang na karo

bilkol slow service hai ptcl walo ki 15 din se complains kar raha hoon per abi tak koi respons nahi mila muje slow browsing and very downloading speeed aaa rahi hai

Nazim Bhai If u r facing Problem Then Tell me INSHALLAH i Will Solve ur Problem PM me ON Yahoo if u r From karachi mere bohat jan pehchan hai PTCl me

hi salam to u brothers kindly mujhe bata den ke ptcl 4 mb student pakage me hai i am using 1 mb ptcl or bohat ache service hai i want upgrade

no sana G There Is No 4 MB Pakage For Students but u can call me app ko 4 Mb pakage dela sakta hon From Ptcl Pm me

so sweet salman thaks a lot i will call u on yahooo

g its Ok lakin Faish jese Logon ko ignore karo App log Nafsiyati hai ye

pagal kahen ka Dadicated net ko chor kar 1 Mb wimax Ptcl Modem ke Complain kar rha hai hahahahahha Pagal kahen ka

sorry no comments between u and syed fasih

by the way fasih ke gand me kera hai @@!!(::)!!!@@

Shame on u Mr: wajid

no sana He Is Right Is ke Sath Koi Masla Hai

Please suggest me what can i do in my area no one broabband internet working properly so i want to purchase wireless broadband which is wateen or ptcl WiFi so suggest me.......?

PTCL Is Best FOr u Saim

my name is saad and i m ptcl employ....
ptcl is providing such a nice services that any one have in pakistan.
now he has double packages as well....
like 2m to 4m and 4m to 6m and new pkge is 8m....
i have read the first comment and that person was saying that ptcl is charging around 200 rupees extra in billing for wifi routed....
wifi router costs for 3000 rupees total..
if u r paying this money in installments then whats a big deal man......
no other computer shop and other IT shop will allow u pay this money in installments....
so dont ever say that ptcl wifi is such a rubbish.....

Mr saim aap k blog parha....
u r little bit confused to get a bb connection between ptcll and wateen....
call 1236 for ptcl information..that wether their services rpoperly working in your area or not....also note down their packages information with charges.....
same case do with wateen help line and ask the same question...
u will definitly go towards the better direction.....


how r u guys

yar badchodiya mat karo yahan kch pta hai nae sab bakwas kr rahe ho

ye btao mader choood PtCl wifi modem main ports kyn open nahi hoti aap open kr dete ho mager kiya lund open hain ports TCP and UDp ports

main ne to apni gand ka pora zoor laga liya ab dekhtey hain apki gand main kitna zoor hai zara btao kaise ports forward karo main ho he nahi rahi

mujh ko rats use krne hainn mager my ports :((

PTCL wifi modem an1020-25 has the capability off port forwarding....and its present in virtual server options.....
GOT IT......

I have PTCL Evo .i want to use it as wifi for ma cell phone.Can i use it? HOW?
tell me if anyone know abt it.Thanks PEACE :)

HI Dear friends
I have orderd PTCL Internet 1MB with double up package.They said me that your internet will be installed in 7 working days but now 38 days are gone.I contacted their manager and when i said him to cancell my order he quickly cut the call and now never attends it so it is my advice to never order any internet package of PTCL.
Huzaifa Haroon


yes i m also dsl supervisor in PTCL head office Gulberg Lhr mein nay chk kia hai yea line ka issue tha apki warna fiber home mein aisa koi issue nahi hai theq performnace hai agr appki req ziada hien to app koi b wifi device purchase ker lain yeah apki apni marzai hai is say koi faraq nahi perta apka net chalta rahay ga \mobile per use kerin ya pc per phir me issue aya to u can contact me i m at head office 0333-44 57 981

student 4mb mein nahi hai only 1 mb

4 sana

Syed Fasih-ud-Din plz mujhey call karo mujhey aap sey kaam haey 03004043698

i am using the ptcl broadband 1mb with wifi router and some configration is deleted on the server so please you will send me complete wifi router cofigration about server
and my downloading speed is 0.7 kb/s its very very slow so please told me about the problem soon as soon becasue my internet is break down and i am very abset so please solve my problem pleaseee......


wifi is code change

hi Nitu hope u will be fine like everlasting star shine always smile like Apple in the Shadow gardens

Miss ur sweet smile

mere wirless ki speed 18kb ha is se zaada kasay kar sktay han

any one guide me how to use PTCL Wifi Modem AN1020-25 work as router
mean how to share Lan & wireless devices at same modom
like Aztech DSL605EW DSL605EU its work as a modem and router same time

PTCL wifi modem IP my PC on line IP wireless Laptop IP
net is working both PC & Laptop but intranet/ Sharing/ ping is not wotking both &

basically you means to say that your internet working fine on all the computers now you want to use this networking as a file sharing as well??
for that purpose you need to allow a file or data sharing activity option on your both of the computers. tell me the windows name that you are using on both computers then i will guide you further...

My Devices net working/ file sharing is in working lan devices are connect with Lan Devices & Wireless Devices are Commected with Wireless Devices/ Files Sharing/ Printer Sharing etc

problum with LAN and Wireless Devices these are not not connect between?

when i use AZTECH Wifi moden these are working very well all devices LAN & Wifi but its not working on PTCL AN1020-25 Modem

just guide me whats Option to connect between LAN & Wireless Devices on PTCL AN1020-25 Wifi Modem

there is no requirement to have some modem settings bcoz its already steped up...what you need to do is to activate sharing option in both the pc then you can use file sharing as well...

nothing to do, not visible/ no ping working on LAN to Wifi & Wifi to LAN just

LAN to LAN and Wifi to Wifi all sharing very well.

SIR,i have 1 MBPs student package but its downloading speed is very very slow please solve this problem and change my telephone cable also.
mubeen azam from dunya pur

i have ptcl wifi router and i have a problem amazing problem my router give auto ip like this ,900,350,600,325 and when i use net with this ip browser give me error update your browser or your modem software
and the end ip range is to wtf is this i complain for this and they say change your ip into manual type your ip in ip protocol bc is mai b masla kya baschodi hai? no update firmware just type your ip manual

The de Phone (west) Exchange Cantt RWP

info : Senior Revenue Officer Exchange Cantt RWP

Pak Tele Company Ltd G_9 / Mkz ISL:

Subject: Not Proven of DSL and Ph Connection.

Most Respectfully i beg to say that my connection is approved by your side i am your thankfull to you but i think your side man not help to me on sebject. verious time i informed to you cantt office with written but there is not gaven the positve action. your compy not proved to my bill on my home adds . i go to you cantt office and received a duplicate copy of bill. it is not my misstake due to your responsibily to provide the bill on my home adds according to month. bill is planty already submited to your office but your office not take a action to my subject.. sir what i shall do it. not a gaven to faciltay to and your deporment chargeing a line rent with out any ph facilaty. you are req to please immeade help me and take a action to responseble perion. MY PHONE NO.515519732

thanks to you

How to use Wateen Wimax device as a WiFi router (using PTCL connection)

mene ptcl DSL broadband lagwaya hai, aur mera laptop wifi hai, to koi mujhe bata skta k kese connect karon ptcl dsl k saat, ya aisa nae ho skta ?

@masood ap apnay laptop ka wifi on karen aur search karain phir ptcl bb ke naam ka wifi jab list mein aa jaye to connect karein aur password mein 12345678 dalein agar change nahi karwaya warna pe ja ke change kar saktay hain Thanks

tell me k router ki maximum kitni range hai jis main speed b theek ho
mera distance 4 km hai...

this guy is perfectly right... ptcl is charging way more.. nd its range is short.. buy a tp link nd enjoy the net for less price and better quality.. ptcl net is awesome but wifi package is xpensive

sir jee, jiasa k ap ko pata hay k ptcl walo nay 300 gb say zada downloading per 5,000 charged laga diyee hain jis ki waja say may or meray dosray user downloading sahi say nahi ker patay mujhe plz yhe bata dain k hum yhe kaha say check ker saktay hain k hamari downloading kitni hoo gayee hay or yhe kaha say ho sakta hay k hum restriction laga dain khud k 300 gb say zada downloading ho hi nahi or koi bhi user downloading ker hi naa sakay plz sir maree help kijay may ap k replay k wait karoo ga

پی-ٹی-سی-ایل بلکل فراڈ کمپنی ہے-شام کے ٹائم نٹ ایسا آتا ہے جیسا پیدل آرہا ہو-اگر صحیح سپیڈ نہیں دےسکتے تو کمپنی بند کر دو-سعودی عرب می بی شیرڈ نیٹ دیتےہے لیکن سپیڈ می مسلہ نہیں ہوتا-اس کے موڈم کو می نی ٣٠ طریقوں سی ہیک کیا پر کویی اثر نہیں ہوا..کیونکہ یوزر زیادہ ہے اور بندوڈتھ کم -اور وایی فیی اصل می کیا ہے سلمان صاھب کو پتا ہی نہیں.ی کوئی اکسٹرا سروس نہیں ہے تھامسن کا ے ڈی اس ایل موڈیم لی لو وایی فیی خود کام کریگی-اگر انٹرنٹ فس بک نہیں کھول سکتا تو ایسے نیٹ کی کیا ضرورت ہے-

Get much chance to buy tera gold, when there is discount coupon, and I often buy it from gameim, how cheap is it.

sir ji plz solution betta degye k dsl router automatically connect n disconnect hota rehta ha wifi 1020-25 ha model .if u have any suggestion pLZ SUGGEST

bhai wateen ka naam pehli baar suna hai ............. lolxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ptcl rocks

Well Friends now i am in saudi arabia speed is blazing i am on 4 mb but work great....i can view hd 1080p bluray.....
before when i in pakistan i tired on complains......

i have a one idea cheap and reliable.....look at

this article is vague.ptcl router covers a 2 storey building and put your router in a high position in your house and you are ready to go

R.I.P Net Ever Seen Buhhhh PTCL Net Khtam Ho Chuka Hai :) Aesay Baykar Net Say Na Hona Behtar Hai :)

Bhai mere Ghar pe wimax ki connection hai to Kya me usse wifi connect kr sakta Hun please tell me kese karun ......

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