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Not work after 2 pm every day

Dear sir i request that please solve my this problem that my conection will fail every day 2pm not conect. i am very upset from this problem so i complaint many time and not solve my this problem

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sohail qureshi says:
attention please all the higher authority or ptcl
my ptcl number is 02134920509
my dsl device name is EchoLife HG510a
My phone is often dead:
We regret to inform you that various complaints for above mentioned telephones connection and many time reminders on different ways but there no response from your authority, we are facing huge difficulty to communicate for various matters its effects on our export performance and cause big losses. Please take this matter urgently and solve at your very earliest.
The subscribers to PTCL`s broadband service (DSL) are unable to browse since 2 months, surf, search, upload and download data. Those who has subscribed to 4MB services get only 30kbpsor-40kbps of downstream speed and 10kbps of upstream speed
some times status show or some times not show
.SNR Margin Down/Up(dB) 13.0/10.4
Attenuation Down/Up(dB) 60.0/37.2
and this time status is not show
Software Release V100R001B025SP01 PTCL
ADSL State Down
Data Path -
Operation Mode -
Max. Bandwidth Down/Up(kbps) 0 / 0
Bandwidth Down/Up(kbps) 0 / 0
SNR Margin Down/Up(dB) 0 / 0
Attenuation Down/Up(dB) 0 / 0
Power Down/Up(dBm) 0 / 0
CRC Down/Up 0 / 0
FEC Down/Up 0 / 0
HEC Down/Up 0 / 0
System Up Time 0:38:26
DSL Up Time 00:00:00
The DSL service was discontinued several times for days due to technical faults best known to the officials concerned and whenever a customer calls them he is given the ready made reply that there is a fault in the exchange or the service is being upgraded.

Many customers have sent written and verbal complaints to concerned officials of the company but they did not get any answer.

The customers of broadband request to the chairman of the company to send a team of experts to smooth out the problems so that they can get solution to their problem


MY CELL NUMBER IS 03452739117

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