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internet is not working properly

Recently we Converted our net into 2 mbs butt still we have the same problem our Internet is not satable it have some kind of disturcation that we can,t download or upload any thing we complain about it sevrel time butt no respone from you so it my humble request to you that please do some thing i can,t do my office work at home

Ubaid .Awan
Support officer

call for any query

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Assalamualikum Sir,
I have a problem with my inter since three months. My IP is nor refreshed permanently from your head office. Mant times I have contacted you through help line and also gone through a long procedure by going to exchange but there is no such serious responce. If the problem is corrected then again it occurs after three days. My Internet light remain red and can't turn into green. I have also bought new modem to resolve this problem but no difference. Sir kindly help me in this problem.

Humayun Aijaz

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